U.S. Route 127 in Ohio

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U.S. Route 127

Route of US 127 in Ohio highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 27
Maintained by ODOT
Length194.27 mi[1] (312.65 km)
Major junctions
South end US 127 / US 42 / US 25 at the Kentucky state line
Major intersections
North end US 127 near Waldron, MI
CountryUnited States
CountiesHamilton, Butler, Preble, Darke, Mercer, Van Wert, Paulding, Defiance, Williams, Fulton
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 126 SR 127

US Highway 127 (US 127) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. In Ohio, the highway runs 194.27 miles (312.65 km) from the Ohio River in Cincinnati to the Michigan state line north of West Unity. US 127 runs south to north in Ohio's westernmost counties along the border of Indiana. The highway is a main route connecting many small towns, including eight county seats. The highway was first designated in 1926. Its route ended in downtown Toledo before being realigned to its current route in 1930.

Route description

Hamilton County

US 127 enters Ohio from the Kentucky via the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, which also carries US 42 and US 25 north across the Ohio River into Cincinnati. Upon entering Ohio, US 25 ends, and US 127/US 42 continues through Downtown east for one block on Third Street, and then north one block on Central Avenue. At this point, the route becomes a one-way pair, with the northbound route using Fifth Street and Elm Street, and the southbound route using Sixth Street and Plum Street. Both streets intersect Central Parkway, and US 127 follows the roadway north while US 42 instead heads east on the parkway.

As US 127 continues north, it passes one block west of Washington Park and Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine and marks the neighborhood's western boundary. Upon passing the eastern end of the Western Hills Viaduct, the roadway closely parallels Interstate 75 (I-75) for nearly two miles (3.2 km).

US 127 then turns onto the Ludlow Viaduct over Mill Creek near the junction of I-75 and I-74; it becomes Hamilton Avenue at its end. At this point, US 127 becomes a predominantly four-lane surface street. As Hamilton Avenue, US 127 is the major north–south artery and commercial corridor in Cincinnati's Northside and College Hill neighborhoods, and then the inner suburban cities of North College Hill and Mt. Healthy. There is an interchange with I-275 just before it crosses into Butler County.

Rest of Ohio

The road crosses the Great Miami River in New Miami, Ohio

US 127 passes through Fairfield then reaches downtown Hamilton. In Hamilton, US 127 widens to a four-lane road just south of downtown before returning to a two-lane road at the northern edge of New Miami. From this point, US 127 roughly parallels Sevenmile Creek until it reaches Eaton.[3]

Approximately seven miles (11 km) north of Eaton, US 127 intersects I-70 and US 40 (National Road) and proceeds to Greenville. Along this section of the route US 127 is a two-lane rural highway surrounded by farms. Approaching Greenville, the road widens to a four-lane limited access highway, serving as a bypass to the east of the city.

The road returns to a rural two-lane road and continues north to Celina, skirting the western edge of Grand Lake St. Marys and the associated state park. US 127 serves as Main Street in Celina, the county seat of Mercer County. Just north of Celina, the highway intersects US 33, which connects Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with Columbus, and then US 127 continues to Van Wert.

In Van Wert, US 127 is Washington Street and serves as the main road through the city's business district. The Lincoln Highway intersects US 127 one block west of the county courthouse. In the northern part of the city, US 127 has a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 30 and US 224. US 224 joins US 127 and continues north briefly before US 224 turns to the east and US 127 continues due north toward Paulding.

In Paulding, US 127 bends to the northwest to cross Flatrock Creek before reaching the courthouse and turning back to the north on Williams Street. North of the city, and just south of the Maumee River, the highway intersects US 24, a limited-access highway between Toledo, Ohio and Fort Wayne, at a diamond interchange before crossing the river.

US 127 intersects US 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway and with State Route 15 (SR 15) becomes Main Street in Bryan. At the northern city limit, SR 15 continues north to the Ohio Turnpike while US 127 begins a northeast route toward West Unity. After passing under the turnpike, US 127 has a brief concurrency with US 20 and then enters Michigan to the north in rural Lenawee County.[3]


By 1912, the current US 127 corridor in Ohio existed as a series of inter-county highways running from Cincinnati to Michigan. By 1917, significant sections of the route was paved, especially near the county seats and the section from Eaton to Hamilton. In 1923, state highways were numbered and signed for the first time in Ohio. The current US 127 route was designated SR 9 from Cincinnati to Bryan and SR 108 from Bryan to the Michigan state line.[4][5][6]

The United States Numbered Highway System was introduced in 1926. US 127 was designated to run from US 27 in Jackson, Michigan, to downtown Toledo via Monroe Street, and was later designated SR 51. Four years later, the route of US 127 was changed to reach Cincinnati. The original highway was re-numbered US 223. The new route for US 127 would move to its current alignment from along former SR 9 and former SR 108. At this time, SR 9 from Bryan to the Michigan state line became part of SR 15. The route remains mostly unchanged since 1930. US 127 still serves as a main surface street in the towns along its route, which includes eight county seats.[7][8]


From 2011 to 2015, there had been 45 vehicle accidents, and from 2011 to 2016, three fatalities at the intersection of US 127 and Kruckeberg Road in Greenville Township, Darke County, along Greenville's bypass. After public calls for intersection improvements, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) offered six options at a public meeting on January 24, 2017.[9][10] On June 15, 2017, ODOT announced that the intersection would be converted to a (standard) restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT, also known as a superstreet), but termed by ODOT as a "partial RCUT", at a cost of just over $748,000, with construction slated to begin in summer 2019.[11] A superstreet already exists along the SR 4 Bypass in nearby Butler County.

There is a $2.4 million project north of the city of Van Wert to replace the current intersection of US 127, US 224 and Marsh Road (County Road 13) with a roundabout.[12][13][14][15] The project began in January 2022 and is expected to be complete in October.[16][17]

Major intersections


US 127 south / US 42 south / US 25 south (Clay Wade Bailey Bridge)
Continuation into Kentucky; northern terminus of US 25
0.470.76 US 27 / US 42Northern end of US 42 concurrency; southern end of US 27 concurrency
0.641.03 US 22 / US 27 / SR 264Northern end of US 27 concurrency; southern end of US 22 concurrency
0.811.30 US 22 / US 27Northern end of US 22 concurrency; southern end of US 27 concurrency
3.936.32 US 27Northern end of US 27 concurrency
North College Hill10.2316.46 SR 126 (Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway)Interchange is also in Mt. Healthy
Springfield Township14.5423.40 I-275I-275 exit 36
ButlerHamilton22.1835.70 SR 128 / Pershing AvenueWestern terminus of SR 128
22.5636.31 SR 129 / High Street
Seven Mile28.8846.48 SR 503 / West Elkton RoadSouthern terminus of SR 503
Wayne Township30.1648.54 SR 73 / Trenton Oxford RoadSouthern end of SR 73 concurrency
Milford Township32.7352.67 SR 73 / Oxford Trenton RoadNorthern end of SR 73 concurrency
PrebleSomers Township37.5960.50 SR 744 / Oxford Germantown RoadWestern terminus of SR 744
Camden47.2376.01 SR 725 / Central Avenue
Eaton49.7780.10 SR 732 / Hillcrest DriveNorthern terminus of SR 732
50.1580.71 US 35 / Main Street
Washington Township53.0885.42 SR 726Southern terminus of SR 726
Monroe Township56.5390.98 I-70I-70 exit 10
57.4292.41 US 40 (National Road)
DarkeCastine63.16101.65 SR 722
Butler Township68.11109.61 SR 503
Neave Township71.85115.63 US 36Southern end of US 36 concurrency
Greenville75.32121.22 US 36Northern end of US 36 concurrency
77.14124.14 SR 121
York Township84.32135.70 SR 47
87.31140.51 SR 185
Wabash Township92.30148.54 SR 705
MercerMarion Township97.01156.12 SR 119
99.04159.39 SR 274
Butler Township102.28164.60 SR 219
103.35166.33 SR 703Southern end of SR 703 concurrency
Celina106.72171.75 SR 29Southern end of SR 29 concurrency
106.94172.10 SR 29 / SR 703Northern end of SR 29/SR 703 concurrency
107.21172.54 SR 197
Dublin Township114.14183.69 US 33 / SR 707Southern end of SR 707 concurrency
115.41185.73 SR 707Northern end of SR 707 concurrency
118.43190.59 SR 117
Van WertLiberty Township120.43193.81 SR 81
122.94197.85 SR 709
Van Wert127.97205.95 SR 116
129.30208.09 SR 118
130.29209.68 US 30 / US 224Southern end of US 224 concurrency
township line
131.65211.87 US 224
Marsh Road (CR 13)
Northern end of US 224 concurrency; intersection; scheduled for conversion to roundabout October 2022
PauldingBlue Creek Township139.83225.03 SR 114
Jackson Township144.84233.10 SR 613
Paulding148.29238.65 SR 111Southern end of SR 111 concurrency
Crane Township152.17244.89 SR 111Northern end of SR 111 concurrency
153.90247.68 US 24
DefianceSherwood159.88257.30 SR 18
Washington Township165.90266.99 SR 249
WilliamsPulaski Township169.10272.14 SR 15Southern end of SR 15 concurrency
170.00273.59 US 6 / SR 2Southern end of SR 2 concurrency
Bryan172.27277.24 SR 2 / SR 34Northern end of SR 2 concurrency
Pulaski Township173.04278.48 SR 15Southern end of SR 15 concurrency
West Unity183.29294.98 US 20ASouthern end of US 20A concurrency
183.49295.30 US 20ANorthern end of US 20A concurrency
Mill Creek Township189.20304.49
US 20 west
Southern end of US 20 concurrency
FultonGorham Township191.92308.87
US 20 east – Toledo
Northern end of US 20 concurrency
US 127 north – Jackson
Continuation into Michigan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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