List of special routes in Kentucky

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A special Kentucky Route (neologistically a bannered Kentucky Route) is a special route of the system of the system of state highways in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Like the special U.S. routes, special state routes, as the name suggests, are typically marked with an auxiliary sign (or "banner") above (or occasionally below) the route shield, or a suffix letter after the number in the shield. In some cases, the name of the special route type was to be placed on the shield itself, most notably in the case of Kentucky Route 11 Business (KY 11 Bus.) and KY 32 Bus. in Flemingsburg, in Fleming County.[1]

The list below includes the route numbers and locations which the special routes are located.

KY 1–KY 100


KY 3

KY 8

KY 11

KY 15

KY 17

KY 22

KY 32

KY 55

KY 57

KY 61

KY 70

KY 74

KY 79

KY 80

KY 90

KY 94

KY 100

KY 101–KY 200

KY 121

KY 189

KY 194

KY 201–KY 1000

KY 329

KY 439

KY 451

KY 480

KY 627

KY 913

KY 1001–KY 6999

KY 2034

KY 2107

KY 2295

KY 2491

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