U.S. Route 76 in South Carolina

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U.S. Highway 76

Route of US 76 in South Carolina highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length297.9 mi[1] (479.4 km)
Major junctions
West end US 76 / SR 2 at the Georgia state line near Clayton
Major intersections
East end US 76 at the North Carolina state line near Fair Bluff, NC
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesOconee, Pickens, Anderson, Greenville, Laurens, Newberry, Richland, Lexington, Sumter, Lee, Florence, Marion, Horry
Highway system
SC 75 I-77

U.S. Route 76 (US 76) is an east–west U.S. highway in the U.S. state of South Carolina. Being one of the longest and most important highways in the state, it connects the cities of Anderson, Columbia, Sumter and Florence.

Route description

US 76 enters South Carolina across the Chattooga River, then continues southeast toward Westminster. This segment is a moderately windy two-lane road. In Westminster, it heads east toward Seneca and Clemson. From Clemson, the road heads southeast toward Anderson, intersecting Interstate 85 (I-85), then east toward the small towns of Belton and Honea Path. US 76 is a four-lane highway from Westminster to Anderson. In Anderson, the road widens to six lanes with a reversible turn lane. After a concurrency with US 178, the road narrows to five lanes, and, as it goes south towards downtown Anderson, it narrows againk to four. However, the sections around Seneca, Clemson, and Anderson are well developed with many traffic lights. It travels concurrent with US 123 from Westminster to Clemson, SC 28 from Seneca to Anderson, and US 178 from Anderson to Honea Path.

From Honea Path, the highway heads east to Laurens. This section is a rural two-lane road that is not frequently traveled. From Laurens, US 76 roughly parallels I-385 and I-26 as it heads to Columbia. US 76 provides local access to the communities of Laurens, Clinton, Newberry, Prosperity, Chapin, and the other smaller towns in the area. In Irmo, US 76 travels concurrent with US 176, then continues on to I-26, with which it travels concurrent. After the interchange with I-20, US 76 splits off from I-26 and continues into downtown Columbia concurrent with I-126.

In Columbia, US 76 follows Elmwood Avenue, Bull Street, Gervais Street, Millwood Avenue, and Devine Street, before heading east toward Sumter. The segment from Columbia to Sumter is a four-lane highway and US 76 is concurrent with US 378 from the intersection of Bull and Gervais near the University of South Carolina in Columbia all the way to Sumter. From Sumter, US 76 heads northeast to Florence. US  76 is the major road through Florence. It then continues east out of Florence to the small towns of Marion and Mullins, then into North Carolina. The highway is concurrent with US 301 from Florence to across the Pee Dee River.


Formerly, US 76 followed a longer route from Westminster to Pendleton. From Westminster, the old route followed S-37-13 through the Richland community, then its current alignment to SC 59 into downtown Seneca, then SC 130 out of Seneca to S-37-1, then its current alignment to SC 93 toward Clemson University, then SC 28 Business through Pendleton.

Since the 1990s, there have been several attempts to convert at least portions of US 76 to an Interstate Highway. In 2003, North Carolina began exploring the possibility of extending Interstate 20 (I-20) from Florence, South Carolina to Wilmington using the US 76 corridor.[2] The extension was proposed to run along a new route between the South Carolina state line and Chadbourn. In Chadbourn, it would have used US 74 and US 76 to Wilmington.[3] The plan has largely been abandoned by the state, and does not appear on the 2015 Strategic Transportation Corridors of North Carolina.[4] A current proposal is to extend I-74 from Lumberton to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I-74 is slated to continue along US 74 and US 76 between Chadbourn and Bolton. Consistent with this plan, several upgrades have taken place along this section of highway. While this project has support in North Carolina, South Carolina has no interest about the project and instead has plans to build I-73 that will terminate near Myrtle Beach.

Major intersections


US 76 west / SR 2 west – Clayton
Continuation from Georgia over the Chattooga River
US 123 south (Toccoa Highway) – Toccoa
South end of US 123 overlap
SC 183 north (Westminster Highway) – Walhalla
SC 24 east (Oak Highway) – Townville
21.734.9 SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) – Walhalla

SC 28 west (Blue Ridge Boulevard) / SC 59 south (North 1st Street) – Walhalla, Seneca
West end of SC 28 overlap
28.345.5 SC 130 (North 1st Street) – Salem, Seneca
SC 93 east – Clemson
To Clemson University
SC 133 north (College Avenue) – Six Mile, Clemson
To Clemson University and John C. Calhoun Home
US 123 north (Tiger Boulevard) – Easley, Greenville
North end of US 123 overlap
35.657.3 SC 93 (Old Greenville Highway) – Central, NorrisTo Clemson University

SC 28 Bus. east (Pendleton Road) – Pendleton

SC 28 Bus. west (Mechanic Street) – Pendleton
SC 187 south
46.074.0 I-85 – Atlanta, Greenville
SC 28 east – Starr, Abbeville
East end of SC 28 and west end of SC 28 Business overlap
SC 28 east (Pearman Dairy Road) – Starr, Abbeville
East end of SC 28 and west end of SC 28 Business overlap
US 178 west (Liberty Highway) – Liberty
West end of US 178 overlap

SC 28 Bus. east (Main Street)
East end of SC 28 Business overlap

US 29 Bus. north / SC 81 north (Greenville Street)
North end of US 29 Business and SC 81 overlap
52.484.3 SC 24 (Whitner Street)
SC 81 south (Murray Street) – Starr
South end of US 29 Business and SC 81 overlap
SC 28 Bus. (Main Street) – Abbeville, Augusta
US 29 south (Shockley Ferry Road)
South end of US 29 overlap
US 29 north
North end of US 29 overlap
SC 252 east – Honea Path
61.198.3 SC 413 – Iva
SC 20 east (Brown Avenue) – Due West
East end of SC 20 overlap
SC 20 west (Main Street) – Williamston
West end of SC 20 overlap
Honea Path71.7115.4
SC 252 west (Greer Street) – Anderson
West end of SC 252 overlap
US 178 east (Church Street) – Due West, Greenwood
East end of US 178 overlap
SC 252 east (Greer Street) – Ware Shoals
East end of SC 252 overlap
US 25 north (Augusta Road) – Greenville
North end of US 25 overlap
US 25 south (Augusta Road) – Ware Shoals, Greenwood
South end of US 25 overlap
LaurensHickory Tavern86.2138.7
SC 101 north / Neely Ferry Road – Gray Court, Waterloo
SC 252 west – Ware Shoals

US 76 Bus. east (Main Street)
SC 14 north (Church Street) – Greenville
North end of SC 14 overlap
SC 14 south (Church Street) – Laurens, Greenwood
South end of SC 14 overlap
97.7157.2 US 221 (Harper Street) – Woodruff, Spartanburg, Greenwood

US 76 Bus. west (Main Street) / SC 127 south – Laurens, Greenwood

SC 56 Bus. / SC 72 Bus. (Broad Street) – Whitmire, Spartanburg, Greenwood, Saluda
107.7173.3 SC 56 / SC 72 (Springdale Drive) – Whitmire, Spartanburg, Greenwood, Saluda
Joanna111.8179.9 SC 66 (Whitmire Highway) – Whitmire, Chappells
SC 560 west – Cross Hill
Newberry125.7202.3 SC 121 (College Street) – Whitmire, Newberry
SC 34 east (Winnsboro Road) – Winnsboro
East end of SC 34 overlap
SC 219 east (Main Street) – Pomaria
SC 34 west (Dixie Drive) – Greenwood
West end of SC 34 overlap
SC 391 south (Main Street) – Batesburg-Leesville
SC 773 north – Pomaria
Little Mountain141.6227.9
SC 202 east – Pomaria
SC 6 east (Dreher Shoals Road) – Lexington
US 176 west (Broad River Road) – Pomaria
West end of US 176 overlap

I-26 west / US 176 east (Broad River Road) – Spartanburg, Columbia
West end of I-26 and east end of US 176 overlap
Signed as exits 101A (west) and 101B (east)
159.1256.0102 SC 60 (Lake Murray Boulevard) – IrmoSigned as exits 102A (west) and 102B (east)
160.3258.0103Harbison Boulevard
Lexington161.2259.4104Piney Grove Road
163.3262.8106St. Andrews Road
RichlandColumbia164.0263.9107 I-20 – Augusta, FlorenceSigned as exits 107A (west) and 107B (east)
164.5264.7108ABush River Road
I-26 east – Charleston, Airport
East end of I-26 and west end of I-126 overlap
165.6266.5Colonial Life Boulevard to Bush River RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
166.7268.3Greystone Boulevard – Riverbanks Zoo

US 21 south / US 176 east / US 321 south (Huger Street)
East end of I-126/US 176 and south end of US 21/US 321 overlap
SC 48 east (Assembly Street)

US 21 north / US 176 west / US 321 north (Main Street) – Chester, Rock Hill
US 176 and North end of US 21/US 321 and west end of US 176 overlap

SC 277 north (Bull Street) to I-20 / I-77
169.7273.1 SC 12 (Taylors Street) – LexingtonTo Fort Jackson

US 1 south / US 378 west (Gervais Street)
South end of US 1 and west end of US 378 overlap
US 1 north (Millwood Avenue) – Camden
North end of US 1 overlap

Devine Street west (US 21 Conn. west / US 76 Conn. west) to US 21 / US 321 / Millwood Avenue ends
Eastern terminus of US 21 Conn. and western segment of US 76 Conn., which use Devine Street
173.3278.9 SC 16 (Beltline Boulevard)
SC 760 east (Fort Jackson Boulevard) / Cross Hill Road north (US 76 Conn. west) – Fort Jackson
Eastern terminus of central segment of US 76 Conn.; western terminus of SC 760
Rosewood Drive west / Wildcat Road east (US 76 Conn.) – Midlands Technical College Beltline Campus, Jim Hamilton–L.B. Owens Airport, Fort JacksonEastern segment of US 76 Conn.
SC 262 east (Leesburg Road) – Leesburg
175.3282.1 I-77 – Charleston, Charlotte
SC 768 west (Pineview Road)
Horrell Hill182.6293.9
SC 769 east (Congaree Road) – Congaree
SC 764 east (Old Eastover Road) – Eastover
191.9308.8 US 601 (McCords Ferry Road) – St. Matthews, Camden
SC 263 south (Vanboklen Road) – Eastover
SumterStateburg201.4324.1 SC 261 – Wedgefield, Horatio, Camden, Manning
Sumter203.0326.7 SC 441 (Patriot Parkway) – Bishopville
203.4327.3Shaw DriveTo Shaw Air Force Base
SC 120 west (Alice Drive) – Pinewood

US 521 / US 76 Bus. east (Broad Street) – Sumter, Camden
212.4341.8 US 15 (Main Street) – BishopvilleExit ramps connect via frontage roads
214.0344.4 US 401 (Oswego Road) – DarlingtonExit ramps connect via frontage roads

US 378 east / US 76 Bus. west (Liberty Street) – Conway, Sumter
East end of US 378 overlap
SC 154 north (Lafayette Street) – St. Charles
Lee225.0362.1 SC 527 (Elliott Highway) – Elliott, Kingstree
Lynchburg231.9373.2 SC 341 (Lynchburg Highway) – Bishopville, Lake City
SC 403 south (Cale Yarborough Highway) – Sardis
South end of SC 403 overlap
SC 403 north (Brockington Street) – Hartsville
North end of SC 403 overlap
Florence245.2394.6 I-95 – Savannah, Fayetteville
SC 51 south (2nd Loop Road) – Pamplico

I-20 BS west (David H. McLeod Boulevard west) to I-20 / I-95 north – Columbia
Eastern terminus of I-20 Bus.; SCDOT marks the eastern terminus of I-20 Bus. at West Evans Street which is 0.134 miles away from this intersection; SCDOT signs the eastern extension of I-20 Bus. from West Evans Street to US 76 as an unsigned US 76 Conn.
South Coit Street (US 52 Conn. north)Western end of US 52 Conn. concurrency
US 52 (South Irby Street) to I-95 – Charleston, Darlington, Downtown, County complex, Judicial center, McLeod Medical Center, Carolina Hospital
Eastern end of US 52 Conn. concurrency; southern terminus of US 52 Conn.

US 52 Truck (South Church Street)

US 301 south (Freedom Boulevard) / SC 327 north (Williston Road) to I-20 / I-95
South end of US 301 and north end of SC 327 overlap
Mars Bluff258.4415.9 SC 327 (Francis Marion Road) – PamplicoSouth end of SC 327 overlap
MarionPee Dee265.6427.4
US 301 north – Dillon
North end of US 301 overlap; eastbound left exit and westbound entrance
West Marion272.1437.9

SC 576 south to US 501 – Conway, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach

US 501 Bus. / SC 41 Alt. (Main Street) – Conway, Dillon
277.0445.8 US 501 – Conway, DillonInterchange
I-73Proposed interchange[5][6]
Mullins282.5454.6 SC 41 / SC 917 (Main Street) – Loris, Dillon
SC 9 north (Main Street) – Lake View, Dillon
North end of SC 9 overlap
SC 9 south – North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach
South end of SC 9 overlap
US 76 east – Fair Bluff, Wilmington
Continuation into North Carolina
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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