U.S. Route 6 in Ohio

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U.S. Route 6

Grand Army of the Republic Highway[1]
US 6 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length248.002 mi[2] (399.121 km)
Lake Erie Circle Tour
Major junctions
West end US 6 at the Indiana state line
Major intersections
East end US 6 at the Pennsylvania state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesWilliams, Henry, Wood, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 5 SR 6

U.S. Route 6 (US 6) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts. In Ohio, the road runs west–east from the Indiana state line near Edgerton to the Pennsylvania state line near Andover. The 248.002 miles (399.121 km) that lie in Ohio are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). US 6 serves the major cities of Sandusky, Lorain, and Cleveland. The highway is also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway to honor the Union forces of the U.S. Civil War.[1] The alternate name was designated in 1953.

US 6 originally ran from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. It was extended through Ohio to Colorado in June 1931. The route of US 6 has remained largely unchanged since 1931.[1]

Route description

US 6 traverses the far northern portion of Ohio, passing through 10 counties. The highway travels through largely farm and field country until it reaches Sandusky. After Sandusky, US 6 travels along the coast of Lake Erie until Cleveland. From Cleveland to the Pennsylvania state line, US 6 passes through mostly wooded land.

Western Ohio

US 6 crosses into Williams County at the Indiana state line between Butler, Indiana, and Edgerton. The highway goes east from the border, passing through the small town of Edgerton, where it has a brief concurrency with State Route 49 (SR 49). Continuing east through farm country, US 6 passes through Ridgeville Corners, until reaching Napoleon in Henry County, where it intersects US 24, starting a 4.6-mile-long (7.4 km) concurrency.[3] East of Napoleon, US 6 passes through McClure. US 6 passes south of the college town of Bowling Green 15 miles (24 km) east of McClure, intersecting with Interstate 75 (I-75). Along this 15-mile (24 km) stretch, the road crosses into Wood County. Just east of Bowling Green, US 6 has a one-mile-long (1.6 km) overlap with SR 199.

US 6 continues through rural country until it passes just north of Bradner. Here, the highway intersects US 23 at the Wood–Sandusky county line. In Sandusky County, US 6 passes through the small towns of Rollersville and Helena before reaching the city of Fremont. In Fremont, US 6 overlaps with SR 53 for 4.1 miles (6.6 km), US 20 for 3.9 miles (6.3 km), and SR 19 for 2.6 miles (4.2 km).[4] US 6 skirts the northern city limits of Fremont before turning northeast just east of Fremont. Three miles (4.8 km) from Fremont, US 6 crosses under I-80/I-90, but there is not an interchange between the highways. US 6 crosses into Erie County 11 miles (18 km) northeast of the Interstate.

The Charles Berry Bridge over the Black River in Lorain

Just into Erie County, US 6 overlaps SR 269 for 0.6 miles (0.97 km), then intersects SR 2 1.8 miles (2.9 km) east of the SR 269 concurrency.[4] Just east of this intersection, US 6 enters the city of Sandusky. US 6 passes through a largely residential part of Sandusky. Locally, the highway is also known as Tiffin Avenue, West Washington Street, Warren Street, and Cleveland Road West. Cedar Point is accessed from US 6.[5] Southeast of Sandusky, US 6 passes Griffing Sandusky Airport near Fairview Lanes. As US 6 continues east through Erie County, it passes through the city of Huron, the communities of Mitiwanga and Beulah Beach, and the city of Vermilion before crossing into Lorain County. East of Vermilion, in Lorain County, US 6 enters the city of Lorain, the last major city before the highway reaches Cleveland. In Lorain, US 6 stays close to the Lake Erie shoreline and crosses the Black River on the Charles Berry Bridge, the second-largest bascule bridge in the world.[6] East of Lorain, US 6 passes through Sheffield Lake and Avon Lake before crossing into Cuyahoga County.


After passing through Bay Village, US 6 enters the suburbs of Cleveland. In Rocky River, US 6 starts concurrencies with SR 2 and US 20. Also, US 6 Alternate starts in Rocky River and winds along Detroit Avenue for 7.3 miles (11.7 km) to its eastern terminus just west of the Cuyahoga River in the Ohio City neighborhood.[7]

US 6 enters the city of Cleveland during its overlap with SR 2 and US 20. US 6, along with US 20, splits from SR 2 just before it crosses the Cuyahoga River on the Main Avenue Bridge. US 6 meets up with SR 3 and US 42 at West 25th Street, and the four highways (US 6, US 20, US 42, and SR 3) cross the Cuyahoga River on the Detroit–Superior Bridge. At the east end of the bridge, US 6 passes through Public Square. Here, the concurrencies with US 20, US 42, and SR 3 end. US 322 also starts a concurrency with US 6 in Public Square that ends 0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of the plaza

East of Public Square, US 6 has an interchange with I-90. US 6 starts another concurrency with US 20 4.5 miles (7.2 km) east of this intersection in East Cleveland that lasts for 4.2 miles (6.8 km).[7] After splitting from US 20, US 6 runs concurrent with SR 84 for 2.1 miles (3.4 km) before entering Lake County.

Eastern Ohio

The 10.23 miles (16.46 km) that lie within Lake County pass through many small residential developments in Willoughby Hills and Kirtland before crossing into Geauga County. In Geauga County, US 6 passes through the city of Chardon, where it has a brief overlap with SR 44. In Chardon, US 6 turns northeast to serve Hambden and Montville townships before crossing into Ashtabula County.

In Ashtabula County, US 6 travels straight east through the townships of Hartsgrove, Rome, New Lyme, and Cherry Valley, as well as the village of Andover before turning north with SR 7. US 6 breaks its concurrency with SR 7 7.5 miles (12.1 km) north of Andover, turns east, and enters Pennsylvania in Crawford County, just north of the Pymatuning Reservoir.


US 6 was one of the original routes created when the U.S. Numbered Highway System was formed. Originally, US 6 was only routed from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Brewster, New York.[8] Soon after, it was routed to Pennsylvania and was alternatively named the Roosevelt Highway. The route was not extended into Ohio until 1931, when the highway was expanded to Greeley, Colorado. The Ohio routing established in 1931 has not been changed since then.[1]

By the 1930s, the Roosevelt Highway name had started to fade. Major William Anderson Jr. took notice of this and proposed the idea of redesignating the highway to honor Union forces during the Civil War. Veteran associations started promoting the idea in 1934. Because each state along the highway owned its portion of US 6, each state had to act on the proposal. Each state had approved the renaming by 1953, and it was in that year that US 6 was designated as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway along its entire length. The name is signed in all 14 states that US 6 passes through.[1][9]

Major intersections

WilliamsSt. Joseph Township0.000.00
US 6 west – Butler, Kendallville, Chicago
Indiana state line
SR 49 south (Michigan Avenue)
Western end of SR 49 concurrency

SR 49 north (Michigan Avenue) to Ohio Turnpike
Eastern end of SR 49 concurrency
Center Township10.2116.43 SR 576 – Montpelier, Williams Center
SR 2 west / CR 12C – Williams Center, Hicksville
Western end of SR 2 concurrency
Pulaski Township13.4121.58
US 127 / SR 2 east / SR 15 – Bryan, Sherwood
Eastern end of SR 2 concurrency
Springfield Township20.8933.62
SR 191 north / CR 22A – Stryker, West Unity, Evansport
Southern terminus of SR 191
SR 66 south / CR 24 – Defiance
Western end of SR 66 concurrency
HenryRidgeville Township26.1342.05
SR 66 north / CR 23 – Archbold, Sauder Village
Eastern end of SR 66 concurrency
SR 34 west – Bryan
Eastern terminus of SR 34
Napoleon Township35.1956.63
US 24 west / Woodlawn Avenue – Defiance, Fort Wayne, Napoleon
Western end of US 24 concurrency; partial cloverleaf interchange; western end of freeway; US 6 west follows exit 39 (formerly exit 36)

SR 108 / US 6 Bus. east – Wauseon, Napoleon
38.1961.4641Industrial Drive (CR 503)
Liberty Township39.7263.92Township Road 11no access across US 6
US 24 east – Maumee, Toledo
Eastern end of US 24 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; US 6 east follows exit 43; formerly exit 40A
40.6265.3744ACR 424 – NapoleonNo westbound entrance; former SR 424; formerly exit 40B
Harrison Township41.0266.0244B

SR 110 to US 24 east – Grand Rapids, Napoleon
Eastern end of freeway; formerly exit 41
43.6370.22County Road O (US 6 Bus. west) – Henry County Airport
44.1771.08 SR 109 – Liberty Center, Malinta
McClure49.2179.20 SR 65
WoodWeston Township57.2992.20 SR 235 – Weston, Hoytville, McComb
Center Township64.929104.49365 SR 25 – Bowling Green, PortageDiamond interchange
66.40106.8666A-B I-75 – Toledo, DaytonDiamond interchange; signed as exits 66A (south) and 66B (north); I-75 exit 179
Freedom Township72.27116.31
SR 199 north – Perrysburg
Western end of SR 199 concurrency
SR 199 south – Fostoria
Eastern end of SR 199 concurrency
SR 281 west – Bradner, Wayne
Eastern terminus of SR 281
county line
township line
77.69125.03 US 23 – Rising Sun, Fostoria
SanduskyMadison Township82.71133.11
SR 300 north – Gibsonburg
Southern terminus of SR 300
Washington Township85.21137.13
SR 635 south
Northern terminus of SR 635
Jackson Township87.74141.20 SR 590 – Lindsey, Bettsville
Ballville Township90.68145.94
SR 53 south – Tiffin
Western end of SR 53 concurrency
Sandusky Township92.47148.8298
US 20 west – Fremont, Toledo
Western end of US 20 concurrency; western end of freeway; formerly exit 92; no westbound exit into Fremont; exit 98 is signed eastbound only (US 6 west follows exit 98)
SR 19 north – Oak Harbor
Western end of SR 19 concurrency; formerly exit 94
SR 53 north – Port Clinton, Lake Erie Islands
Eastern end of SR 53 concurrency; formerly exit 95

US 20 east / SR 19 south – Norwalk
Eastern end of US 20/SR 19 concurrences; eastern end of freeway; US 6 east follows exit 102
Riley Township103.38166.37
SR 510 south – Clyde
Northern terminus of SR 510
ErieMargaretta Township111.52179.47
SR 269 south – Bellevue, Castalia
Western end of SR 269 concurrency
SR 269 north – Bayview
Eastern end of SR 269 concurrency
SR 2 / LECT to US 250 – Toledo, Cleveland, Cedar Point
SR 101 west – Castalia
West end of SR 101 overlap

To Sanford Street / Ohio Turnpike / SR 4
Former SR 387 east
SR 4 south (Columbus Avenue)
Northern terminus of SR 4; east end of SR 101 overlap

US 250 east (Sycamore Line) to SR 2 / Ohio Turnpike
Western terminus of US 250

To Butler Street / Ohio Turnpike / US 250 / SR 2
120.14193.35Cedar Point Drive - Cedar Point

SR 2 west to Rye Beach Road / Ohio Turnpike / US 250 – Toledo
Western end of SR 2 concurrency; western end of freeway
SR 2 east – Cleveland
Eastern end of SR 2 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; eastern end of freeway

SR 13 south (Main Street) to Ohio Turnpike
Northern terminus of SR 13
Berlin Township131.34211.37

SR 61 south to SR 2 – Berlin Heights, Norwalk
Northern terminus of SR 61
SR 60 south (Main Street)
Northern terminus of SR 60
SR 611 east (West 21st Street)
Western terminus of SR 611; interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
SR 58 south (Leavitt Road)
Northern terminus of SR 58
SR 57 south (Broadway Avenue)
Northern terminus of SR 57
Sheffield Lake155.05249.53
SR 301 south (Abbe Road)
Northern terminus of SR 301
Avon Lake158.19254.58
SR 83 south (Avon Belden Road)
Northern terminus of SR 83
CuyahogaBay Village164.74265.12
SR 252 south (Columbia Road)
Northern terminus of SR 252
Rocky River168.07270.48
SR 2 west / SR 254 (Detroit Road)
Western end of SR 2 overlap; interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
US 6 Alt. (West Lake Road) / Detroit Road – truck route
Western terminus of US 6 Alt.; interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance

US 20 west / SR 237 south (West Clifton Boulevard)
Northern terminus of SR 237; Western end of US 20 concurrency
Cleveland173.1278.6Lake Avenue / West Boulevardinterchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; west end of freeway
173.89279.85West 73rd Streetformer exit 192
174.62281.02West 45th Street / West 49th Streetformer exit 193A

SR 2 east / LECT east
Eastern end of SR 2 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; eastern end of freeway; US 6 east follows exit 193B

US 6 Alt. west (Detroit Avenue) / US 42 south / SR 3 south (West 25th Street)
Eastern terminus of US 6 Alt.; western terminus of US 42 / SR 3 concurrency
175.45282.36Detroit-Superior Bridge over the Cuyahoga River
176.30283.73Ontario Street (US 422 east / SR 8 south / SR 14 east / SR 43 south / SR 87 east) / Euclid Avenue (US 20 east)Public Square; eastern terminus of US 20 concurrency; termini of US 42, US 322, US 422, SR 3, SR 8, SR 14, SR 43, SR 87
US 322 east (East 13th Street)
Eastern end of US 322 concurrency

I-90 to I-71 / I-77 / SR 2
I-90 exit 173C
SR 283 east (East 55th Street)
Western terminus of SR 283
East Cleveland182.07293.01
US 20 west (Euclid Avenue)
Western end of US 20 concurrency
US 20 east (Euclid Avenue)
Eastern end of US 20 concurrency; west end of SR 84 overlap
Richmond Heights188.50303.36 SR 175 (Richmond Road)
LakeWilloughby Hills189.57305.08

SR 84 east (Bishop Road) to I-90
Eastern end of SR 84 concurrency
SR 91 (Som Center Road) to I-90
192.90310.44 SR 174 (River Road)
Kirtland196.54316.30 SR 306 (Chillicothe Road)
SR 44 south (South Street) / South Hambden Street
Western end of SR 44 concurrency
SR 44 north (Center Street)
Eastern end of SR 44 concurrency
Hambden Township207.98334.71 SR 608
SR 166 east (Rock Creek Road)
Western terminus of SR 166
Montville Township212.62342.18 SR 86 (Plank Road)
213.04342.85 SR 528 – Madison, Middlefield
AshtabulaHartsgrove Township218.09350.98 SR 534 – Geneva, Newton Fallstraffic circle
Rome Township222.67358.35 SR 45 – Rock Creek, Warren
New Lyme Township227.06365.42 SR 46 – Jefferson, Cortland
230.52370.99 SR 11 – Ashtabula, Youngstowninterchange
Cherry Valley Township232.97374.93 SR 193 – North Kingsville

SR 7 south / SR 85 east
Western end of SR 7 concurrency; traffic circle
Pierpont Township245.45395.01
SR 7 north – Conneaut
Eastern end of SR 7 concurrency
US 6 east – Conneaut Lake
Pennsylvania state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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