U.S. Route 50 in Missouri

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U.S. Route 50

US 50 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length263.58 mi[1] (424.19 km)
Major junctions
West end I-435 / US-50 in Leawood, KS
Major intersections
East end I-255 / US 50 towards Columbia, IL
CountryUnited States
CountiesJackson, Johnson, Pettis, Morgan, Moniteau, Cole, Osage, Gasconade, Franklin, St. Louis
Highway system
Route 49 Route 51

U.S. Route 50 (US 50) is a major east–west route in the state of Missouri. It is also known as the Rex M. Whitton Expressway in the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City.

Route description

US 50 enters Missouri from Kansas along Interstate 435 (I-435) around Kansas City and then it runs concurrently with I-470 to Lee's Summit. It runs as an expressway to Sedalia before becoming Broadway Boulevard and intersecting with US 65 (Limit Avenue). From Sedalia to California, US 50 becomes a two-lane undivided road, where it has a concurrency with Route 5 from Syracuse to Tipton between Morgan and Moniteau counties. It resumes as an expressway from California to Jefferson City, has a brief distance as a main road, and picks up expressway status again. It has a 15-mile-long (24 km) concurrency with US 63 for 12 miles (19 km) from Jefferson City. From just west of Linn to Union, the road is two lanes. Between Linn and Union, US 50 passes through various communities. After passing through Linn as Main Street, it shares short concurrencies with Route 89 and Route 19 between Osage and Gasconade counties and intersects with Route 47 in Union. After going through this city, US 50 is routed along I-44 up to Sunset Hills. It heads east and merges with US 61 and US 67.

These three concurrent U.S. routes run this way until after the interchange with I-55. US 61 and US 67 split off, leaving US 50 to merge with I-255 to cross the Mississippi River on the Jefferson Barracks Bridge in St. Louis.


Until 1926, US 50 in Missouri was Route 12.[2]

Major intersections

MissouriKansas line0.0000.000

I-435 west / US-50 west – Wichita
Continuation into Kansas
75BState Line RoadExit numbers follow I-435
JacksonKansas City0.6611.06475AWornall RoadAccess to Avila University
1.4162.27974Holmes Road
2.2473.61673103rd StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance

I-435 north to I-70 west – Des Moines, Kansas City

I-470 begin / I-435 north – Des Moines
Eastern end of I-435 concurrency; left exits and entrances; westbound access via exit 1; western end of I-470 concurrency; I-435 exit 71A

I-435 north to I-70 west – Des Moines, Kansas City

US 71 / I-435 north – Kansas City, Des Moines

I-49 / US 71 south / Red Bridge Road / Longview Road – Grandview, Joplin
Exit numbers follow I-470; I-435 not signed eastbound; Red Bridge Road/Longview Road not signed westbound; eastbound access to US 71 north via I-435 north
5.6529.0962Blue Ridge Boulevard
7.64512.3034Raytown Road
Kansas CityLee's Summit line8.92314.3605View High DriveRoad is in Lee's Summit, but western ramps are partially located in Kansas City; access to Longview College and Longview Lake
Lee's Summit10.20616.425
I-470 east – St. Louis
Eastern end of I-470 concurrency; eastbound left exit and westbound left entrance; I-470 exit 7A
10.63717.1197CPryor Road / Blue ParkwayEastbound exit and westbound entrance

I-470 east / Route 350 west – St. Louis, Raytown
Westbound exits and eastbound entrances; left exit and entrance to Route 350; I-470 exit 7A
11.63418.723Chipman Road
12.81620.6253rd StreetAccess to Longview Lake and Longview College
Route 291 south / Jefferson St – Harrisonville
Western end of Route 291 concurrency; interchange opened on May 11, 2018
Route 291 north / Hamblen Road – Independence
Eastern end of Route 291 concurrency
15.90325.593 Route RA (Todd George Rd.) – GreenwoodAccess to James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area and Kansas City Regional Conservation Office
Blackwell RoadOpened in 2017 and completed in December 2017[4]
PrairieVan Buren
township line
20.09632.341 Route 7 – Blue Springs, Pleasant HillInterchange; eastern end of freeway
Lone Jack25.36140.815 Route 150 – Lone JackInterchange
JohnsonPittsville35.61857.322 Route 131 – Odessa, Holden
Centerview Township45.89373.858 Route 58 – Centerville
US 50 Bus.
Western terminus of US 50 Bus.
Route 13 Bus. – Warrensburg, Higginsville
Interchange; access to the University of Central Missouri and Western Missouri Medical Center
US 50 Bus. (PCA Road) / Pride Avenue
Eastern terminus of US 50 Bus.; access to the Missouri Veterans Home
54.17087.178 Route 13 – Clinton, Higginsville
Knob Noster60.79297.835
Route 23 / US 50 Bus. – Concordia, Knob Noster, Whiteman Air Force Base
Interchange; western terminus of US 50 Bus.; access to Knob Noster State Park
Washington Township62.547100.660
Route D / US 50 Bus.
Eastern terminus of US 50 Bus.
PettisLa Monte68.284109.892 Route 127
US 65 (Limit Avenue) to I-70 – Warsaw
Smithton Township79.031127.188

US 50 Spur / Route W south – Smithton
Northern terminus of US 50 Spur
Route 135 north – Clifton City
Western end of Route 135 concurrency
MorganRichland Township91.102146.614
Route 135 south – Florence
Eastern end of Route 135 concurrency
Route 5 north – Boonville
Western end of Route 5 concurrency

Route 5 south / Route B north – Bunceton, Fortuna
Eastern end of Route 5 concurrency
township line
US 50 Bus. – California
Western terminus of US 50 Bus.
California117.673189.376 Route 87 – Eldon, CaliforniaInterchange
Walker Township119.093191.662
US 50 Bus. (California Drive) / Jacket Factory Road – California
Eastern terminus of US 50 Bus.
ColeCentertown126.375203.381 Route U – Centertown, Russellville
St. Martins130.234209.591Kaylor Bridge Road / Henwick LaneAt-grade intersection; western end of freeway
131.860212.208 Route T / Route D – St. Martins, Lohman
Jefferson Township133.983215.625Big Horn Drive
134.601216.619US 50 Bus. west – St. Martins, Apache FlatsWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Jefferson City135.937218.769S. Country Club Drive / Truman Boulevard
Route 179 / US 50 Bus. / Lewis and Clark Trail – Jamestown
Western terminus of US 50 Bus.; western end of Lewis and Clark Trail concurrency; access to SSM St. Mary's Hospital, Runge Nature Conservation Center, and Conservation Commission Headquarters
138.956223.628Dix Road

US 54 / US 63 north – Lake of the Ozarks, Fulton, Columbia
Western end of US 63 concurrency; no westbound access to US 54 west

US 50 Bus. (Missouri Boulevard) to US 54 west – Lake of the Ozarks
At-grade intersection; eastern end of freeway; eastern terminus of US 50 Bus.
Monroe StreetAt-grade intersection; western end of freeway
Lafayette StreetAccess to Lincoln University
141.762228.144Clark AvenueAccess to Missouri State Highway Patrol General Headquarters
142.915229.999Eastland DriveEastern end of freeway
144.557232.642E. McCarty Street
147.077236.697Militia DriveAccess to Missouri National Guard Headquarters and the Missouri Military Museum
Schubert148.887239.610 Route J / Route M – Taos, Osage CityAccess to Clark's Hill/Norton State Historic Site
OsageWashington Township152.214244.965
US 63 south – Rolla
Eastern end of US 63 concurrency
Loose Creek153.614247.218
US 50 Byp. / Route A / Lewis and Clark Trail – Loose Creek
Partial interchange; no eastbound entrance; western terminus of US 50 Byp.; eastern end of Lewis and Clark Trail concurrency; connector road between US 50 eastbound
Linn Township
US 50 Byp. – Loose Creek
Eastern terminus of US 50 Byp.
Route 100 east – Chamois
Route U – Rich Fountain
Route 89 south – Belle
Western end of Route 89 concurrency
Crawford Township165.540266.411
Route 89 north – Chamois
Eastern end of Route 89 concurrency

Route 89 Spur north
GasconadeMount Sterling Route A – Mount Sterling, Bland
Boulware Township Route K / Route P – Bay, Owensville
Route 19 north – Swiss
Western end of Route 19 concurrency
Boeuf Township185.887299.156
Route 19 south – Owensville
Eastern end of Route 19 concurrency
Route 28 west – Owensville
FranklinBeaufort205.555330.809 Route 185
Route 47 north – Washington
Western end of Route 47 concurrency
Route 47 south – St. Clair
Eastern end of Route 47 concurrency
Central Township221.974357.233247
I-44 west – St. Clair, Springfield
Western end of I-44 concurrency; I-44 west exit 247
Boles Township

Route O to Route AT / US 50 west – Union, Jefferson City
Exit numbers follow I-44; eastbound exit only; provides travelers from I-44 eastbound with access to US 50 westbound
Route 100 west – Washington
Former US 66
Gray Summit228.202367.256253
I-44 BL east / Route 100 – Gray Summit
Pacific231.670372.837256 I-44 BL – PacificSigned as exit 257 westbound
St. LouisEureka236.418380.478261
I-44 BL west / Six Flags Road – Six Flags
239.372385.232264 Route 109 – Eureka
265Williams RoadEastbound exit and entrance
Meramec Township241.470388.608266Lewis Road
243.701392.199269Beaumont Antire Road
272 Route 141 – Fenton, Valley Park
Fenton248.757400.336274ABowles AvenueSigned as exit 274 westbound
249.577401.655274BMraz LaneEastbound exit and westbound entrance
250.454403.067275North Highway Drive, Soccer Park RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Sunset Hills251.198–
276 I-270 – Memphis, Chicago
Route 366 east (Watson Road)
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; former US 66
Sunset HillsKirkwood line252.520406.392

I-44 east / US 61 / US 67 north (Kirkwood Road)
Eastern end of I-44 concurrency; western end of US 61/US 67 concurrency; I-44 exit 277B
Sunset Hills252.739–
Route 366 (Watson Road)Interchange
Sappington254.835410.117 Route 30
Green Park256.644413.028 Route 21
Green ParkMehlville line258.091–

I-55 to I-255 east / I-270 west – St. Louis
I-55 exit 197

US 61 / US 67 south (Lemay Ferry Road south) / Route 267 north (Lemay Ferry Road north)
Eastern end of US 61/US 67 concurrency
I-255 west
Western end of I-255 concurrency; westbound left exit and eastbound left entrance; I-255 exit 1C
260.349418.9912 Route 231 (Telegraph Road)Exit numbers follow I-255
261.382420.6543Koch Road
Mississippi River261.382–
Jefferson Barracks Bridge

I-255 north / US 50 east
Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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