Mississippi Highway 43

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Mississippi Highway 43

Segments of MS 43 in red, MS 43 Spur in blue, MS 43A in purple
Route information
Length235.526 mi[1] (379.042 km)
Southern segment
Length83.2 mi (133.9 km)
South end US 90 in Bay Saint Louis
Major intersections I-10 in Bay Saint Louis

I-59 in Picayune

US 11 in Picayune
North end MS 13 in Lampton
Middle segment
Length51.8 mi (83.4 km)
South end MS 13 near Oak Vale
Major intersections US 84 from Monticello to Silver Creek
North end MS 13 in Mendenhall
Northern segment
Length108.7 mi (174.9 km)
South end MS 18 in Puckett
Major intersections I-20 in Pelahatchie

US 80 in Pelahatchie

MS 25 in Koch
North endAttala Road 3122 (Winfry Road) near Kilmichael
CountryUnited States
CountiesHancock, Pearl River, Marion, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson, Rankin, Madison, Leake, Attala
Highway system
MS 42 MS 44
MS 43 as it passes through Goshen Springs, near the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Mississippi Highway 43 (MS 43) is a state highway in Mississippi that generally runs north–south in three segments: the first from US 90 near Bay St. Louis to MS 13 south of Columbia, resuming at MS 13 in southern Jefferson Davis County to end near Mendenhall, and finally starting again at MS 18 near Puckett to end at Attala Road 3122 in northern Attala County. It traverses approximately 235 miles (378 km), serving Hancock, Pearl River, Marion, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson, Rankin, Madison, Leake, and Attala counties.

Route Description

Southern segment

MS 43, concurrent with MS 603, begins in Hancock County just west of Bay St. Louis in Waveland at an intersection with US 90. The highway heads north through a business district as a four-lane undivided boulevard before widening to a divided highway as it leaves Waveland and curves to the northwest. MS 43/MS 603 pass through the suburban community of Shoreline Park for the next several miles to cross Bayou La Croix and have an interchange with I-10 at Exit 13. The heads northward through rural terrain for the next few miles, where it narrows to two-lanes and has an intersection with the access road for Stennis International Airport, which also houses many of the county's services. MS 43/MS 603 meet Texas Flat Road before crossing the Jourdan River and passing through the town of Kiln, where MS 43 splits from MS 603. MS 43 passes northwestward through rural areas (and the community of Wiehe) for several miles, crossing the Jourdan River for a second time, before entering Pearl River County.

MS 43 heads west through farmland to enter the city of Picayune, where it passes through neighborhoods before widening to a four-lane divided highway and coming to an interchange with I-59 (Exit 4), with MS 43 following I-59 north to Exit 6, where it crosses Hobolochitto Creek. MS 43 heads west from Exit 6 as a four-lane divided highway through a mix of neighborhoods and businesses to have an intersection with US 11. The highway narrows to two-lanes as it leaves Picayune, crossing Hobolochitto Creek again before having an intersection with MS 43 Spur (MS 992/Beech Street). MS 43 winds its way northwest through farmland and wooded areas for several miles, passing through the Cybur community, before turning northward and coming to an intersection with MS 26 at the Crossroads community.

The highway now parallels the Pearl River as it winds its way north through wooded areas for several miles to cross into Marion County, coming to an end shortly thereafter at an intersection with MS 13 between Columbia and Lumberton.[2]

Middle segment

MS 43 begins in Jefferson Davis County at an intersection with MS 13 just north of Society Hill and heads west as a two-lane highway through woodlands to pass through Oak Vale, where it crosses into Lawrence County.

MS 43 turns northwest through farmland, passing through Arm, before crossing the Silver Creek and having an intersection with MS 43A. The highway continues northwest to have a short concurrency with MS 184, just across the Pearl River from Monticello, before joining US 84 east for a few miles. US 84/MS 43 enter the Silver Creek city limits at another intersection with MS 184 before MS 43 splits off at an intersection with MS 43A, winding its way through town along Front Street, where it has its final intersection with MS 184 (Southern Avenue). MS 43 leaves Silver Creek and heads northeast to enter New Hebron, where it passes through town along Jones Street, Main Avenue, and Franklin Street, having intersections with both MS 915 (unsigned/Jones Street) and MS 42 (Indiana Avenue). The highway heads north to leave New Hebron and straddle the line with Jefferson Davis County before crossing into Simpson County.

MS 43 heads northeast through a mix of woods and farmland as it has an intersection with MS 478 and passes through Shivers. It then comes to an intersection with MS 28, which it briefly follows westward as it has an intersection with MS 472 and passes through Pinola. The highway winds it way northeast as it parallels the Strong River for several miles before entering Mendenhall and immediately coming to an end at another intersection with MS 13 just west of downtown.[3]

Northern segment

MS 43 begins in Rankin County in Puckett at an intersection with MS 18 just northwest of downtown. It winds its way northward as a two-lane highway through farmland for several miles to have an interchange with I-20 (Exit 68) before passing through Pelahatchie, where it has an intersection with US 80. The highway winds its way northwest to have an intersection with MS 481 before passing through Sand Hill, Koch (where it has an interchange with MS 25), and Goshen Springs (where it has an intersection with MS 471) before crossing a Causeway over the Ross Barnett Reservoir (part of the Pearl River) into Madison County.

MS 43 immediately has an interchange with the Natchez Trace Parkway at Madisonville before passing northward through Canton, bypassing downtown along its eastern side while having a short concurrency with MS 16. The highway now turns northeast through mostly wooded areas for the next several miles, where it passes through Sharon, before crossing into Leake County.

MS 43 begins paralleling the Natchez Trace as it passes through the community of Thomastown, where it has a junction with MS 429, before continuing northeast for several more miles before crossing into Attala County.

MS 43 becomes concurrent with MS 14 for a couple of miles to enter the Kosciusko outskirts, where it follows a beltway around downtown while having an intersection with MS 735 and concurrencies with MS 12, MS 19, and MS 35. The highway heads north out of Kosciusko through remote terrain for several miles to the Montgomery County line, where MS 43 comes to an end at an intersection with Winfry Road.

Access to MS 407 can be achieved via a right onto Winfry Road for a 0.5 miles (0.80 km) before turning left onto Ellis Road for 4.5 miles (7.2 km).[4]

Major intersections

HancockWaveland0.00.0 US 90 / Nicholson Avenue – Bay St. Louis, New Orleans, Buccaneer State Park, BeachesSouthern terminus of MS 43 and MS 603; southern end of MS 603 overlap
I-10 – New Orleans, MobileI-10 exit 13
MS 603 north
Northern end of MS 603 overlap
Pearl RiverPicayune28.946.5
I-59 south – Picayune, New Orleans
Southern end of I-59 overlap; MS 43 south follows exit 4
I-59 north – Hattiesburg
Northern end of I-59 overlap; MS 43 north follows exit 6
32.352.0 US 11 – Picayune, Poplarville
34.455.4Beech Street (MS 992 south)Northern terminus of MS 43 Spur (MS 992)
Crossroads52.985.1 MS 26 – Bogalusa, Poplarville
Marion83.2133.9 MS 13 – Columbia, LumbertonNorthern terminus of southern section of MS 43
Gap in route
Jefferson Davis0.00.0 MS 13 – Prentiss, ColumbiaSouthern terminus of middle section of MS 43
MS 43A north – Silver Creek
Southern terminus of MS 43A
MS 184 west – Monticello
Southern end of MS 184 overlap
MS 184 east
Northern end of MS 184 overlap
US 84 west – Monticello, Brookhaven
Southern end of US 84 overlap
MS 184 west – Monticello
Eastern terminus of Monticello section of MS 184
MS 184 east – Silver Creek
Western terminus of Silver Creek section of MS 184
US 84 east – Prentiss

MS 43A south – Arm
Northern end of US 84 overlap; northern terminus of MS 43A
Silver Creek23.638.0 MS 184 (Southern Avenue)
New Hebron32.652.5
Jones Street (MS 915 north) to MS 42
Southern terminus of MS 915
33.053.1 MS 42 (Indiana Avenue) – Prentiss
MS 478 west
Eastern terminus of MS 478
MS 28 east – Magee
Southern end of MS 28 overlap
MS 472 west
Eastern terminus of MS 472
MS 28 west – Hazlehurst
Northern end of MS 28 overlap
Mendenhall51.883.4 MS 13 – Mendenhall, Jackson, PrentissNorthern terminus of middle section of MS 43
Gap in route
RankinPuckett0.00.0 MS 18 – Puckett, Brandon, JacksonSouthern terminus of southern section of MS 43
I-20 – Jackson, MeridianI-20 exit 68
17.428.0 US 80 – Brandon, Morton
MS 481 south – Leesburg, Morton
Northern terminus of MS 481
MS 25 – Jackson, CarthageInterchange
MS 471 south – Brandon
Northern terminus of MS 471
Natchez Trace ParkwayInterchange

MS 16 west (Canton Parkway) to I-55 / US 51
Southern end of MS 16 overlap
MS 16 east (East Peace Street) – Downtown Canton, Carthage
Northern end of MS 16 overlap
61.098.2 MS 17 – Camden, Pickens
LeakeThomastown74.5119.9 MS 429 – Sallis, Carthage
MS 14 west – Newport, Goodman
Southern end of MS 14 overlap
MS 14 east / South Natchez Street – Kosciusko, Louisville
Northern end of MS 14 overlap
MS 12 west – Durant
Southern end of MS 12 overlap
MS 735 north – Downtown Kosciusko
Southern terminus of MS 735; old MS 12

MS 19 north / MS 35 north (North Jackson Street) – Vaiden, Kosciusko
Southern end of MS 19 / MS 35 overlap

MS 12 east / MS 19 south / MS 35 south – Ackerman
Northern end of MS 12 / MS 19 / MS 35 overlap
108.7174.9Winfry Road / County Road 3122
To MS 407; northern terminus of northern section of MS 43; end of state maintenance; intersection located along Montgomery County line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routes

Highway 43 Spur

Spur plate.svg

Mississippi Highway 43 Spur

Length1.350 mi[1] (2.173 km)

MS 43 Spur, officially inventoried as Mississippi Highway 992 (MS 992), is a short local road which runs through Picayune, Mississippi. Its northern terminus is at MS 43 and its southern terminus is just north of Goodyear Boulevard in Picayune. In accordance with its MS 992 designation, MS 43 Spur is the highest numbered state highway in the entire state of Mississippi.[5]

The entire route is in Pearl River County.

Picayune0.000.00N Beech Street/Goodyear BoulevardEnd of state maintenance; southern terminus; road continues as N Beech Street
1.352.17 MS 43 – Kiln, ColumbiaNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Highway 43A

Mississippi Highway 43A

LocationLawrence County
Length5.6 mi (9.0 km)

Mississippi Highway 43A (MS 43A) is an unsigned 5.6-mile-long (9.0 km) alternate route of MS 43 in Lawrence County, Mississippi.

MS 43A begins at an intersection with MS 43 just northwest of the community of Arm. It heads north through rural areas, running parallel to the Silver Creek, for several miles to enter the town of Silver Creek and come to an end at an intersection with MS 184/MS 43. The entire route of MS 43A is a two-lane highway. The route is not legally defined in Mississippi Code § 65-3-3,[6] and is a county road and city street not maintained by MDOT. A single MS 43A shield sign exists at the northern terminus at MS 184 in Silver Creek.[7]

Major intersections

The entire route is in Lawrence County.

0.00.0 MS 43 – Monticello, ColumbiaSouthern terminus
Silver Creek5.69.0 MS 184 / MS 43 – Monticello, Prentiss, Downtown, New HebronNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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