List of numbered roads in Dufferin County

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This page lists all of the numbered county roads in Dufferin County, Ontario.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
2 4th Line N.E. (Melancthon) CR 9 Melancthon-Artemesia (Grey County) Townline Passes through the very hilly "Roof of Ontario" tourist region.

Continues north as Grey CR 2 to Maxwell and Thornbury. Prior to 1989, CR 2 was CR 10.

3 Orangeville-Fergus Road
5th Sideroad (East Garafraxa)
East Garafraxa-West Garafraxa (Wellington County) Townline at Craigsholme CR 109, just west of Orangeville Orangeville Continues west as Wellington CR 18 to Fergus.
5 Belwood Road
9th Line (East Garafraxa)
15 Sideroad (East Garafraxa)
12th Line (East Garafraxa)
East Garafraxa-West Garafraxa (Wellington County) Townline CR 109 just south of Grand Valley None Continues west as Wellington CR 19 to Belwood and Fergus.
6 Mill Street, 10th Line (Amaranth) CR 109 Station Street Waldemar Was downloaded to Amaranth in the 2000s. The 2006 Revision of the Dufferin County Map Book does not list this road.
7 Hockley Road Intersection of CR 16 and Highway 10 in Biggles, 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Orangeville Mono-Adjala (Simcoe County) Townline in Hockley. Glen Cross, Hockley, Orangeville (skirts it to the north) Travels through the Hockley Valley, and passes the Hockley Valley Ski Resort and Cedar Highlands Ski Resort. Continues east as Simcoe CR 1 to Loretto and Beeton, and west as Dufferin CR 16.
8 Mono Centre Road
15th Sideroad (Mono)
2nd Line E.H.S. (Mono)
18th Sideroad (Mono)
3rd Line E.H.S. (Mono)
20th Sideroad (Mono)
Highway 10 in Camilla CR 18, just east of Relessey Mono Centre (Town of Mono)
9 230 Sideroad (Melancthon) Highway 10 and Grey CR 9, just east of Dundalk Grey CR 9 (Melancthon-Osprey Townline) Connects two segments of Grey CR 9. It separates lots 230 and 231 of the new

survey of Melancthon (hence 230 Sideroad). Prior to 1989, it was Dufferin CR 23.

10 Concession Road 4-5 (East Luther)
Amaranth-East Luther Townline
10th Sideroad (Amaranth)
10th Sideroad (Mono)
CR 25, north of Grand Valley Highway 10, just west of Cardwell Laurel, Bowling Green Prior to 1989, this was Dufferin CR 9.
11 "A" Line (East Garafraxa)
3rd Line (Amaranth)
30th Sideroad (Amaranth)
2nd Line (Amaranth)
CR 3 just west of Orangeville Intersection of Highway 10/Highway 89 and CR 124 1 km (0.62 mi) east of Shelburne Orangeville, Shelburne The 30th Sideroad segment is called Warriors Way.
12 5th Line (Amaranth) CR 109 Highway 89, 2 km west of Shelburne Laurel
15 Concession Road 10-11 (East Luther) East Luther-West Luther (Wellington County) Townline CR 25 Monticello Passes by the Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area. Continues west as Wellington CR 15.
16 Orangeville-Amaranth Townline

Mono-Amaranth Townline 5 Sideroad (Mono)

CR 109 Intersection of Highway 10 and CR 7 in Biggles Orangeville, Biggles When CR 109 was rerouted onto Riddell Road in 2005, the segment of CR 109

between Riddell Road and CR 16 was redesignated CR 16.

17 290 Sideroad (Melancthon)
5th Line O.S. (Melancthon)
10th Sideroad (Melancthon)
10th Sideroad (Mulmur)
Highway 89 in Jessopville Mulmur-Tosorontio (Simcoe County) Townline Melancthon The segment between CR 19 and CR 18 was downloaded to Mulmur Township sometime in the 2000s; the Dufferin County Map Book calls this segment 10th Sideroad. CR 17 is the only Dufferin CR that is not continuous. Continues east as Simcoe CR 5 to Everett.
18 Airport Road
6th Line E.H.S. (Mono)
6th Line East (Mulmur)
Highway 9 in Mono Mills Mulmur-Nottawasaga (Simcoe County) Townline in Banda, Ontario Mono Mills, Mansfield Airport Road is one of the few roads that touch both Lake Ontario and Lake Huron, like Highway 10 (Hurontario Street). Continues south as Peel RM Road 7 to Caledon East, Brampton, Mississauga, the Pearson International Airport. Continues north as Simcoe CR 42 to Stayner. This road is very long, and travels through a huge variety of regions, from suburban (in the Greater Toronto Area, to small towns, rural farming areas, and through the Niagara Escarpment.
19 Prince of Wales Road Intersection of Highway 10 and 89 in Primrose, 5 km east of Shelburne CR 17 Primrose
21 260 Sideroad (Melancthon)
5th Line O.S. (Melancthon)
25th Sideroad (Melancthon)
25th Sideroad (Mulmur)
Highway 10 at Corbetton Mulmur-Tosorontio (Simcoe County). Honeywood Continues east as Simcoe CR 12 to Lisle and C.F.B. Borden
23 "B" Line (East Garafraxa), Orangeville-Caledon Townline CR 3 (just south of CR 109) Peel RM Road 136 (Porterfield Road) Orangeville
24 14th Line (East Garafraxa) East Garafraxa-Erin (Wellington County) Townline CR 109 Reading, Waldemar Formerly part of Highway 25, turned back in 1997.

Continues south as Wellington CR 24 to Hillsburgh.

25 Sideroad 30-31 (East Luther), Water Street, Main Street CR 109 Highway 89 Grand Valley Was part of Highway 25, turned back in 1997.
109 East Luther-East Garafraxa Townline
Amaranth-East Garafraxa Townline
East-West Luther Townline Highway 10 south of Orangeville Formerly part of Highway 9. In 2005, was rerouted south of the town of

Orangeville. It is the only Dufferin CR whose route includes a segment completely outside the county (in Peel RM).

124 2nd Line Melancthon Intersection of Highway 10/Highway 89 and CR 11 1 km (0.62 mi) east of Shelburne. Melancthon-Osprey Townline and Melancthon-Nottawasaga Townline Shelburne, Horning's Mills Formerly part of Highway 24, until segments north of Cambridge were turned back in 1998. Has a small diversion/bypass around community of Horning's Mills. Continues north as Grey and Simcoe CR 124 to Singhampton.

Reference: Dufferin County Map Book, available from the county Web site or townships' Web sites.