U.S. Route 431 in Kentucky

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U.S. Route 431

US 431 in Kentucky highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length86.936 mi[1] (139.910 km)
ExistedJanuary 1954[2]–present
Major junctions
South end US 431 / SR 65 at the Tennessee state line
Major intersections
North end US 60 at Owensboro
CountryUnited States
CountiesLogan, Muhlenberg, McLean, Daviess
Highway system
KY 430 KY 432

U.S. Route 431 (US 431) in Kentucky runs 86.93 miles (139.90 km) from the Tennessee state line south of Adairville to US 60 at Owensboro. It crosses the state in mainly west-central portions of the state, passing through or near towns such as Russellville, Lewisburg, Central City and Livermore. The route goes through Logan, Muhlenberg, McLean, and Daviess counties.

Route description

US 431 enters the state going out of Robertson County, Tennessee, and into Logan County south of Adairville. It goes northward to Russellville, where it makes a left turn onto the Russellville Bypass, and follows it to the north side of town. It becomes known as the Terry Wilcut Highway from Russellville to Lewisburg.[3]

It enters Muhlenberg County to provide access to Lake Malone (via KY 973), and then goes on a northwesterly course to Central City, where it intersects the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway at a cloverleaf interchange, and the U.S. Route 62. Along the way to Central City from near Drakesboro, Kentucky Route 70 runs concurrently with the U.S. Route.

It then goes due north from Central City into eastern McLean County, crosses the bridge at Livermore, where it crosses both the Green and Rough Rivers. It enters Daviess County and traverses the communities of Livia and Utica before terminating at the Wendell H. Ford Expressway (US 60) at Owensboro.[4]

Livermore Bridge

Confluence of the Green and Rough Rivers at Livermore.

For a unique reason, the U.S. 431 crossing of the Green River and Rough Rivers in McLean County, Kentucky, is a famous river crossing. It is at that crossing in the city of Livermore that U.S. 431 crosses two rivers and also crosses into Ohio County before completing the river crossing back in McLean County. This is the only known crossing of this type in the United States: a road starts in one county, crosses two separate rivers, crosses a sliver of land within another county, and then terminates the bridge crossing in the original county it started in. This special feature is marked by a state historical marker on both approach ends of the bridge.


Kentucky Route 75

Kentucky Route 75

LocationSouth Carrollton-Owensboro, Kentucky (1929-194?)
Tennessee State line-Owensboro (194?-1953)
Length83 mi[5] (134 km)

In 1953, US 431 was extended into Tennessee and Kentucky from the Huntsville, Alabama area. From 1929 until sometime in the 1940s, the US 431 corridor in Kentucky was originally signed as Kentucky Routes 75 and 81. KY 75 ran from Owensboro to KY 81 at South Carrollton, while KY 81 ran its current course, plus the rest of US 431's original route from South Carrollton into Central City and Russellville to the Tennessee state line.[6] Sometime in the 1940s, KY 75 was extended southward from South Carrollton to the Tennessee State line near Adairville via Central City and Russellville.


US 431's original alignment in the city of Russellville became Kentucky Route 3519 in the mid 2000s, when the main US 431 alignment was rerouted onto the Russellville Bypass on the west side of town. As of mid-2010, Frederica Street in Owensboro no longer carries the US 431 designation into downtown Owensboro as KY 2831 is assigned onto that street.

In 2011, the US 431 alignment in Central City was rerouted onto the former KY 189 bypass on the west side of that city. This was done due to the low clearance of a bridge carrying the Paducah and Louisville Railroad tracks. US 431's original alignment in downtown is now designated as Kentucky Route 1031.

Northern terminus

In Owensboro, US 431 previously ended at a two-way pair junction with the original downtown alignment of US 60.[7] US 431's northern terminus was truncated to the junction with the US 60 Bypass in early 2011. The alignment from the bypass to the KY 54/KY 81 junction is now signed as KY 2831.

Major intersections


US 431 south / SR 65 south – Springfield, Nashville
Continuation into Tennessee
LoganAdairville1.4812.383 KY 591 (Schley Road)
4.1456.671 KY 663 (Mortimer Road)
KY 2371 west – Oakville
Eastern terminus of KY 2371
KY 664 east (Schochoh Road)
Western terminus of KY 664
KY 96 south (Orndorff Mill Road)
Northern terminus of KY 96

KY 2146 north / KY 3240 east (East 9th Street) to US 68
Southern terminus of KY 2146; western terminus of KY 3240; original alignment of US 79
KY 3233 north (Emerson Bypass Road)
Southern terminus of KY 3233
US 79 south (Clarksville Road) – Guthrie, Clarksville
Northern terminus of US-79

US 68 west (Jefferson Davis Highway) / KY 80 west (Hopkinsville Road) / US 68 Bus. east – Hopkinsville, Russellville Business District
Western terminus of US 68 Business; western end of US 68 overlap
16.5626.65 KY 178 (Highland Lick Road)
US 68 east (Russellville Bypass) – Bowling Green, Auburn
Eastern end of US 68 overlap
Epleys Station21.59334.751
KY 3519 south (Old US 431)
Northern terminus of KY 3519
KY 106 west (Spa Road) – Sharon Grove, Elkton
Southern end of KY 106 concurrency
KY 107 south (Deer Lick Road) – Deer Lick, Clifty, Lake Malone
Northern/eastern terminus of KY 107
KY 106 east (Stacker Street) – Lewisburg, Quality, Rochester
Northern end of KY 106 concurrency
KY 1293 south (Dunmor-Deer Lick Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1293
KY 973 west – Lake Malone State Park, Rosewood
Eastern terminus of KY 973
KY 949 east
Western terminus of KY 949
Belton41.18266.276 KY 2270 (Belton-Ennis Road)
KY 246 west (Merle Travis Highway)
Eastern terminus of KY 246
KY 70 east (Rochester Road) – Rochester, Morgantown
Southern end of KY 70 concurrency
Drakesboro45.68573.523 KY 176 (Mose Rager Boulevard) – Greenville, TVA Paradise
KY 2107 north
No access to KY 2107 North from SB US-431/KY 70; southern terminus of KY 2107

KY 2107 Conn. to KY 2107
Connector road to KY 2107, primarily for traffic heading south on US 431/KY 70
KY 2107 south
Northern terminus of KY 2107
KY 604 north
Southern terminus of KY 604
Central City51.699–
Western Kentucky Parkway – Paducah, ElizabethtownWK Parkway Exit 58
US 62 (Everly Brothers Boulevard) / KY 1031 north
US 431 and KY 70 turns left onto US 62
KY 2103 north (Ash Street)
KY 277 north (West Reservoir Avenue)
Southern terminus of KY 277
US 62 west (Everly Brothers Boulevard)
Northern end of US 62 concurrency

KY 70 west (Front Street) / KY 304 east – Madisonville, Downtown Central City
Northern end of KY 70 concurrency
South Carrollton57.72592.899
KY 1031 south – Downtown Central City
Northern terminus of KY 1031; original alignment of US 431
KY 81 north – Bremen, Calhoun
Southern terminus of KY 81
KY 175 south
Northern terminus of KY 175
McLeanIsland66.74107.41 KY 85 – Sacramento, Beaver Dam
KY 1412 south (-Dough Hill Road)
Northern terminus of c1412
KY 138 to KY 2110
Eastern terminus of KY 138
Livermore Bridge over the Green and Rough Rivers
KY 136 west – Calhoun
Southern end of KY 136 concurrency
KY 136 east – Hartford
Northern end of KY 136 concurrency
Nuckols72.239116.257 KY 1080
KY 250 west
Eastern terminus of KY 250
DaviessUtica78.146125.764 KY 140 – Pleasant Ridge, Calhoun
KY 298 east
Western terminus of KY 298
KY 554 west
Eastern terminus of KY 554
KY 2121 west (Southtown Boulevard)
Eastern terminus of KY 2121

US 60 (Wendell H. Ford Expressway) to I-165 / Audubon Parkway – Henderson, Hawesville, Bowling Green
Exit 14 of Expressway

KY 2831 north (Frederica Street) – Owensboro
Northern terminus of US 431; continuation as KY 2831; southern terminus of KY 2831
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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