Interstate 75 in Ohio

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Interstate 75

I-75 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length211.55 mi[1] (340.46 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
South end I-71 / I-75 at Kentucky state line
Major intersections
North end I-75 at Michigan state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesHamilton, Butler, Warren, Montgomery, Miami, Shelby, Auglaize, Allen, Hancock, Wood, Lucas
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 74 SR 75

Interstate 75 (I-75) runs from Cincinnati to Toledo by way of Dayton in the US state of Ohio. The highway enters the state running concurrently with I-71 from Kentucky on the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River and into the Bluegrass region. I-75 continues along the Mill Creek Expressway northward to the Butler County line just north of I-275. From there, the freeway runs into the Miami Valley and then passes through the Great Black Swamp before crossing into Michigan.

Route description

The highway enters the state via the Brent Spence Bridge into Downtown Cincinnati. I-71 immediately splits off to the east from this point, taking a more easterly route through downtown, while I-75 continues north along the west side of downtown. The Mill Creek Expressway is a heavily trafficked portion of I-75 in Ohio, from the Ohio River at the Kentucky state line to Butler County in Cincinnati's northern suburbs that follows the path of its namesake, Mill Creek, and the former path of the Miami and Erie Canal, and passes through the city's industrial core.

The highway continues north, intersecting I-74 and turning to the northeast. At one point, while passing through the suburb of Arlington Heights, the carriageways split apart and create a wide enough space for the community to be completely enclosed by the Interstate; they rejoin at the other end of the community. The highway then intersects the Cincinnati beltway, I-275, and continues northeasterly through the West Chester Township, Monroe, Middletown, and Franklin en route to the Dayton metropolitan area.

Third crossing, of seven, for I-75 over the Great Miami River

Once arriving in the Dayton area, I-75 first junctions with I-675, an eastern bypass of Dayton, in Miamisburg. The highway then continues north into Downtown Dayton, skirting it to the west and junctioning with I-70 near the Dayton International Airport.

I-75 at the interchange with the Ohio Turnpike in Rossford

The highway then continues north through the western side of the state toward Toledo, passing through cities such as Troy, Piqua, Lima, Findlay, and Bowling Green. Once the highway arrives in Toledo, it first intersects with I-475 in Perrysburg, followed by I-80/I-90 (Ohio Turnpike) in Rossford before skirting Downtown Toledo to the west. After the interchange, I-75 continues north into Downtown Toledo. Just north of downtown, I-475 rejoins I-75. After continuing northeasterly, I-75 intersects I-280, which connects the Ohio Turnpike. Following this, I-75 enters Michigan and follows the shore of Lake Erie.


I-75 in Ohio was built through the 1960s, supplanting U.S. Route 25 (US 25), though much of the freeway was built for US 25. By the time I-75 was finished, US 25 ran concurrently with I-75 for all but the northernmost section. By 1974, the US 25 designation was deemed unnecessary and removed from Ohio and Michigan. The northernmost section of US 25 in Ohio became State Route 25 (SR 25).[3]

In 2005, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) considered reconfiguring I-75's existing interchange in Findlay with US 224 and SR 15 west as a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) to improve traffic flow. Had it been constructed, it would have been the first such interchange in the US.[4] By 2006, ODOT had reconsidered, instead adding lanes to the existing overpass.[5][6]

Traffic congestion in the Cincinnati–Dayton corridor has led to proposals for a regional I-75 bypass to divert through traffic.[7]

The segment from West Chester to Middletown was widened in 2010.[8] Construction on the highway continues from Middletown all the way to I-675.

In Dayton, ODOT recently completed total reconfiguration of I-75 with several projects occurring simultaneously. The intersection of I-75 and I-70 was reconfigured to handle an increased traffic load at the intersection.[9] I-75 through Downtown Dayton at the intersections of SR 4, US 35, and between were widened and modernized.[10]

ODOT between 2014 and 2016 completed a widening project between I-475 in Perrysburg and SR 15 in Findlay to add a third lane in each direction. The SR 15 interchange (which also features the north end of US 68) was subsequently rebuilt as well. Several miles north of the southerly I-475 junction, I-75 intersects with I-80/I-90 (Ohio Turnpike).

Work began in May 2019 to convert the existing interchange with Union Centre Boulevard in West Chester Township, Butler County, to a DDI. The $20-million project was completed in mid-2020.[11][12][13]

Mill Creek Expressway

The Mill Creek Expressway generally follows the old Miami and Erie Canal, which extended from Cincinnati to Toledo via Dayton, itself built in the Mill Creek valley near Cincinnati. The canal extended from the Ohio River along the present locations of Eggleston Avenue and Central Parkway to Mount Storm Park and continued north, remaining close to the Mill Creek Expressway to Butler County.

The first portion of the expressway was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1941[a]—during World War II—to serve the Wright Aeronautical plant in Lockland. Known then as the Wright Highway, it was initially planned to run from Paddock Road (SR 4) in Carthage north to Cincinnati-Dayton Road (then US 25) near Maud[17] but was only built—almost completely along the old canal—between Galbraith Road and Glendale-Milford Road (then SR 126). A short extension was built south to Towne Street in Elmwood Place in the late 1940s.

In 1960, plans were announced to add an eastern portion that would result in Arlington Heights being surrounded on both sides by the highway.[18]

On January 19, 2015, an overpass north of Hopple Street collapsed onto the highway below at approximately 10:30 pm.[19] The span that failed was the segment of the former northbound ramp to Hopple Street that passed over the southbound lanes of I-75.[20] The overpass had been closed and was in the process of being removed after a replacement ramp was opened on December 26, 2014. The Interstate underneath was open at the time of the failure. One construction worker on the overpass was killed during the collapse by a falling steel beam.[21] A truck driver was injured when their semi hit the fallen overpass immediately after the collapse. One other worker was in a backhoe on the bridge but was uninjured.[22]


There are plans to convert the existing interchange with SR 725 in Miamisburg to a DDI. The project will not be built until 2023 and its projected cost is $4.1 million, entirely funded by the state.[23][needs update]

In Cincinnati, approximately 17 miles (27 km) of the highway will be totally reconfigured by three separate ODOT projects happening simultaneously. The Brent Spence Bridge Corridor project will replace the Brent Spence Bridge and continue north to the Western Hills Viaduct. The Mill Creek Expressway project will modernize the Mill Creek Expressway segment of the highway, from the Western Hills Viaduct to the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway interchange. The Thru the Valley project will continue from the Cross County Highway north to I-275. These projects will improve safety by eliminating all left-hand exit ramps and increasing vehicular capacity.

Exit list

exit connected to CR 109
CountyLocationmi[1]kmOld exit[3][24]New exitDestinationsNotes
Ohio River0.000.00

I-75 south / I-71 south – Lexington, Louisville
Continuation into Kentucky
Brent Spence Bridge; Kentucky–Ohio state line

I-71 north / US 50 east (Fort Washington Way) to I-471 south / US 52 east / Second Street – Columbus, Downtown Cincinnati, Riverfront
Northern end of I-71 overlap; was exit 1A before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction[25]
0.500.8021CFifth Street, Central Avenue (US 22 / US 27 / US 42 / US 52 / US 127 / SR 3) – Downtown CincinnatiNo southbound entrance; was exit 1E before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction
US 50 west (River Road, Sixth Street Expressway, SR 264 west) / Linn Street
Northbound exit and southbound entrance; was exit 1G before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction
0.711.1441ESeventh StreetNo northbound exit; was exit 1F before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction

To US 50 west / Freeman Avenue
Southbound exit and northbound entrance; was exit 1G before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction
1.442.3261GEzzard Charles DriveNo northbound exit, but ramp can be accessed by traffic entering at exits 1B, 1C, and 1E; was exit 1H before the Fort Washington Way reconstruction; formerly signed as Lincoln Park Drive
1.722.7772AWestern Avenue, Liberty StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
2.514.0482BHarrison Avenue (Western Hills Viaduct)Signed as exit 2 northbound

US 27 south / US 52 east / US 127 / Hopple Street
Southern end of US 27/US 52 overlap

I-74 west / US 27 north / US 52 west – Indianapolis
I-74 exit 20; northern end of US 27/US 52 overlap; exit connected to Colerain Avenue prior to construction of I-74
6.4610.40116Mitchell Avenue – St. Bernard

SR 562 east to I-71 – Norwood
8.5713.79148Towne Street – Elmwood PlaceNorthbound exit and entrance; to be removed
SR 4 (Paddock Road) to SR 561 (Seymour Avenue)
10.3116.591610A SR 126 (Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway)Southbound exit to SR 126 and northbound entrance from westbound SR 126 via exit 10
Arlington Heights10.8917.531710BGalbraith RoadSigned as exit 10 southbound
Lockland11.8419.051812Lockland, ReadingNo northbound entrance; southbound right-in/right-out to Cooper Avenue and northbound exit to Davis Street
Evendale12.9220.791913Shepherd Lane, Neumann Way – Lincoln HeightsSouthbound exit to Neumann Way via Exit 14; Neumann Way serves GE Aviation
14.2622.952014Glendale-Milford Road – Evendale, Woodlawn
Sharonville15.3924.772115Sharon Road – Glendale

I-275 to I-71 / I-74 – Columbus, Indianapolis
Signed as exits 16A (east) and 16B (west) southbound; I-275 exit 43
ButlerWest Chester Township19.2430.9619Union Centre Boulevard – Fairfielddiverging diamond interchange (DDI)
21.2334.172321Cincinnati–Dayton RoadFormer US 25
22.8236.732422Tylersville Road – Mason
Liberty Township24.1938.9324
SR 129 west / Liberty Way – Hamilton
SR 129 exit 25
Millikin Road[26]Future interchange
2529 SR 63 – Monroe, Lebanon, Hamilton
Middletown32.8252.822632 SR 122 – Middletown
Franklin36.8959.372736 SR 123 – Franklin, Lebanon
FranklinSpringboro line38.7462.352838 SR 73 – Springboro, Franklin
MontgomeryMiamisburgSpringboro line41.5666.8841Austin Boulevard – Springboro, Miamisburg, Washington TownshipOpened in July 2010[27]
Miami Township43.51–
I-675 north – Columbus
Directional T interchange.
Miamisburg44.6671.873044 SR 725 – Centerville, Miamisburg
West Carrollton47.3176.143147East Dixie Drive – West Carrollton, MoraineFormer US 25; Converted to full access interchange in 2012[28]
Moraine50.2380.843250ADryden Road
SR 741 south (Springboro Pike)
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Dayton51.3682.66Bridge over the Great Miami River
51.7083.203351Edwin C. Moses Boulevard, Nicholas Road
3452AAlbany Street, Stewart StreetFormer southbound exit and northbound entrance; closed in spring 2010 as part of I-75 Downtown Modernization[29]
52.6984.803552 US 35 / SR 4 – Xenia, EatonSouthern end of SR 4 concurrency; ramps to westbound US 35 and from eastbound US 35 include entrances and exits for Germantown Street; was exit 52B before Albany Street/Stewart Street exit was removed
53.1885.58Bridge over the Great Miami River
53.4185.963653Second Street, Salem Avenue, First StreetFormerly signed as 53A (Third Street) and 53B (Salem Avenue, First Street) before interchange rebuild in 2016; exit 53 was also formerly exit 37; no southbound access to First Street
53.886.6Bridge over the Great Miami River
54.2287.263854AGrand Avenue, Riverside Drive, Main StreetClosed; southbound originally had two ramps to Riverside Drive which were later removed; access consolidated with newly built Main Street exit as part of I-75 Downtown Modernization[30]
54.3887.523954A SR 48 (Main Street)Was exit 54B before Grand Avenue/Riverside Drive/Main Street exit was removed
54.6387.92Bridge over the Great Miami River
4054B SR 4 / Webster Street, Keowee Street – SpringfieldNorthern terminus of SR 4 concurrency; was exit 54C before Grand Avenue/Riverside Drive/Main Street exit was removed
4155Keowee Street, Leo StreetClosed; was signed northbound as exits 55A (Keowee Street south) and 55B (Keowee Street north, Leo Street); access to Keowee consolidated with Webster Street as part of I-75 Downtown Modernization[30]
55.9590.044256Stanley Avenue
56.1590.36Bridge over the Great Miami River
Northridge56.4690.864357ANeva DriveFormer northbound exit and southbound entrance; closed with I-75 Downtown Modernization[30]
56.7491.314457Wagner Ford Road, Siebenthaler Avenue, Neff RoadSouthbound exit only to Neff Road; indirect southbound exit to Wagner Ford Road via Keats Drive; indirect access to Siebenthaler Avenue in both directions via Wagner Ford Road and Dixie Drive; was exit 57B before Neva Drive exit was removed
NorthridgeHarrison Township line58.2193.684558Needmore Road
VandaliaButler Township line59.7296.1159Wyse Road, Benchwood RoadBenchwood Road becomes Wyse Road immediately east of exit
60.7197.704660Little York RoadClosed; northbound access was via Poe Avenue and southbound access via Miller Lane; replaced by exit 59
Butler Township61.36–
4761 I-70 – Indianapolis, ColumbusSigned as exits 61A (east) and 61B (west) southbound; I-70 exit 33
Vandalia63.18101.684863 US 40 – Donnelsville, Vandalia
63.84102.744964Northwoods Boulevard
MiamiTipp City67.96109.375068 SR 571 – Tipp City, West Milton
69.74112.245169County Road 25AFormer US 25
5273 SR 55 – Ludlow Falls, Troy
75.05120.785374 SR 41 – Troy, Covington
78.50126.335478County Road 25AFormer US 25
78.62126.53Bridge over the Great Miami River
5582 US 36 – Urbana, Piqua
5683County Road 25A – PiquaFormer US 25
ShelbySidney90.58145.775790Fair Road – Sidney
91.96148.005892 SR 47 / I-75 BL – Sidney, Versailles
93.83151.005993 SR 29 – Sidney, St. Marys
94.73152.456094County Road 25A  SidneyFormer US 25
99.77160.566199 SR 119 – Anna, Minster
102.84165.5062102 SR 274 – Jackson Center, New Bremen
104.84168.7263104 SR 219 – Botkins
Auglaize110.82178.3564110 US 33 – St. Marys, Bellefontaine
Wapakoneta111.26179.0665111Bellefontaine Street – Wapakoneta
113.02181.8966113 SR 67 – Uniopolis, Wapakoneta
Cridersville118.16190.1667118National Road – Cridersville
AllenFort Shawnee120.52193.9668120Breese Road – Fort Shawnee
Lima122.63197.3569122 SR 65 – Ottawa, Uniopolis, Lima
124.51200.3870124Fourth Street
125.43201.8671125 SR 117 / SR 309 – Lima, Kenton
127.15204.6372127 SR 81 – Ada, Lima
130.23209.5873130Bluelick Road
134.72216.8174134Napoleon RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
SR 696 to US 30 – Delphos, Upper Sandusky
Lincoln Highway
Bluffton140.52226.1576140Bentley Road (SR 103) – Bluffton
Hancock142.48229.3077142 SR 103 – Arlington, Bluffton
145.36233.9378145 SR 235 – Ada, Mount Cory

US 68 south / SR 15 east / I-75 BL north to US 23 – Carey, Columbus, Kenton
Southern end of SR 15 overlap; northern terminus of US 68
157.90254.1280157 SR 12 – Findlay, Columbus Grove
US 224 / SR 15 west – Findlay, Ottawa, Tiffin
Northern end of SR 15 overlap
161.20259.4382161County Road 99
162.73261.8983MortimerAdded c. 1968;[3][31] removed 1974;[32][33]
164.65264.9884164 SR 613 – McComb, Fostoria
Wood167.15269.0085167 SR 18 – North Baltimore, Fostoria
167.81270.0686168Eagleville Road, Quarry RoadEastbound access via Grant Road; westbound access via Insley Road
171.86276.5887171 SR 25 – CygnetSouthern terminus of SR 25
179.75289.2888179 US 6 – Fremont, NapoleonUS 6 exit 66
Bowling Green181.41291.9589181 SR 64 / SR 105 – Pemberville, Bowling GreenTo Bowling Green State University
Haskins187.24301.3390187 SR 582 – Luckey, Haskins

I-475 north / US 23 north – Maumee, Ann Arbor
Southern end of US 23 overlap; I-475 exit 1
US 20 / US 23 south – Fremont, Perrysburg
Northern end of US 23 overlap

I-80 Toll / I-90 Toll / Ohio Turnpike / SR 795 – Perrysburg, Cleveland, Chicago
Connection to the Turnpike opened December 4, 1991;[34]
ramps to SR 795 opened August 22, 1994;[35] signed as 195A (SR 795) and 195B (Ohio Turnpike), exits connected via collector/distributor lanes
197.19317.3593197Buck Road
Northwood199.02320.2994198Wales Road, Oregon Road – Northwood
LucasToledo199.84321.6195199 SR 65 (Miami Street) – RossfordSigned as exits 199A (north) and 199B (south) southbound
199.96321.80Michael V. DiSalle Bridge over the Maumee River (being replaced 2019–2023)[36][37]
200.60322.8396200Kuhlman Drive, South AvenueAccess To Toledo Zoo (Broadway Street); Kuhlman Drive signed northbound only

To SR 25 south / Collingwood Avenue – Maumee
Northbound exit and southbound entrance from eastbound Collingwood Avenue; provides access from northbound I-75 to southbound SR 25 and from northbound SR 25 to southbound I-75
201.68324.5798201B SR 25 – Downtown Toledo, MaumeeDirectional access (northbound to northbound and southbound to southbound) only; Downtown Toledo signed northbound only, Maumee signed southbound only
202.03325.1499202AWashington Street – Downtown ToledoSouthbound exit via Indiana Avenue and northbound entrance
202.49325.88100202BCollingwood BoulevardSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
203.33327.23100203ABancroft StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance via Lawrence Avenue
US 24 (Detroit Avenue) to SR 51 (Monroe Street)
Exit located at Detroit Avenue

I-475 west to US 23 – Sylvania, Maumee, Ann Arbor
I-475 exit 20
102205AJeep ParkwayInterchange closed from March 2015 to July 2018 for reconstruction[38]
205.46330.66103205BBerdan AvenueFormer northbound exit and southbound entrance; closed October 2016[39]
205.55330.80Viaduct over the Ottawa River
To US 24 / Phillips Avenue
206.93333.02105207Stickney Avenue, Lagrange Street

I-280 south / LECT to I-80 east / I-90 east / Ohio Turnpike east – Cleveland
209.52337.19107209Ottawa River RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
209.84337.70Bridge over the Ottawa River
210.52338.80108210 SR 184 (Alexis Road)

I-75 north / LECT north – Detroit
Continuation into Michigan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

I-75 in Ohio has three auxiliary routes. The southernmost is I-275, which serves as a full loop around Cincinnati, including segments that extend into Indiana and Kentucky. The northernmost is I-475, a bypass around Toledo area that also carries US 23 for 14 miles (23 km). The third auxiliary route is I-675 bypassing Dayton to the south and east and connecting to I-70 northeast of the city.

In addition to these auxiliary routes, there are three business routes of I-75. These run along former segments of US 25, I-75's predecessor highway. They connect to the downtowns of Troy and Piqua; Sidney; and Findlay.


  1. ^ Only the eastern portion had been completed by December 1941.[14] Construction on the western half was delayed first due to a dispute between local officials and the WPA[15] and later due to the latter's closure.[16]


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