New Hampshire Route 3A

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New Hampshire Route 3A

Route 3A highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 3
Maintained by NHDOT
Southern segment
Length39.412 mi[1] (63.427 km)
South end Route 3A in Tyngsborough, MA
Major intersections
North end US 3 in Concord
Northern segment
Length31.015 mi[1] (49.914 km)
South end US 3 / NH 11 / NH 127 in Franklin
Major intersections US 3 / NH 25 in Plymouth
North end I-93 in Plymouth
CountryUnited States
StateNew Hampshire
CountiesHillsborough, Merrimack, Grafton
Highway system
US 3 NH 4
Route 5N.E. Route 7
Old style Route 3A shield, still seen widely throughout the state

New Hampshire Route 3A is a designation held by two separate state highways in New Hampshire. The two segments, although not directly connected, are linked by U.S. Route 3, from which they derive their route number.

Route description

Southern segment

The southern terminus of the 39.40-mile-long (63.41 km) southern segment is at the Massachusetts state line in Hudson, where it continues south as Massachusetts Route 3A. The northern terminus is in the city of Concord at US 3. This segment of NH 3A follows the Merrimack River for its entire length. The route begins in Hudson at the Massachusetts line and shortly intersects the eastern end of the Nashua Circumferential Highway, which provides access to US 3 and the F.E. Everett Turnpike. NH 3A passes through Hudson Village, the historic center of town, where it intersects with NH 111 just across the river from downtown Nashua. NH 102 begins at this intersection and is cosigned with NH 3A for its first mile, before 3A splits to the north west, while 102 continues on towards Londonderry. NH 3A continues along the eastern bank of the river, through Litchfield and into the city of Manchester, where it crosses under I-293/NH 101 and follows a short surface alignment in the southwest section of town. NH 3A intersects with US 3 and is actually cosigned with it (in a wrong-way concurrency) on Queen City Avenue across the river, where the two routes intersect NH 114A at its eastern terminus. At this point, NH 3A leaves US 3 and merges onto I-293 northbound (which also carries the Everett Turnpike) at exit 4. NH 3A is concurrent with I-293 for 3 miles (5 km), departing at exit 7 and crossing into Hooksett. The highway immediately interchanges with I-93 (which it parallels for the remainder of its length) near the northern terminus of I-293, and continues north (now paralleling on the west side of the river). Hackett Hill Road provides another access point to I-93, while nearby Main Street connects to US 3/NH 28 across the river. NH 3A enters Bow and meets the southern end of the I-89 freeway before crossing into the city limits of Concord. The highway interchanges with I-93 one last time before ending at US 3 just south of downtown Concord.

Northern segment

The southern terminus of the 30.93-mile-long (49.78 km) northern segment is in the city of Franklin at US 3, NH 11, and NH 127. Where US 3 takes a more easterly route from here, NH 3A continues due north, following the western bank of the Pemigewasset River along North Main Street. North of Franklin, it enters the town of Hill, continuing to follow the Pemigewasset, passing through the William H. Thomas State Forest on the way to the town of Bristol. It forms the main commercial thoroughfare through Bristol, with a brief concurrency with NH 104 in the center of town, following first South Main Street, then Pleasant Street, and finally Lake Street. At Bristol, 3A leaves the Pemigewasset, which turns east here, and continues north into Bridgewater and the southern shores of Newfound Lake. Following the Mayhew Turnpike along the eastern side of Newfound Lake through Bridgewater, 3A continues through rural areas on the eastern side of Hebron and the western side of Plymouth. In Plymouth, the route joins with NH 25 and heads due east to rejoin US 3 at an interchange with Interstate 93, US 3 and NH 25, which is the northern terminus of this segment.


New England 6A.svg
NH 3A in the town of Bow

From 1922 to 1926, Route 3A was part of the New England road marking system as New England Route 6A (NE-6A). In 1926, all roads designated as NE-6A were changed to New Hampshire Route 3A and Massachusetts Route 3A to accommodate the change of New England Route 6 to U.S. Route 3.

Junction list

Southern segment

Route 3A south (Frost Road) – Tyngsborough
Continuation from Massachusetts

Circumferential Highway to US 3 / Everett Turnpike – Boston, South Nashua
5.0368.105 NH 111 (Ferry Street) / NH 102 – NashuaWestern terminus of NH 102; southern end of concurrency with NH 102
NH 102 east (Derry Road) – Derry
Northern end of concurrency with NH 102

Raymond Wieczorek Drive to US 3 / Everett Turnpike – Manchester Airport, Merrimack, Bedford
Interchange; via Roundstone Drive
I-293 / NH 101 – Salem, Concord, Portsmouth, Bedford, NashuaExit 2 on I-293
US 3 north (Elm Street)
Southern end of wrong-way concurrency with US 3

US 3 south (Second Street) / NH 114A

I-293 south / Everett Turnpike south – Boston
Northern end of wrong-way concurrency with US 3; southern end of concurrency with I-293
Exit 4 on I-293; eastern terminus of NH 114A
23.29037.482Granite Street – W. ManchesterExit 5 on I-293
24.47239.384Amoskeag Street / Goffstown RoadExit 6 on I-293

I-293 north / Everett Turnpike north
Exit 7 on I-293; northern end of concurrency with I-293; northbound exit and southbound entrance
I-93 – Salem, Boston, Concord, Plymouth[a]Exit 10 on I-93
Hackett Hill Road to I-93 – Concord, Manchester
Exit 11 on I-93
I-89 north – Bow, Lebanon
Southern terminus of I-89

I-93 to I-89 – Plymouth, Littleton, Manchester, Lebanon[a]
Exit 12 on I-93
39.41263.427 US 3 (Water Street / South Main Street)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  1. ^ a b The Everett Turnpike is unsigned along I-93 from the I-293 interchange to its northern terminus in Concord at exit 14.

Northern segment


US 3 north / NH 127 east / NH 11 east (Central Street) – Downtown Franklin, Tilton, Laconia

US 3 south (South Main Street) / NH 127 west – Salisbury, Concord
Southern terminus of northern segment; southern end of concurrency with NH 11
NH 11 west (Webster Lake Road) – Andover
Northern end of concurrency with NH 11

NH 104 east (Summer Street) to I-93 – New Hampton
Southern end of concurrency with NH 104
NH 104 west (Pleasant Street) – Danbury
Northern end of concurrency with NH 104
NH 25 west – Rumney, Woodsville
Southern end of concurrency with NH 25
US 3 / NH 25 east (Main Street) – Plymouth, Campton
Interchange; northern end of concurrency with NH 25
31.01549.914 I-93 (Styles Bridges Highway) – Campton, Littleton, Ashland, ConcordNorthern terminus; Exit 26 on I-93
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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