U.S. Route 221 in South Carolina

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U.S. Highway 221

US 221 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 21
Maintained by SCDOT
Length126.390 mi[1][2][3][4][5] (203.405 km)
Savannah River Scenic Byway
Major junctions
South end US 221 / SR 150 at the Georgia line south of Modoc
Major intersections
North end US 221 at the North Carolina line near Chesnee
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesMcCormick, Greenwood, Laurens, Spartanburg, Cherokee
Highway system
SC 219 SC 223

In the U.S. state of South Carolina, U.S. Route 221 (US 221) is a 126.390-mile (203.405 km) United States Highway within the state. It is part of the United States Numbered Highway System that travels from Perry in North Florida to Lynchburg in Central Virginia. While in South Carolina, the highway travels through Greenwood, Laurens, Woodruff, and Spartanburg. The highway mostly travels through rural parts of the Piedmont region of the state.[6]

Route description

US Route 221 enters McCormick County from Georgia from the top of the J. Strom Thurmond Dam at the southeastern edge of Lake Strom Thurmond. The first site in the state is the Thurmond Lake Overlook. Almost instantly curves to the north but then to the east before seeming to terminate at South Carolina Highway 28 in Clarks Hill, South Carolina (which is part of the Savannah River Scenic Byway[7]), but in reality turns left and joins the road in a concurrency. US 221/SC 28 runs north and northwesterly often being flanked by a railroad line along the east side as it passes through Modoc where it encounters the Hamilton Branch State Park and Recreation Area, and later Parksville which contains the Parksville State Recreation Area. The road widens to four lanes as it enters Plum Branch and after a road to the Plum Branch Yacht Club, has a blinker light intersection with the western terminus of South Carolina Highway 283 and a local road named Collier Street.[6]

Shifting a bit further away from the coast it eventually enters the town of McCormick. From McCormick, it leaves SC 28, and briefly joins a concurrency with U.S. Route 378 until that route breaks away at East Gold Street. From there it continues northeasterly into the woods. After crossing the McCormick-Greenwood County Line, US 221 joins a concurrency with South Carolina Highway 10 south of Bradley. Along the way, US 221/SC 10 runs along the south side of the same railroad line it flanked the west side of since the SC 28 concurrency. After the intersection with Callison Road, and later two other local streets, SC 10 branches off to the northwest towards Verdery, and US 221 leaves the Sumter National Forest. Twelve miles later, it runs into the city of Greenwood. Along the way it is joined by another concurrency with U.S. Routes 25/178, and runs south and east along the edge of the city, then turns east onto South Carolina Highway 72.[6]

From Greenwood, U.S. Route 221 continues northeasterly to the city of Coronaca and after crossing a bridge over the Saluda River the concurrency with SC 72 comes to an end. From there US 221 turns north and runs through Waterloo. U.S. Truck Route 221 bypasses the city of Laurens on the east side. After the truck route ends, it continues northeast and then northwest before the interchange with Interstate 385 in rural Laurens County. Returning more toward the northeast, it reaches Enoree and curves to the northwest until reaching Woodruff and curves back to the east-northeast proceeding to intersect Interstate 26 in rural Spartanburg County. Almost immediately after I-26, U.S. Route 221 turns north and continues through the center of the city of Spartanburg serving as the terminus of Interstate 585 before intersecting Interstate 85 just north of the city. Shortly after I-85 it crosses a bridge over the Pacolet River. It continues to the city of Chesnee before exiting the state in a rural area of Cherokee County. The southern terminus of US 221 Alt. intersects the main route in the city of Chesnee and exits the state a few miles to the east of the main route.[6]


Established in 1932, US 221 was connected from North Carolina, from north of Cowpens National Battlefield to Greenwood, connecting the cities of Spartanburg, Woodruff, Laurens, and Waterloo. In 1942, US 221 replaced U.S. Route 221 in South Carolina#South Carolina Highway 110 (SC 110), going due north from Chesnee to the North Carolina state line; its former route became US 221 Alternate. In 1954, US 221 was extended south to Bradley and McCormick, then south over the Clarks Hill Dam into Georgia; this replaced part of SC 10 and part of SC 670.

Between 1962 and 1964, US 221 bypassed Roebuck. Between 1968 and 1970, US 221 was rerouted onto the Greenwood Bypass and its current routing south of US 25/US 178, replacing the remaining part of SC 670. The old route through Greenwood became SC 72 Business and an extension of SC 10.[8]

South Carolina Highway 104

South Carolina Highway 104


South Carolina Highway 104 (SC 104) was a state highway that was established in 1939 from SC 43 (now U.S. Route 378 (US 378)) in McCormick northeast for about 4 miles (6.4 km). The next year, its northern terminus was extended to the north-northwest to SC 10 northeast of Troy. In 1947, the highway was decommissioned and downgraded to secondary roads. Most of its path was redesignated as parts of US 221.

Troy alternate route

Alt plate.svg

South Carolina Highway 104 Alternate


South Carolina Highway 104 Alternate (SC 104 Alt.) was an alternate route that was established in 1942 from where SC 104 and SC 432 started a concurrency east-southeast of Troy, in the northeastern part of McCormick County to a point along their concurrency. In 1947, it was decommissioned. It is known today as Indianland Road and Dowtin Road.

South Carolina Highway 110

South Carolina Highway 110

LocationChesnee, South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 110 (SC 110) was a state highway that was established in 1931 from US 378 in Chesnee north to the North Carolina state line, where it continued as the second iteration of North Carolina Highway 741. In 1942, US 221 was shifted to the west, replacing SC 110. Its former path was redesignated as US 221 Alternate.

Major intersections


US 221 south / SR 150 west
Continuation into Georgia
Lake Strom Thurmond
Savannah River
Georgia state line (J. Strom Thurmond Dam)
McCormickClarks Hill1.8502.977
SC 28 east – Augusta
Southern end of SC 28 concurrency
SC 23 east – Edgefield
Western terminus of SC 23
Plum Branch15.66025.202
SC 283 east (Edgefield Street) / Collier Street west – Edgefield
Western terminus of SC 283 and Edgefield Street; eastern terminus of Collier Street

US 378 west (Gold Street) / SC 28 north (Mine Street)
Northern end of SC 28 concurrency; southern end of US 378 concurrency
US 378 east (Gold Street East)
Northern end of US 378 concurrency
SC 10 south (McCormick Highway) – Troy
Southern end of SC 10 concurrency
SC 10 north (McCormick Highway) – Verdery, Promised Land
Northern end of SC 10 concurrency
Greenwood40.44065.082 SC 225 – Edgefield, Abbeville, Medical DistrictProvides access to Self Regional Healthcare

US 25 south / US 178 east / US 25 Bus. north / US 178 Bus. west (Main Street South) – Saluda, Edgefield, Lander University
Southern end of US 25/US 178 concurrency; southern terminus of US 25 Bus.; eastern terminus of US 178 Bus.; provides access to Self Regional Medical Center
SC 34 (Main Street West / Ninety Six Highway) – Ninety Six, Greenwood, Ninety Six National Historic SiteInterchange

US 25 north / US 178 west / SC 72 west (Bypass Northeast) / SC 72 Bus. west (Reynolds Avenue) – Abbeville, Greenwood
Northern end of US 25/178 concurrency; southern end of SC 72 concurrency; eastern terminus of SC 72 Bus.
Coronaca51.04082.141 SC 246 – Coronaca, GWD State Park, Erskine College
SC 72 east
Northern end of SC 72 concurrency
SC 39 south – Cross Hill
Northern terminus of SC 39

SC 127 north / US 221 Truck north (Bypass 127) – Clinton
Southern terminus of US 221 Truck and SC 127
US 76 Bus. (Main Street East) – Sanders Middle School

US 76 / US 221 Truck south (Hillcrest Drive / Fleming Street) – Anderson
Northern terminus of US 221 Truck

SC 49 north (Yarborough Mill Road) to I-26 / I-385 south – Spartanburg, Columbia
Southern terminus of SC 49
I-385 – Columbia, GreenvilleI-385 exit 9
SC 308 east
Western terminus of SC 308
SC 92 west
Southern end of SC 92 concurrency

SC 92 east (Parker Road) to I-26 – Cross Hill, Union
Northern end of SC 92 concurrency
82.570132.884SC 92 Conn. southNo access from US 221 to SC 92 Conn.; northern terminus of SC 92 Conn.
SC 146 east (Cross Anchor Road) / Pearson Street north
Southern end of SC 146 concurrency; southern terminus of Pearson Street.
SC 101 south (Georgia Street)
Southern end of SC 101 concurrency

SC 101 north / SC 146 west – Greer, Greenville
Northern end of SC 101 and SC 146 concurrencies
SC 290 west (Moore Duncan Highway) – R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center
Eastern terminus of SC 290
I-26 – Columbia, AshevilleI-26 exit 28
101.040162.608 SC 215 (Blackstock Road East / Stone Station Road)
SC 295 (Southport Road) – South Carolina Deaf and Blind School, Croft State ParkInterchange
SC 56 south (Henry Street) – Union, Reidville, Grain District, Rail trail
Southern end of SC 56 concurrency
107.680173.294 US 29 (St. John Street) – Barnet Park, Chapman Center, Converse College, The George
SC 56 north (Asheville Highway) – Inman, Asheville
Northern end of SC 56 concurrency
107.900173.648 SC 296 (Daniel Morgan Avenue East)
109.050175.499 Wood Street (US 176 Conn. east)Western terminus of US 176 Conn.; provides access to Spartanburg Medical Center
109.230175.789North Church Street north (US 176 Conn. west) / Whitney Road begins – Boiling SpringsEastern terminus of US 176 Conn., which takes on the North Church Street name; southern terminus of Whitney Road
109.490176.207 I-585 / US 176 / SC 9 (Pine Street North) – Union, Chester, InmanI-585 exit 25B
I-85 – Greenville, CharlotteI-85 exit 78
US 221 Alt. / SC 11 (Cherokee Street / Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) – Gaffney, Campobello, Carolina Foothills Artisan Center, Cowpens Battlefield
Northern terminus of US 221 Alt.

North Pickens Street south (US 221 Conn. south) to US 221 Alt.
Northern terminus of US 221 Conn. and North Pickens Street
US 221 north
Continuation into North Carolina
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

There is one truck route and one alternate route in South Carolina.


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