South Carolina Highway 290

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South Carolina Highway 290

SC 290; mainline in red, truck route in green
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length30.582 mi[1][2] (49.217 km)
Major junctions
West end US 25 near Travelers Rest
Major intersections
East end US 221 in Moore
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesGreenville, Spartanburg
Highway system
SC 288 SC 291

South Carolina Highway 290 (SC 290) is a 30.582-mile (49.217 km) state highway in the northwestern part of the U.S. state of South Carolina. It courses through central Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Route description

The west terminus of South Carolina Highway 290 is with its junction with US Highway 25 (US 25) approximately halfway between Travelers Rest and Tigerville. It generally follows a southeast route through the small villages of Locust Hill and Sandy Flat before entering Greer. Within Greer, its course changes to an easterly direction and it continues over the county border into Spartanburg County. SC 290's course changes back to a southeasterly direction as it passes through Duncan. It then crosses Interstate 85 (I-85) at exit 63 and continues on until it reaches its east terminus, the junction with US 221, in Moore.[3][4]

Major intersections

Greenville0.0000.000 US 25Western terminus
Sandy Flat5.3038.534
SC 253 north (Mountain View Road) – Tigerville, North Greenville University
Western end of SC 253 concurrency
SC 253 south (Sandy Flat Road)
Eastern end of SC 253 concurrency
SC 101 north
Western end of SC 101 concurrency

US 29 south (Wade Hampton Boulevard) / SC 14 Truck south (Buncombe Street) – Greenville
Western end of US 29/SC 14 Truck concurrency

US 29 north / SC 290 Truck east (Wade Hampton Boulevard / SC 14 Truck north) / Mount Vernon Road – Spartanburg
Eastern end of US 29/SC 14 Truck concurrency; western terminus of SC 290 Truck
13.80022.209 SC 14 (Main Street / SC 101 Truck south)Northern terminus of SC 101 Truck
county line

SC 101 south (South Line Street) / SC 357 north (North Line Street) – Apalache, Woodruff
Eastern end of SC 101 concurrency; southern terminus of SC 357
SC 80 (J. Verne Smith Parkway)Interchange; eastern terminus of SC 290 Truck
SC 292 east (Spartanburg Road) – Lyman
Western terminus of SC 292
21.38534.416 I-85 – Greenville, SpartanburgI-85 exit 63
24.42739.311 SC 296 (Reidville Road)
25.70041.360 SC 417
Moore30.58249.217 US 221Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Greer truck route

Truck plate South Carolina.svg

South Carolina Highway 290 Truck

Length5.810 mi[5][6][7] (9.350 km)

South Carolina Highway 290 Truck (SC 290 Truck) is a 5.810-mile (9.350 km) truck route that is nearly entirely within the northern part of Greer. Approximately half of its length is in Greenville County and the other half is in Spartanburg County. It has concurrencies with U.S. Route 29 (US 29), SC 14 Truck, and SC 80.

The truck route begins at an intersection with US 29 (Wade Hampton Boulevard), at that highway's northern intersection with SC 101/SC 290. This intersection is in the east-central portion of Greenville County. US 29, SC 14 Truck, and SC 290 Truck travel to the east-northeast. Just before an intersection with the southern terminus of Ashmore Street, the roadway begins to curve to the east-southeast. Then, they intersect SC 14 (North Main Street). Here, SC 14 Truck reaches its northern terminus, while US 29 and SC 290 Truck continue to the east-southeast and then enter the southwestern part of Spartanburg County. A short distance later, they meet SC 357 (Arlington Road). They curve to the east-northeast and then leave the city limits. They have a very brief portion back in the city before leaving again. Then, they cross over the South Tyger River before they intersect the eastern terminus of SC 80 (J. Verne Smith Parkway) and the southern terminus of Gary Armstrong Road. Here, SC 290 Truck turns right, off of US 29 and onto SC 80. Here, they re-enter Greer.

SC 80 and SC 290 Truck travel to the south-southeast. Almost immediately, they cross over the South Tyger River. Then, they curve to the southwest and leave the city limits again. They bend to the south-southwest and then travel on a bridge over some railroad tracks of CSX. Immediately, they have an interchange with SC 290 (East Poinsett Street Extension). Here, they re-enter the city, and SC 290 Truck reaches its eastern terminus.[8]

The entire route is in Greer.


SC 101 south / SC 290 east (West Poinsett Street) / Mt. Vernon Road north – Greer

US 29 south / SC 101 north / SC 290 west (Wade Hampton Boulevard / SC 14 Truck south) – Greenville, Greenville Tech Benson Campus
Western end of US 29 and SC 14 Truck concurrencies; western terminus of SC 290 Truck; southern terminus of Mt. Vernon Road

SC 14 (North Main Street) / SC 14 Truck ends – Landrum, City stadium
Eastern end of SC 14 Truck concurrency; eastern terminus of SC 14 Truck
Spartanburg2.3703.814 SC 357 (Arlington Road) – Apalache

US 29 north (Wade Hampton Boulevard) / SC 80 begins / Gary Armstrong Road north – Lyman
Eastern end of US 29 concurrency; western end of SC 80 concurrency; eastern terminus of SC 80; southern terminus of Gary Armstrong Road
SC 80 west (J. Verne Smith Parkway) / SC 290 (East Poinsett Street Extension) – Greer, Duncan
Eastern end of SC 80 concurrency; eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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