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Kentucky Route 70

KY 70; mainline in red, business route in blue
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length294.962 mi[1] (474.695 km)
Major junctions
West end US 60 in Smithland
Major intersections
East end US 150 near Brodhead
CountryUnited States
CountiesLivingston, Crittenden, Caldwell, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Butler, Edmonson, Barren, Metcalfe, Green, Taylor, Casey, Pulaski, Lincoln, Rockcastle
Highway system
KY 69 I-71

Kentucky Route 70 (KY 70) is a long east-east state highway that originates at a junction with U.S. Route 60 (US 60) in Smithland in Livingston County, just east of the Ohio River. The route continues through the counties of Crittenden, Caldwell, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Butler, Edmonson, Barren, Barren, Metcalfe, Green, Taylor, Casey, Pulaski, Lincoln and back into Pulaski again to terminate at a junction with US 150 near Maretburg in Rockcastle.

Route description

Livingston County

Kentucky Route 70 begins in the Livingston County seat of Smithland, Kentucky, originating at a junction with U.S. Route 60 (US 60).[2] It travels eastward to a junction with KY 866, and reaches a dead end at Tiline, along the Cumberland River.[3] KY 70 does not connect from Tiline to Dycusburg since the ferry service at that point was discontinued in 1951.[4][5]

Crittenden and Caldwell counties

KY 70 returns to life at Dycusburg, on the Crittenden County side of the river. KY 295 ends at that same point. KY 70 moves on to join U.S. Route 641 and Kentucky Route 91 in southern Crittenden County, and all three routes enters Caldwell County near the community of Fredonia. KY 70 and 91 departs from US 641, and then the two state routes split not too long after. Highway 91 goes southeast for Princeton, while KY 70 continues due east to go through mainly rural sections of northern Caldwell County, intersecting Kentucky Route 293 just northeast of Princeton.[6]

Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties

KY 70 crosses the Tradewater River into Hopkins County. It intersects KY 109 at Beulah, and then reaches Madisonville, the Hopkins County seat. It gets co-signed with U.S. Route 41 in downtown Madisonville before breaking off and then traverses the Exit 114 interchange of Interstate 69 (I-69) (formerly Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway exit 42) on the east side.[7] It intersects KY 85 just east of town before KY 70 enters Muhlenberg County, while KY 85 provides access into McLean County.[8]

After entering Muhlenberg County, KY 70 goes through mainly northern areas of that county, including intersections with Kentucky Routes 175, and 181, before reaching the Central City area, where it would join US 431 for a little while.[9]

In Central City, US 431 and KY 70 both meet US 62, and then traverse the exit 58 interchange of the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway (also known as the WK Parkway). That interchange was a former toll booth site until the 1987 discontinuation of the WK Parkway's toll plazas.[10]

The concurrently running US 431 and KY 70 continues southeastward from Central City through the intersection of KY 176 in Drakesboro, all the way to about 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Drakesboro. Much of US 431's concurrency with KY 70 is designated as part of a Kentucky Scenic Byway.[11][12]

KY 70 breaks off from US 431 at that point south of Drakesboro, and will provide a scenic drive from there, past the old site of the Rochester Dam before crossing the Mud River into Butler County. Until 2021, steam from the Tennessee Valley Authority's Paradise Coal-firing plant can be seen from the highway between Drakesboro and Rochester.[13]

Butler County

In Butler County, Kentucky Route 70 intersects KY 369 while going through Rochester. It then intersects Kentucky Route 106 (KY 106/Huntsville-Quality Road) not too far southeast of there, and would then go on to the communities of South Hill and Dunbar.[14]

Not too far east of Dunbar, KY 70 intersects KY 1468 and enters the city of Morgantown. The route intersects an interchange of I-165, the former William H. Natcher Parkway. That intersection opened during the 1999-2000 fiscal year.[15] Between I-165 and US 231/KY 79, KY 70 is known as Veterans Way and runs concurrently with US 231 Truck and KY 79 Truck.[16]

KY 70 runs concurrently with U.S. Route 231 and Kentucky Route 79 from Morgantown, over the Green River into the community of Aberdeen. In Aberdeen, KY 70 actually departs US 231 a little bit after KY 79 does. KY 70 then intersects KY 79 for a final time, continuing east from Aberdeen through Jetson, and then Roundhill, where it intersects Kentucky Route 185.[17][18]

The Caveland area (Edmonson, Barren, and Metcalfe counties)

Bridge carrying KY 70/259 in Brownsville

After the intersection with KY 185, KY 70 immediately enters Edmonson County. KY 70 then rolls onward towards the communities of Huff and Windyville. It then meets KY 259, and then KY 70 and 259 run concurrently to cross the Green River at Brownsville, the Edmonson County seat. This is KY 70's second crossing of the Green River. The two state routes run concurrently throughout the city of Brownsville, and splits just south of the Edmonson County High School on the south side of town.[19][20]

Going east of Brownsville, KY 70 is the main route through Mammoth Cave National Park in Edmonson and Barren Counties. While traversing the park, KY 70 runs concurrently with the Mammoth Cave Parkway before entering Barren County. After a brief concurrency with KY 255, KY 70 traverses the exit 53 interchange of Interstate 65, and meeting the western terminus of KY 90 and then crosses US 31W, all three actions occur in Cave City, which is the core part of a tourism hotbed in Barren County because of the close proximity to the Mammoth Cave National Park.[21][22][23]

Kentucky State Highway 70's intersection with KY 90 at Cave City, Kentucky

Most of KY 70 from Brownsville to Cave City is designated as an official Kentucky Scenic Byway. KY 70 from the Mammoth Cave park's southeast boundary to the junction with KY 90 is part of the Cordell Hill Scenic Byway, most of which is the core route of the annual Roller Coaster Yard Sale, which includes parts of KY 90 and KY 63 in the southern part of the state.[24]

After departing Cave City, KY 70 goes further east to cross U.S. Route 31E at Griderville, and heads for Hiseville, and then crosses into the northern part of Metcalfe County.[25][26] After KY 70's Metcalfe County entrance, it goes through Sulphur Well, and then beyond that point, KY 70 joins US 68.[27]

Green and Taylor counties

Both KY 70 and U.S. Route 68 begins a concurrency going through northern Metcalfe County before entering Green County and go through Exie, and Greensburg to cross the Green River (this is KY 70's third Green River crossing). After running a concurrency with a third route, KY 61, US 68/KY 70 continues east into Taylor County. In Campbellsville, KY 70's companionship with US 68 ends, and KY 70 goes back to being a standalone highway. KY 70 is replaced with KY 55 in terms of concurrency with US 68 for its course to Lebanon.[28] KY 70, alone, continues eastward through eastern Taylor County to Elk Horn and Mannsville.[29]

Casey, Lincoln, Pulaski, and Rockcastle counties

Kentucky Route 70 reaches Casey County, where it reaches Liberty, cross the Green River for a fourth time, and intersect US 127.[30] After that KY 70 crosses the Green River for a fifth and final time, and traverses mainly rural areas of Casey, and then Lincoln and Pulaski Counties. US 27 crosses KY 70 near Eubank, just north of Science Hill. KY 70 ends at its eastern terminus at a junction with US 150 near the Rockcastle County community of Broadhead, just west of Mount Vernon. [31]


Before 1940

Kentucky Route 70 was one of the many charter routes when the Kentucky State Highway system was first started in the 1920s and 1930s[32]

Prior to 1936, KY 70 ran concurrently with US 31E from Griderville, into Hart County to Hardyville, and followed KY 88's present-day route to Greensburg.[33] KY 70 between Griderville and Greensburg was rerouted to its current alignment via Hiseville and Sulphur Well no later than 1936.

At Dycusburg, KY 70 connected from Livingston County into southern Crittenden County via a ferry crossing on the Cumberland River. Ferry service in Dycusburg was discontinued in 1951.[4][5][34][35]

Recent route changes and improvements

The low underpass under railroad tracks near Eubank just west of the US 27 junction has been closed and bypassed with a highway overpass just north of old route. The new roadway is wider and has no restrictions.

Improvements were completed in Liberty in early 2013 to widen KY 70 from near Green River bridge, to Connector Road, as part of the Dry Ridge Hill reconstruction project. Future plans include major upgrades further east past High School with improvements ending near KY 501.

Reconstruction of KY 70 west of Liberty from KY 1547 to KY 206 area near Creston. Further plans would create a more direct route for KY 70 to connect Liberty to Campbellsville.

Major intersections

LivingstonSmithland0.0000.000 US 60Western terminus
KY 2232 south (Sugar Creek Road)
Northern terminus of KY-2232
KY 866 south (Paradise Road)/Tyline Road
KY-70 ends in Livingston County at this point
Gap in route due to closure of ferry (Tyline Road follows former KY-70 route east to river)
KY 295 south
Northern terminus of KY-295; KY-70 continues at this point
KY 902 east (Fredonia Road)
Western terminus of KY-902
KY 855 north
Begin concurrency with KY-855
KY 855 south
End KY-855 concurrency

US 641 north / KY 91 north
Beginning of concurrency with US-641 and KY-91
KY 902 west (Bakers Lane)
Beginning of KY-902 concurrency
KY 902 east (Piney Lane)
Ending of KY-902 concurrency
US 641 south (Cassidy Avenue)
End of concurrency with US-641
24.48939.411 KY 91 sout2h (Marion Road)End of KY-91 concurrency
Flat Rock29.40847.328
KY 1077 north (Rowland Cemetery Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1077
33.18553.406 KY 139 (Farmersville Road)
KY 293 south
Beginning of KY-293 concurrency
KY 293 north
End of KY-293 concurrency
KY 291 north (Dalton Road)
Southern terminus of KY-291
KY 2273 west (Fergustown Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-2273
Beulah46.82375.354 KY 109 (Rabbit Ridge Road/Charleston Road)
KY 1337 east (Earlington Road)
Western terminus of KY-1337
KY 1302 west (Pleasant View Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-1302
KY 2274 south (Legion Drive)
Northern terminus of KY-2774

US 41 south (South Main Street) / KY 481 south (East McLaughlin Avenue)
Beginning of concurrency with US-41; northern terminus of KY-481

US 41 north (North Main Street) / KY 262 west (West Center Street)
End of concurrency with US-41; eastern terminus of KY-262
I-69 south – Hopkinsville
Exit 114 from SB 69 & ramps to SB 69 [Former Pennyrile Parkway]

KY 254 north (Brown Road) to I-69 north – Henderson
Exit 114 from NB 69; ramp to NB is off 254
KY 1221 south (Pond River-Colliers Road)
Northern terminus of KY-1221
KY 85 east (Anton Road) – Sacramento
KY-70 turns right (east) along Central City Road here; Anton Road continues straight as KY-85; western terminus of KY-85
KY 6113 south (Bethlehem Lane)
Northern terminus of KY-6113
KY 175 south
Beginning of KY-175 concurrency
KY 175 north
Ending of KY-175 concurrency
KY 181 to Western Kentucky Parkway – Greenville
Central City83.055133.664

US 431 north (Phillip Stone Way) / KY 304 east (Front Street)
Begin concurrency with US-431; western terminus of KY-304
US 62 west (Everly Brothers Boulevard)
Begin concurrency with US-62
KY 277 north (West Reservoir Avenue) - Elijah Summers Elemantary School, Dokken
Southern terminus of KY-277
KY 2103 north (Ash Street)
Southern terminus of KY-2103

US 62 east (Everly Brothers Parkway) / KY 1031 north (South 2nd Street) – Beaver Dam
End concurrency with US-62; 1031 follows former routing of US-431; 62 continues straight ahead while 431/70 turn right (62 to Beaver Dam)
Western Kentucky Parkway west – Paducah
Exit 58 from WB parkway and ramp to WB parkway
Western Kentucky Parkway east – Elizabethtown
Exit 58 from EB parkway and ramp to EB parkway
KY 604 east
Western terminus of KY-604
KY 2107 south
Northern terminus of KY-2107

KY 2107 Conn. to KY 2107 north
Connector road to KY-2107, primarily for traffic heading south on 431/70
KY 2107 north
No access to 2107 North from SB 431/70; southern terminus of KY-2107
Drakesboro92.700149.186 KY 176 – Greenville, ParadiseBoulevard = WB, Avenue = EB
US 431 south – Dunmor, Lewisburg, Russellville
End concurrency with US-431
KY 2270 south
Northern terminus of KY-2270

KY 369 north (Russellville Street) to KY 1117
Southern terminus of KY-369
KY 106 south (Huntsville-Quality Road) – Quality - Spartaville, Idlewood
Northern terminus of KY-106
KY 3205 south
Northern terminus of KY-3205
KY 2267 south (Dunbar-Leetown Road)
Northern terminus of KY-2267
KY 1117 west (Provo Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-1117
KY 1468 east (Gardner Lane Road)
Western terminus of KY-1468

I-165 south / US 231 Truck south / KY 79 Truck south – Bowling Green
Exit 29 from southbound Natcher Parkway and ramps to Natcher Parkway South; Begin concurrency with US 231 Truck andf KY 79 Truck.
I-165 north – Owensboro
Exit 29 from northbound Natcher Parkway and ramps to Natcher Parkway North

KY 403 north (Logansport Road) / KY 2162 east (Old Logansport Road)
Beginning of brief concurrency of KY-403; western terminus of KY-2162
US 231 (G.L. Smith Street) / KY 79 / KY 403 south – Morgantown, Woodbury
End KY-403 concurrency; end concurrency with US 231 Truck and KY 79 Truck; begin concurrency with US-231 and KY-79
Bridge over the Green River at Morgantown
KY 79 north (Caneyville Road) – Caneyville
End KY-79 concurrency
KY 1328 east (Leonard Oak Road)
Western terminus of KY-1328
US 231 north (Beaver Dam Road) – Beaver Dam, Hartford, Owensboro
End of concurrency with US-231
Aberdeen120.605194.095 KY 79 (Caneyville Road)
KY 340 north (Brooklyn Road)
Southern terminus of KY-340
KY 1328 west (Millshed Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-1328
KY 411 north (Love Lee Road)
Southern terminus of KY-411
Roundhill135.432217.957 KY 185 – Big Reedy, Bowling Green
KY 187 north (Sunfish Road) – Leitchfield
Southern terminus of KY-187
KY 655 east (Segal Road)
Western (clockwise) terminus of KY-655
KY 655 west (Segal Road) – Asphalt
Eastern (counterclockwise) terminus of KY-655
KY 1365 north (Grassland-Black Gold Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1365
KY 259 north – Bee Spring, Leitchfield, Nolin Lake State Park
Begin KY-259 concurrency
KY 183 north (Lock Road)
Southern terminus of KY-183
Bridge over KY 183 (Lock Road), the Green River, and CR-1203
KY 2184 north (Washington Street) – Brownsville City Park, Green River Amphitheater, Camp Joy
Southern terminus of KY-2184
147.551237.460Houchin's Ferry RoadAlternate route to Edmonson County High School
147.613237.560Wildcat Way to Edmonson County High School

KY 259 south (South Main Street) to KY 101 – Rhoda, Smiths Grove, Bowling Green
End concurrency with KY-259
Mammoth Cave152.517245.452
KY 2325 south (Silent Grove Church Road)
Northern terminus of KY-2325
157.617253.660Mammoth Cave Parkway north – Tours/Visitor CenterMain entrance to Mammoth Cave NP; beginning of concurrency with Mammoth Cave Parkway

Mammoth Cave Parkway south / KY 255 south to I-65 – Park City
End concurrency with Mammoth Cave Parkway; begin concurrency with KY-255
KY 255 north – Frozen Niagara Entrance, Mammoth Cave Tours/Visitors Center
End concurrency with KY-255
Cave City165.303266.029
I-65 south – Nashville
Exit 53 to/from 65 south
I-65 north – Louisville
Exit 53 to/from 65 north
KY 90 east (Happy Valley Road) – Glasgow
Western terminus of KY-90; 70 turns north here while 90 begins directly east
166.966268.706 US 31W (Dixie Highway) – Horse Cave, Park City, Bowling Green, Caverna Memorial Hospital
KY 2195 east (Old Lexington Road)
Western terminus of KY-2195
KY 685 south (Wilson Road)
Northern terminus of KY-685
172.063276.909 US 31E (Jackson Highway) – Hodgenville, Glasgow, Barren River Lake S.R.P.
Hiseville175.336282.176 KY 740
KY 314 north (Center Road) – Center
Southern terminus of KY-314
KY 2131 west (Corral Hill-Halfway Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-2131
MetcalfeKnob Lick182.340293.448

KY 640 south / KY 2435 north
Northern terminus of KY-640; southern terminus of KY-2435
KY 1243 north
Southern terminus of KY-1243
KY 869 north
Southern terminus of KY-869

US 68 west to Cumberland Parkway – Edmonton
Beginning of concurrency with US-68
KY 729 north (Little Barren Road)
Southern terminus of KY-729
KY 487 north (Little Barren Road)
Southern terminus of KY-487
KY 218 west – Horse Cave
Eastern terminus of KY-218
KY 61 south – Columbia
Begin concurrency with KY-61
KY 417 east (Legion Park Road)
Western terminus of KY-417
KY 61 west – Hodgenville
End concurrency with KY-61
KY 793 west
Eastern terminus of KY-793
KY 2764 west
Eastern terminus of KY-2764
KY 883 north
Southern terminus of KY-883
Campbellsville219.893353.883 KY 323 (Friendship Pike/West Main Street)Friendship Pike to the west, West Main Street to the east

KY 55 south / KY 210 west – Columbia, Green River Reservoir State Park, Hodgenville
Begin concurrency with KY-55; eastern terminus of KY-210
KY 323 west (North Columbia Avenue)
Eastern terminus of KY-323

KY 527 north (North Central Avenue) / US 68 east / KY 55 north (East Broadway Street) – Lebanon
End concurrency with US-68/KY-55; 70 continues to the east on South Central Avenue
KY 372 south (Smith Ridge Road)
Northern terminus of KY-372
KY 3518 north (Watertower Bypass)
KY 76 east (Kniffey Road) – Elkhorn, Pikes Ridge Recreation Area
Western terminus of KY-76
KY 1799 north (Reids Chapel Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1799

KY 1798 east (Stoner Creek Road) / KY 2784 north (Wooleyville Road)
Western terminus of KY-1798; southern terminus of KY-2784
KY 337 north (Bradfordsville Road) – Bradfordsville
Southern terminus of KY-337
KY 659 east (Raikes Hill Road)
Western terminus of KY-659
KY 1798 west (Stoner Creek Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-1798

KY 1752 west (Speck Ridge Road) / KY 659 west (Bass Ridge Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-1752; eastern terminus of KY-659
KY 1742 south (Roley Road)
Begin concurrency with KY-1742
KY 1742 north (Dry Creek Road)
End concurrency with KY-1742

KY 1859 north (Chicken Gizzard Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1859
KY 551 north (Possum Trot Road)
Begin concurrency with KY-551
KY 551 south (Knifely Road)
End concurrency with KY-551
KY 2970 south (Moxley Road)
Northern terminus of KY-2970
KY 206 west
Eastern terminus of KY-206
KY 1615 north
Southern terminus of KY-1615
KY 1547 north (White Oak Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1547

KY 70 Bus. east (Campbell Street)
Western terminus of KY-70 Business. Former routing of KY-70
US 127 south (Wallace Wilkinson Boulevard) – Russell Springs
Begin concurrency with US-127

US 127 north (Wallace Wilkinson Boulevard) / KY 70 Bus. west (Campbellsville Street) – Danville, Liberty
End concurrency with US-127; eastern terminus of KY-70 Business
KY 1649 east (Dry Ridge Road)
Western terminus of KY-1649
KY 817 north
Southern terminus of KY-817
KY 198 north
Southern terminus of KY-198
KY 501 north (Grove Ridge Road)
Begin concurrency with KY-501
KY 501 south
End concurrency with KY-501
265.546427.355 KY 837
KY 635 east
Western terminus of KY-635
KY 328 east
Western terminus of KY-328
PulaskiEubank275.592443.522 KY 1247
278.132447.610 US 27 – Stanford, Somerset
KY 865 north
Southern terminus of KY-865
KY 3267 north (Arnie Gentry Road)
KY 3273 west (Owen School Road)
Beginning of concurrency with KY-3273
KY 3273 east (Level Green Road) – Level Green
End of concurrency with KY-3273
Quail290.544467.585 KY 618 (Quail Road)
KY 1650 west – Ottawa
Eastern terminus of KY-1650
US 150 to I-75 – Stanford, Mount Vernon
Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Points of interest along the route

Special routes

Kentucky Route 70 Bypass (Cave City)

By-pass plate.svg

Kentucky Route 70 Bypass

LocationCave City, Kentucky

Kentucky Route 70 Bypass was a supplemental bypass route in Cave City, Kentucky. The route encompasses the first 0.819 miles (1.318 km) of KY 90 (Happy Valley Road), and US 31W from the KY 90 junction to the KY 70 junction in downtown Cave City. Although the route was known as KY 70 Bypass, by the mid 2000s, it was only signed as a trailblazer sign along the two specified routes.[41]

Kentucky Route 70 Business (Liberty)

Business plate.svg

Kentucky Route 70 Business

LocationLiberty, Casey County
Length2.800 mi[1] (4.506 km)

Kentucky Route 70 Business (KY 70 Bus.) is a business route of KY 70 in Liberty, Kentucky. It accounts with the old KY 70 alignment in downtown Liberty. It was formed after KY 70 was rerouted to a new junction with US 127]. The business route starts just west of Liberty, and it goes through downtown to end at the intersection with US 127 and the re-routed regular KY 70, which resumes after the intersection. The regular alignment of KY 70 was rerouted to a new intersection with US 127, then it gets co-joined with US 127 north to re-join the original route of KY 70 near downtown Liberty.[42][43]

The entire route is in Liberty, Casey County.

KY 70 (Campbellsville Road) to US 127 – Campbellsville, Liberty
Western terminus
KY 2312 east
Western terminus of KY-2312

KY 2312 west / KY 49 north – Bradfordsville, Lebanon
Southern terminus of KY-49; eastern terminus of KY-2312
KY 2313 south (Randolph Street)
Northern terminus of KY-2313
2.8004.506 US 127 (Wallace Wilkinson Boulevard) / KY 70 (Middleburg Road) – Danville, Russell Springs, Yosemite, EubankEastern terminus; KY 70 east straight ahead
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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