Interstate 20 in Mississippi

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Interstate 20

I-20 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MDOT
Length154.5 mi[1] (248.6 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
West end I-20 / US 80 at Vicksburg
Major intersections
East end I-20 / I-59 at the Alabama line
CountryUnited States
CountiesWarren, Hinds, Rankin, Scott, Newton, Lauderdale
Highway system
MS 19 MS 21

Interstate 20 (I-20) is a major thoroughfare through the central region of the US state of Mississippi. Spanning 154.5 miles (248.6 km), it connects Jackson and I-55 with Vicksburg and the Mississippi River in the west and Meridian and I-59 in the east.

Route description

Interstate 20 enters in west from Tallulah, Louisiana into Vicksburg, Mississippi. It starts with an interchange with U.S. Route 61 South towards Natchez, Mississippi and then starts to make interchanges with the city's streets. Once I-20 is out of the city it leaves the city with an Partial cloverleaf interchange with U.S. Route 61 North towards Rolling Fork, Mississippi and Mississippi Highway 27 South towards Utica, Mississippi. Along the way with Mississippi Highway 22 towards Flora, Mississippi. It then enters the Jackson area with Clinton, Mississippi and makes an interchange with U.S. Route 80 towards Clinton-Raymond Road. It then goes into Jackson with a Partial cloverleaf interchange with Mississippi Highway 18 towards Raymond, Mississippi. After that, it makes its first interstate interchange with Interstate 220 (Mississippi), the city's bypass interstate. It then enters a spaghetti interchange with Interstate 55 and U.S. Route 49 South and it runs concurrent with both of those for 1 exit and then they all split in an interchange that Jackson calls "The Stack". This interchange splits making I-55 go north towards Downtown Jackson and Memphis, Tennessee. It makes I-20 continue east towards Forest, Mississippi and Meridian, Mississippi. Then, it makes US-49 go south towards Collins, Mississippi and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. After coming out of Jackson, the interstate makes interchanges with Mississippi Highway 468, Mississippi Highway 475, Mississippi Highway 18, U.S. Route 80, Mississippi Highway 43, Mississippi Highway 13, Mississippi Highway 481, Mississippi Highway 35, Mississippi Highway 15, and Mississippi Highway 503. As it enters Meridian, it makes its 4th and final interstate interchange with Interstate 59 towards Laurel, Mississippi and New Orleans. As it goes into the city, it makes highway interchanges with Mississippi Highway 19 and U.S. Route 11. It then goes into downtown making an interchange with Mississippi Highway 145. After this, it makes one interchange with 4 highways: Mississippi Highway 19, Mississippi Highway 39, U.S. Route 11, and U.S. Route 80. After the Jimmie Rodgers Parkway interchange, it encounters a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. Route 45 toward Quitman, Mississippi and Tupelo, Mississippi. After diamond interchanges with Russell-Mount Gilead Road in Russell and Will Garrett Road in Toomsuba, and a trumpet interchange with US 11/80 in Kewanee, the interstates encounter weigh stations in both directions before entering the Alabama state line heading towards Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Birmingham, Alabama (where it again runs concurrently with Interstate 59 in Alabama).

Exit list

Mississippi River0.000.00

I-20 west / US 80 west – Monroe
Continuation into Louisiana
Vicksburg Bridge; Louisiana–Mississippi state line
WarrenVicksburg0.440.711AWashington Street, Warrenton Road (US 61 Bus.)
US 61 south – Natchez, Baton Rouge
Western end of US 61 overlap
1.943.121CHalls Ferry Road
3.215.173Indiana Avenue
4.657.484Clay Street – Vicksburg National Military Park, Downtown VicksburgSigned as exits 4A (east) and 4B (west); westbound exit to Clay Street east and eastbound entrance to eastbound I-20 are via exit 5B
US 61 north – Rolling Fork, Yazoo City, Memphis
Eastern end of US 61 overlap
MS 27 south – Utica
Westbound entrance is via exit 4B
Hinds19.6031.5419 MS 22 – Flora, Edwards
31.6951.0031Norrell Road
Clinton34.1454.9434Natchez Trace Parkway
US 80 east / Clinton-Raymond Road
Eastern end of US 80 overlap
36.1558.1836Springridge Road
MS 18 west / Robinson Road – Raymond
Signed as exits 40A (west) and 40B (east) westbound; MS 18 doesn’t terminate at nor have concurrency with I-20, it continues unsigned during the concurrency of US 80, then it returns back to I-20 at the other side, where the route begins to be signed again
I-220 / US 49 north – North Jackson, Yazoo City
Western end of US 49 overlap; I-220 no number signed
42.6468.6242Ellis AvenueSigned as exits 42A (south) and 42B (north)
43.8270.5243Terry RoadSigned as exits 43A (south) and 43B (north)

I-55 south / US 51 south / McDowell Road – McComb, New Orleans
Western end of I-55 overlap; I-55 exit 92C
45.0872.5545AGallatin StreetEastbound exit is part of exit 45
US 51 north (State Street)
Signed as exit 45 eastbound
I-55 north – Grenada, North Jackson, Memphis
Eastern end of I-55 overlap; I-55 exit 94
US 49 south – Hattiesburg, Flowood
Eastern end of US 49 overlap; signed as exits 47A (south) and 47B (north) eastbound
Pearl48.7278.4148 MS 468 – Pearl
52.3284.2052 MS 475 – Jackson-Evers International Airport
MS 18 east – Puckett, Raleigh
MS 18 doesn’t terminate at nor have concurrency with I-20, it continues unsigned during the concurrency of US 80, then it returns back to I-20 at the other side, where the route begins to be signed again
56.6191.1056 US 80 – Downtown Brandon
59.7096.0859 US 80 – East Brandon
Pelahatchie68.65110.4868 MS 43 – Puckett, Pelahatchie
Scott76.90123.7677 MS 13 – Puckett, Morton
80.04128.8180 MS 481 – Raleigh, Morton
Forest88.04141.6988 MS 35 – Raleigh, Forest
Newton99.94160.84100 US 80 – Lake, Lawrence
Newton108.92175.29109 MS 15 – Newton, Philadelphia
114.48184.24115 MS 503 – Hickory, Decatur
US 80 west – Lost Gap, Meehan Junction
Western end of US 80 overlap
I-59 south – Laurel, New Orleans
Western end of I-59 overlap, north exit 149; no exit number westbound

US 11 south / MS 19 north – Meridian Airport, Philadelphia
Western end of US 11/MS 19 overlap
Exits follow I-59's mile markers
Serves Mississippi State University Meridian Campus
133.47214.80151Valley Road, 49th Avenue
134.42216.3315229th Avenue
MS 145 south / 22nd Avenue – Quitman

MS 19 south / MS 39 north / US 11 north / US 80 east – Butler, De Kalb
Eastern end of US 11/US 80/MS 19 overlap; signed as exits 154A (south) and 154B (north) eastbound
138.43222.78156Jimmy Rodgers Parkway
139.51224.52157 US 45 – Quitman, MaconSigned as exits 157A (south) and 157B (north)
151.12243.20169Kewanee (US 11 / US 80)

I-20 east / I-59 north – Birmingham
Continuation into Alabama
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Jackson spur route

Interstate 220

Length12.01 mi[2] (19.33 km)
NHSEntire route

Interstate 220 (I-220) in Mississippi is a loop around Jackson that provides an Interstate connection for I-55 and I-20. The northern terminus for the route is in the northern suburb of Ridgeland, at I-55 exit 104. The highway was Mississippi's first three-digit Interstate, complete by 1981.

The route of I-220 is defined in Mississippi Code § 65-3-3.


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