U.S. Route 87 in Montana

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U.S. Highway 87

US 87 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MDT
Length444.376 mi[1] (715.154 km)
Major junctions
South end I-90 / US 87 at the Wyoming state line
Major intersections
North end US 2 near Havre
CountryUnited States
CountiesBig Horn, Yellowstone, Musselshell, Petroleum, Fergus, Judith Basin, Cascade, Chouteau, Hill
Highway system
MT 86 MT 87

U.S. Highway 87 (US 87) is a north-south United States Numbered Highway in the state of Montana. It extends approximately 444.4 miles (715.2 km) from the Wyoming state line north to its terminus at US 2 near Havre.

Route description

US 87 enters Montana running concurrently with Interstate 90 (I-90) and travels westward for 45.3 miles (72.9 km) to Crow Agency, where US 212 merges with the route. The three routes continue westward for another 54.6 miles (87.9 km) to Billings, where it intersects with the western terminus of I-94 in suburban Lockwood. US 87 follows the I-90/US 212 concurrency for another 3.3 miles (5.3 km) before it heads north, following Main Street through Billings Heights. US 87 continues north for 51 miles (82 km) and intersects US 12, sharing a 2.1-mile (3.4 km) concurrency through Roundup. US 87 continues north with a slight bend to the northwest for 44.7 miles (71.9 km) until it intersects Montana State Highway 200 (MT 200) near Grass Range and takes a sharp turn west; US 87 remains concurrent with MT 200 until Great Falls. US 87 and MT 200 travel west for 30.6 miles (49.2 km) to Lewistown, where they merge with US 191 and continue heading generally westward. About 14.3 miles (23.0 km) west of Lewistown near Moore, it breaks with US 191 and merges with MT 3, where they head northwest for 64.7 miles (104.1 km) and merge with US 89 near Armington. The four-route concurrency of US 87/US 89/MT 3/MT 200 continues northwest for 22.7 miles (36.5 km) to Great Falls, where US 87 leaves all three and travels north through the city. North of Great Falls, US 87 travels northeast for 37.4 miles (60.2 km) to Fort Benton and a final 70 miles (110 km) to its terminus with US 2, about two miles (3.2 km) west of Havre.[1]


US 87 originally ran northwest out of Great Falls towards the eastern border of Glacier National Park to the Canadian Border at the Piegan Border Crossing. This was changed in 1934, when US 89 was diverted to US 87's routing north of Great Falls. US 87 ended in Great Falls until c. 1945 when it was extended to its current northern terminus near Havre.[2]

Major intersections

Big Horn0.0000.000

I-90 east / US 87 south – Casper, Rapid City
Continuation into Wyoming; exit numbers follow I-90
25.54141.104530 S-463 – Lodge Grass
US 212 east – Little Bighorn Battlefield, Broadus
Southern end of US 212 concurrency
47.01275.658509Crow Agency
I-90 BL west (Third Street) – Hardin
I-90 BL east / MT 47 – Hardin City Center
71.778115.515484Frontage Road – Toluca
77.541124.790478Fly Creek Road
Yellowstone86.511139.226469Arrow Creek Road
93.973151.235462Pryor Creek Road
I-94 east – Miles City, Bismarck
I-94 exit 0; western terminus of I-94
100.842162.289455Johnson Lane – Lockwood

I-90 west / US 212 west – Butte
Northern end of I-90 / US 212 concurrency; eastern terminus of I-90 BL; southern end of I-90 Bus. concurrency
104.552168.260 I-90 BL (1st Avenue N) – Billings City CenterNorthern end of I-90 Bus. concurrency
MusselshellCamp Three152.198244.939
US 12 west – Harlowton
Southern end of US 12 concurrency
US 12 east – Forsyth
Northern end of US 12 concurrency
S-244 north – Winnett
PetroleumNo major intersections

MT 19 east / MT 200 north – Malta, Jordan
Southern end of MT 200 concurrency; southern terminus of MT 19

US 87 Byp. north (Truck Bypass) to US 191 / S-238 south (1st Avenue) – Great Falls
US 87 Byp. is unsigned; former US 191 Bus.
US 191 north / US 87 Byp. south (Truck Bypass)
Southern end of US 191 concurrency; US 87 Byp. is unsigned
Eddies Corner246.791397.172

US 191 south / MT 3 south – Harlowton
Northern end of US 191 concurrency; southern end of MT 3 concurrency
Judith Basin252.944407.074
S-239 west – Hobson, Utica
S-426 north
S-207 north – Benchland
S-541 south
MT 80 north – Stanford, Fort Benton
MT 80 southern terminus
S-551 north – Geyser
S-427 south – White Sulphur Springs
CascadeArmington Junction311.488501.291
US 89 south – Monarch, White Sulphur Springs
Southern end of US 89 concurrency
S-331 north – Belt

S-227 north / S-228 south – Sand Coulee, Highwood
Great Falls330.966532.638

US 87 Byp. north (57th Street) – Malmstrom AFB

US 89 north / MT 3 west / MT 200 west (10th Avenue S) to I-15
Northern end of US 89 / MT 3 / MT 200 concurrency
335.893540.567River Drive (US 87 Byp. south)

To I-15 / US 89 north / MT 200 west / Northwest Bypass
S-225 north (Bootlegger Trail)
S-564 north
S-386 east

S-223 north / MT 80 south – Tiber Dam, Chester, Fort Benton
MT 80 northern terminus
S-387 south – Fort Benton
Big Sandy412.379663.660

S-432 north (Kenilworth Road) / S-236 south (Judith Landing Road)
HillBox Elder423.354681.322
S-448 east
S-334 south – Rocky Boy's Agency
West Havre444.376715.154 US 2 – Shelby, HavreUS 87 northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

The following are special routes of U.S. Route 87 in Montana.

Great Falls

By-pass plate.svg

U.S. Highway 87 Bypass

LocationGreat Falls
Length4.994 mi[3] (8.037 km)

U.S. Highway 87 Bypass (US 87 Byp.) exists on the eastern and northern edge of Great Falls. The route begins at 10th Avenue South (US 87/US 89/MT 3/MT 200) west of Malmstrom Air Force Base along 57th Street South and runs south to north. Just south of the intersection with 2nd Avenue North the name of the road changes to 57th Street North. At 10th Avenue North, the street name changes to River Drive North, then curves towards the west as it crosses a bridge over a former Milwaukee Road railroad line. The route heads straight west until after the intersection of North Park Trail where it curves to the northwest. After a railroad crossing and the entrance to Giant Springs State Park and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, the road curves to the southwest, generally following the south bank of the Missouri River. US 87 Byp. ends at US 87 south of the 15th Street Bridge, but River Drive North continues along the Missouri River through Riverside Park.[4] It is known internally by Montana Department of Transportation as Corridor N-102 (C005205).[3]


By-pass plate.svg

U.S. Highway 87 Bypass

Length3.253 mi[5] (5.235 km)

U.S. Highway 87 Bypass (US 87 Byp.) in Lewistown, also known as the Truck Bypass, is an unsigned highway follows the northern and western edge of the city. The route begins at Main Street (US 87/MT 200), just east of downtown, and follows 1st Avenue North to Kendall Road (US 191 north), where the roadway turns westward becoming 6th Avenue North and also becomes part of US 191. Just west of Lewistown, the roadway turns southwest and re-joins US 87/MT 200.[6] US 87 Byp. is unsigned as the majority of the route is signed as part of US 191. It is known internally by Montana Department of Transportation as part of Corridor N-43 (C000043) and N-75 (C000075).[5]


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