Winnipeg Route 42

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Route 42

Pembina Highway
Donald Street / Smith Street
Princess Street / King Street
Disraeli Freeway
Henderson Highway
James Ave
Alexander Ave
McMillan Ave
Corydon Ave
Route 42 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length26.7 km[1] (16.6 mi)
Known forConfusion Corner
Major junctions
South end PTH 75 south / Turnbull Dr east
Major intersections
North end PTH 101 (Perimeter Hwy) / PR 204 north
Highway system
Route 37 Route 47

Route 42 is a major arterial road located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It connects the suburbs of North Kildonan, East Kildonan, Fort Rouge, Fort Garry, and St. Norbert with the city's downtown core. In the north, it is a continuation of Manitoba Provincial Road 204 (PR 204); in the south, it is a continuation of PTH 75 (or Lord Selkirk Highway).

The route is commonly known as Pembina Highway between PTH 75 to Donald Street; as the Disraeli Freeway between Main Street and Talbot Avenue; and as Henderson Highway from Talbot to PR 204.

Route description

Pembina Hwy at Windermere Ave, looking north towards Route 125 and downtown.

The route begins at PTH 75 and Turnbull Drive in the suburb of St. Norbert and, as Pembina Highway, crosses the Perimeter Highway South, and runs north-northwest through Fort Garry (passing by the University of Manitoba). At Confusion Corner, it takes the name Donald Street until it crosses the Assiniboine River at the Midtown Bridge, and splits into one-way streets where southbound traffic continues along Donald Street and northbound traffic follows Smith Street.

At Notre Dame Avenue, it becomes King Street (northbound) and Princess Street (southbound) until it crosses Main Street and becomes the Disraeli Freeway, continuing northeast, passing through the neighbourhood of Point Douglas and crosses the Red River at the Disraeli Bridge, where it becomes Henderson Highway. Running north along the east bank of the Red River, it passes Hespeler Avenue and Chief Peguis Trail to Perimeter Highway North where it leaves the city as Provincial Road 204.

Disraeli Bridges

Disraeli Bridges
Disraeli Freeway, Winnipeg - panoramio.jpg
The Disraeli Freeway, facing north
Named forBenjamin Disraeli
Construction cost$195 million (rehabilitation)

Between Main Street and the south end of Henderson Highway, route 42 is known as the Disraeli Freeway, named after Benjamin Disraeli.[2] The Freeway includes the Disraeli Bridges, which stretch over the Red River and are integral in connecting the City's downtown and northeastern areas.

Originally constructed in 1959/60, the Bridges were authorized for rehabilitation in 2008, and subsequently became Winnipeg's largest bridge project in history (current as of 2020).[3][4]

Construction of the new Disraeli Bridges began in January 2010 with a cost of $195 million, and a minimum of four lanes of the Bridges remained open the entire time. Funded through a Public-Private Partnership arrangement, the federal government provided $18.3 million (and an additional $53.3 m) for the infrastructure project, with Plenary Roads Winnipeg being chosen as the private consortium chosen to design, build, finance, and maintain the roadway.[4]

Key features of the project included:[4]

  • 2 km (1.2 mi) of new roads for the Disraeli Freeway, between Main Street and Hespeler Avenue;
  • new bridge structures to cross the Red River and Canadian Pacific mainline;
  • reorganization and improvement of vehicular access and exit points; and
  • revitalized landscaping and entrance points for adjacent communities.

The project was officially opened on 19 October 2012.[4]


The namesakes of the various roads making up Route 42 are as follows:

Major intersections

Street NameLocationkm[1]miDestinationsNotes
Pembina HighwaySt. Norbert0.00.0 PTH 75 south (Lord Selkirk Highway) to I-29 / US 81 – Emerson, Morris
Turnbull Drive
South end of PTH 75 concurrency; Route 42 southern terminus
Fort Garry2.81.7 PTH 100 (Perimeter Highway / Trans-Canada Highway) – Brandon, KenoraGrade separated; signed as exits 94A (east) and 94B (west); PTH 100 exit 18
3.32.1Bairdmore Boulevard / Dalhousie Drive
4.72.9Bairdmore Boulevard / Dalhousie Drive
5.53.4Bison Drive / Chancellor Matheson Road – University of Manitoba, Investors Group FieldSouth end of PTH 75 concurrency
7.44.6University Crescent – University of Manitoba
7.54.7 Abinojii Mikanah (Route 165)Grade separated
10.06.2 McGillivray Boulevard (Route 155 west) / Oakenwald Avenue
11.37.0 Jubilee Avenue (Route 125 east)Grade separated
Fort Rouge11.77.3 Stafford Street (Route 70 north)
12.07.5Taylor Avenue
12.77.9 Grant Avenue (Route 105 west)
13.98.6 Osborne Street (Route 62) / Corydon Avenue (Route 95 west)Confusion Corner
Donald StreetPembina Highway north end • Donald Street south end
14.69.1Stradbrook AvenueOne-way, eastbound
14.99.3River AvenueOne-way, westbound
Assiniboine River15.19.4Midtown Bridge
Smith Street south end (one-way transition)
Smith Street (northbound)
Donald Street (northbound)
Downtown15.59.6 Broadway (PTH 1)
15.79.8York AvenueOne-way, eastbound
15.99.9St. Mary AvenueOne-way, westbound
16.110.0Graham AvenueTransit only
16.310.1 Portage Avenue (Route 85) / Route 57 east
16.410.2Ellice Avenue
16.510.3Cumberland AvenueOne-way, eastbound (no access); southbound entrance only
16.5510.28Smith Street, King StreetRoute 42 north branches north onto King Street
Smith Street north end • King Street south end (northbound)
King Street (northbound)
Princess Street (southbound)
16.610.3 Notre Dame Avenue (Route 57 west)One-way, westbound
Donald Street north end • Princess Street south end (southbound)
16.910.5William Avenue
James Avenue (northbound)
Princess Street (southbound)
17.110.6James Avenue, King StreetOne-way, eastbound; Route 42 north branches east onto James Avenue
Main Street (northbound)
Princess Street (southbound)
17.210.7 Main Street (Route 52)Route 42 north branches north onto Main Street;
south end of Route 42 north / Route 52 north concurrency
Main Street (northbound)
Alexander Avenue (southbound)
17.310.7Alexander Avenue, Princess StreetRoute 42 south branches south onto Princess Street
Disraeli Freeway17.410.8 Main Street (Route 52)Route 42 south branches south onto Princess Street
Alexander Avenue east end (one-way transition) • Disraeli Freeway south end (two-way traffic)
17.610.9 Logan Avenue (Route 47 west)
18.511.5Sutherland AvenueGrade separated
Red River18.811.7Disraeli Bridge
Disraeli Freeway north end • Henderson Highway south end
Henderson HighwayEast Kildonan19.011.8 Talbot Avenue / Midwinter Avenue (Route 37 east)Grade separated; south end of Route 37 east concurrency;
signed as Talbot Avenue (northbound) and Midwinter Avenue (southbound)
19.412.1 Hespeler Avenue (Route 37 west)North end of Route 37 east concurrency; south end of Route 37 west concurrency
19.612.2 Johnson Avenue (Route 37 east)North end of Route 37 west concurrency
20.512.7Munroe Avenue
22.614.0McLeod Avenue
North Kildonan23.914.9 Chief Peguis Trail (Route 17)
24.915.5McIvor Avenue
25.916.1Glenway AvenueWinnipeg city limits
R.M. East St. Paul26.716.6 Perimeter Highway (PTH 101)
PR 204 north (Henderson Highway) – Lockport, Selkirk
Grade separated; exit 72 on PTH 101; Route 42 northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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