New Hampshire Route 107

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New Hampshire Route 107

Map of eastern New Hampshire with NH 107 highlighted in red; NH 107A in blue
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length69.108 mi[1] (111.219 km)
Major junctions
South end US 1 in Seabrook
Major intersections
North end US 3 in Laconia
CountryUnited States
StateNew Hampshire
CountiesRockingham, Merrimack, Belknap
Highway system
NH 106 NH 108
Concurrent NH 107 and 108 looking east in East Kingston

New Hampshire Route 107 is a 69.108-mile-long (111.219 km) north–south state highway in eastern New Hampshire. It connects Laconia in the Lakes Region with Seabrook on the Atlantic coast. The southern terminus of NH 107 is at U.S. Route 1 in Seabrook near the entrance to Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant. The northern terminus is at U.S. Route 3 on the Laconia/Gilford town line.

The highway is signed north-south, but follows a more southeast-to-northwest alignment. Although the route stretches for almost 70 miles (110 km), NH 107 essentially exists as a series of smaller segments connected by short concurrencies with other routes.

NH 107 between US 3 and Leavitt Road in Laconia is part of the Timberman 70.3 Triathlon bicycle course.[2]

Route description

Seabrook to Kingston

NH 107 begins at US 1 in Seabrook, just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north of the Massachusetts state line, and initially travels nearly due west (signed north). The highway interchanges with Interstate 95 0.2 miles (0.3 km) to the west then continues west into the town of Kensington. NH 107 crosses NH 150 and traverses the southern part of Kensington before continuing into East Kingston where it meets NH 108. NH 108 turns onto NH 107, sharing pavement briefly before splitting off to the south. Continuing west into Kingston, NH 107 intersects the northern terminus of NH 107A (its only "child" route) before meeting NH 111 and NH 125. NH 107 turns north onto NH 111 / NH 125, and the three routes overlap for just over 1 mile (1.6 km), then NH 111 splits off to the east. NH 107 continues along NH 125 for another 0.5 miles (0.8 km) before it splits off on its own again.

Kingston to Northwood

NH 107 cuts across the southwestern corner of Brentwood, then crosses the Exeter River into Fremont and intersects with NH 111A. The two routes overlap for 1.8 miles (2.9 km) before NH 111A splits off to the south. NH 107 continues along the river until crossing into Raymond. The highway intersects the eastern terminus of NH 102 before turning due north. NH 107 crosses the Lamprey River and interchanges with NH 101 before intersecting with NH 27 east of downtown. NH 107 turns west onto NH 27, and NH 156, a short connector to Nottingham, splits off to the north. NH 27 and NH 107 continue along the Lamprey River for 3.9 miles (6.3 km) before splitting in the western end of town. NH 107 turns north to continue along the Lamprey River into the town of Deerfield, where it intersects with NH 43. NH 43 and NH 107 overlap for 3.5 miles (5.6 km) in Deerfield and split north of the town center. The highway continues northwest into Epsom where it intersects with US 4, US 202 and NH 9 in the eastern end of town. NH 107 turns east to join them, and the four routes run concurrently along the north side of Northwood Lake for 2 miles (3 km), crossing into the town of Northwood along the way. NH 107 splits off and continues northwest into Pittsfield.

Pittsfield to Belmont

NH 107 crosses the town of Pittsfield through windy, hilly terrain before reaching the downtown area. In downtown Pittsfield, the highway turns north and crosses NH 28 before continuing north and crossing into the town of Barnstead. The highway runs briefly through the western corner of the town before continuing northwest into Gilmanton, where it meets the eastern terminus of NH 129, a connector to Loudon to the southwest. NH 107 continues northwest through more hilly terrain for several miles, then crosses NH 140 in the town center. Continuing north, NH 107 traverses the eastern corner of Belmont before entering the city of Laconia.


NH 107 has a partial interchange with the Gilford-Laconia Bypass (US 3 / NH 11); full access is available via NH 106 0.6 miles (0.97 km) to the north. NH 107 joins NH 106 northbound into downtown Laconia via South Main Street. NH 106 and NH 107 intersect with NH 11A (unsigned US 3 Business) in the city's center, near the Winnipesaukee River. NH 107 turns onto NH 11A (Union Avenue) for 0.9 miles (1.4 km), then NH 11A splits off east towards the US 3 / NH 11 bypass. NH 107 (and US 3 Business) continue north on Union Avenue, paralleling Opechee and Paugus bays before reaching its northern terminus at US 3 (Lake Street/Lake Shore Road) at the Laconia/Gilford line (US 3 Business also ends here).


From Laconia to Barnstead, Route 107 is part of the Old Province Road, the first "farm to market" road in New Hampshire. Province Road was planned in 1763 to divert crops from being shipped down the Connecticut River from the Haverhill area, then called "Little Co-os", and instead have them brought to the Durham area.[3] Province Road began the great era of roadbuilding in New Hampshire, a dream of Governor John Wentworth, which had to wait until the end of the French and Indian Wars.[4]

Major intersections

RockinghamSeabrook0.0000.000 US 1 (Lafayette Road) – Hampton, Salisbury MASouthern terminus of NH 107
I-95 (New Hampshire Turnpike) – Hampton, Portsmouth, Salisbury, BostonExit 1 on I-95
Kensington3.0754.949 NH 150 (Amesbury Road) – South Hampton, Exeter
East Kingston7.33511.805
NH 108 north (North Road) – Exeter
Southern end of wrong-way concurrency with NH 108
NH 108 south (Haverhill Road) – Newton
Northern end of wrong-way concurrency with NH 108
NH 107A south (Powwow River Road) – South Hampton
Northern terminus of NH 107A

NH 125 south / NH 111 west – Plaistow
Southern end of concurrency with NH 111 / NH 125
NH 111 east (Exeter Road) – Exeter
Northern end of concurrency with NH 111
NH 125 north – Epping
Northern end of concurrency with NH 125
NH 111A east (Brentwood Road) – Brentwood, Exeter
Southern end of concurrency with NH 111A
NH 111A west (Danville Road) – Danville
Northern end of concurrency with NH 111A
NH 102 west (Chester Road) – Derry, Nashua
Eastern terminus of NH 102
NH 101 – Portsmouth, ManchesterExit 5 on NH 101
NH 27 east – Epping
Southern end of concurrency with NH 27
NH 156 north (Nottingham Road) – Nottingham
Southern terminus of NH 156
NH 27 west – Candia
Northern end of concurrency with NH 27
NH 43 south (Stage Road) – Candia
Southern end of concurrency with NH 43
NH 43 north (Mountain View Road) – Northwood
Northern end of concurrency with NH 43
US 4 / US 202 / NH 9 west (Dover Road / Franklin Pierce Highway) – Concord
Southern end of concurrency with US 4 / US 202 / NH 9
US 4 / US 202 / NH 9 east (First New Hampshire Turnpike / Franklin Pierce Highway) – Portsmouth, Dover
Northern end of concurrency with US 4 / US 202 / NH 9
MerrimackPittsfield48.16677.516 NH 28 (Suncook Valley Road) – Epsom, Alton
NH 129 west – Loudon
Eastern terminus of NH 129
58.12793.546 NH 140 (Alton–Belmont Road) – Belmont, Gilmanton Ironworks, Alton

US 3 north / NH 11 east (Daniel Webster Highway / Laconia–Gilford Bypass) – Gilford, Meredith, Alton
Partial interchange; exit to US 3 north / NH 11 east and entrance from US 3 south / NH 11 west
NH 106 south (Belmont Road) – Belmont, Concord
Southern end of concurrency with NH 106
NH 106 north (Main Street) – Meredith

NH 11A west
Northern end of concurrency with NH 106; southern end of concurrency with NH 11A
NH 11A east (Gilford Avenue) – Gunstock Rec. Area
Northern end of concurrency with NH 11A
69.108111.219 US 3 – Weirs Beach, Meredith, Gilford, AltonNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Concurrent routes

Suffixed routes

New Hampshire Route 107A

LocationSouth HamptonKingston
Length6.349 mi[1] (10.218 km)
NH 107A in the Smith's Corner part of northwestern South Hampton

New Hampshire Route 107A is a 6.34-mile (10.20 km) long north–south highway in Rockingham County. The southern terminus of the route is at the Massachusetts state line in South Hampton, where South Hampton Road continues unnumbered into Amesbury, Massachusetts. The northern terminus is at NH 107 in Kingston.

NH 107A begins at the Massachusetts border in South Hampton as Main Avenue. The road progresses to the northwest, becoming Burnt Swamp Road at the town line. The name remains the same to an intersection with NH 108, where NH 107A becomes Powwow River Road. In Kingston NH 107A turns to the north a short distance ahead of its northern terminus at NH 107, a few yards east of the junction of NH 107 and NH 111 / NH 125.


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