Interstate 49 in Missouri

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Interstate 49

I-49 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length178.96 mi[1] (288.01 km)
ExistedDecember 12, 2012–present
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
South end I-49 at the Arkansas state line
Major intersections
North end I-435 / I-470 / US 50 / US 71 in Kansas City
CountryUnited States
CountiesMcDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton, Vernon, Bates, Cass, Jackson
Highway system
Route 48 Route 49

Interstate 49 (I-49) is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Missouri that was designated on December 12, 2012. It overlaps U.S. Route 71 (US 71) in the western part of the state, beginning at the Arkansas state line, and ending at I-435 and I-470 on the southeast side of Kansas City.

Upon completion, the highway will connect Kansas City to Texarkana, Arkansas, and Shreveport and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Route description

Northern terminus of I-49 at the Grandview Triangle in Kansas City, Missouri

I-49 enters Missouri from the Arkansas state line on the Bella Vista Bypass near Pineville. After continuing north for five miles (8.0 km), US 71 rejoins I-49 at exit 4 and is concurrent with it for the remainder of its length. It passes through many smaller communities before reaching Joplin. In Joplin, I-49 junctions with I-44 and begins a short overlap with I-44 between exits 11 and 18, heading east.

Just a few miles east of Joplin, I-49 leaves I-44, heads north, and enters Carthage. I-49 then passes through Nevada and other communities before reaching the Kansas City area. I-49 intersects with I-470 and I-435, which provide connections to I-70, Downtown Loop, I-35, and I-29.

In south Kansas City, at Bannister Road just north of the Grandview Triangle, the I-49 designation ends, the freeway continues as US 71, which proceeds into downtown Kansas City as Bruce R. Watkins Memorial Drive.


Former southern terminus of I-49 as seen in 2011, near Pineville, Missouri; a connection from this point to CR 34 west of Bella Vista, Arkansas, opened in 2021.

Arkansas and Missouri pursued an I-49 designation for US 71 and I-540 for a number of years. In the early 2000s, there were plans by both states to renumber the roadway as such between I-44 west of Joplin and I-40 at Fort Smith once new roadway had been completed around Bella Vista, Arkansas, and north to Pineville, Missouri.[2] However, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering denied the I-49 designation at their annual meeting in September 2007 because none of the new roadway was under construction.[3]

The I-49 upgrade involved removing all at-grade intersections and constructing interchanges and overpasses at 15 sites between Harrisonville and Lamar. The two-year project represented a shift in funding priorities for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), which, in 2007, had announced the indefinite postponement of its portion of the Bella Vista bypass project, citing a $139-million (equivalent to $190 million in 2022[4]) funding gap in Arkansas between construction costs and toll revenues, and Arkansas's commitment to only a two-lane bypass constructed over six years.[5] MoDOT announced the Joplin-to-Kansas City upgrade of US 71 in August 2010, to be done with the intention of bringing the I-49 designation to Missouri.[6]

MoDOT began installing I-49 trailblazer signage (without shields) as well as gantry signs and milemarkers, about 1200 signs in all, in February 2012. Signage bearing I-49 shields were covered or turned from view until the I-49 designation was given final approval by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This includes milemarkers at 0.2-mile (0.32 km) intervals along the entire alignment apart from I-44.[7]

The I-49 designation in Missouri became official at noon on December 12, 2012.[8] The designation applies to 180 miles (290 km) of current US 71 between Bannister Road (Route W) in south Kansas City and Route H at Pineville (McDonald County) which was upgraded to Interstate standards beginning in 2010.[6] The last of the upgrade projects were completed in December 2012, but some designations about seven miles (11 km) north of the Arkansas state line still have not been built to meet Interstate standards.

In 2012, Missouri had $40 million (equivalent to $50.7 million in 2022[4]) available for its portion of the Bella Vista bypass but moved the money elsewhere in 2013.[9] They planned on using money from a proposed constitutional amendment which would have raised the sales tax; however, this was defeated by voters in August 2014. Arkansas announced it will not extend its section to Missouri until construction begins on the Missouri section.[10]

In March 2019, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the remaining funding needed to complete the portion of the Bella Vista Bypass within the state.[11] On April 1, 2020, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded a $58.7 million contract for the construction of the five-mile (8.0 km) portion of highway. Construction started on May 11, 2020,[12] and the entire bypass opened on October 1, 2021, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony held the day prior.[13] With this, I-49 is fully complete within the state.

Exit list

I-49 south – Fort Smith
Arkansas state line
2.1663.4862 Route 90 – Noel, Jane[15]
US 71 south – Bella Vista
Southbound exit and northbound entrance; southern end of US 71 overlap; former southern end of I-49 before October 1, 2021
Pineville5.9879.6355 Route H – Pineville, Noel
7.82112.5877 Route EE – Pineville, Lanagan
10.95317.62710 Route 76 – Anderson

US 71 Bus. south / Route 59 – Goodman, Anderson
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
17.21727.70817 Route B / Route BB – Goodman
I-49 BL north / Route AA
Neosho24.30539.11524 US 60 – Seneca, Neosho
I-49 BL south / Route 86 – Racine, Neosho
30.31548.78730Iris Road
I-49 BL north / Route 175 (Gateway Drive)
35.34356.87935 Route V – Diamond
county line
39.35263.33139A Route FF (32nd Street)

I-44 west / Route 249 north to Route 66 – Joplin, Tulsa
Southern end of I-44 overlap; signed as exits 39B (north) and 39C (west); I-49 south follows exit 11
41.09066.12813Prigmor Avenue – JoplinOpened November 2015
I-44 BL west / Route 66 – Duenweg, Joplin
Southbound exit and northbound entrance

I-44 east / Route 59 south – Springfield, Diamond
Northern end of I-44 overlap; signed as exits 46A (south) and 46B (east); I-49 north follows exit 18B
47.65076.68547Cedar Road
Route 571 north (Garrison Avenue)
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
50.94681.99050 Route HH (Fir Road) – Carterville
52.07183.80051Fairview Avenue

I-49 BL south / Route 96 / Route 171 north / Route 571 south (Central Avenue) – Webb City
55.84489.87255Civil War Road
56.92091.60456 Route V (Garrison Avenue) / Route D – AlbaSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
63.314101.89463 Route M / Route N
Jasper66.516107.04766 Route H / Route K – Jasper
Barton70.689113.76370 Route 126 – Pittsburg, Golden City
74.702120.2217430th RoadOpened November 2013
Lamar77.271124.35677 US 160 – Mindenmines, Lamar
80.803130.04080 Route DD / Route EE
83.819134.89483 Route V / Route C – Irwin
Vernon89.042143.29988 Route N / Route B – Bronaugh, Sheldon
92.065148.16491 Route BB / Route DD – Bellamy
96.050154.57795 Route E – Milo

I-49 BL north / Route K to US 54 west – Nevada, Camp Clark
102.483164.930102A US 54 – Nevada, El Dorado SpringsSigned as exit 102 northbound
I-49 BL south – Nevada
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
103.787167.029103Highland Avenue
107.263172.623107 Route M – Compton Junction
110.595177.985110 Route D – Stotesbury
116.570187.601116 Route TT
BatesRich Hill120.974194.689120 Route A / Route B – Rich Hill, Osceola
Route 52 east – Appleton City
Southern end of Route 52 overlap

I-49 BL north / Route 52 west – Butler
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Butler132.153212.680131 Route 52 – Butler, AmoretNorthern end of Route 52 overlap
I-49 BL south / Route F / Route D – Passaic, Butler
Adrian141.896228.359141 Route 18 – Adrian, Clinton
144.417232.417144 Route AA / Route E
CassArchie147.789237.843147 Route A / Route B – Archie, Drexel
Harrisonville153.470246.986153307th Street
Route 7 south – Clinton
Southern end of Route 7 overlap; proposed diverging diamond interchange[16]
Route 2 east (Commercial Street)
Southern end of Route 2 overlap

Route 2 west / Route 7 north (Mechanic Street)
Northern end of Route 2 / Route 7 overlap
Route 291 north – Lee's Summit, Harrisonville
Opened in 2016; existing diamond interchange converted to a diverging diamond interchange
Peculiar167.484269.539167 Route C / Route J – Peculiar
168.905271.826168211th Street / Peculiar WayDiverging diamond interchange opened September 13, 2016[17]
Raymore172.475277.572172North Cass Parkway
Belton174.426280.711174 Route 58 – Belton, Raymore
175.658282.694175 Route Y / 163rd Street
county line
Kansas City tripoint
177.055284.942176155th Street – BeltonOpened on December 15, 2017[18]
JacksonGrandviewKansas City line178.043286.532177 Route 150Current interchange converted from the existing diamond interchange
Grandview178.920287.944178140th Street
180.186289.981179Main StreetThis bridge was replaced and opened on November 22, 2017
180.747290.884180Truman DriveNo direct northbound exit
GrandviewKansas City line181.524292.135181Blue Ridge Boulevard / Hickman Mills Drive / Longview Road
Kansas City182.673293.984182ARed Bridge Road / Longview Road

I-435 / I-470 east / US 50 to I-70 west – Wichita, Lee's Summit, Des Moines
Signed as exits 182B (north) and 182C (east/west); I-435 exit 71; I-470 exit 1

US 71 north – Kansas City
Northern terminus of I-49; northern end of US 71 overlap; highway continues north as US 71
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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