U.S. Route 60 in New Mexico

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U.S. Highway 60

US 60 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NMDOT
Length366.982 mi[2] (590.600 km)
ExistedJune 8, 1931[1]–present
HistoryOriginal route of US 70[1]
Major junctions
West end US 60 at Arizona state line
Major intersections
East end US 60 at Texas state line
CountryUnited States
StateNew Mexico
CountiesCatron, Socorro, Torrance, Guadalupe, De Baca, Roosevelt, Curry
Highway system
  • New Mexico State Highway System
NM 59 NM 61

U.S. Route 60 (US 60) is an east–west United States Highway within New Mexico. It begins at the Arizona state line and continues east to the Texas state line.

Route description

US 60 enters New Mexico in Catron County east of Springerville, Arizona. The road makes an arc through Catron County, with the apex at Quemado, avoiding Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and Escondido Mountain. East of Pie Town, the road crosses the Continental Divide at an elevation of 7,796 feet (2,376 m).[3]

US 60 eastbound at the junction with NM 603 in Pie Town

Between the divide and Datil, US 60 cuts through Cibola National Forest. In Datil, US 60 serves as the eastern terminus of New Mexico State Road 12 (NM 12).

East of Datil, US 60 traverses the northern end of the Plains of San Augustin, then crosses the county line into Socorro County. The road bisects the Very Large Array complex and a track used in rearranging the antennas that make up the Array crosses the highway. Some 36 miles (58 km) into the county,[4] the highway passes through Magdalena.

US 60 looking west, west of Socorro

It then enters the county seat of Socorro, where it meets Interstate 25 (I-25). US 60 heads north, running concurrently with the Interstate.

US 60 splits from I-25 near Bernardo, about 25 miles (40 km) north of Socorro. Most of the route of US 60 from Abo Canyon to the Texas line parallels the Southern Transcon of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. It turns back eastward, rising through Abo Pass at the southern end of the Manzano Mountains before crossing into Torrance County and passing through Mountainair, where it intersects NM 55. After passing through Willard, it sets out across the Pedernal Hills. In Encino, it begins a concurrency with US 285. Just after crossing into Guadalupe County, US 54 joins the concurrency. The three highways pass through Vaughn and then go their separate ways; US 285 heads southeast towards the direction of Roswell, US 54 heads northeast towards both Santa Rosa and I-40, and US 60 heads east towards Clovis.

US 54, US 60 and US 285 in Vaughn.

US 60 angles southeast toward Yeso, entering De Baca County en route. Curving back towards the east, the road enters Fort Sumner, the county seat, 21 miles (34 km) later.[4] Just west of town, it serves as the northern terminus of NM 20, and in Fort Sumner proper, it overlaps US 84, which will persist until just before the Texas border. East of town the two highways encounter NM 212, a spur to Fort Sumner State Monument, and NM 252 in Taiban.

US 60/US 84 passes through Tolar near the De Baca–Roosevelt county line. The two routes do not stay in Roosevelt County for long, however, proceeding into Curry County west of Melrose. The highways pass through Melrose, St. Vrain, and Grier before widening out to a four-lane highway as they approach Clovis, the Curry County seat. In Clovis, the home of Cannon Air Force Base, the highways meet up with US 70, which joins the concurrency. The three highways proceed through Texico, and just before the Texas state line, US 60 leaves the concurrency and heads northeast while US 70/US 84 continues eastward.

For the distance of more than 300 miles (480 km) between Abo Pass and Amarillo, the highway parallels the Southern Transcon, one of the busiest transcontinental railroads in the west.

Major intersections

US 60 west – Springerville
Continuation in Arizona
NM 601
Quemado NM 32
34.555.5 NM 36
Pie Town55.589.3 NM 603
Datil77.0123.9 NM 12
Socorro92.4148.7 NM 52
Magdalena NM 169
NM 107
Socorro138.7223.2 I-25 BL

I-25 south (US 85 south)
Western end of I-25/US 85 concurrency
Escondida NM 408
I-25 north (US 85 north)
Eastern end of I-25/US 85 concurrency
NM 116
NM 304
182.5293.7 NM 47
Torrance194.4312.9 NM 513
Mountainair204.2328.6 NM 55
NM 41
Willard218351 NM 42
US 285 north
Western end of US 285 concurrency
253.1407.3 NM 3
US 54 west
Western end of US 54 concurrency

US 285 south
Eastern end of US 285 concurrency

US 54 east
Eastern end of US 54 concurrency
De BacaFort Sumner NM 20
US 84 west
Western end of US 84 concurrency
NM 272
NM 212
Taiban340.7548.3 NM 294
341.5549.6 NM 252
TolarOld NM 86
RooseveltNo major intersections
CurryMelrose362.9584.0 NM 268
363.9585.6 NM 267
367.9592.1 NM 224
Clovis380.8612.8 NM 311
383.9617.8 NM 467
US 70 / NM 209 north
Western end of US 70 concurrency; southern terminus of NM 209
NM 108 north
396.6638.3 NM 348
US 70 / US 84 east
Eastern end of US 70/US 84 concurrency
US 60 east – Hereford
Continuation into Texas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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