U.S. Route 183 in Texas

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U.S. Highway 183

US 183 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length428.382 mi (689.414 km)
Major junctions
South end

Future I-69E / US 77 / US 77 Alt. in Refugio
Major intersections
North end US 70 / US 183 at TexasOklahoma state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesRefugio, Goliad, DeWitt, Gonzales, Caldwell, Travis, Williamson, Burnet, Lampasas, Mills, Brown, Eastland, Stephens, Throckmorton, Baylor, Wilbarger
Highway system
SH 182 SH 183

U.S. Route 183 (US 183) is a north-south U.S. highway that begins in Texas in Refugio at an intersection with US 77 (Future I-69E) concurrent with US 77 Alt. The highway runs through many small communities with Austin being the only major city along its route. The highway exits Texas concurrent with US 70, crossing into Oklahoma.

Route description

US 183 begins concurrent with US 77 Alt at its southern terminus one block north of downtown Refugio at an intersection with US 77; the two highways subsequently travel north through mostly rural farmlands across the Gulf Coastal Plains. After serving the Presidio La Bahía, US 183 crosses the San Antonio River to serve the Goliad State Park and Historic Site and the city of Goliad, intersecting US 59 in the center of town. Traveling through additional farmlands and forests, US 183 eventually forms a concurrency with US 87 just before crossing the Guadalupe River and travels along Espalande Street through downtown Cuero, ending its concurrency of US 87 in the town center. North of Cuero, US 77 Alt splits off to the northeast, while US 183 continues parallel to the Guadalupe River's course. The highway cuts through the historic Battle of Gonzales site and borders the city of Gonzales to the west, intersecting US 90 Alt to the northwest of the city. Running parallel to the San Marcos River, US 183 provides access to Palmetto State Park before crossing I-10 and forming a concurrency with US 90 west to Luling via Pierce Street. In the center of Luling, US 183 leaves US 90 and turns onto Magnolia Avenue, traveling due north past many decorated oil wells.

Continuing through rural farmlands, US 183 eventually enters Lockhart, being the main north-south route through the city. The highway then merges onto the SH 130 frontage roads just north of Lockhart, following them until Mustang Ridge where SH 130 splits northeast to follow SH 45 and US 183 continues north into Colton and Pilot Knob. As US 183 crosses into Austin and intersects several local roads providing access to McKinney Falls State Park, it borders the west side of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport before having an interchange with SH 71 and enters Austin's Montopolis district. US 183 crosses the Colorado River adjacent to the old Montopolis truss bridge prior to serving a major fork east of the Govalle district, making a sigmoid curve east to serve the Colony Park district. US 183 eventually becomes a six-lane freeway north of the Windsor Park district just before crossing US 290, curving west to serve I-35 and Loop 275 (Lamar Boulevard); north of Lamar Boulevard, the US 183 frontage road is redesignated as Research Boulevard throughout the rest of its length in Austin. The highway makes another sigmoid curve to the north before an interchange with Loop 1 (Mopac Expressway).

After an interchange with Loop 360 (Capital of Texas Highway), US 183 serves much of northwest Austin. It eventually intersects SH 45 near Lakeline Mall and becomes a surface street while the freeway continues on the east side as 183A Toll Road. US 183 continues as Bell Boulevard through west Cedar Park before intersecting 183A in Leander. Continuing north, US 183 runs mostly through forests and farmland as it crosses the North and South Forks of the San Gabriel River. After turning through several hills east of the Texas Hill Country, US 183 bounds northwest into Lampasas, where it runs on Key Avenue concurrent with US 190 and US 281 through fourteen blocks in the city's downtown and recreational areas before splitting to the northwest from US 281 north of Lampasas.

US 183 and US 190 continue traveling northwest through rolling hills, eventually splitting southeast of the Lometa city limits. US 183 continues to run parallel to the Colorado River before beginning a concurrency with US 84 north of the Goldthwaite city limits. The two highways continue northwest for a long distance before reaching Early and joining US 67 and US 377 at the town's center. The four highways travel west for roughly eleven blocks before US 183 splits to the north and serves Brownwood Regional Airport. US 183 continues due north, crossing SH 36 in Rising Star and later I-20 just south of Cisco.

South of Throckmorton, US 283 joins the highway, an overlap that lasts until Vernon, where 183 joins US 70 and US 287. In Oklaunion, US 70 and 183 leave US 287 and cross the Red River together into Oklahoma.



183 Toll Road

Bergstrom Expressway

Through 1990, none of US 183 through Austin was built to freeway standards. By 2002, the portion of US 183, known as Research Boulevard, had been upgraded to a freeway. At that time, Research Boulevard, between Spicewood Springs Road and Cameron Road, was built as a viaduct with grade separated limited access. The northern freeway portion between Spicewood Springs Road and Bell Boulevard in Cedar Park, was completed by 2003.[1]

The southern freeway portion between Cameron Road and US 290, became completed in 2002.

In Cedar Park, the limited access portion of Research Boulevard would become the 183A Toll Road, as US 183 would serve as a major arterial through the city as Bell Boulevard. The toll road opened in March 2007. The roads rejoin north of Leander.

In 2015, it was announced work would start on the conversion of the then-55-year-old portion of US 183 from US 290 to SH 71 into a three-to-five-lane tollway. The traffic lights at 51st Street, Techni Center Drive, Bolm Road (formerly a diamond interchange), Vargas Road, and Thompson Lane were all removed. In addition to these changes, an interchange at Patton Avenue was constructed, the pedestrian crossing bridge just south of Manor Road was upgraded, and Montopolis Bridge was decommissioned in favor of a new truss bridge that serves as a pedestrian walkway, no longer open to motorized traffic.[2] Construction began in early 2016 with expected completion in late 2019 or early 2020.[3] The first section of the tollway opened on July 31, 2019, at which point the rest of the project was to be completed by late 2020.[4]

Throughout 2018 to 2021, construction commenced to add three additional flyovers at the intersection of US 183 and I-35. When construction on the southbound I-35 to northbound US 183 flyover was completed, the preexisting northbound I-35 to northbound US 183 flyover was demolished on May 8, 2021 in favor of a replacement flyover completed on September 10, 2021, due to concerns over the latter flyover's incline being too steep for larger vehicles to navigate without delaying other traffic.[5][6]

Major intersections

All exits are unnumbered.


US 77 Alt. ends / Future I-69E / US 77 – Corpus Christi, Victoria
Southern terminus; south end of US 77 Alt. overlap; U.S. 77 is the future Interstate 69E

SH 202 west – Beeville

SH 239 east / FM 2441 south – Blanconia, Woodsboro, Tivoli, Austwell
South end of SH 239 overlap
Loop 71 – Grave of Colonel Fannin and His Troops

Loop 71 to PR 6 – Presidio La Bahia, General Zaragoza Birth Place, Goliad State Park, Mission Espiritu Santo

PR 6 to Loop 71 – Goliad State Park, Mission Espiritu Santo, Presidio La Bahia, General Zaragoza Birth Place
US 59 west (Future I-69W) / SH 239 – Beeville, Kenedy, Laredo, Victoria, Houston, Coleto Creek Reservoir and Park
North end of SH 239 overlap; U.S. 59 is the future Interstate 69W

FM 622 east – Schroeder, Nursery

SH 119 north – Weesatche, Yorktown, Stockdale
FM 1961 to FM 884 – Weesatche, Ander, Schroeder
DeWittUpper Meyersville FM 237 – Yorktown, Mission Valley

FM 2718 south
US 87 north – Nixon, San Antonio
South end of US 87 overlap

SH 72 west (West Heaton) – Yorktown, San Antonio

FM 236 south (East Morgan) – Arneckeville, Victoria

US 87 south (East Broadway) – Victoria, Port Lavaca
North end of US 87 overlap

FM 766 north (West Reuss Boulevard) – Cheapside, Stevenson Unit, Hochheim

FM 1447 east – Terryville

US 77 Alt. north – Yoakum, Hallettsville
North end of US 77 Alt. overlap
FM 951 north – Petersville
SH 111 east – Yoakum, Edna
FM 2067 south – Cheapside

FM 3282 south
SH 97 west – Cost, Nixon
South end of SH 97 overlap

Bus. US 183 north – Austin, Historic Business District

Spur 146 east (St. Louis Street) to US 90 Alt. / FM 532 – Moulton, Hallettsville

US 90 Alt. / SH 97 east – Seguin, Shiner, Waelder, Historic Business District
north end of SH 97 overlap

Bus. US 183 south – Goliad, Pioneer Village, Airport

FM 1586 west to PR 11 north / FM 2091 south – Palmetto State Park

PR 11 south to FM 1586 east / FM 2091 south – Palmetto State Park
CaldwellLuling I-10 – San Antonio, HoustonI-10 exit 632

US 90 east – Harwood, Waelder
South end of US 90 overlap

US 90 west / SH 80 south to I-10 – Seguin, San Antonio, Nixon
North end of US 90 overlap; south end of SH 80 overlap

FM 1322 north (Davis Street) – Lockhart

SH 80 north – San Marcos, Prairie Lea
North end of SH 80 overlap

FM 86 north / FM 2984 north to FM 671 – Stairtown, Bastrop

FM 671 south to FM 2984 south – Stairtown, Luling
FM 20 east – Red Rock
South end of FM 20 overlap

FM 20 west – Lockhart State Park, Fentress, Seguin
North end of FM 20 overlap

SH 142 west to SH 130 Toll south – San Marcos, Seguin, San Antonio

FM 672 east

FM 2001 north to SH 130 Toll south – Niederwald, Seguin, San Antonio

SH 130 Toll to FM 2001 – Seguin, San Antonio
SH 130 exit 470; no direct access from US 183 south to SH 130 north or SH 130 south to US 183 north; South end of SH 130 overlap

FM 1185 north – Lytton Springs
SH 130 exit 469
MendozaBriarpatch Road / Homannville TrailSH 130 exit 465
Mustang Ridge SH 21 – San Marcos, Uhland, Bastrop, PaigeSH 130 exit 463
TravisOld Lockhart RoadSH 130 exit 460

SH 45 Toll / SH 130 Toll to I-35 – San Marcos, San Antonio, Bastrop, Waco
SH 130 exits 457 and 460; no direct access rom US 183 north to SH 130 south or SH 130 north to US 183 south; North end of SH 130 overlap

FM 1327 west – Creedmoor

FM 973 north – Manor
Pilot Knob

To FM 1625 south / McKenzie Road – Creedmoor
At-grade intersection

FM 812 east / D.G. Collins Road – Elroy, Red Rock, Circuit of the Americas, McKinney Falls State Park
AustinMcKinney Falls Parkway - McKinney Falls State Park

SH 71 (Ben White Boulevard) / 183 Toll Road to SH 130 Toll – Johnson City, Llano, Bastrop, Austin Bergstrom International Airport
South end of tollway

183 Toll Road begins / Patton Avenue
Non-tolled southbound exit and northbound entrance; US 183 splits from the toll road via the ramps
183 Toll Road / Montopolis DriveAccess point
Anderson Expressway Bridge over the Colorado River
183 Toll Road / Loop 111 (Airport Boulevard) / Cesar Chavez Street / 5th Street / 7th StreetNon-tolled interchange and access point
Bolm RoadInterchange closed permanently on October 5, 2018;[2] U-turns remained open until late December 2019
183 Toll Road / Boggy Creek turnaroundAccess point; incomplete access to Bolm Road and Techni Center Drive is signed in both directions
183 Toll Road / FM 969 (MLK Jr. Boulevard)Non-tolled interchange and access point; no direct southbound entrance to the toll road; incomplete access to 51st Street is signed southbound

183 Toll Road ends / Loyola Lane
Access point
Manor Road / Springdale RoadNorth end of tollway; south end of freeway; no direct southbound entrance to the toll road

US 290 / 290 Toll Road east – Elgin, Houston
No direct exits to US 290 west (signed northbound at Manor Road and southbound at Cameron Road)
Cameron Road
I-35 – San Antonio, WacoI-35 exits 240A-B
Georgian Drive / Northcrest BoulevardNo direct northbound exit or southbound entrance (signed at I-35); direct northbound entrance currently blocked off; full access to Gessner Drive
Loop 275 (Lamar Boulevard)No direct northbound exit or southbound entrance (signed at I-35)
Ohlen Road / Payton Gin RoadFull access to Anderson Square, Jamestown Drive, and Fairfield Drive
FM 1325 (Burnet Road) – Q2 Stadium
Loop 1 (Mopac Boulevard) – Sunset Valley, Round Rock
Loop 360 (Capital of Texas Highway) – West Lake Hills
Great Hills TrailDirect southbound entrance only (northbound exit signed at Capital of Texas Highway; southbound exit signed at Braker Lane)
Braker Lane – Q2 StadiumAccess to Seton Northwest Hospital
Balcones Woods DriveNo direct exits or entrances (northbound exit signed at Braker Lane; southbound exit signed at Duval Road)
Duval Road
Oak Knoll Drive
WilliamsonMcNeil Drive / Spicewood Springs RoadFull access to Pond Springs Road
Anderson Mill RoadNo direct southbound exit (signed at Lake Creek Parkway)
Lake Creek Parkway / Pecan Park Boulevard

SH 45 Toll east / RM 620 – Bee Cave, Round Rock
No direct northbound exit to RM 620 (signed at Lake Creek Parkway)

183A Toll Road north / Lakeline Mall Drive
North end of freeway; interchange with Lakeline Mall Drive southbound; at-grade intersection northbound

183A Toll Road north / Lakeline Boulevard
Lakeline station
AustinCedar Park line 183A Toll Road / Avery Ranch Boulevard
Cedar Park
To 183A Toll Road / Cypress Creek Road

RM 1431 to 183A Toll Road – Lago Vista, Marble Falls, Round Rock

To 183A Toll Road / New Hope Drive – Cedar Park Center
To 183A Toll Road / Crystal Falls Parkway

RM 2243 east to 183A Toll Road – Georgetown
West Broade Streetformer RM 2243 west

183A Toll Road south
Liberty Hill SH 29 – Burnet, Georgetown, Circleville

RM 1869 west – Liberty Hill

FM 3405 east – Georgetown

FM 970 east – Andice, Florence, Jarrell

SH 138 east – Florence
RM 243 west – Mahomet, Bertram
Loop 308 to FM 2657 – Copperas Cove, Oakalla

Loop 308 to FM 2657 – Copperas Cove, Oakalla
Watson RM 963 – Burnet, Oakalla

US 190 east (Central Texas Highway) / US 281 Truck south (E.E. Jr. Ohnmeiss Drive) – Burnet, San Antonio, Fort Hood, Killeen, Belton
South end of US 190 / US 281 Truck overlap

US 281 south / US 281 Truck – Burnet, San Antonio
north end of US 281 Truck overlap; south end of US 281 overlap

Loop 257 east (4th Street) – Lampasas Downtown Historic District, Copperas Cove

FM 580 west (North Avenue) – Colorado Bend State Park, Bend
South end of FM 580 overlap

FM 580 east (East Avenue J) – Pidcoke
North end of FM 580 overlap

US 281 north – Evant, Hamilton
North end of US 281 overlap

FM 3415 south – Knight Mountain
US 190 west – San Saba, Brady
North end of US 190 overlap

FM 581 to US 190 – Bend, San Saba, Adamsville

FM 2942 north (Elm Street)
SH 16 south – San Saba, Fredericksburg
South end of SH 16 overlap

Loop 15 east to US 84 east / FM 572 – Gatesville, Waco

FM 574 west – Mercury

US 84 east – Evant, Gatesville, Waco
South end of US 84 overlap
see US 84

US 67 south / US 84 west / US 377 south – San Angelo, Abilene, Brady
North end of US 67 / US 84 / US 377 overlap

FM 1467 east – Blanket, Zephyr

FM 2273 west – Lake Brownwood State Park
FM 1689 east – Comanche

FM 583 north – Pioneer
EastlandRising Star SH 36 – Cross Plains, Abilene, Comanche

FM 2731 west – Sabanno
Pleasant Hill
FM 2526 west – Nimrod
South end of FM 2526 overlap

FM 2526 east – Carbon, Kokomo
North end of FM 2526 overlap
Cisco I-20 – Abilene, Eastland, Fort WorthI-20 exit 332

US 183 Truck north / SH 6 south / SH 206 south to FM 2945 west – Eastland, Cross Plains, Putnam
South end of SH 6 overlap

SH 6 north – Albany, Moran
North end of SH 6 overlap

US 183 Truck south (Avenue A) to SH 206 – Moran, Cross Plains

FM 3101 south – Eastland

SH 112 south – Eastland, Morton Valley
FM 1032 west – Harpersville

FM 576 east – Necessity, Strawn
South end of FM 576 overlap

FM 576 west – Moran
North end of FM 576 overlap
FM 2231 – Hubbard Creek Reservoir
Breckenridge US 180 (Walker Street) – Albany, Palo Pinto, Mineral Wells

FM 287 south – Caddo, Mineral Wells

FM 578 north – Padgett

FM 1481 east – Crystal Falls
FM 3327 east (Jones Road)

FM 209 west to US 283
South end of FM 209 overlap

FM 209 east – Graham
North end of FM 209 overlap

FM 1710 north

FM 923 north – Throckmorton

US 283 south – Albany, Baird
South end of US 283 overlap
FM 923 – Breckenridge, Haskell
Throckmorton US 380 – Haskell, Grahamsouth end of SH 79 overlap

SH 79 north – Olney, Archer City
north end of SH 79 overlap
US 277 south – Munday, Abilene
South end of US 277 overlap

Bus. US 183 north (Main Street / US 277 Bus. north / US 283 Bus. north) – Lubbock, Crowell
SH 114 – Benjamin, Lubbock, Megargel, Olneyinterchange
FM 422 – Benjamin, Lubbock, Archer City, Bowieinterchange

US 82 west / Bus. US 183 south (US 277 Bus. south / US 283 Bus. south) – Benjamin, Lubbock, Munday, Abilene, Albany, Brady, Throckmorton, Cisco
interchange; south end of US 82 overlap

US 82 east / US 277 north / FM 1790 south – Holliday, Wichita Falls
North end of US 82 / US 277 overlap
FM 1763 north – Harrold, Electra, Vernon

FM 2585 west – Lockett

FM 433 west – Lockett
South end of FM 433 overlap

FM 433 east – Oklaunion
North end of FM 433 overlap
Bus. US 287 (Wilbarger Street) – Quanah, Amarillo, Electra, Wichita Falls

US 70 west / US 283 north / US 287 north – Altus, Sayre, Quanah, Amarillo, Crowell, Plainview
interchange; north end of US 283 overlap; south end of US 70 / US 287 overlap
see US 287
US 287 south / Loop 145 – Electra, Iowa Park, Wichita Falls
interchange; north end of US 287 overlap

FM 370 east
FM 1763 – Harrold, Vernon

US 70 east / US 183 north – Frederick, Ardmore
Continuation into Oklahoma
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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