List of numbered roads in Hamilton, Ontario

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This is a list of numbered roads in the City of Hamilton, Ontario, in the former Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. After the amalgamation of the city and the region in 2001, most regional roads were de-numbered, leaving only a few arterial roads numbered, all of them (with the exception of HR 65) former provincial highways, numbered for continuity.

City Road # Local Name(s) Northern/Western Terminus Southern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
Hamilton Ontario Road 5 Shield.svg Carman Road
Dundas Street East
Mountain Road
Reids Mills Road
Harrisburg Road Evans Road Troy, Peters Corners, Clappison's Corners, Waterdown Formerly Highway 5. Interrupted from Peters Corners to Clappison's Corners by becoming a still-extant section of Highway 5.
Hamilton Ontario Road 8 Shield.svg Highway No. 8
King Street
Cootes Drive
Main Street
Queenston Road
King's Highway 5 Niagara Region limits Peters Corners, Christies Corners, Greensville, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Fruitland, Winona Formerly Highway 8
Hamilton Ontario Road 20 Shield.svg Centennial Parkway
Rymal Road
QEW Niagara Region limits Stoney Creek, Elfrida Formerly Highway 20
Hamilton Ontario Road 52 Shield.svg Copetown Road King's Highway 5 Highway 403 Peters Corners, Copetown, Summit Formerly Highway 52
Hamilton Ontario Road 56 Shield.svg Regional Road 56 Regional Road 20 Haldimand County limits Elfrida, Binbrook Formerly Highway 56
Hamilton Ontario Road 65 Shield.svg Trinity Road
Sawmill Road
Carluke Road
White Church Road
Binbrook Road
Highway 403 Westbrook Road Trinity, Carluke, Binbrook
Hamilton Ontario Road 97 Shield.svg Old Beverly Road Waterloo County limits Highway 6 Valens Formerly Highway 97
Hamilton Ontario Road 99 Shield.svg Governor's Road Bethel Church Road Regional Road 8 Lynden, Copetown, Dundas Formerly Highway 99