Indiana State Road 1

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State Road 1

SR 1 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length179.580 mi[1] (289.006 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1926[2]–present
Southern segment
Length138.185 mi[1] (222.387 km)
South end I-275 / US 50 near Lawrenceburg
Major intersections
North end I-469 / US 33 near Fort Wayne
Northern segment
Length41.395 mi[1] (66.619 km)
South end I-69 in Fort Wayne
Major intersections US 6 in Butler
North end US 20 near Angola
CountryUnited States
Highway system
  • Indiana State Highway System
SR 933 SR 2

State Road 1 (SR 1) is a north–south state highway in eastern Indiana, consisting of two segments. Its southern segment begins at U.S. Highway 50 and Interstate 275 in east-central Dearborn County, just east of Lawrenceburg, and ends at Interstate 469 south of Fort Wayne. Its northern segment begins at Interstate 69 on Fort Wayne's north side, and ends at U.S. Route 20 in east-central Steuben County, approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) east of Angola.

Route description

Southern section

View southward along State Road 1 from the intersection with US 224, January 2007

State Road 1 begins at an interchange of Interstate 275; this is I-275's only exit in Indiana. Just after the interchange there is a stop light at U.S. Route 50 (US 50). SR 1 travels 14.53 miles (23.38 km) north-northwest until it reaches I-74; just beyond I-74 it crosses Indiana State Road 46 (SR 46). SR 1 continues north until it meets U.S. Route 52 (US 52) just west of Cedar Grove. Then US 52 and SR 1 continue north-northeast for 5.78 miles (9.30 km) until they reach Brookville; here, US 52 turns west on its way to Indianapolis, while SR 1 continues north-northwest for 16.81 miles (27.05 km) where it meets Indiana State Road 44 (SR 44). SR 1 and SR 44 travel together for 0.47 miles (0.76 km) where SR 1 turns north-northeast towards downtown Connersville. North of Connersville, SR 1 travels north-northwest until it reaches Cambridge City, where SR 1 crosses U.S. Route 40 (US 40). After the intersection at US 40, SR 1 heads north-northeast. After 2.90 miles (4.67 km) SR 1 has an interchange with Interstate 70 (I-70), then heads due north towards U.S. Route 36 (US 36). SR 1 turns east onto US 36 for 1.01 miles (1.63 km), then leaves US 36 and travels generally due north until it reaches Fort Wayne. Just south of Fort Wayne, SR 1 ends at an interchange with Interstate 469 (I-469).

Northern section

On the north side of Fort Wayne at the Dupont Road interchange of Interstate 69 (I-69), the northern section of SR 1 begins and heads east. The road heads away from I–69 as a six-lane divided highway, along the south edge of the Parkview Regional Medical Center complex, passing through numerous commercial properties. The highway narrows to a four-lane divided highway at Diebold Road and then enters an area of mixed commercial and residential properties. At Tonkel Road, SR 1 begins to curve northeast toward Leo and narrows to a two-lane highway. The route then leaves Fort Wayne, passing through rural farm land with scattered houses. Curving due north to enter Leo on Main Street, SR 1 then passes through residential areas of that town. North of downtown Leo the highway curves northeast and passes through a mix of commercial and residential properties. As the road enters DeKalb County it curves to run due north. The highway then enters Spencerville, passing through the center of town. After Spencerville, the road curves northeast, before again turning back north. The highway enters St. Joe and takes a sharp curve to head due east. The route crosses CSX Railroad tracks and makes another sharp curve heading due north. The road continues north until it meets SR 8. The two routes head east-southeast for a 1.04 miles (1.67 km) concurrency, until SR 1 departs the joint section heading due north. The road then passes through rural farmland, with a few houses, as a two-lane highway. Upon entering Butler it crosses the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks, before encountering a signalized intersection with US 6 in downtown Butler. SR 1 then leaves Butler heading due north until it intersects DeKalb County Road 46, at which point the highway turns northwest. The route enter Hamilton and begins a concurrency with SR 427, heading northeast and passing Hamilton Lake. After 0.84 miles (1.35 km), SR 1 leaves the concurrency heading due north. The highway then continues in that direction until reaching its northern terminus at US 20.[3][4][5]



SR 1 began at US 50 and Main Street in Lawrenceburg and traveled north on Main Street until Main Street became Ridge Avenue. It then followed Ridge Avenue until it met the current SR 1.

Bluffton to Fort Wayne

Between the late 1940s and late 1950s, SR 1 had three or more lanes. This started in Bluffton and continued north to Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne

Before being split into two sections on either side of Fort Wayne, SR 1 traveled on a continuous route through that city. From the present northern terminus of its southern section at Interstate 469's exit 6 in south-central Allen County, it continued north on Bluffton Road to pass just east of Fort Wayne's main airport (then known as Baer Field). In the Waynedale district of southwestern Fort Wayne, SR 3 joined Bluffton Road from the southwest at Lower Huntington Road. From there the routes originally continued together northward, hugging the bank of the St. Mary's River before curving east to bridge it. SR 1/SR 3 then immediately turned right (south) onto Broadway for about 700 feet (210 m) before turning east on Rudisill Boulevard. From there the routes continued to a one way pair of Clinton Street (southbound) and Lafayette Street (northbound), which then carried a concurrency of US 27 from Decatur and US 33 from St. Marys, Ohio. At Lima Road, SR 3 continues north, as US 27 and SR 1 got on I-69 northbound until exiting at Dupont Road.

In later years, after the decommissioning of SR 3 through Fort Wayne and the completion of the Baer Field Thruway (later renamed Airport Expressway), SR 1 was rerouted to turn right onto that roadway, which deposited motorists onto Paulding Road at Fairfield Avenue. From there SR 1 headed east along Paulding Road to its intersection with US 27/US 33 (now Lafayette Street), where it turned left (north) and joined those routes to downtown Fort Wayne.

North of Rudisill Boulevard, the original concurrency of US 27/US 33/SR 1/SR 3 (as well as the later concurrency of the first 3 routes) followed the Lafayette Street/Clinton Street pair to downtown Fort Wayne, where US 33 departed to the west. North of downtown, Lafayette Street became Spy Run Boulevard (still one-way northbound) until it terminated at the north end of the one-way pair with Clinton Street. From there the three (later two) combined routes continued north for a few blocks on Clinton Street to Northrup Street, where they curved northwest onto the latter roadway. Just south of Coliseum Boulevard SR 930 (then U.S. 30), Northrup Street becomes Lima Road, and continues north-northwest to I-69. At that point, SR 3 continued (later resumed) northbound on Lima Road to Kendallville, and US 27 and SR 1 both entered I-69 northbound, with SR 1 concurrent with the freeway until the Dupont Road interchange and US 27 concurrent with I-69 into Michigan.

Steuben County

At one point, the northern terminus was at SR 120 just west of the Ohio State Line.

Major intersections

DearbornGreendale0.0000.000 I-275 / US 50 – Lawrenceburg, Cincinnati (Ohio)Exit 16 on I-275; southern terminus of SR 1
Saint Leon14.618–
I-74 – Indianapolis, Cincinnati (Ohio)Exit 164 on I-74
14.96224.079 SR 46 – Batesville, Greensburg, West Harrison
FranklinCedar Grove20.75133.395
US 52 east – West Harrison
Southern end of US 52 concurrency
SR 252 east (E 4th Street) – Hamilton (Ohio), Ross (Ohio)
Western terminus of SR 252

US 52 west / SR 101 north – Rushville
Northern end of US 52 concurrency; southern of SR 101 concurrency
SR 101 north – Liberty, Richmond
Northern end of SR 101 concurrency
SR 44 east – Liberty
Eastern end of SR 44 concurrency

SR 44 west to SR 121 – Rushville
Western end of SR 44 concurrency
WayneCambridge City56.87691.533 US 40 – Greenfield, Richmond
I-70 – Indianapolis, Columbus (Ohio)Exit 137 on I-70
Hagerstown63.706102.525 SR 38 – New Castle, Richmond
Losantville68.777110.686 US 35 – Richmond, Muncie
US 36 west – Indianapolis
Western end of US 36 concurrency
US 36 east – Greenville (Ohio)
Eastern end of US 36 concurrency
SR 32 east – Winchester
Southern end of SR 32 concurrency
SR 32 west – Muncie
Northern end of SR 32 concurrency
Green Township92.277148.505 SR 28 – Albany, Union City
JayRedkey96.487155.281 SR 67 – Muncie, Albany, Portland
Knox Township102.671165.233
SR 26 east – Portland
Southern end of SR 26 concurrency
SR 26 west – Hartford City
Northern end of SR 26 concurrency
Penn Township110.237177.409 SR 18 – Montpelier, Bryant
WellsNottingham Township117.303188.781 SR 218 – Warren, Berne
SR 116 east – Geneva
Southern end of SR 116 concurrency
SR 124 east – Monroe
Southern end of SR 124 concurrency

SR 116 west / SR 124 west – Peru, Markle
Northern end of SR 116 and SR 124 concurrencies
Jefferson Township129.597208.566 US 224 – Huntington, Markle, Decatur
AllenFort Wayne138.144–
I-469 / US 33 – New Haven, DecaturExit 6 on I-469; northern terminus of the southern section of SR 1
Gap in route
AllenFort Wayne138.186–
I-69 – Indianapolis, Lansing (Michigan)Exit 316 on I-69; southern terminus of the northern section of SR 1; Diverging diamond interchange
DeKalbConcord Township157.575253.592
SR 8 west – Auburn
Western end of SR 8 concurrency

SR 8 east / SR 101 south – Woodburn, Hicksville (Ohio)
Northern terminus of SR 101; Eastern end of SR 8 concurrency
Butler163.695263.442 US 6 – Waterloo, Edgerton (Ohio)
SR 427 south – Waterloo
Southern end of SR 427 concurrnecy
SR 427 north – Edon (Ohio)
Northern end of SR 427 concurrency
SteubenScott Township179.580289.006 US 20 – Angola, Toledo (Ohio)Northern terminus of SR 1
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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