U.S. Route 521

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U.S. Route 521

US 521 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 21
Length177.3 mi[1] (285.3 km)
Major junctions
South end US 17 in Georgetown, SC
Major intersections
North end I-485 in Charlotte, NC
CountryUnited States
StatesSouth Carolina, North Carolina
CountiesSC: Georgetown, Williamsburg, Clarendon, Sumter, Kershaw, Lancaster
NC: Mecklenburg
Highway system

I-520SC SC 522
US 501NC NC 522

U.S. Route 521 (US 521) is a north–south United States Highway that traverses 177.3 miles (285.3 km), from Georgetown, South Carolina, to Charlotte, North Carolina. Though numbered as an auxiliary route of US 21, it does not actually intersect its parent or any of its sibling routes, though it is in the same general part of the country as other routes from its family. Historically, it once connected to US 21 in Pineville, North Carolina, but various changes have left it terminating a few miles short of the current US 21.

Route description

South Carolina

Starting at the city of Georgetown, US 521 runs through the town Andrews to Greeleyville. From here to the city of Manning it is known as the Greeleyville Highway. There is a brief section right before Manning where it runs concurrent with SC 261. In Manning SC 261 branches off and US 521 merges with US 301 for a short distance. It crosses over Interstate 95 (I-95) and heads to the city of Sumter. In Sumter, it runs together with US Business 378. Leaving Sumter, US 521 is known as Camden Highway. It passes under I-20 and proceeds to Camden. It then goes on to the town of Kershaw, running concurrent with US 601. The final city it goes through before going into North Carolina is Lancaster.

North Carolina

US 521 traverses 3.8 miles (6.1 km) from the South Carolina state line to I-485. The entire route is a four- to six-lane divided highway, split in naming between Lancaster Highway and Johnston Road.


Established in 1932, it was overlapped entirely with SC 26, from Georgetown to the North Carolina state line, where it continued with NC 26 into Pineville, where it ended at U.S. Route 21/NC 261 (now NC 51). In 1933, SC 26 was decommissioned; followed in 1934 with the decommissioning of NC 26.

In 1949, US 521 was rerouted in Williamsburg County to run directly from Andrews, through Salters and Greeleyville, to Manning; which replaced SC 171 and part of SC 261, the old alignment became part of SC 377 and SC 261. Between 1962 and 1964, US 521 was rerouted at the Sumter-Kershaw county line to Camden; the old alignment became an extension of SC 261.

In 1969, US 521 was extended 19 miles (31 km) north, via South Boulevard, and Wilkinson Blvd, then in 1981, by way of Woodlawn Road, and Billy Graham Parkway, to I-85 in Charlotte.

Between 1986 and 1988, US 521 was moved west onto new highway west of Dalzell, bypassing the town; the old alignment was downgraded to secondary roads.

In 1996, US 521 was rerouted onto I-485, between exits 61 and 65; the old alignment was downgraded to secondary roads. In 2003, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved US 521 to be truncated at its current northern terminus at the Johnston Road/I-485 interchange; its old alignment north to I-85 was downgraded to secondary roads.[2][3][4]

A map showing the history of U.S. Route 521 in North Carolina, with the various alignments it has had over time.


There are plans to make US 521 a four-lane highway from Georgetown to I-95, in Manning. This would improve a route for beach goers traveling toward the Litchfield/Pawleys area.

Junction list

South CarolinaGeorgetownGeorgetown0.00.0 US 17 (Fraser Street) – Charleston, Myrtle BeachSouthern terminus
US 17 Alt. (Exchange Street) – Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach
Southern end of US 17 Alt. concurrency
US 17 Alt. (Saints Delight Road) – Jamestown, Moncks Corner
Northern end of US 17 Alt. concurrency
US 521 Bus. – Andrews

To SC 41 Bus. – Andrews
19.531.4 SC 41 (County Line Road) – Jamestown, CharlestonSouthern end of SC 41 concurrency
US 521 Bus. / SC 41 (County Line Road) – Hemingway
Northern end of SC 41 concurrency
38.061.2 SC 377 (Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue) – Lane, Kingstree
45.573.2 US 52 (Williamsburg County Highway) – Charleston, Kingstree
SC 375 south (Gourdin Road) – St. Stephen, Charleston
Northern terminus of SC 375
SC 261 east (Kingstree Highway) – Kingstree
Southern end of SC 261 concurrency
SC 261 west (Boyce Street)
Northern end of SC 261 concurrency
US 301 south (Brooks Street)
Southern end of US 301 concurrency
US 301 north – Turbeville
Northern end of US 301 concurrency
67.0107.8 I-95 / Main Street north (US 301 Conn. north) – Florence, SavannahI-95 exit 122; southern terminus of US 301 Conn. and Main Street
AlcoluMain Street south (US 301 Conn. south)Northern terminus of US 301 Conn. and Main Street
SumterSumterSouth Sumter line80.5129.6 US 15 (Pocalla Road) – Summerton, Bishopville

US 15 Conn. south to US 15 south
Northern terminus of US 15 Conn.
Sumter82.3132.4 SC 763 (West Liberty Street) – Genealogical and Historical Research Center, Sumter County Museum

US 76 Bus. east (Broad Street) / Bultman Drive north – Sumter
Southern end of US 76 Bus. concurrency; Bultman Drive continues past intersection

US 76 Bus. west (Broad Street) – Shaw Air Force Base, Columbia
Northern end of US 76 Bus. concurrency

South Pike West east to US 76 east / US 378 east – Conway
No access from US 521 to westbound US 76/US 378 or from eastbound US 76/US 378 to US 521
Dalzell93.5150.5 SC 441 (Peach Orchard Road) – Bishopville, Shaw Air Force Base
Kershaw107.0172.2 SC 261 (Boykin Road)
Camden110.0177.0 I-20 – Columbia, FlorenceI-20 exit 98

US 521 Truck north (Ehrenclou Drive) / US 1 Truck begins – Camden High School
Southern end of US 1 Truck concurrency; southern terminus of US 1 Truck and US 521 Truck

US 1 Truck north / SC 34 Truck north (York Street / US 521 Truck north) – Camden High School, Alpha Center
Northern end of US 1 Truck concurrency; southern terminus of US 521 Truck and SC 34 Truck
US 1 / US 601 south / SC 34 (Dekalb Street) – Columbia, Cheraw, Bishopville
Southern end of US 601 concurrency

US 521 Truck south / US 601 Truck south (Boykin Road) / Cool Springs Drive east – Springdale Race Course, Steeplechase Museum, Camden Country Club
Northern terminus of US 521 Truck, US 601 Truck, and Boykin Road; western terminus of Cool Springs Drive
SC 97 north (Liberty Hill Road) – Great Falls
Southern terminus of SC 97
SC 341 south (Marion Street) – Bethune
Northern terminus of SC 341 north
US 601 north (Hilton Street) – Pageland
Northern end of US 601 concurrency
Heath Springs139.0223.7
SC 522 south (Caston Street) – Liberty Hill
Southern end of SC 522 concurrency
Pleasant Hill142.0228.5
SC 522 north (Rocky River Road)
Northern end of SC 522 concurrency

US 521 Bus. north (Kershaw Camden Highway)
Southern terminus of US 521 Bus.
Lancaster149.0239.8 SC 903 (Flat Creek Road) – Lancaster, McBee, Hartsville, Myrtle BeachInterchange

SC 9 south (Pageland Highway) / SC 9 Bus. north (Arch Street) – Pageland, Lancaster
Southern end of SC 9 concurrency; interchange
Lancaster152.0244.6 SC 200 (Monroe Road) – Lancaster, MonroeInterchange

US 521 Bus. south (Main Street) / SC 9 north – Chester
Northern end of SC 9 concurrency; northern terminus of US 521 Bus.; interchange

SC 5 north / SC 75 Truck south (Rock Hill Highway) – Rock Hill
Southern end of SC 75 Truck concurrency; southern terminus of SC 5
SC 75 south (Rebound Road)
Northern end of SC 75 Truck concurrency; southern end of SC 75 concurrency
SC 75 north (Waxhaw Highway) – Waxhaw
Northern end of SC 75 concurrency
Indian Land172.0276.8
SC 160 north (Fort Mill Highway) – Fort Mill
Southern terminus of SC 160
South Carolina–North Carolina state line
North CarolinaMecklenburgCharlotte1.01.6Lancaster Highway – Pineville
3.86.1 I-485 – Matthews, PinevilleNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes


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