Winnipeg Route 80

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Route 80

Waverley Street
Route information
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length9.3 km[1] (5.8 mi)
Major junctions
South endRoute 90 (Kenaston Blvd)
Major intersections
North endRoute 105 (Grant Ave)
Highway system
Route 70 Route 85

Route 80, locally known as Waverley Street, is a major arterial road in the southwest portion of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It runs from Kenaston Boulevard (Route 90) to Grant Avenue (Route 105).[2]

Waverley Street serves as a major route to get to and from the industrial and commercial areas between McGillivray Blvd and Abinojii Mikanah. The speed limit along the route south of Wilkes Avenue is 80 km/h (50 mph). Near Taylor Avenue, Waverley previously crossed the city's Canadian National Railway main line, where passing trains frequently caused major traffic delays. The city has since built an underpass to alleviate the problem, planned which opened in the Summer of 2019.[3]

Not all of Waverley Street is incorporated into Route 80. North of Grant Avenue, Waverley Street is a one-way residential street running southbound through the River Heights neighbourhood, starting at Wellington Crescent.[2] South of the Perimeter Highway, Waverley Street is as an unnumbered local road that runs south to Provincial Road 247. Prior to the extension of Route 90 to the Perimeter Highway, this section connected to Route 80 at the Perimeter Highway.[4]

In August 2019, the much anticipated Waverley Underpass was opened for use, one year ahead of schedule and under budget.[5]

Major intersections

From north to south; all intersections are at-grade unless otherwise indicated:

River Heights−2.1−1.3Wellington CrescentWaverley Street northern terminus
−1.95−1.21Academy Road
−0.8−0.50 Corydon Avenue (Route 95)
0.00.0 Grant Avenue (Route 105) Route 80 northern terminus
0.50.31Taylor Avenue
0.650.40Canadian National Railway Rivers subdivisionGrade-separated; passes over street
Linden Woods1.00.62 Wilkes Avenue (Route 145 west) / Hurst Way
1.50.93Victor Lewis Drive
1.951.21Lindenwood Place / Seel Avenue
2.51.6Hennessey Drive / Buffalo Place
3.01.9 McGillivray Boulevard (Route 155)
Fort Garry3.752.33Chevrier Boulevard
4.22.6Scurfield Boulevard
Waverley Heights4.83.0 Abinojii Mikanah (Route 165)
5.53.4Arbour Meadow Gate / Lake Crest Road
6.13.8Bison Drive – University of Manitoba
Richmond West7.654.75John Angus Drive / Sandusky Drive
8.25.1Pine Hills Road / Tim Sale Drive
8.85.5John Angus Drive / Tim Sale Drive
9.35.8 Kenaston Boulevard (Route 90) Route 80 southern terminus
9.66.0 Perimeter Hwy (PTH 100)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former


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