Mississippi Highway 17

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Mississippi Highway 17

Route information
Maintained by MDOT
Length70.4 mi[1] (113.3 km)
(68.51 mi excluding concurrencies)
Major junctions
South end MS 16 in Farmhaven
Major intersections

MS 35 in North Carrollton

North end CR 17 in North Carrollton
CountryUnited States
CountiesMadison, Yazoo, Holmes, Carroll
Highway system
MS 16 MS 18

Mississippi Highway 17 (MS 17) is a state highway in central Mississippi. It runs from north to south for 70.4 miles (113.3 km), serving the counties of Madison, a small portion of Yazoo, Holmes, and Carroll.

Route description

MS 17 begins in rural Madison County near the community of Farmhaven at an intersection with MS 16, with the road continuing south into the community as Summerlin Road. The highway winds its way north, then northwest, through mostly wooded areas for several miles, where it has an intersection with MS 43 before passing through Camden. It continues northeast through rural areas for several more miles to come to an intersection and become concurrent (overlapped) with US 51, and they head north to cross the Big Black River into Yazoo County.

MS 17 and MS 12's traffic circle around the Holmes County Courthouse in downtown Lexington

US 51/MS 17 immediately enter the Pickens city limits and have an intersection with MS 432 before entering Holmes County passing straight through town, bypassing downtown along its west side. MS 17 splits off and heads northwest at the northern edge of town and it leaves Pickens to have an interchange with I-55 (Exit 144). The highway turns northward and travels through a mix of farmland and woodlands for several miles, passing through Richland, where it has a short concurrency with MS 14, and Franklin, before entering the Lexington city limits. MS 17 enters town along Yazoo Street and passes through neighborhoods, where it has an intersection with MS 836 (Lexington Bypass), before entering downtown and traveling through a traffic circle (roundabout) around the Holmes County Courthouse, where it becomes concurrent with MS 12 (Depot Street). They head north along Carrollton Street to leave downtown and pass through neighborhoods, where MS 12 splits off and heads toward Tchula and the Mississippi Delta at a Y-Intersection. MS 17 leaves Lexington and travels through rural areas for several miles, crossing over several small creeks as it passes through Acona before entering Carroll County.

MS 17 heads north through mostly woodlands as passes through Blackhawk, where it has an intersection with MS 430, and Coila before having an intersection with US 82 (where it becomes concurrent with MS 35) and entering Carrollton. MS 17/MS 35 head straight through downtown along Lexington Street before crossing the Big Sand Creek into neighboring North Carrollton. They pass through town along George Street before the two highways split at an intersection with Main Street in downtown, with MS 35 turning left onto Main Street with MS 17 turns right. Main Street becomes Front Street as MS 17 enters neighborhoods, where it makes a left to cross over railroad tracks onto Jefferson Street. It follows Jefferson Street north to the northern edge of the city limits, where state maintenance (and MS 17) ends and the road continues north as Carroll County Road 17 (CR 17, a.k.a. Grenada Road).

The entire length of Mississippi Highway 17 is a two-lane rural highway.

Major intersections

MadisonFarmhaven0.00.0 MS 16 – Carthage, CantonSouthern terminus
5.38.5 MS 43 – Canton, Thomastown
US 51 south – Canton
South end of US 51 overlap

MS 432 west to I-55 – Benton
Eastern terminus of MS 432
US 51 north – Goodman, Durant
North end of US 51 overlap
I-55 – Jackson, GrenadaI-55 exit 144
MS 14 west – Ebenezer
South end of MS 14 overlap

MS 14 east to I-55 north – Goodman
North end of MS 14 overlap

MS 836 east (Lexington Bypass) to MS 12 east – Durant
Western terminus of MS 836
MS 12 east (Depot Street) – Durant
South end of MS 12 overlap; traffic circle around Holmes County Courthouse
MS 12 west – Tchula
North end of MS 12 overlap
CarrollBlackhawk54.988.4 MS 430 – Greenwood, Vaiden

US 82 / MS 35 south – Greenwood, Vaiden, Winona
South end of MS 35 overlap
North Carrollton69.8112.3
MS 35 north (Main Street) – Holcomb
North end of MS 35 overlap
CR 17 north (Grenada Road)
Northern terminus; end of state maintenance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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