U.S. Route 36 in Ohio

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U.S. Route 36

US 36 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Major junctions
West end US 36 west of Palestine
Major intersections
East end US 250 / SR 800 in Uhrichsville
CountryUnited States
CountiesDarke, Miami, Champaign, Union, Delaware, Knox, Coshocton, Tuscarawas
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
US 35 SR 37

U.S. Route 36 (US 36) in the state of Ohio runs from the Indiana state line near Palestine to the highway's eastern terminus at US 250 and State Route 800 (SR 800) in Uhrichsville. US 36 intersects several major highways in the state, including Interstate 75 (I-75), I-71, and I-77.

Route description

Indiana state line to Delaware

Starting at the state line, US 36 travels east on a somewhat straight line, entering the village of Palestine. South of Greenville, US 36 intersects SR 121 before meeting US 127. US 36 then travels north concurrently with US 127, meeting SR 49 and bypassing downtown Greenville. US 36 leaves US 127 at an interchange with SR 571. Westbound US 36 traffic on that interchange briefly runs concurrently with the state route.

Between Greenville and Covington, US 36 parallels the Greenville Creek. Along its course, the route serves Gettysburg and Bradford (via SR 721). After crossing the Stillwater River in Covington, US 36 intersects with SR 41/SR 48. US 36 then travels due northeast straight to Piqua. The route intersects with SR 185 west of downtown Piqua, SR 66 in the downtown area, and I-75 east of the Great Miami River. US 36 then travels on a somewhat straight route toward Urbana, serving SR 589 between Fletcher and west of Conover, Lena, SR 235, St. Paris, SR 560 in Westville, SR 29 between west and east of downtown Urbana, US 68 in downtown, and SR 54 east of downtown. East of Urbana, US 36 begins to wind a little bit. The route then meets SR 814 and SR 559.

Between Irwin and Marysville, US 36 runs concurrently with SR 4. The only town in between the two municipalities is Milford Center. West of Marysville, both routes merge onto US 33 at a trumpet/parclo hybrid. North of the city, after meeting SR 31, SR 4 leaves the expressway bypass. At the next exit, US 36 also leaves the expressway. On its way to Delaware, US 36 meets New Dover, Ostrader, and SR 257. Between the Ohio Wesleyan University and the Olentangy River in Delaware, US 36 meets US 23/US 42, beginning a short concurrency with US 42. After crossing the river, US 42 turns north from US 36.[1]

Delaware to Uhrichsville

After leaving the downtown area of Delaware, SR 37 begins running along US 36 all the way to Sunbury. Shortly after that intersection, both routes intersect with SR 521 at a shopping mall. As the road approaches Berkshire, both routes meet I-71. In Sunbury, US 36 leaves SR 37 to travel from southeast to northeast along SR 3. After this intersection, both US 36 and SR 3 meet SR 67. On their way northeast to Mt. Vernon, both routes meet Centerburg, SR 657, Mt. Liberty, Bangs, and SR 229 (beginning of its concurrency). After the latter intersection, the road curves eastward toward downtown Mt. Vernon. Southbound SR 13 travels two blocks east along the concurrency from Sandusky to Mulberry streets. Eastbound SR 229 also leaves at Mulberry Street. Shortly after the intersection, US 36, SR 3, and westbound SR 229 travel through a traffic circle.

For the remainder of its course through Mt. Vernon, US 36 travels from High Street to Coshocton Avenue via Park Street. In the outskirts, US 36 meets SR 768. On its way to Coshocton, US 36 somewhat meanders eastward due to the Kokosing and the Walhonding rivers. Along its way, the route meets SR 308, Howard, US 62 via streets in Millwood, SR 715, SR 229 (again) and SR 206 near Newcastle, SR 79 and SR 715 (again) in Nellie, and SR 36 in Warsaw. At the intersection of SR 16/SR 83 around Coshocton, US 36 travels northeast along the road (SR 16 also ends there). At the next intersection across the river, SR 83 branches off north. At this point, the remainder of US 36 parallels the Tuscarawas River.

US 36 went on to meander east and meet SR 621 in Canal Lewisville, SR 93 north of West Lafayette, SR 751, SR 258 in Newcomerstown, and I-77. In Newcomerstown, US 36 begins heading northeast to Uhrichsville. For its remainder of the route, US 36 meets Port Washington, SR 416 in Gnadenhutten, Riverside Park, and Tuscarawas. As US 36 became an expressway bypass in Uhrichsville, US 36 ends at a parclo interchange with US 250/SR 800. Thru traffic on the expressway would continue as US 250 and SR 800.[1]


In 1931, US 36 was extended from Indianapolis to Cadiz, superseding SR 200, SR 29 from Greenville to Urbana, SR 55 from Urbana to SR 4, SR 32 from Marysville to Delaware, SR 95 from Mt. Vernon to Coshocton, SR 16 from Coshocton to Uhrichsville.[2][3][4] By 1974, US 36 was truncated from Cadiz to Uhrichsville.[5][6][7]

Major intersections

US 36 west
Continuation into Indiana
SR 121 – Fairgrounds

US 127 south – Eaton
Western end of US 127 concurrency
SR 49 – Greenville, Arcanum
US 127 north / SR 571 – Celina, Greenville, West Milton
Eastern end of US 127 concurrency
county line
SR 721
SR 41 south / SR 48
Northern terminus of SR 41
SR 185 west
Eastern terminus of SR 185

SR 66 north
Southern terminus of SR 66
I-75 – Dayton, Toledo
SR 589 south
Western end of SR 589 concurrency

SR 589 north
Eastern end of SR 589 concurrency
Champaign SR 235
Westville SR 560
SR 29 west
Western end of SR 29 concurrency
US 68

SR 54 south
Northern terminus of SR 54

SR 29 east
Eastern end of SR 29 concurrency

SR 814 north
Southern terminus of SR 814
SR 559
SR 4 south – Springfield
Western end of SR 4 concurrency

US 33 west / Northwest Parkway to SR 245 west – Bellefontaine, Marysville, North Lewisburg
Western end of US 33 concurrency
91 SR 31 (Maple Street) – Kenton
SR 4 north (Main Street) – Marion
Eastern end of SR 4 concurrency

US 33 east / Delaware Avenue – Columbus, Marysville
Delaware SR 257 – Warrensburg

US 23 south / US 42 south – Columbus, Plain City
Western end of US 42 concurrency; southbound entrance to and northbound exit from US 23/US 42

US 42 north (Lake Street)
Eastern end of US 42 concurrency

SR 37 west (Central Avenue) / East Point Crossing
Western end of SR 37 concurrency

SR 521 east
Western terminus of SR 521
I-71 – Columbus, Cleveland

SR 3 south / SR 37 east – Columbus, Sunbury
Eastern end of SR 37 concurrency; western end of SR 3 concurrency

SR 61 north – Mount Gilead
Southern terminus of SR 61
SR 314 north – Sparta
Southern terminus of SR 314

SR 657 south
Northern terminus of SR 657
Mount Vernon
SR 229 west (Old Delaware Road)
Eastern end of SR 37 concurrency; western end of SR 3 concurrency

SR 13 north (Sandusky Street)
Western end of SR 13 (southbound) concurrency

SR 13 south / SR 229 east (Mulberry Street) to SR 586 / SR 661
One-way street (southbound); eastern end of SR 13 (southbound) and SR 229 (eastbound) concurrencies

SR 3 north (Main Street)
Public Square; eastern end of SR 3 concurrency

SR 13 north / SR 229 east (Gay Street)
One-way street (northbound only); eastern end of SR 229 (westbound) concurrency

SR 768 north (Vernonview Drive) to SR 3 north
Southern terminus of SR 768

SR 308 south (Kenyon Road) – Gambier, Kenyon College
Northern terminus of SR 308
Bridge Street to US 62 – Danville, Martinsburg

SR 715 east – Mohawk Dam
Western terminus of SR 715
SR 229 west – Mount Vernon
Eastern terminus of SR 229

SR 206 south
Western end of SR 206 concurrency

SR 206 north
Eastern end of SR 206 concurrency
SR 79 south – Newark
Northern terminus of SR 229

SR 715 west – Mohawk Dam
Eastern terminus of SR 715
SR 60 south – Dresden
Western end of SR 60 concurrency

SR 60 north
Eastern end of SR 60 concurrency

SR 16 west / SR 83 south – Coshocton, Roscoe Village
Western end of SR 83 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 16

SR 83 north – Millersburg
Eastern end of SR 83 concurrency
Canal Lewisville
SR 621 north
Southern terminus of SR 621
SR 93 – Pearl, West Lafayette
SR 751 – Stone Creek, West Lafayette
TuscarawasNewcomerstownCR 21 / College Street – NewcomerstownInterchange

SR 258 east – Newcomerstown
Western terminus of SR 258
I-77 – Cleveland, Marietta
SR 416 north – Tuscarawas
Southern terminus of SR 416
UhrichsvilleTrenton AvenueInterchange

US 250 west / SR 800 north (Water Street) – New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville

US 250 east / SR 800 south – Cadiz, Dennison
Interchange; eastern terminus of US 36
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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