U.S. Route 90 Alternate (Texas)

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Alternate U.S. Highway 90

US 90 Alternate, highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length175.29 mi[1] (282.10 km)
Major junctions
West end US 90 / FM 464 west of Seguin
Major intersections
East end I-10 / US 90 in Houston
CountryUnited States
CountiesGuadalupe, Gonzales, Lavaca, Colorado, Wharton, Fort Bend, Harris
Highway system
SH 342SH 343 SH 344

U.S. Highway 90 Alternate is an alternate route to U.S. Highway 90 in the U.S. state of Texas, running from west of Seguin east via Seguin, Gonzales, Hallettsville, Eagle Lake, Rosenberg and Sugar Land to northeastern Houston. South of Downtown Houston, US 90 Alternate is built to freeway and near-freeway standards along a section of South Main Street.

Route description

U.S. 90 Alternate is concurrent with U.S. 77 Alternate west of Hallettsville.

US 90 Alternate begins at U.S. Highway 90 and Farm to Market Road 464 west of Seguin and heads east through downtown Seguin on Court Street. (US 90 travels on Kingsbury Street, just 15 blocks to the north.) From Seguin to Rosenberg, US 90 Alternate passes through mainly rural areas.

Just west of downtown Rosenberg, it merges with Spur 529, part of US Highway 59 until 1976.[2] US 59 used to run concurrent with US 90 Alternate between Rosenberg and southwest of downtown Houston, but it was relocated to the US 59 as construction of the freeway between Houston and Rosenberg was completed in stages from 1961 to 1976. In 2017, US 90 Alternate and FM 1640 were converted to a one-way pair in Rosenberg, with US 90 Alternate carrying westbound traffic and FM 1640 carrying eastbound traffic.

After Rosenberg, US 90 Alternate passes through Richmond, Sugar Land, Stafford and Missouri City before entering Houston. US 90A in Sugar Land between State Highway 6 and the Southwest Freeway is an 8 lane boulevard with at-grade signalized intersections. A section in Stafford from the Southwest Freeway to Promenade Boulevard (east of Dulles Avenue) is a short controlled access highway similar in design to the one which stretches from Present Street to the South Loop. There it crosses the Sam Houston Tollway into the Houston city limits and becomes South Main Street. A few miles down, the highway meets the current northern terminus of the Fort Bend Toll Road. The short controlled-access highway portion of US 90 Alternate—part of which has local access (right-in/right-out), but no median breaks – currently begins east of Present Street in Stafford just before the Sam Houston Tollway and ends just short of Interstate 610. The controlled access portion, with the section between Interstate Highway 610 to just west of Holmes Road was completed in 2002 and the section from just west of Holmes Road to just east of the Sam Houston Tollway completed in 2007 has 6 lanes without interior or exterior shoulder lanes, plus exit lanes and a maximum speed limit of 55 mph (89 km/h) for most of its length. These portions were previously a four-lane divided highway with exterior shoulder lanes, crossovers, and at grade crossings with major thoroughfares.[3]

North of I-610, US 90A becomes the widest street in Houston with 10 through lanes and several turning lanes. This section, previously a four-lane divided highway, was upgraded to its current width between 1999 and 2001.[4] The 10 lane right of way of US 90A between the Old Spanish Trail (OST) and the South Loop was planned to ease access to the NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park and the Astrodomain) complex parking lots west of NRG Stadium. Further north, US 90A splits from South Main Street onto the OST, becoming a six lane boulevard heading east to cross State Highway 288 (South Freeway) with a grade separated street-to-street intersection with Griggs Road, and meets the southern terminus of Spur 5 adjacent to the campus of the University of Houston. After crossing Spur 5, it turns into a four-lane undivided road, crossing Brays Bayou and turning northeast onto Wayside Drive, crossing Interstate 45 (Gulf Freeway). Between Polk Street until after crossing over the ship channel, it divides into two one-way streets. US 90 Alternate West (southbound) is Wayside Drive while US 90 Alternate East (northbound) goes down S/SGT Macario Garcia Drive (formerly 69th Street). At Interstate 10/U.S. Highway 90 (East Freeway), US 90 Alternate turns east to multiplex with I-10/US 90 for a short jog, then turning north onto McCarty Street. US 90 Alternate ends at the junction with Interstate Highway 610 in northeastern Houston, where Business U.S. Highway 90-U continues northeast on McCarty Street.[5]


US 90 Alternate was designated on May 25, 1942, replacing SH 343. On March 28, 1952, the section from Columbus to Eagle Lake became part of FM 102. US 90A was instead rerouted over portions of SH 200 and SH 3.

Major intersections

US 90 / FM 464 west – San Antonio, Luling

SH 46 to I-10 – New Braunfels

Bus. SH 123 (Austin Street)
FM 466 (King Street)
SH 123 – San Marcos, Stockdale
Old Seguin
FM 1117 south

FM 2438 north to I-10 – Kingsbury

FM 1150 east – Darst Field
GonzalesBelmont SH 80 – Luling, Nixon

FM 2091 north – Palmetto State Park
west end of FM 2091 overlap

FM 2091 south – Lake Wood Recreational Area
east end of FM 2091 overlap
US 183 / SH 97 west – Luling, Cuero
west end of SH 97 overlap

Bus. US 183 (St. Joseph Street)

FM 794 north (St. Paul Street)
Spur 131

SH 97 east – Waelder
east end of SH 97 overlap

Spur 146 west

FM 532 east – Moulton

FM 443 south – Dreyer
FM 533 west
FM 3435 east (Sixteenth Street)
SH 95 – Moulton, Yoakum

FM 531 east

FM 1891 west

US 77 Alt. south – Yoakum
west end of US 77 Alt. overlap

FM 340 west – St. Mary's
US 77 south – Victoria
west end of US 77 overlap

US 77 north – Schulenburg
east end of US 77 overlap

FM 530 south – Vienna, Edna

FM 2314 east – Vsetin
FM 3283 south

FM 155 north – Weimar
FM 2437 south
Altair SH 71 – Columbus, El Campo
Eagle Lake
FM Spur 102 north (McCarty Avenue)

FM 102 north (Main Street) – Columbus
west end of FM 102 overlap

FM 102 south
east end of FM 102 overlap

FM 3013 to FM 1093 east – Sealy, Wallis, Wharton, Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge
county line

FM 2764 north – Chesterville
FM 1164 east
East Bernard SH 60 – Wallis, Wharton
Fort BendTavener
FM 1952 north – Wallis

FM 1875 south – Beasley
Rosenberg Spur 10

SH 36 north – Sealy
west end of SH 36 overlap

Spur 529 south – Wharton

SH 36 south / FM 723 north – Fulshear, Freeport
east end of SH 36 overlap
FM 762 south (South Eleventh Street) – Crabb

FM Loop 762 south (South Second Street)

FM 359 north

SH 99 (Grand Parkway) to FM 1464 – Clodine, Carol S. Vance Unit
Sugar Land SH 6 – Missouri City, Galveston, Airportinterchange; former FM 1960
Brooks StreetFormer Spur 58[6][7]

FM 1876 north (Eldridge Road)
Dairy Ashford RoadFormer Spur 41[6][7]
I-69 / US 59 – Houston, VictoriaI-69/US 59 exit 112; interchange.
StaffordSouth Kirkwood Road / Dulles Avenueinterchange
FM 1092 (Murphy Road)interchange
Stafford Road / Staffordshire Roadinterchange
Missouri City FM 2234 (Texas Parkway) / South Gessner Roadlimited-access highway starts before interchange. (Grade Separated)
HarrisHouston Beltway 8 (Frontage Road) / Sam Houston Tollwayinterchange
Fondren Roadinterchange
Hillcroft Roadinterchange

Fort Bend Tollway south to Sam Houston Tollway / Chimney Rock Road
South Post Oak Roadinterchange
Hiram Clarke Road / Holmes Roadinterchange
Stella Link Road / Willowbend Boulevardinterchange
West Bellfort Avenuelimited-access highway ends after interchange
I-610I-610 exit 2

FM 521 south (Almeda Road)
Former SH 288
SH 288 (South Freeway)interchange
Griggs Roadinterchange

FM 865 south (Cullen Boulevard)
Former FM 518

Spur 5 north to I-45
Produce Rowinterchange
I-45 (Gulf Freeway) – Conroe, GalvestonI-45 exit 42
Lawndale Streetinterchange
Zoltowski Street / Clinton Drive / Harbor Streetinterchange

I-10 west / US 90 west (East Freeway)
west end of I-10 overlap; US 90 Alt. west follows exit 773A

I-10 east / US 90 east (East Freeway)
east end of I-10 overlap; US 90 Alt. east follows exit 773B

I-610 (North Loop Freeway, East Loop Freeway) / Bus. US 90 east (North McCarty Street)
Eastern terminus; I-610 exit 24A northbound, 24 eastbound
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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