List of former Ontario provincial highways

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King's Highway Shield Design used from 1960 to 1993.

The Canadian province of Ontario has an extensive network of Primary (King's), Secondary, and Tertiary Highways, with county-level and city-level roads linking between them. Over the years, however, Ontario has turned back numerous highways to municipal government bodies, renumbered them, or upgraded them to 400-series highways.

In 1997 and 1998, many sections of the provincial highway network were downloaded to local municipalities (such as cities, counties or regional municipalities) by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a cost-saving measure. While highways were occasionally transferred to local governments in the past, the 1997–1998 downloads represented the most significant changes to Ontario's highway network. Many highways were completely devolved, while of others only short sections remain under provincial jurisdiction (Highway 2, once stretching across Southern Ontario, now is only a few kilometres long). Below is a partial list of partially or wholly devolved highways since 1997.

King's highways

Township road shield along former Highway 2 in Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County. Much of Highway 2 has been replaced by identically-numbered county or municipal routes.

Secondary highways

Former Secondary Highway 506, now signed North Frontenac Road 506 as it is under township jurisdiction in North Frontenac Township[1]

Tertiary roads

  • Ontario Highway 800.svg Highway 800 - Not currently assigned. Became Highway 527 in 1976.
  • Ontario Highway 801.svg Highway 801 - Highway 11 to Namewaminikan River
  • Ontario Highway 803.svg Highway 803 - Not currently assigned. Became Highway 101 to Nighthawk Lake in 1997.
  • Ontario Highway 806.svg Highway 806 - Not currently assigned. Became Highway 545 in 1973.
  • Ontario Highway 807.svg Highway 807 – Fraserdale to Highway 11 at Smooth Rock Falls. Redesignated as Highway 634 in 1977. See Highway 634, an unrelated highway known today as municipal road 15 located in Greater Sudbury.
  • Ontario Highway 807.svg Highway 807 - Not currently assigned. Became Highway 622 in 1989.
  • Ontario Highway 808.svg Highway 808 - Not currently assigned. From Highway 599 in Central Patricia to Otoskwin River Bridge. Previously an extension of Highway 599. Decommissioned in 1983.
  • Ontario Highway 809.svg Highway 809 - Decommissioned road near Boston Creek
  • Ontario Highway 812.svg Highway 812 - Not currently assigned. Became Highway 502 in 1981.
  • Ontario Highway 813.svg Highway 813 - Decommissioned road near Sturgeon Falls (identified as Riding Stable Road)


Highway numbers have even been "recycled" (used more than once on a provincial highway), however the use tends to be as far as possible from the original routing, and generally a few decades' time separate each numbering, to minimize confusion.

King's Highways

Secondary highways


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