Indiana State Road 3

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State Road 3

SR 3; mainline in red, business route in blue
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length225.148 mi[1] (362.341 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1926[2]–present
Southern segment
Length180.352 mi (290.248 km)
South end SR 62 in Charlestown
Major intersections
North end US 224 in Markle
Northern segment
Lima Road
Length44.796 mi (72.092 km)
South end I-69 / US 24 / US 27 / US 30 in Fort Wayne
Major intersections
North end SR 120 near Brighton
CountryUnited States
CountiesClark, Scott, Jennings, Decatur, Rush, Henry, Delaware, Blackford, Wells, Huntington, Allen, DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange
Highway system
  • Indiana State Highway System
SR 2 SR 4

State Road 3 (SR 3) in the U.S. state of Indiana is a discontinuous state highway running through eastern Indiana from near the Ohio River to near the Michigan state line. The southernmost terminus is at SR 62 in Charlestown, and the northernmost terminus is at SR 120 near Brighton.

The route was continuous until 1972, when the route was split into two segments that exist today.

Route description

Southern section

SR 3 begins just south of Charlestown at SR 62 and heads north toward downtown Charlestown. When in downtown Charlestown SR 3 intersects SR 403. SR 3 heads north out of Charlestown. Then just over 17 miles (27 km) north of SR 403, there is a wrong-way concurrency with SR 203 for 1.85 miles (2.98 km), meaning southbound SR 203 and northbound SR 3 are going the same direction. After SR 203, SR 3 heads north toward Vernon and then North Vernon. In North Vernon SR 3 has an intersection with U.S. Route 50 (US 50). After North Vernon SR 3 heads mainly due north for 22+12 miles (36.2 km) until SR 46 just west of Greensburg. SR 3 joins SR 46 on a four-lane divided highway and then enters Greensburg from the southwest. After entering Greensburg SR 46 leaves SR 3 at Main Street. In downtown Greensburg SR 3 has an intersection with US 421.[3]

View of the north end of the southern section of SR 3 at Markle

After US 421, SR 3 leaves Greensburg heading northeast, then just north. SR 3 has an interchange with Interstate 74 (I-74), 1+12 miles (2.4 km) from US 421. After I-74, SR 3 becomes a two-lane undivided highway. SR 3 has a concurrency with US 52 that lasts for 0.42 miles (0.68 km) in Rushville. SR 3 heads due north toward US 40 and then SR 3 heads east on US 40 for a short concurrency after 0.07 miles (0.11 km). After US 40, SR 3 has an interchange with I-70. Just south of I-70 SR 3 becomes a four-lane divided highway. After I-70, SR 3 passes near New Castle. SR 3 and US 36 have an interchange near Mount Summit. After US 36, SR 3 head north toward Muncie, where SR 3 has an interchange with SR 67.[4]

At the interchange with SR 67, SR 3 heads east, then north along the bypass. Interchange includes US 35 south, SR 32, and SR 67 north. The bypass is a limited-access highway.[4]

North of the Muncie Bypass, US 35 leaves SR 3 due west to Kokomo. After US 35, SR 3 heads due north to Markle. Passing through Hartford City, where SR 3 meets SR 26. South of Markle SR 3 turns northeast, then SR 3 meets SR 116. Then 0.46 miles (0.74 km) after SR 116, SR 3 comes to its northern terminus of the southern section of SR 3, at US 224.[5]

Northern section

Southern terminus of the northern section of SR 3 at I-69 and the northern terminus of US 27 in Fort Wayne

The southern terminus of the northern section of SR 3 begins at I-69 and the northern terminus of US 27. The road heads north from this point, as a six–lane major arterial passing through both commercial and residential areas. North of Dupont Road, on the northside of Fort Wayne, the road becomes a rural four–lane divided highway. North of Fort Wayne, the route bypasses Huntertown, 8.20 miles (13.20 km) north of I-69. The road then enters Dekalb County, with a traffic light at SR 205. Very soon after SR 205, the road enters Noble County, bypassing LaOtto and Avilla. In Noble County, the route passes through rural farming land and parallels an abandoned railroad track on its way to Kendallville. In Kendallville the route has a short concurrency with US 6. After the US 6 concurrency SR 3, becomes a two–lane rural highway heading due North, until Mongo where the road turns northwest. Entering into Brighton, SR 3 reaches its northern terminus at SR 120.[6]


Between 1972 and 1973, SR 3 was removed between US 224 in Markle and I-69 on the north side of Fort Wayne. The final route through the Fort Wayne metro area followed Indianapolis Road/Baer Road past the city's main airport (then known as Baer Field) to Lower Huntington Road in the Waynedale district of Fort Wayne. SR 3 there turned east onto that road for only a short distance, before turning north again onto Bluffton Road (SR 1). Bluffton Road hugs the bank of the St. Mary's River before curving east and crossing it. SR 1 and SR 3 then immediately turned south onto Broadway for two blocks before turning east onto Rudisill Boulevard. SR 1/SR 3 followed Rudisill Boulevard to Lafayette Street (US 27/US 33 northbound) and Clinton Street (US 27/US 33 southbound) at which points the state routes turned north to join the others heading to/from downtown Fort Wayne. In the heart of the city US 33 departed, then upon leaving downtown Lafayette Street becomes Spy Run Boulevard (still one way northbound) before joining Clinton Street on the north side of the city. Shortly thereafter, US 27/SR 1/SR 3 turned toward the northwest onto Northrop Street and Lima Road until they reached the I-69 interchange, where SR 3 continued north on Lima Road and US 27/SR 1 turned east onto northbound I–69. With SR 3 through traffic easily using the then-recently completed I-69 to bypass Fort Wayne, the route between US 224 and the junction with SR 1 on the southwest side was turned back over to local control and the SR 3 designation was removed along the portions shared with other routes within the city.[7][8]

Until 1980, SR 3 ran concurrently with SR 62 until it reached I-65 in Jeffersonville.[9]

In 1990, the four-lane upgrade from the DeKalb–Allen County line north of Huntertown to Kendallville was completed, bypassing the towns of LaOtto and Avilla. This made SR 3 four lanes for the 25 miles (40 km) from I-69 in Fort Wayne to US 6 in Kendallville.[10]

In early 2010, construction began on SR 3 widening for about three miles (4.8 km) from Ludwig Road in Fort Wayne to Dupont Road on the north side of Fort Wayne. This section of highway along Lima Road was widened from four-lane divided roadway to six-lane divided highway and was completed in November 2011.[11][12]

At one point, the northern terminus was at the Michigan state line.

Major intersections

ClarkCharlestown0.0000.000 SR 62Southern terminus of SR 3
CR 403 south – Sellersburg
Former SR 403 south
Oregon Township11.40918.361
CR 203 north – Lexington
Former SR 203 north
county line
township line
SR 362 east – Nabb
Western terminus of SR 362
ScottLexington Township15.76125.365 SR 356 – Vienna, Lexington

SR 56 west / SR 203 north – Scottsburg
Southern end of SR 56/SR 203 concurrency
SR 203 south – Lexington
Northern end of SR 203 concurrency

SR 56 east – Madison
Northern end of SR 56 concurrency
JeffersonGraham Township23.42837.704 SR 256 – Austin, Madison, Hardy Lake
JenningsMontgomery Township29.72547.838
SR 250 east – Paris
Southern end of SR 250 concurrency
SR 250 west – Paris Crossing
Northern end of SR 250 concurrency
Vernon Township41.03166.033
SR 7 south – Madison
Southern end of SR 7 concurrency
North Vernon43.17969.490 US 50
Center Township45.51573.249

SR 7 north / SR 750 west
Northern end of SR 7 concurrency; western end of SR 750 concurrency
SR 750 west
Eastern end of SR 750 concurrency
DecaturClay Township67.626108.833
SR 46 west – Columbus
Southern end of SR 46 concurrency
SR 46 east – Greensburg, Historic Tower Tree, Airport
Northern end of SR 46 concurrency
Greensburg72.616116.864 US 421 (North Michigan Avenue) – Business District
Washington Township73.943–
I-74 – Indianapolis, CincinnatiI-74 exit 134
RushAnderson Township83.431134.269 SR 244 – Milroy
US 52 east – Brookville
Southern end of US 52 concurrency

US 52 Truck west / Truck SR 44 (1st Street)
US 52 west / SR 44 (2nd Street)
Northern end of US 52 concurrency
HenrySpiceland Township105.375169.585
US 40 west – Indianapolis
Western end of US 40 concurrency
US 40 east – Richmond
Eastern end of US 40 concurrency
Spiceland Township110.483–
I-70 – Indianapolis, Columbus, OHExit 123 on I-70
New Castle116.495187.481 SR 38 (Broad Street) – Business District
Prairie Township121.610–
US 36 – Lynn, Mount SummitInterchange
DelawareMonroe Township131.232–

SR 67 south – Indianapolis, Muncie, Ivy Tech
Southern end of SR 67 concurrency; interchange
US 35 south – Richmond, Muncie
Southern end of US 35 concurrency; interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Center Township134.452216.380Memorial DriveInterchange
Muncie135.471218.019 SR 32 – Winchester, MuncieInterchange
Hamilton Township138.930223.586
SR 67 north – Portland
Northern end of SR 67 concurrency; interchange
139.570224.616Muncie (Old State Road 3 south) – Ball State UniversityInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
US 35 north / SR 28 – Alexandria, Albany
Northern end of US 35 concurrency
BlackfordHartford City153.857247.609 SR 26 (Washington Street)
Washington Township160.894258.934 SR 18 – Marion, Montpelier
county line
township line
167.891270.194 SR 218 – Warren, Poneto
HuntingtonSalamonieRock Creek
township line
173.850279.784 SR 124 – Mount Etna, Bluffton
Markle179.987289.661 SR 116 (Morse Street)

US 224 (Logan Street) to I-69 / SR 3 north
Northern end of southern section
Gap in route
AllenFort Wayne180.352–

I-69 / US 24 / US 30 / US 27 south (Lima Road) – Indianapolis, Lansing
Southern terminus of northern section of SR 3 and northern terminus of US 27
DeKalbButler Township192.283309.449 SR 205 – LaOtto, Churubusco, Garrett
SR 8 east / East Albion Street – Avilla, Auburn
Southern end of SR 8 concurrency
Allen Township200.243322.260
SR 8 west – Albion
Northern end of SR 8 concurrency
US 6 west (West North Street) – G.S. Porter Historic Site
Western end of US 6 concurrency
US 6 east (North Street) – Waterloo
Eastern end of US 6 concurrency
LaGrangeSpringfield Township218.732352.015 US 20 – LaGrange, Elkhart, Angola
Brighton225.148362.341 SR 120 – Elkhart, OrlandNorthern terminus of SR 3
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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