U.S. Route 285 in New Mexico

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U.S. Highway 285

US 285 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 85
Maintained by NMDOT
Length407.0 mi (655.0 km)
Major junctions
South end US 285 at Texas state line
Major intersections
North end US 285 at Colorado state line
CountryUnited States
StateNew Mexico
CountiesEddy, Chaves, De Baca, Lincoln, Guadalupe, Torrance, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Taos
Highway system
  • New Mexico State Highway System
NM 284 NM 286

U.S. Route 285 (US 285) is a north–south U.S. highway that runs from Sanderson, TX to Denver, CO. In the state of New Mexico, US 285 enters the state from Texas south of Loving. The highway runs through the major cities of Carlsbad, Roswell, and Santa Fe. The highway exits the state into Colorado approximately 25 miles north of Tres Piedras.

Route description

US 285 at the intersection of US 70 and US 380 in Roswell.

US 285 enters New Mexico from Texas approximately 23 miles south of Loving. As US 285 traverses north on the eastern plains of New Mexico, it passes through the towns of Carlsbad, Artesia and then Roswell. In Artesia, the route intersects with US 82. In Carlsbad, US 285 has an overlap with US 62 and US 180 through the town. In Roswell, the route intersects with US 70 and US 380, having a short overlap with US 70.

US 54, US 60 and US 285 in Vaughn.

The route next heads northwest to Vaughn where it has a brief concurrency with US 54 and US 60. The route then continues northwest and has a junction with Interstate 40 (I-40) at Clines Corners.

US 285 and US 84 approaching the intersection with NM 68

Heading north out of Clines Corners, the route continues towards the state capital. At the outskirts of Santa Fe, the route becomes concurrent with I-25, US 84, and its unsigned parent (US 85) for several miles heading west through the foothills of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to Santa Fe. After exiting I-25, US 285 follows Saint Francis Drive through Santa Fe. The route continues north by northwest to Española and Chamita, where the concurrency with US 84 ends. The route then traverses the Carson National Forest where US 285 now makes a long climb up to the Colorado Plateau, passing through Ojo Caliente as it ascends to the San Luis Valley. After crossing US 64, the highway passes through the village of Tres Piedras, New Mexico at the south end of the valley, then proceeds north to the Colorado border near the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Major intersections

US 285 south – Pecos
Continuation into Texas
NM 387 north
Southern terminus of NM 387
NM 31 north – Hobbs
Southern terminus of NM 31
NM 216 north (Grandi Road)
Southern terminus of NM 216
US 62 / US 180 west – El Paso
South end of US 62/US 180 overlap
NM 216 south (Wood Avenue)
Northern terminus of NM 216
32.652.5Plaza StreetInterchange; southbound exit only via San Jose Boulevard
NM 524 west (Lea Street)
Eastern terminus of NM 524
US 62 / US 180 east – Hobbs
North end of US 62/US 180 overlap
NM 524 east – Carlsbad
Western terminus of NM 524
NM 137 south – Queen
Northern terminus of NM 137
NM 381 east – Brantley Lake
Western terminus of NM 381
NM 229 north (Four Dinkus Road)
Southern terminus of NM 229
NM 335 east
Western terminus of NM 335
Artesia69.4111.7 US 82 (Main Street) – Alamogordo, Lovington
NM 357 east
Western terminus of NM 357
NM 229 south (Mill Road)
Northern terminus of NM 229
NM 2 north (Lake Arthur Highway) – Hagerman, Dexter
Southern terminus of NM 2
77.2124.2 NM 350
county line
78.6126.5 NM 438
NM 13 west
Eastern terminus of NM 13
NM 2 south (Yakima Road) – Dexter, Hagerman
Northern terminus of NM 2

US 285 Truck north (Relief Route) to US 380 west / US 70 – Roswell International Air Center
Southern terminus of US 285 Truck (Relief Rte.)
US 70 west / US 380 – Mescalero, Capitan, Tatum
South end of US 70 overlap
NM 246 west
Eastern terminus of NM 246

US 70 east (Clovis Highway) / US 70 Truck west / US 285 Truck south (Relief Route) – Portales, Ruidoso
Interchange; north end of US 70 overlap; US 70 exit B, US 70 Truck exit A; eastern terminus of US 70 Truck, northern terminus of US 285 Truck (Relief Rte.)
NM 20 north – Fort Sumner
Southern terminus of NM 20
De Baca166.3267.6
NM 247 west – Corona
Eastern terminus of NM 247
LincolnNo major intersections
US 54 / US 60 east – Santa Rosa, Fort Sumner
South end of US 54/US 60 overlap
US 54 west – Alamogordo, Carrizozo
North end of US 54 overlap
TorranceEncino222.2357.6 NM 3 – Duran, Villanueva
US 60 west – Willard
North end of US 60 overlap
Clines Corners249.4401.4 I-40 – Albuquerque, Santa RosaI-40 exit 218
San MiguelNo major intersections
Santa Fe265.7427.6
NM 34 north – Pecos
Southern terminus of NM 34
NM 41 south – Moriarty
Northern terminus of NM 41
Eldorado at Santa Fe290.7467.8
I-25 north (US 85 north / US 84 east) – Las Vegas
South end of I-25/US 84/US 85 overlap; I-25 exit 290
Santa Fe297.1478.1284 NM 466 (Old Pecos Trail)Exit number follows I-25
I-25 south (US 85 south) – Albuquerque
North end of I-25/US 85 overlap; I-25 exit 282
300.0482.8 NM 466 (St. Michaels Drive) – Santa Fe University of Art and DesignInterchange; serves CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center
NM 14 south (Cerrillos Road)
Northern terminus of NM 14
NM 475 east (Paseo de Peralta) – State Capitol
Western terminus of NM 475
303.2488.0Downtown PlazaInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
NM 599 south (Santa Fe Relief Route)
Northern terminus of NM 599; south end of freeway; no exit number northbound
Santa FeTesuque line306.2492.8168
CR 73 north / Opera Drive / Avenida Monte Sereno – Tesuque Village
Southern terminus of CR 73
TesuqueTesuque Pueblo line308.1495.8171Flea Market Road
Tesuque Pueblo309.2497.6172
CR 73 south – Tesuque
Northern terminus of CR 73
312.3502.6175Camel Rock Road

To CR 89B / CR 89D / Buffalo Thunder Road
North end of freeway
NM 502 west – Los Alamos
Eastern terminus of NM 502; interchange
NM 503 east – Cundiyo
Western terminus of NM 503
320.4515.6183Frontage RoadInterchange
SombrilloEspañola line324.5522.2

NM 399 south / NM 106 north – Sombrillo
Northern terminus of NM 399, southern terminus of NM 106
Rio ArribaEspañola326.1524.8
NM 68 north (Riverside Drive)
Southern terminus of NM 68
NM 30 south – Los Alamos
Northern terminus of NM 30
NM 584 east (Fairview Lane)
Western terminus of NM 584
NM 74 east
Western terminus of NM 74
US 84 west – Tierra Amarilla
North end of US 84 overlap
TaosOjo Caliente351.3565.4
NM 414 north
Southern terminus of NM 414
NM 111 north – La Madera
Southern terminus of NM 111
NM 567 east – Carson
Western terminus of NM 567
Tres Piedras382.3615.3 US 64 – Tierra Amarilla, Taos
US 285 north – Antonito, Alamosa
Continuation into Colorado
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Roswell truck route

Truck plate.svg

U.S. Highway 285 Truck

LocationRoswell, New Mexico



U.S. Route 285
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