List of numbered roads in Elgin County

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This article lists all of the numbered county roads in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
2 Pioneer Line, Main Street CR 103 (Furnival Road) in Rodney, Ontario CR 8 in Dutton, Ontario Rodney, West Lorne, Dutton Closely follows Highway 401. Is not related to Highway 2 in any way.
3 Talbot Line, Talbot Road, St. Thomas Expressway MacPherson Road (Boundary with Chatham-Kent) Intersection with Highway 3), Highway 4, and CR 4 Talbotville Royal, St. Thomas, Aylmer Formerly part of Highway 3 until it was turned back in 1998.
4 Sunset Road, Sunset Drive, Colborne Street, Joseph Street, George Street CR 20 (Carlow Road) in Port Stanley Intersection with Highway 3), Highway 4, and CR 3 St. Thomas, Norman, Union, Port Stanley Formerly part of Highway 4, until it was turned back south of Highway 3 in 1998.
5 Dunborough Road Lakeview Line Thames River (Boundary between Middlesex and Elgin Counties.) Township border between Dutton/Dunwich and West Elgin
7 Clachan Road Clachan (On the Chatham-Kent/Elgin County Boundary) Walnut Drive/Thames River (Middlesex/Elgin County Boundary) Clachan Dual-designation with Chatham-Kent CR 121. Continues as Middlesex CR 14.
8 Currie Road John E. Pearce Provincial Park (south of CR 3) Thames River (Boundary between Middlesex and Elgin Counties. Continues as Middlesex CR 8) Dutton Portion from CR 3 to Dutton, Ontario was former Highway 75, from September 16, 1936 to December 6, 1957.
9 McDougall Line, Stalker Line, Duff Line CR 103 (Furnival Road) CR 14
11 Clinton Line Highway 4 Wonderland Road Talbotville Royal/Southwold
13 Shackleton Street, Shackleton Line CR 8 in Dutton CR 13 in Iona Station
14 Iona Road CR 16 in Burwells Corner Thames River (Middlesex/Elgin County Boundary, continues as Middlesex CR 9) Iona, Iona Station
15 Main Street CR 2 CR 8 Dutton
16 Fingal Line, "Talbot Historical Trail" CR 8, south of CR 3 Sunset Drive (St. Thomas City Limits) Designated as part of the "Talbot Historical Trail" from CR 14 to St. Thomas.
18 3rd Line, Southminster Bourne CR 14 (Iona Road) Highway 4 Crosses into Middlesex County (specifically, London) briefly over Highway 401 overpass.
19 Plank Road, Robinson Street Dead-end south of Hagerman Street in Port Burwell. Baynor Drive/Bayham-Norfolk Boundary Road (Boundary with City of Norfolk County, continuing as Norfolk CR HWY 19) Port Burwell, Vienna, Staffordville, Eden, Tillsonburg (on the other side of the Norfolk County boundary) Formerly a part of Highway 19, before parts south of Highway 3 in Tillsonburg, Ontario were turned back, bringing the highway's length to basically the same as when it was created, in 1930. The only difference is that it ends at the Interchange with Highway 401, as opposed to travelling the additional 13.2 km into Ingersoll, Ontario to end at Highway 2.
20 Union Road, Carlow Road CR 4 in Port Stanley CR 18 Port Stanley, Shedden Formerly extended north of CR 18 along Magdala Road. Shortened in 2017
21 Warren Street CR 20 CR 4 Port Stanley Short county road, linking CR 20 to CR 4
22 Fairview Road, Fairview Avenue, Hawk Cliff Road CR 24 CR 57 (Southdale Line) just south of St. Thomas St. Thomas
23 Joseph Street, East Road CR 24 CR 4 Port Stanley Offers a direct route into Port Stanley from the east
24 Dexter Line CR 4 CR 73 Port Stanley, Dexter, Port Bruce Links two former highways (Highways 4 and 73), and travels close to Lake Erie
25 Wellington Road CR 4 Reagan Bourne (Border with Middlesex County) St. Thomas
26 St. George Street CR 25 St. Thomas City Limits St. Thomas
27 Sparta Line CR 20 CR 36 Port Stanley, Union, Lawton's Corners, Sparta CR 20
28 Centennial Road CR 45 Highway 3 St. Thomas Indirectly leads to Highbury Avenue (CR 30), and to London (via a short jog on S. Edgeware Road)
29 Wonderland Road Ron McNeil Line Southminster Bourne (City of London boundary) Uploaded to the County of Elgin from the Township of Southwold in 2017.[1]
30 Highbury Avenue CR 52 Webber Bourne/Thomson Line (Middlesex County boundary) St. Thomas, London Continues indirectly to Centennial Road (CR 28) via a short jog on S. Edgeware Road and Highway 3.
31 Dalewood Road St. Thomas City Limits CR 52 St. Thomas
32 Glencolin Line, Hacienda Road CR 73, 2 km north of Aylmer CR 52, 2 km west of Springfield Aylmer, Springfield
34 Borden Avenue Middlesex County boundary (where it becomes Glanworth Drive, Middlesex CR 35) CR 74 (Belmont Road) Belmont
35 Springwater Road CR 45 in Jaffa CR 52 Jaffa, Orwell
36 Quaker Road CR 24 Highway 3, just west of New Sarum Sparta
37 Caesar Road, Avon Drive CR 74 in Belmont Pigram Road (Oxford County/Elgin County boundary) Belmont, Avon Also acts as the county boundary for Middlesex and Elgin Counties
38 Heritage Line, "Talbot Historical Trail" Highway 3 "Baynor Road"/Bayham-Norfolk Boundary Road (Boundary between Norfolk County and Elgin County) Staffordville Continues into Norfolk County as Norfolk CR 38
39 Chatham Street Dead end at Lake Erie CR 42 Port Burwell Very short County Road
40 Springfield Road CR 42 CR 52 in Springfield
41 Edison Drive, Fulton Street Centre Street CR 19 Vienna Very short county road
42 Nova Scotia Line, Brown Road, Bridge Street, Glen Erie Line CR 73 in Copenhagen Elgin CR 55/Norfolk CR 26 ("Baynor Road", the Norfolk/Elgin County boundary) Port Burwell
43 Richmond Road CR 42 CR 38
44 Eden Line CR 46 CR 19 Eden
45 John Wise Line, Calton Line CR 3 Elgin CR 55/Norfolk CR 26 ("Baynor Road", the Norfolk/Elgin County boundary) Norman, Jaffa Continues as Norfolk CR 45
46 Culloden Road CR 38 Pressey Line (Oxford/Elgin County boundary) Corinth Continues as Oxford CR 10
47 Putnam Road CR 48 CR 37 at Avon, Ontario Avon, Mount Vernon Continues as Oxford CR 30
48 Ferguson Line, Lyons Line Wonderland Road Elgin CR 54/Oxford CR 26 Lyons Basically a continuation of CR 54
49 Whittaker Road CR 52 CR 48 Springfield
50 Victoria Street CR 42 CR 19 Port Burwell Short county road
51 Fruit Ridge Line Mellor Road in Whites, ON CR 4 Whites Very short county road
52 Ron McNeil Line CR 25 Pigram Road St. Thomas
53 Elm Street, Beech Street Highway 3 CR 73 Aylmer Short county road
54 Pigram Road Norfolk CR 20/26 intersection Elgin CR 48/54 intersection Basically, a continuation of CR 48. Dual-designation with Norfolk CR 26, continues as Norfolk CR 20.
55 "Baynor Road" Elgin CR 42/Norfolk CR 42 Elgin CR 38/Norfolk CR 38 No official name, other than Elgin CR 55. Dual-designation with Norfolk CR 26.
56 Elm Street, Elm Line St. Thomas City Limits CR 36 St. Thomas
57 Southdale Line CR 4 CR 22 St. Thomas
73 Imperial Road, John Street Water Street in Port Burwell CR 37 Port Burwell, Aylmer, Little Aylmer, Lyons Continues into as Middlesex CR 73. Formerly Highway 73, turned back in 1998.
74 Belmont Road Highway 3 CR 37 in Belmont Belmont, New Sarum Formerly Highway 74, turned back in 1998.
76 Graham Road CR 3 Thames River. (Continues as Middlesex CR 76) West Lorne Formerly Highway 76, turned back in 1998.
103 Furnival Road Port Glasgow (South of CR 3) Thames River (Proceeds to Wardsville as Middlesex CR 1. New Glasgow, Rodney Formerly the first incarnation of Highway 77 from August 5, 1936 to December 5, 1957. Formerly CR 3 until Highway 3 was turned back.
104 MacPherson Road, McMillan Line, Blacks Road, Queens Line MacPherson Road (Boundary with Chatham-Kent. Continues as C-K CR 19.) CR 103 in Rodney, Ontario Rodney Formerly CR 4. Re-numbered as CR 104 when Highway 4 was turned back.


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