New Hampshire Route 11

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New Hampshire Route 11

Map of central New Hampshire with NH 11 highlighted in red; Alternate routes in blue
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length108.223 mi[1] (174.168 km)
Major junctions
West end VT 11 in Springfield, VT
Major intersections
East end US 202 / SR 11 in Lebanon, ME
CountryUnited States
StateNew Hampshire
CountiesSullivan, Merrimack, Belknap, Strafford
Highway system
NH 10A NH 12
Route 10N.E. Route 12

New Hampshire Route 11 is a 108.223-mile-long (174.168 km) east–west state highway in New Hampshire, running completely across the central part of the state. Its western terminus is at the Vermont state line in Charlestown, where it continues west as Vermont Route 11. The eastern terminus is at the Maine state line in Rochester, where it crosses the border with U.S. Route 202 and continues as Maine State Route 11.

Its number is derived from its original 1925 designation as New England Interstate Route 11.

The highway follows a generally southwest to northeast alignment from the Vermont state line until reaching Lake Winnipesaukee, then turns southeast for the remainder of its routing to the Maine state line.

There are 4 auxiliary routes, labeled 11A through 11D, all located along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Route description

Charlestown to Newport

NH 11 begins on the western bank of the Connecticut River, where VT 11 crosses from Springfield, Vermont, into Charlestown, New Hampshire, just feet from its intersection with US 5. Just north of the town center, the highway meets and joins NH 12 north towards Claremont. NH 11 and NH 12 are cosigned for 9.9 miles (15.9 km). NH 12A, a western bypass of downtown Claremont, splits off just south of the city line. In downtown Claremont NH 11 leaves NH 12 and NH 103 joins eastbound, starting a longer 13.0-mile (20.9 km) concurrency. The two highways cross the Sugar River and meet the southern terminus of NH 120 before continuing east towards Newport. In downtown Newport, NH 11 and 103 briefly join NH 10 before turning east again to leave town. The two routes continue east for another 3.2 miles (5.1 km) before NH 103 splits off to the southeast.

Sunapee to Franklin

NH 11 continues east into Sunapee until reaching the town center, where it meets NH 103B, a connector to the Mount Sunapee Resort. NH 11 turns northward along the western side of Lake Sunapee and rounds the northern end of the lake at Georges Mills, turning back to the east. NH 11 enters the town of New London, meets the northern terminus of NH 103A (which runs along the east side of the lake) and immediately turns onto Interstate 89 south (at exit 12). NH 11 runs along I-89 for 3.0 miles (4.8 km) before departing at exit 11. After leaving I-89, NH 11 continues east, crossing NH 114 before entering the town of Wilmot. Continuing east into Andover, the highway meets the southern terminus of NH 4A then joins US 4 for 2.7 miles (4.3 km). NH 11 then splits off, continuing northeast into Franklin. The road meets NH 3A near the west bank of the Pemigewasset River, and NH 11 turns south along NH 3A into downtown Franklin.

Franklin to Gilford (duplex with US 3)

Upon reaching the town center, NH 3A ends while NH 11 turns east joining US 3 and NH 127 to cross the Pemigewasset where it meets the Merrimack River. NH 127 immediately splits off to the north, then US 3 and NH 11 continue east across the Winnipesaukee River, paralleling it into Tilton. In the center of Tilton, the road intersects with NH 132 just feet north of the Northfield town line. NH 132 joins US 3 and NH 11 as the road turns northeast, continuing to parallel the Winnipesaukee River's west side. The highway interchanges with Interstate 93 near the western terminus of NH 140, then NH 132 splits off to the north. Continuing northeast, US 3 and NH 11 cross Lake Winnisquam and skirt the northern tip of Belmont. Just before reaching the city line with Laconia, US 3 and NH 11 split off onto the Gilford-Laconia Bypass, a freeway bypass of those two towns (the historic surface alignment continues into downtown as NH 11A and unsigned US 3 Business). The freeway bypasses downtown Laconia to the south, interchanging with NH 106 and NH 107 before crossing into Gilford, where the road turns due north and interchanges with NH 11A. The freeway ends 1.5 miles (2.4 km) to the north, near Laconia Airport, and NH 11 splits off from US 3 after a 17.6-mile (28.3 km) concurrency.

Gilford to Rochester

After splitting from US 3, NH 11 intersects with two of its "child" routes, NH 11C and NH 11B, as it heads towards Lake Winnipesaukee. The highway turns southeast along the southern end of the lake and crosses into the town of Alton. NH 11 intersects the eastern terminus of NH 11A before continuing south along the west side of Alton Bay. This section of the highway has views of the bay and of Lake Winnipesaukee as a whole. NH 11D provides local residential access along this semi-limited access section. NH 11 descends into Alton village and intersects with NH 28A, which runs up the eastern side of the bay. NH 11 and NH 28A are cosigned through the downtown area, passing the eastern terminus of NH 140 before meeting NH 28 at a large roundabout, where NH 28A ends. NH 11 continues southeast through New Durham without any major intersections before continuing into Farmington. NH 11 bypasses downtown Farmington to the southwest, with NH 75 and NH 153 providing local access. The highway continues southeast and crosses into the city of Rochester. NH 11 as a standalone route ends at its interchange with the Spaulding Turnpike (NH 16) and US 202, where it leaves its surface alignment and joins the Turnpike at exit 15. NH 11 exits the Turnpike at exit 16 with US 202 after less than 14 mile (0.40 km) and interchanges with NH 125, which provides local access to downtown Rochester. US 202 and NH 11 continue through the district of East Rochester before crossing the Salmon Falls River into Lebanon, Maine. US 202 continues across the border while NH 11 becomes Maine State Route 11, which is signed as a north-south highway.

Junction list


VT 11 west (Charlestown Road) to I-91 – Springfield
Continuation from Vermont
NH 12 south (North Main Street) – Charlestown, Walpole
Western end of concurrency with NH 12
4.8017.726 NH 12A (River Road) – North Charlestown, Ascutney, VTSouthern terminus of NH 12A (northern segment)

NH 12 north / NH 103 west (Main Street)
Eastern end of concurrency with NH 12; western end of concurrency with NH 103
11.05817.796 NH 120 (Hanover Street) – LebanonSouthern terminus of NH 120
NH 10 south (South Main Street) – Goshen, Keene
Western end of concurrency with NH 10
NH 10 north (North Main Street) – Grantham
Eastern end of concurrency with NH 10
NH 103 east – Newbury, Bradford
Eastern end of concurrency with NH 103
26.26742.273 NH 103B (Edgemont Road) – NewburyNorthern terminus of NH 103B
MerrimackNew London31.33650.430 NH 103A (Lakeside Road) – Blodgett Landing, NewburyNorthern terminus of NH 103A
I-89 north – Springfield, Lebanon
Exit 12 on I-89; western end of concurrency with I-89
I-89 south – Sutton, Concord
Exit 11 on I-89; eastern end of concurrency with I-89
36.39358.569 NH 114 (Main Street / Sutton Road) – New London, North Sutton
Andover42.07667.715 NH 4A (Fourth New Hampshire Turnpike) – Wilmot, Enfield, LebanonSouthern terminus of NH 4A
US 4 west (Depot Street) – Danbury, Grafton, Canaan
Western end of concurrency with US 4
US 4 east (Salisbury Highway) – Salisbury, Concord
Eastern end of concurrency with US 4
NH 3A north (Hill Road) – Hill, Bristol
Western end of concurrency with NH 3A (northern segment)

US 3 south / NH 127 south (South Main Street) – Salisbury, Concord
Southern terminus of NH 3A (northern segment) and its concurrency with NH 11; western end of concurrency with US 3 / NH 127
NH 127 north (West Bow Street) – New Hampton
Eastern end of concurrency with NH 127

NH 132 south (Park Street) to I-93 south – Northfield, Concord
Western end of concurrency with NH 132
I-93 – Canterbury, Concord, Boston, New Hampton, PlymouthExit 20 on I-93
NH 140 east (Tilton Road) – Belmont, Gilmanton
Western terminus of NH 140
NH 132 north (Sanborn Road) – Sanbornton
Eastern end of concurrency with NH 132
Belmont67.074107.945 NH 11A (Court Street) – Laconia downtownWestern terminus of NH 11A
Unsigned US 3 Bus. Start of Super 2 section (Laconia Bypass)
NH 106 (Belmont Road) to NH 107 – Laconia, Belmont, Concord
Partial interchange; no westbound exit to NH 106 north; no eastbound entrance from NH 106 south
69.228111.412 NH 107 (Province Road) – Laconia, GilmantonPartial interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Gilford70.269113.087 NH 11A (Gilford Avenue) – Gilford, LaconiaInterchange

US 3 north (Lake Shore Road) to NH 107 – Laconia, Weirs Beach, Meredith
Interchange; eastern end of concurrency with US 3 Northern terminus of Super 2 section (Laconia Bypass)
73.359118.060 NH 11C (Lily Pond Road) – Laconia AirportSouthern terminus of NH 11C
74.900120.540 NH 11B (Weirs Road/Old Lake Shore Road) – Gilford, Weirs Beach
Alton81.438131.062 NH 11A (Cherry Valley Road) – Gilford Vil.Eastern terminus of NH 11A
82.477132.734 NH 11DWestern terminus of NH 11D
85.594137.750 NH 11DEastern terminus of NH 11D
NH 28A north (East Side Drive)
Western end of concurrency with NH 28A
89.219143.584 NH 140 (Frank C. Gilman Highway) – GilmantonEastern terminus of NH 140
NH 28 (Suncook Valley Road) / NH 28A – Barnstead, Manchester, Wolfeboro, OssipeeTraffic circle; southern terminus of NH 28A (northern segment)
StraffordFarmington98.277158.162 NH 75 (Central Street) – FarmingtonWestern terminus of NH 75
100.057161.026 NH 153 (South Main Street) – Farmington, Middleton, UnionSouthern terminus of NH 153

Spaulding Turnpike south / NH 16 south / US 202 west – Dover, Portsmouth
Exit 15 on Spaulding Turnpike; western end of concurrency with Spaulding Turnpike / US 202

Spaulding Turnpike north / NH 16 north – Ossipee, Conway
Exit 16 on Spaulding Turnpike; eastern end of concurrency with Spaulding Turnpike
106.047170.666 NH 125 (Milton Road) – Rochester, MiltonInterchange
108.223174.168 US 202 / SR 11 (Carl Broggi Highway) – SanfordContinuation into Maine
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Suffixed routes

New Hampshire Route 11A

New Hampshire Route 11A

Length12.852 mi[1] (20.683 km)

New Hampshire Route 11A is a 12.852-mile-long (20.683 km) east–west state highway. Its western terminus is at US 3 and NH 11 in Belmont, just west of the Laconia city line. Its eastern terminus is in the town of Alton at NH 11. Its western section in downtown Laconia is overlapped by the unsigned US 3 Business and then NH 107.

NH 11A passes through the center of the town of Gilford. Gunstock Mountain Resort, a ski area, is also along the route.

New Hampshire Route 11B

New Hampshire Route 11B

Length5.185 mi[1] (8.344 km)

New Hampshire Route 11B, is a 5.185-mile-long (8.344 km) north–south state highway in the Lakes Region. Its northern terminus is at US 3 in the city of Laconia on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee. The southern terminus is at NH 11A in the town of Gilford.

New Hampshire Route 11C

New Hampshire Route 11C

Length1.734 mi[1] (2.791 km)

New Hampshire Route 11C is a short north–south state highway running for 1.734 miles (2.791 km) entirely in the town of Gilford. Its southern terminus is at NH 11, just east of the northern end of the US 3 / NH 11 Super 2 freeway, and near the Laconia Municipal Airport. The northern terminus is at NH 11B. The road is named Lily Pond Road along its entire length.

New Hampshire Route 11D

New Hampshire Route 11D

Length3.29 mi (5.29 km)

New Hampshire Route 11D is a short state highway running for 3.29 miles (5.29 km) entirely in the town of Alton. It acts as a local-traffic loop parallel to NH 11 along Alton Bay.

Concurrent routes

Related routes


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