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U.S. Route 178

US 178 highlighted in red; US 178 Business highlighted in blue
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 78
Length240.49 mi[1][2] (387.03 km)
Major junctions
North end US 64 near Rosman, NC
Major intersections I-85 near Anderson, SC

US 76 in Anderson, SC
US 29 in Anderson, SC
US 25 / US 221 in Greenwood, SC
US 378 in Saluda, SC
US 1 in Batesburg-Leesville, SC
I-20 near Batesburg-Leesville, SC
US 21 / US 301 in Orangeburg, SC
I-95 near Bowman, SC

US 15 near St. George, SC
East end US 78 near Ridgeville, SC
CountryUnited States
StatesNorth Carolina, South Carolina
CountiesNC: Transylvania
SC: Pickens, Anderson, Abbeville, Greenwood, Saluda, Lexington, Orangeburg, Dorchester
Highway system
SC 177SC SC 179
NC 177NC NC 179

U.S. Highway 178 (US 178) is a spur of U.S. Highway 78. It currently runs for 240.49 miles (387.03 km) from Dorchester, South Carolina, at U.S. Highway 78 to Rosman, North Carolina, at U.S. Highway 64. It passes through the states of South Carolina and North Carolina. It goes through the cities of Pickens, Anderson, North, Orangeburg, Harleyville, South Carolina and Bowman, South Carolina.

Route description

US 178 has a length of 6.35 miles (10.22 km) in North Carolina and spans 234.14 miles (376.81 km) in South Carolina.[1][2] The U.S. Highway is a part of the National Highway System from I-85 near Anderson to US 378 in Saluda.[3]

US 178 begins at an intersection with US 64 just west of the town of Rosman within Pisgah National Forest in southern Transylvania County, North Carolina. The two-lane road, which is named Pickens Highway, heads east into the town parallel to the French Broad River. US 178 turns south onto Chestnut Street, crosses the river to leave the town, and turns east again to parallel the river. The highway veers away from the mainstem of the French Broad to follow its Middle Fork south then east, then turns south and climbs to the Eastern Continental Divide at Eastatoe Gap between Burnt Mountain and Indian Camp Mountain.[4][5] US 178 enters Pickens County, South Carolina, and its name changes to Moorefield Memorial Highway shortly after it begins its curvaceous and steep descent along Eastatoe Creek to Rocky Bottom. There, the U.S. Highway meets the western end of F. Van Clayton Memorial Highway, which leads to the highest point in South Carolina, Sassafras Mountain.[4][6]

US 178 crosses another ridge into the valley of Reedy Cove Creek, then climbs again to Beasley Gap between Rich Mountain and Horse Mountain. From there, the highway has a sharp and curvy descent to the valley of the Oolenoy River, which it follows east to near its junction with SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) at the hamlet of Holly Springs. US 178 curves south at its intersection with SC 288 (Table Rock Road), has a short climb to Mosley Gap between Mosley Mountain and Walnut Cove Mountain, and follows several different creeks through the foothills, which the highway exits as it enters the town of Pickens. The highway expands to four lanes and enters the town on Ann Street and has a very brief concurrency with SC 183 (Main Street) in the center of town; SC 183 connects US 178 with SC 8. US 178 leaves the town along Pendleton Street and drops to two lanes again south of town. The highway passes Pickens County Airport on its way to Liberty. The U.S. Highway, which enters the town along Pickens Drive, intersects SC 93 (Main Street) in the center of the town and has a grade crossing of Norfolk Southern Railway's Greenville District as it leaves town along Anderson Drive. Just south of the town limits, US 178 has a diamond interchange with US 123 (Calhoun Memorial Highway).[4][6]

US 178 meets the southern end of SC 135 shortly before entering Anderson County, where the highway becomes Liberty Highway and intersects SC 88 (Old Greenville Highway). The highway crosses the Six and Twenty Creek arm of Lake Hartwell and temporarily expands to four lanes around its intersection with US 176 Connector, which feeds into SC 28's western bypass of Anderson, Pearman Dairy Road. US 178 gradually approaches US 76 and SC 28 Business (Clemson Boulevard) as it enters a commercial area before meeting and joining those highways at an oblique intersection. The three highways follow an undivided highway with three southbound lanes, two northbound lanes, and a center turn lane into the city of Anderson, where the road's name changes to Main Street and passes to the east of the Civic Center of Anderson. South of Anderson Mall, SC 28 Business continues on Main Street while US 178 and US 76 veer onto four-lane North Avenue, which parallels Main Street on the west. Shortly after North Avenue splits into one-way carriageways split by a wide parked median, the avenue veers east toward Main Street and the U.S. Highways continue along Club Drive and Park Drive, which have several sports field in their wide median.

US 178 and US 76 enter downtown Anderson along four-lane Murray Avenue, which runs one block to the west of Main Street.

US 178 is signed north–south in North Carolina and east–west in South Carolina; which is why it is listed as having a northern and eastern terminus.


NCDOT plans to modernize a 5.85-mile (9.41 km) section of US 178, between Rosman and the South Carolina state line. The project includes widening lanes to 12 feet (3.7 m), from the current 9 feet (2.7 m), adjust its alignment and add a climbing lane. At an estimated cost of $14.1 million, it is currently unfunded.[7]

Junction list

North CarolinaTransylvaniaRosman0.000.00 US 64 – Brevard, CashiersNorthern terminus
North CarolinaSouth Carolina state line
South CarolinaPickens10.4616.83 SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) – Cleveland, Salem
SC 288 east (Table Rock Road) – Pumpkintown
Western terminus of SC 298
SC 183 west (Main Street) – Walhalla
Western end of SC 183 concurrency

SC 183 east (Main Street) to SC 8 – Greenville, Easley, Pumpkintown
Eastern end of SC 183 concurrency
Liberty26.0241.88 SC 93 (Main Street) – Easley, Norris
27.5744.37 US 123 (Calhoun Memorial Highway) – Greenville, ClemsonDiamond interchange
SC 135 north (Anderson Highway) – Easley
Southern terminus of SC 135
Anderson33.1453.33 SC 88 (Old Greenville Highway) – Pendleton, Powdersville
Northlake43.1569.44 I-85 – Greenville, AtlantaI-85 exit 21
SC 28 Truck south (US 176 Conn. west) to SC 28 – Starr, Abbeville
Eastern terminus of US 178 Conn.; northern terminus of SC 28 Truck

US 76 west / SC 28 Bus. north (Clemson Boulevard) – Clemson
Western end of US 76 and SC 28 Bus. concurrencies

SC 28 Bus. south (Main Street)
Eastern end of SC 28 Bus. concurrency

US 29 Bus. / SC 81 north (Greenville Street) – Greenville
Western end of US 29 Bus./SC 81 concurrency
SC 24 west (Whitner Street) – Westminster
Eastern terminus of SC 24

US 29 Bus. / SC 81 south (Murray Avenue) – Homeland Park
Eastern end of US 29 Bus./SC 81 concurrency
SC 28 Bus. – Main Street
US 29 south (Shockley Ferry Road) – Homeland Park
Western end of US 29 concurrency
US 29 north – Greenville
Eastern end of US 29 concurrency
SC 252 east (Honea Path Highway) – Honea Path
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
SC 413 south – Iva
Northern terminus of SC 413
SC 20 south (Brown Avenue) – Due West
Western end of SC 20 concurrency

SC 20 north (Main Street) to SC 247 – Williamston, Ware Place
Eastern end of SC 20 concurrency
Honea Path68.73110.61
SC 252 west (Greer Street) – Anderson
Western end of SC 252 concurrency
US 76 / SC 252 east (Greer Street) – Laurens, Ware Shoals
Eastern end of US 76 and SC 252 concurrencies
SC 184 east (East Main Street) – Ware Shoals
Western end of SC 184 concurrency
SC 184 west (West Main Street) – Due West
Eastern end of SC 184 concurrency
SC 420 east – Ware Shoals
Western terminus of SC 420
SC 246 east (Emerson Street) – Cokesbury
Western terminus of SC 246
SC 185 west (Main Street) – Due West
Eastern terminus of SC 185
US 25 north – Greenville
Western end of US 25 concurrency

US 25 Bus. south / US 178 Bus. east (Montague Avenue) / SC 72 west – Abbeville
Western end of SC 72 concurrency; northern terminus of US 25 Bus.; western terminus of US 178 Bus.
90.87146.24 SC 254 (Cokesbury Road / Grace Street) – Cokesbury

US 221 north / SC 72 east / SC 72 Bus. west (Reynolds Avenue) – Laurens, Clinton
Eastern end of SC 72 concurrency; western end of US 221 concurrency; eastern terminus of SC 72 Bus.
95.89154.32 SC 34 (Ninety Six Highway / Main Street West) – Ninety SixPartial cloverleaf interchange

US 221 south / US 25 Bus. north / US 178 Bus. west (Main Street north) – McCormick
Eastern end of US 221 concurrency; southern terminus of US 25 Bus.; eastern terminus of US 178 Bus.
SC 225 north – Abbeville
Southern terminus of SC 225
SC 67 south (Callison Highway)
Northern terminus of SC 67
US 25 south – Edgefield
Eastern end of US 25 concurrency
SC 248 north – Ninety Six
Southern terminus of SC 248
SC 246 north – Ninety Six
Southern terminus of SC 246
SC 39 north (Jefferson Street) – Cross Hill
Western end of SC 39 concurrency

SC 121 north (North Main Street north) / Travis Avenue east (US 178 Conn. east) to US 378 / SC 194 east – Newberry, Columbia
Western end of SC 121 concurrency; western terminus of US 178 Conn.
122.37196.94 US 378 (Church Street) – McCormick
SC 121 south (Main Street) – Johnston
Eastern end of SC 121 concurrency
SC 39 south (Ridge Spring Highway) – Ridge Spring
Eastern end of SC 39 concurrency
SC 23 west (Church Street) – Monetta
Western end of SC 23 concurrency

SC 23 east (Church Street) / SC 391 north (Line Street) – Lexington, Prosperity
Eastern end of SC 23 concurrency; western end of SC 391 concurrency
137.89221.91 US 1 (Columbia Avenue) – Columbia, Aiken
SC 391 south (Willis Street) – Wagener
Eastern end of SC 391 concurrency
SC 245 north (Lee Street)
Southern terminus of SC 245
146.13235.17 I-20 – Columbia, AugustaI-20 exit 39
SC 113 south (Wagener Highway) – Wagener
Northern terminus of SC 113
Pelion160.38258.11 SC 302 (Pine Street) – South Congaree, Wagener
168.93271.87 SC 3 (Whetstone Road) – Swansea, Springfield
SC 394 west (Salley Road) – Salley
Eastern terminus of SC 394
174.80281.31 US 321 (Main Street) – Woodford, Livingston, Neeses

SC 172 east (Bull Swamp Road) to SC 692 north – St. Matthews, Swansea
Western terminus of SC 172

US 178 Bus. east (Broughton Street)
Western terminus of US 178 Bus.

US 21 north / US 21 Bus. south (Columbia Road) – Columbia
Western end of US 21 concurrency; northern terminus of US 21 Bus.
192.84310.35 US 601 (Magnolia Street) – St. Matthews, Bamberg
193.69311.71 SC 33 (Russell Street) – Cameron
194.79313.48 US 301 (Five Chop Road) – Santee, Bamberg

US 21 south (Chestnut Street) / US 178 Bus. west (Charleston Highway) to US 21 Bus. / SC 4 – Rowesville, Neeses
Eastern end of US 21 concurrency; eastern terminus of US 178 Bus.
SC 210 south (Bowman Branch Highway) – Branchville
Western end of SC 210 concurrency
SC 210 north (Vance Road) – Vance
Eastern end of SC 210 concurrency
Dorchester218.29351.30 I-95 – Florence, SavannahI-95 exit 82
220.95355.58 US 15 – St. George, Santee
SC 453 north (Judge Street) – Holly Hill
Southern terminus of SC 453
234.14376.81 US 78 – Summerville, St. GeorgeEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Northlake connector

Connector plate.svg

U.S. Highway 178 Connector

LocationNorthlake, South Carolina
Length0.180 mi[8] (290 m)

U.S. Route 178 Connector (US 178 Conn.) is a 0.180-mile (0.290 km) connector route of US 178 entirely within the southern part of Northlake. It connects US 76, South Carolina Highway 28 (SC 28), and SC 28 Business (SC 28 Bus.) with US 178 (Liberty Highway).[9] It is an unsigned highway.[10]

Greenwood business loop

Business plate.svg

U.S. Highway 178 Business

LocationGreenwood, South Carolina
Length4.840 mi[11] (7.789 km)

U.S. Route 178 Business (US 178 Bus.) is a 4.840-mile (7.789 km) business route of US 178 in Greenwood. Nearly the entire path is within the city limits of Greenwood. It is completely concurrent with US 25 Bus.[6][12]

Saluda connector

Connector plate.svg

U.S. Highway 178 Connector

LocationSaluda, South Carolina
Length0.190 mi[11] (306 m)

U.S. Route 178 Connector (US 178 Conn.) is a 0.190-mile (0.306 km) connector route of US 178 that is entirely within the city limits of Saluda. It serves to connect US 178, South Carolina Highway 39 (SC 39), and SC 121 with US 378 and SC 194.[13] It is known as Travis Avenue and is an unsigned highway.[14]

Orangeburg business loop

Business plate.svg

U.S. Highway 178 Business

LocationOrangeburg, South Carolina
Length4.400 mi[15] (7.081 km)

U.S. Route 178 Business (US 178 Bus.) is a 4.400-mile (7.081 km) business route of US 178 in the western part of the city of Orangeburg.[6][16]

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