U.S. Route 84 in New Mexico

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U.S. Highway 84

US 84 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NMDOT
Length288.864 mi[1] (464.882 km)
Major junctions
North end US 84 at the Colorado state line
Major intersections US 64 from west of Chama to Tierra Amarilla

US 285 from Chili to Eldorado at Santa Fe
I-25 / US 85 from Santa Fe to south of Las Vegas
I-40 / Historic US 66 in Santa Rosa
US 54 in Santa Rosa
US 60 from Fort Sumner to Texico

US 70 in Clovis
South end US 70 / US 84 at the Texas state line
CountryUnited States
StateNew Mexico
CountiesRio Arriba, Santa Fe, San Miguel, Guadalupe, De Baca, Roosevelt, Curry
Highway system
  • New Mexico State Highway System
NM 83 US 85

U.S. Route 84 (US 84) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Pagosa Springs, CO to Midway, GA. In New Mexico it begins at the Colorado state line northwest of Chama and ends at the Texas state line in Texico.

Route description

US 84 enters New Mexico at Rio Arriba County 28 miles (45 km) south of its terminus at US 160. About six miles (9.7 km) south of the Colorado–New Mexico state line, US 64 comes from the west and travels concurrently with US 84 for the next 28 miles (45 km). Only three miles (4.8 km) east of this intersection, the concurrency crosses the Continental Divide at Sargent Pass, elevation 7,718 feet (2,352 m) above sea level or more than 3,100 feet (940 m) lower than Wolf Creek Pass, the next Continental Divide highway pass to the north. Therefore, only 37 miles (60 km) of US 84 is located west of the Continental Divide. About 12 miles (19 km) east of the intersection, US 64/US 84 enters the town of Chama. At a T-intersection, New Mexico State Road 17 enters from the north and terminates at said intersection, while US 64/US 84 enter from the south and west.

After heading south from Chama, US 64/US 84 combine for about 14 miles (23 km) to Tierra Amarilla, where US 64 departs from US 84 and heads southeast, while US 84 continues south. About 57 miles (92 km) down the road, US 84 is joined by US 285 south of the small community of Chili. About five miles (8.0 km) further, US 84/US 285 enter the city of Española from the north as North Paseo de Onate Street. At the south end of the town, US 84/US 285 becomes the Santa Fe Highway and a four-lane expressway. And about nine miles (14 km) further, US 84/US 285 becomes a limited-access freeway. 15 miles (24 km) further south, the two return to surface street status and then travel past downtown Santa Fe via St. Francis Drive. On the south side of Santa Fe at Interstate 25's exit 282A, US 84/US 285 merge with northbound I-25/US 85. All four highways head east and slightly to the south to avoid the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Just before turning north, US 285 exits the freeway at exit 290 and continues south towards Clines Corners. After winding north and south, the freeway finally begins heading solely north, and US 84 exits about 55 miles (89 km) later at exit 339 near Romeroville and travels in an east/southeastern direction, while I-25/US 85 continue north to Colorado. Following a path southeast and then south for 42 miles (68 km), US 84 merges with I-40 (and Historic US 66) at I-40's exit 256. After 17 miles (27 km) I-40/US 84 enter Santa Rosa. About 21 miles (34 km) from its concurrency with I-40, US 84 diverges at exit 277.

The highway then travels south/southeast for 42 miles (68 km) until merging with US 60 in downtown Fort Sumner. From the intersection with US 60, US 60/US 84 travel east, passing through Taiban and Melrose before intersecting US 70 after 61 miles (98 km) in Clovis. From the intersection with US 70, US 64/US 70/US 84 travels east 8.7 miles (14.0 km) entering Texico. Here, about 280 feet (85 m) before the Texas–New Mexico state line, US 60 splits from US 70/US 84 with US 70/US 84 continuing east into Farwell, Texas.[2] Despite being a west-east route, US-84 is signed as north-south between Fort Sumner and the Colorado border.[3]


US 84 was first extended west into New Mexico in 1936 at Texico. In 1937, the route was extended further to Santa Fe, and in 1938, the route was extended further to Cortez, Colorado. However, this extension did not last long, because the highway was truncated back to Santa Fe. The current route for US 84 was created in 1941.[3]

Major intersections

Rio Arriba0.00.0
US 84 north – Pagosa Springs
Continuation into Colorado
US 64 west – Navajo City, Bloomfield, Farmington
Northern end of US 64 overlap
NM 17 north
Southern terminus of NM 17
NM 512 east
Western terminus of NM 512
BrazosLos Ojos line
NM 95 west – Heron Lake State Park
Eastern terminus of NM 95
Los Ojos
NM 514 south
Northern terminus of NM 514

NM 112 south – El Vado State Park
Northern terminus of NM 112
Tierra Amarilla
NM 162 south
Northern terminus of NM 162
NM 531 – La Puente
US 64 east – Tres Piedras, Taos
Southern end of US 64 overlap
NM 162 north
Southern terminus of NM 162
NM 221 south
Northern terminus of NM 221
NM 115 east – Canjilon
Western terminus of NM 115
NM 96 south – Youngsville, Coyote
Northern terminus of NM 96
NM 554 east – El Rito
Western terminus of NM 554
NM 233 east – Medanales
Western terminus of NM 233
US 285 north – Ojo Caliente
Northern end of US 285 overlap
El Duende91.8147.7
NM 74 south
Northern terminus of NM 74
NM 584 east (Fairview Lane)
Western terminus of NM 584
NM 30 south – San Ildefonso Pueblo
Northern terminus of NM 30

NM 369 east
Western terminus of NM 369
NM 68 north – La Villita, Los Luceros, Taos
Southern terminus of NM 68

NM 369 west
Eastern terminus of NM 369
Santa FeEspañolaSombrillo line100.6161.9

NM 399 south / NM 106 north – Sombrillo
Northern terminus of NM 399, southern terminus of NM 106
104.4168.0183Frontage RoadInterchange; exit numbers follow US 285
NM 503 north – Cundiyo
Southern terminus of NM 503
NM 502 west – San Ildefonso Pueblo
Eastern terminus of NM 502, interchange

To CR 89B / CR 89D / Buffalo Thunder Road
Western end of freeway
112.5181.1175Camel Rock Road
Tesuque Pueblo115.6186.0172
CR 73 south – Tesuque
Northern terminus of CR 73
Tesuque PuebloTesuque line116.7187.8171Flea Market Road
TesuqueSanta Fe line118.6190.9168
CR 73 north / Opera Drive / Avenida Monte Sereno – Tesuque Village
Southern terminus of CR 73
Santa Fe120.5–
NM 599 south (Santa Fe Relief Route)
Northern terminus of NM 599; eastern end of freeway; no exit westbound
121.9196.2Downtown PlazaInterchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
NM 14 south (Cerrillos Road)
Northern terminus of NM 14
124.8200.8 NM 466 (St. Michaels Drive) – Santa Fe University of Art and DesignInterchange; serves CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

I-25 south (US 85 south) – Albuquerque
Northern end of I-25/US 85 overlap; I-25 exit 282
See I-25
San Miguel184.3296.6
I-25 north (US 85 north) – Las Vegas, Denver
Southern end of I-25/US 85 overlap; I-25 exit 339
NM 386 west – Tecolotito
Eastern terminus of NM 386
NM 451 south – Anton Chico
Northern terminus of NM 451
NM 119 west – Anton Chico
Eastern terminus of NM 119

I-40 / Historic US 66 west / NM 219 south – Albuquerque, Pastura
Northern end of I-40 overlap; I-40 exit 256; northern terminus of NM 219
See I-40
Santa Rosa246.3396.4

I-40 BL west / I-40 east / US 54 / Historic US 66 – Tucumcari
Southern end of I-40 overlap; I-40 exit 277
NM 156 east
Western terminus of NM 156
246.8397.2 Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport
De Baca278.2447.7
NM 203 east – Lake Sumner, Sumner Lake State Park
Western terminus of NM 203
Fort Sumner288.1463.7
US 60 west – Vaughn
Northern end of US 60 overlap
NM 294 south
Northern terminus of NM 294
NM 252 north – House, McAlister
Southern terminus of NM 252
RooseveltNo major intersections
NM 268 north
Southern terminus of NM 268
NM 267 south – Floyd, Portales
Northern terminus of NM 267
NM 224 north
Southern terminus of NM 224
NM 311 west – Cannon Air Force Base
Eastern terminus of NM 311, partial interchange
NM 467 south – Portales
Northern terminus of NM 467

US 70 west / NM 209 north – Portales, Broadview, Grady
Northern end of US 70 overlap; southern terminus of NM 209
NM 108 north
Southern terminus of NM 108
NM 348 south – Farwell
Northern terminus of NM 348
US 60 east – Amarillo
Southern end of US 60 overlap

US 70 east / US 84 east (Avenue A) – Farwell
Continuation into Texas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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