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U.S. Route 501

US 501 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 1
Length355 mi[1][2][3] (571 km)
Major junctions
South end
Major intersections
North end US 60 in Buena Vista, VA
CountryUnited States
StatesSouth Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia
CountiesSC: Horry, Marion, Dillon
NC: Robeson, Scotland, Hoke, Moore, Lee, Chatham, Orange, Durham, Person
VA: Halifax, Campbell, City of Lynchburg, Bedford, Amherst, Rockbridge, City of Buena Vista
Highway system
SC 496SC SC 512
I-485NC US 521
I-495VA US 522

U.S. Route 501 (US 501) is a spur of U.S. Route 1. It runs 355 miles (571 km) from Buena Vista, Virginia at U.S. Route 60 to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at U.S. Route 17 Business. It passes through the states of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. From Durham to Laurinburg, a 108-mile (174 km) section of US 501 overlaps U.S. Route 15. Sections of US 15-501 also share routings with U.S. Route 1 in sections near Sanford, North Carolina and Aberdeen, North Carolina.

Route description

  mi km
SC 74 119
NC 211 340
VA 145 233
Total 430 690

South Carolina

US 501 in South Carolina is a north–south United States highway that traverses 73.8 miles (118.8 km); it is one of main routes to the Grand Strand. US 501 begins at US 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From Myrtle Beach to Marion, US 501 is a multilane highway, some sections divided, some undivided, mostly with at-grade intersections but having a number of interchanges along the length. The first of these interchanges is with US 17, which is a cloverleaf interchanges that includes railroad crossings at the ramps along the east side. After the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway it has two more interchanges with local roads. Next there is an unusual hybrid interchange with South Carolina Highway 31, similar to a cloverstack, with elements of a trumpet interchange, in which two flyover ramps from SC 31 to US 501 exit left from SC 31 and wrap around the interchange's loop ramps. After this interchange, this limited-access portion comes to an end. US 501 passes through the city of Conway where it has a short overlap with U.S. Route 701. South of Aynor it serves as the western terminus of SC 22, which has another unconventional interchange, and various interchanges can also be found along the road before reaching Marion, where US 501 bypasses the town to the east. North of Marion, US 501 meets SC 38, a connector to Interstate 95. From SC 38, US 501 heads to the northeast, meeting US 301 in Latta. US 301 merges with US 501, forming a concurrency through Dillon to the North Carolina border, where it passes South of the Border prior to simultaneously exiting South Carolina and interchanging with Interstate 95 near Hamer in Dillon County.

North Carolina

James Taylor Bridge, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, part of the US-15/501 route
US 15-501 turns left in Durham

US 501 is a north–south United States highway that traverses the majority of North Carolina in concurrency with US 15, known as "15-501" ("Fifteen Five-o-one"). It enters North Carolina at the South Carolina state line with an intersection of Interstate 95 (I-95) while overlapping US 301, near South of the Border. It goes northwest through Rowland where the overlap with US 301 terminates, and then travels through Raemon to Laurinburg. Once at Laurinburg, it overlaps briefly with I-74/US 74 before connecting with US 15. The majority of the route, to this point, is a two-lane rural road.[2]

Merging with US 15, it becomes what is known by local residents as "15-501" ("Fifteen Five-o-one"), a concurrency that extends for 106 miles (171 km) across central North Carolina. After Laurinburg it goes north to Aberdeen, linking briefly with US 1 before continuing to Pinehurst. In Pinehurst, 15-501 goes through a roundabout then continues north through Carthage, then back to US 1. After traveling through Sanford on another brief concurrency with US 1, it exits off the freeway and goes due north to Pittsboro. After Pittsboro, 15-501 goes through Chapel Hill and then into Durham. NCDOT has been trying to remedy traffic problems by making the route a superstreet for better traffic flow.[4] In Durham, 15-501 upgrades to an urban freeway, allowing for quick access to Interstate 85, and from south Durham to north; the freeway ends merging into I-85. At exit 176B on I-85, US 501 splits off towards Roxboro, while US 15 continues with I-85 towards Oxford.[2]

After Durham, US 501 goes north to Roxboro, then into South Boston, Virginia after crossing the state line; the majority of this section is a four-lane expressway.[2]


North Carolina to Lynchburg

Northern terminus of US 501 at US 60 in Buena Vista, Virginia

US 501 enters Halifax County, Virginia south of Cluster Springs. The U.S. Highway is a two-lane road at the North Carolina state line but immediately expands to a four-lane divided highway named Huell Matthews Highway. US 501 parallels the Mayo River north to the hamlet of Mayo, where the highway meets the western end of SR 96 (Virgilina Road) and crosses the Hyco River. The U.S. Highway passes through Cluster Springs to the community of Riverdale just south of South Boston. US 501 becomes an undivided highway and intersects US 58 and US 360, which together head west as Philpott Road and east as Bill Tuck Highway. US 501 crosses the Dan River into the town of South Boston. Just north of the river, the highway has a grade crossing of Norfolk Southern Railway's Clover Spur, which follows the former DanvilleRichmond rail line, and splits into a one-way pair: Broad Street northbound and Main Street southbound. Both directions intersect SR 304 (Seymour Drive). When Main Street veers northeast as two-way SR 129, southbound US 501 continues on two-way Wilborn Avenue to the northern end of the one-way pair.[3][5]

US 501 continues through South Boston on Wilborn Avenue, a five-lane road with center turn lane. The U.S. Highway becomes four-lane divided Halifax Road at Hamilton Boulevard. US 501 receives the northern end of SR 129 (Old Halifax Road) shortly before leaving the town of South Boston. The U.S. Highway enters the town of Halifax and becomes Main Street, a three-lane road with center turn lane, at its grade crossing of Norfolk Southern's Durham District. US 501 continues to the county courthouse, where the highway intersects the very short SR 349 (Edmunds Boulevard) and SR 360 (Mountain Road), which runs concurrently with the U.S. Highway through the northern part of the town. The two highways diverge: SR 360 heads northeast as Bethel Road and US 501 heads northwest as two-lane L.P. Bailey Memorial Highway. which crosses Banister Lake, an impoundment of the Banister River, as it leaves the town of Halifax.[3][5]

US 501 passes through Volens and Acorn on its way to the hamlet of North Halifax, where the highway begins to run concurrently with SR 40 (Stage Coach Road). The highways cross the Roanoke River into the town of Brookneal in Campbell County and pass under Norfolk Southern's Altavista District rail line. The highways continue as Lusardi Drive to Lynchburg Avenue in the center of town; SR 40 turns southeast while US 501 turns north west onto the street just north of the highways' grade crossing of the Durham District rail line. US 501 leaves the town as Brookneal Highway, which parallels the rail line through the communities of Naruna and Gladys on its way to Rustburg, the county seat of Campbell County. The U.S. Highway intersects SR 24 (Colonial Highway) at the southern edge of the village. The highways have a short concurrency before SR 24 continues east as Village Highway and US 501 heads northwest as Campbell Highway. North of Rustburg, US 501 expands to a four-lane divided highway into the independent city of Lynchburg, where the highway meets US 29 and US 460 (Richmond Highway) at a partial cloverleaf interchange. US 501 Business and US 460 Business head straight on Campbell Avenue while US 501 joins the freeway heading southwest.[3][5]

Lynchburg to Buena Vista

View south along US 501 just south of US 60 in Buena Vista

US 501 runs concurrently with US 29 and US 460 southwest along the northern slope of Candlers Mountain to a full Y interchange where US 501 heads northwest from the freeway. The U.S. Highway has an intersection with SR 128 (Mayflower Drive) and Candlers Mountain Road just east of the highway's crossing of Norfolk Southern's Danville District. SR 128 joins US 501 on Candlers Mountain Road between the intersection and the highway's cloverleaf interchange with US 29 Business (Lynchburg Expressway). US 501 exits onto the expressway while SR 128 continues west to its terminus. US 501 and US 29 Business head southwest along the freeway until the business route exits onto Wards Road to head toward Danville. US 501 curves northwest and has a cloverleaf interchange with US 460 Business (Timberlake Road), crosses Norfolk Southern's Blue Ridge District, and has a diamond interchange with Graves Mill Road. The freeway ends at US 221 (Lakeside Drive). US 501 heads north along Old Forest Road as a five-lane road with center turn lane before turning onto a two-lane segment of the Lynchburg Expressway. This segment has a partial cloverleaf interchange with Wiggington Road before ending at US 501 Business (Boonsboro Road).[3][5]

US 501 heads northwest on two-lane Boonsboro Road, which becomes Lee Jackson Highway when it exits the city of Lynchburg into Bedford County. The U.S. Highway curvaceously crosses Fleming Mountain and descends into the James River Gorge at Coleman Falls. US 501 follows the south bank of the river through Big Island, where the highway meets the northern end of SR 122 (Big Island Highway) and has an interchange with the Blue Ridge Parkway. North of Big Island, the U.S. Highway crosses the river and immediately intersects SR 130 (Elon Road) on the Amherst County side. The two highways have a curvaceous crossing of the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains before descending to the town of Glasgow at the mouth of the Maury River. The two routes follow the river upstream a short distance before SR 130 (Wert Faulkner Highway) crosses the river into the town. US 501, now named Glasgow Highway, parallels the river and Norfolk Southern's Roanoke District rail line north to the city of Buena Vista, which the highway enters as Magnolia Avenue. South of the downtown area, US 501 veers onto Sycamore Street while US 501 Business continues along Magnolia Avenue. At 22nd Street, the U.S. Highway veers onto Beech Avenue, which receives the northern end of US 501 Business (Park Avenue) west of Southern Virginia University. Two blocks to the north, US 501 reaches its northern terminus at US 60 (29th Street).[3][5]

Special routes


South Carolina

Established in 1935 as an extension from North Carolina. US 501 replaced part of US 117 between Myrtle Beach and Socastee, then from there through Conway, Marion, and Latta on what was SC 38. North of Latta, it overlapped with US 301, through Dillon, and into North Carolina.

During the 1940s, because of the need for a more direct route to Myrtle Beach Air Force Base from Conway, 2-lane US 501 was built through the Buist Tract owned by Southern Kraft Company (later part of International Paper),[6] replacing SC 503, its old alignment was renumbered to SC 544. In 1950, US 501 was moved onto new construction between Conway and Aynor, its old alignment renumbered to SC 319. By 1964, US 501 was moved to its current southern bypass from downtown Conway, creating US 501 Bus. By 1990, US 501 was moved to its current eastern bypass from downtown Marion, creating another US 501 Bus.

In 2021, the South Carolina Department of Transportation and Horry County announced plans to spend tens of millions of dollars expanding U.S. 501 into four lanes each way near Myrtle Beach.[7]

North Carolina

When US 501 was established in 1927, it was aligned along North Carolina Highway 13 (NC 13) from Durham north through Roxboro to the Virginia state line.

In 1934, it was overlapped with US 15 from Durham south to Laurinburg. From there, it went southeast to Rowland and then to the South Carolina border. This extension south replaced NC 22, NC 71, and NC 241.

In 1953, US 501 was bypassed around Chapel Hill. In 1956 or 1957, US 501 was bypassed west of Sanford. Between 1960 and 1962, US 501 was bypassed around Laurinburg.[8]

North Carolina Highway 13 (1921-1930)

North Carolina Highway 13

LocationDurhamVirginia State Line
Length43 mi[9] (69 km)

North Carolina Highway 13 was an original state highway running from Durham, north through Rougemont and Roxboro ending at SR 18 at the Virginia State Line. The highway's routing appeared on the 1916 Highway Map by the North Carolina State Highway Commission for the five year federal aid program.[10] However NC 13 was not officially marked on any state highway maps until 1924; where it was routed from NC 10/NC 75 in Durham north through Rougemont and Timberlake to NC 57 east of Roxboro. NC 13 turned toward the west into Roxboro, before intersecting NC 144 and turning north.[11] The highway had its northern terminus at the Virginia State Line near South Boston. By 1926 the routing of NC 13 was shifted slightly to the west between Timberlake and Roxboro, providing a direct link between the cities.[12] The route was deleted in 1930, with US 501/NC 55 taking over the entirety of the routing.[9][13]

Major intersections

South CarolinaHorryMyrtle Beach0.000.00
US 17 Bus. (Kings Highway)
Southern terminus
1.32.1 Robert M. Grissom ParkwayTo Myrtle Beach International Airport
2.13.4 US 17 – North Myrtle Beach, GeorgetownCloverleaf interchange
Atlantic Intracoastal WaterwaySouth end of freeway
Carolina ForestRiver Oaks Drive / George Bishop ParkwayTo Myrtle Beach International Airport
ForestbrookDick Scobee Road / Forestbrook Road
5.18.2 SC 31 – North Myrtle Beach, GeorgetownHybrid interchange; north end of freeway
ConwayRed Hill line10.917.5

US 501 Bus. north to SC 90 / SC 905 – Conway
Southern terminus of US 501 Bus.
Red Hill11.318.2 SC 544 – Socastee, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells InletNo access from US 501 to SC 544, from SC 544 south to US 501 north, or from SC 544 north to US 501 south

US 378 Truck north / US 701 Truck north / SC 90 Truck east / SC 544 Conn. to SC 90 / SC 544 – Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet
Southern end of US 378 Truck/US 701 Truck/SC 90 Truck concurrency

US 378 (Wright Boulevard) / US 701 south (Church Street) to SC 905 – Lake City, Georgetown
Northern end of US 378 Truck/US 701 Truck/SC 90 Truck concurrency; southern end of US 701 concurrency

US 701 north / US 501 Bus. south (16th Avenue) – Loris
Northern end of US 701 concurrency; southern end of US 701 Truck concurrency

US 701 Truck north (Mill Pond Road)
Northern end of US 701 Truck concurrency
SC 22 east (Veterans Highway) – Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach
Interchange; western terminus of SC 22
Horry Road / Brunson Spring RoadInterchange via connector roads
SC 319 south (Elm Street)
Northern terminus of SC 319
MarionAriel Crossroad37.259.9 SC 41 – Mullins, JohnsonvilleInterchange

US 501 Bus. north to I-20 west / US 76 west – Marion, Florence
Marion47.776.8 US 76 – Marion, MullinsInterchange
SC 41 Alt. – Marion, Lake View
Spring Branch52.083.7

US 501 Bus. south – Marion

SC 38 west to I-95 – Bennettsville
Interchange; southern terminus of SC 38
Dillon I-73Proposed interchange[14][15]
US 301 south – Florence
South end of US 301 overlap
SC 917 south (Main Street) – Mullins, Bennettsville

SC 9 south / SC 34 west / SC 57 south (Main Street) – Lake View, North Myrtle Beach
South end of SC 9/SC 57 overlap; Eastern terminus of SC 34

SC 9 north / SC 57 north (Radford Boulevard) – Bennettsville, Charlotte
North end of SC 9/SC 57 overlap
South CarolinaNorth Carolina line73.8
I-95 – Lumberton, Fayetteville, FlorenceI-95 exit 1
North CarolinaRobesonRowland2.74.3

US 301 north / NC 130 east – Lumberton, Fairmont
North end of US 301 and east end of NC 130 overlap
NC 710 west – Pembroke
NC 130 west – Maxton
West end of NC 130 overlap
14.022.5 NC 83 – Maxton, Clio

US 501 Bus. north (Johns Road)
US 74 east (I-74 east)
East end of I-74/US 74 overlap; I-74 exit 185

US 15 Bus. / US 401 Bus. – Laurinburg
Exit number follows I-74

US 74 west (I-74 west) / US 15 / US 401 south – Rockingham, Bennettsville
North end of I-74/US 74 overlap; I-74 exit 183; south end of US 15/US 401 overlap
US 74 Bus. (Church Street) – Hamlet

US 401 north / US 15 Bus. south / US 501 Bus. south – Fayetteville
North end of US 401 overlap
29.347.2 NC 144 (Old Wire Road) – Wagram
Drowning CreekScotland-Hoke county line
NC 211 east – Raeford
East end of NC 211 overlap
US 1 south – Rockingham
South end of US 1 overlap
49.780.0 NC 5 – Pinehurst
US 1 north – Southern Pines
North end of US 1 overlap
NC 2 / NC 211 west – Southern Pines, West End
Roundabout, west end of NC 211 overlap
NC 73 west – West End
NC 22 south – Southern Pines
South end of NC 22 overlap
NC 22 north (McNiell Street)
North end of NC 22 overlap

NC 24 east / NC 27 east (Monroe Street)
East end of NC 24/NC 27 overlap

NC 24 east / NC 27 east – Cameron
West end of NC 24/NC 27 overlap
US 1 south – Cameron, Southern Pines
South end of US 1 overlap
NC 78 east (Tramway Road) – Cameron

US 1 Bus. north / NC 42 – Asheboro, Fuquay-Varina
South end of freeway; exit numbers follow US 1
82.3132.468Spring Lane
NC 87 / US 421 Bus. – Olivia, Pineview, Spout Springs
South end of NC 87 overlap
83.5134.469BBurns Drive
84.0135.270 US 421 – Fuquay-Varina, Dunn, Greensboro

US 1 north (Claude E. Pope Memorial Highway north) / US 1 Bus. south – Sanford
Roundabout interchange; north end of freeway section; northern end of US 1 concurrency; US 1 exit 71
Deep RiverBridge
NC 87 north – Graham, Burlington
North end of NC 87 overlap
US 64 Bus.
101.8163.8 US 64 – Siler City, Apex
OrangeChapel Hill115.0185.1
NC 54 west – Graham
South end of NC 54 overlap
NC 54 east (Raleigh Road)
North end of NC 54 overlap
119.2191.8Franklin StreetInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
DurhamDurham121.0194.7 I-40 – Greensboro, Raleigh

US 15 Bus. / US 501 Bus. (Chapel Hill Boulevard) / Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway – South Square
South end of freeway; signed as exit 105A (US 15 Bus./US 501 Bus.) and 105B (MLK Pkwy.)
124.5200.4106Cornwallis Road
125.5202.0107 NC 751 (Cameron Boulevard)
126.2203.1108AMorreene RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance ramps use C/D lanes

NC 147 (Durham Freeway) to I-85 south / US 70 west
Access via C/D lanes; signed as exits 108B (south) and 108C (north)
US 70 Bus. (Hillsborough Road)
Northbound exit and southbound entrance ramps use C/D lanes

I-85 south / US 70 west – Burlington, Greensboro
Southern end of I-85 / US 70 concurrency; I-85 exit 174A; southbound left exit and northbound left entrance
174BHillandale RoadExit numbers follow I-85
175 NC 157 (Guess Road)To NC School of Science & Math and Duke Homestead

I-85 / US 15 north / US 70 east – Oxford
North end of I-85/US 15/US 70 overlap; I-85 exit 176
176AGregson Street – NorthgateNorth end of freeway; no exit number southbound
US 501 Bus. (Roxboro Street)
NC 57 south – Hillsborough
South end of NC 57 overlap
US 158 east – Oxford
East end of US 158 overlap
NC 157 south – Durham

US 158 west / NC 49 south / NC 57 north – Yanceyville, Milton, Haw River
West end of US 158, south end of NC 49, and north end of NC 57 overlap
NC 49 north (Virgilina Road) – Virgilina
North end of NC 49 overlap
North CarolinaVirginia line
SR 96 east (Virgilina Road) – Virgilina

US 58 / US 360 / US 501 Truck north (Bill Tuck Highway) – Danville, Clarksville, Richmond, South Hill
South Boston11.5618.60
SR 304 east (Seymour Drive)
SR 129 north (North Main Street)

US 501 Truck south (Hamilton Boulevard)

SR 129 south (Old Halifax Road) / SR 884 west (Powell Road) – South Boston
SR 360 west (Mountain Road)
South end of concurrency with SR 360
SR 360 east (Bethel Road) – Crystal Hill, Richmond
North end of concurrency with SR 360
Volens SR 603 (Cody Road) – Republican Grove, CodyFormer SR 126 north
North Halifax38.2561.56

SR 40 west (Stage Coach Road) / SR 632 east (Hog Wallow Road) – Gretna
South end of concurrency with SR 40
SR 40 east (Lynchburg Avenue) – Charlotte CH, Patrick Henry Boys Home
North end of concurrency with SR 40
Gladys SR 652 (Pigeon Run Road) / SR 761 (Long Island Road) – Long Island, AltavistaFormer SR 126 south

SR 24 west (Colonial Highway) to US 29 – Roanoke
South end of concurrency with SR 24
SR 24 east (Village Highway) – Concord
North end of concurrency with SR 24
City of Lynchburg68.47110.19

US 29 north / US 460 east / US 460 Bus. west / US 501 Bus. north (Campbell Avenue) – Charlottesville, Appomattox, Washington
South end of freeway section; east end of concurrency with US 29/US 460
Odd Fellows Road

US 29 south / US 460 west – Roanoke, Danville
North end of freeway section; west end of concurrency with US 29/US 460

SR 128 east (Mayflower Drive) / SR 670 south (Candlers Mountain Road) – Liberty University
South end of concurrency with SR 128; partial interchange with SR 670

US 29 Bus. north (Lynchburg Expressway east) / SR 128 west (Candlers Mountain Road) – Charlottesville
North end of concurrency with SR 128; south end of concurrency with US 29 Bus.; south end of freeway section; Lynchburg Expwy. exit 8B

US 29 Bus. south – Danville
Exit numbers follow Lynchburg Expwy.; north end of concurrency with US 29 Bus.
US 460 Bus. (Timberlake Road / Fort Avenue)
Signed as exits 10A (east) and 10B (west)
74.88120.5111Graves Mill RoadFormer SR 126
To Breezewood DriveSouthbound exit and entrance only
76.12122.50 US 221 (Lakeside Drive) – Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, Lynchburg CollegeIntersection; north end of freeway section; west end of Lynchburg Expressway
77.66124.98Wiggington Road – Peaks View ParkInterchange

US 501 Bus. south (Boonsboro Road)
BedfordBig Island91.28146.90
SR 122 south (Big Island Highway) – Bedford
Blue Ridge ParkwayInterchange
SR 130 east (Elon Road) – Lynchburg
South end of concurrency with SR 130
SR 130 west (Wert Faulkner Highway) – Glasgow, Natural Bridge
North end of concurrency with SR 130
City of Buena Vista110.52177.86

US 501 Bus. north (Magnolia Avenue)

US 501 Bus. south (Park Avenue)
US 60 to I-81
Northern terminus; road continues as Rockbridge Avenue
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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