New Mexico Department of Transportation

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New Mexico Department of Transportation
Joe M Anaya Building, Santa Fe NM.jpg
Joe M. Anaya Building
Agency overview
JurisdictionNew Mexico
Headquarters1120 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Agency executives
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Michael Sandoval
Parent agencyState of New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT; Spanish: Departamento de Transporte de Nuevo México) is a state government organization which oversees transportation in State of New Mexico in the southwestern United States. The agency has four main focuses—transit, rail, aviation and highways.[1] The department is based in the Joe M. Anaya Building in Santa Fe.[2]

NMDOT Districts

The NMDOT is divided into six districts which serve various areas of the state:[3]

District Area served
District One southwest New Mexico[4]
District Two Roswell area[5]
District Three Albuquerque area[6]
District Four Las Vegas area[7]
District Five Santa Fe area[8]
District Six Milan area[9]

NMDOT Park and Ride

Beginning in 2003, the NMDOT began operating intercity bus service in New Mexico and Texas, under the name NMDOT Park and Ride.[10] The system includes eight intercity routes and three local routes in Santa Fe.


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