U.S. Route 191 in Montana

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U.S. Highway 191

US 191 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MDT
Length442.161 mi[1] (711.589 km)
Major junctions
South endYellowstone National Park at West Yellowstone
Major intersections
North end Hwy 4 at the Canadian border at Morgan
CountryUnited States
CountiesGallatin, Park (Wyoming), Park (Montana), Sweet Grass, Wheatland, Fergus, Phillips
Highway system
MT 141 MT 200

U.S. Highway 191 (US 191) is a north-south United States Numbered Highway in the state of Montana. It extends approximately 442.2 miles (711.7 km) from Yellowstone National Park north to the Canadian border.

Route description

US 191 in Montana begins at the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park concurrent with US 20 and US 287, at the edge of the town of West Yellowstone. Some commercially produced maps show US 191 going through Yellowstone National Park; however, it officially has a gap inside the park and resumes in Wyoming at the South Entrance. A few blocks into West Yellowstone, US 20 leaves the US 191 / US 287 concurrency and heads west toward the Targhee Pass and Idaho. The highway heads north, running concurrently with US 287 for eight miles (13 km) before veering slightly east and passing through Yellowstone National Park for 20 miles (32 km), traversing forested, mountainous terrain and briefly following a 5.5-mile (8.9 km) diversion into the state of Wyoming, before leaving the park in the upper reaches of the Gallatin River canyon. The route travels northward through the narrow canyon, past the resort community of Big Sky, then entering the Gallatin Valley near the town of Gallatin Gateway. US 191 travels north and east through the valley to the city of Bozeman, which is the largest city along the entire US 191 route.[1][2]

From Bozeman, US 191 is concurrent with I-90 eastward 60.5 miles (97.4 km) to Big Timber, where it proceeds north. The road travels through hilly ranch country near the eastern edge of the Crazy Mountains to Harlowton, where US 191 is briefly concurrent with US 12. North of Harlowton, US 191 is concurrent with MT 3 for 39 miles (63 km) to Eddie's Corner, where US 191 proceeds eastward to Lewistown on a roadway shared with US 87 and MT 200, in a wrong-way concurrency.[1][2]

US 191 continues north after going through Lewistown, crossing the Missouri River at the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, and through Malta, where it shares a brief concurrency with US 2. It ends at the Canada–United States border at Morgan, where the road continues into Saskatchewan as Highway 4 toward Swift Current.[1][2]


The routing of US 191 has drastically changed through the years, with original route designated in 1926 ran from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to West Yellowstone concurrent with US 20, which existed until 1981 when US 191 rerouted to its current alignment through Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.[3]

On February 1, 1935, US 191 was extended over Montana Highway 187 (also known as the Gallatin Way) to Bozeman.[4]

In 1996, US 191 was extended from Malta the Canadian border, absorbing former Montana Secondary Highway 242.[3]

Major intersections

MontanaGallatinYellowstone National Park−2.1−3.4West Entrance RoadContinuation into Wyoming; US 20 resumes at Yellowstone National Park's East Entrance; US 191/US 287 resume at the park's South Entrance
0.0000.000Yellowstone National Park West EntranceSouthern end of state maintenance of US 20/US 191/US 287 concurrency
West Yellowstone0.3650.587
US 20 west (Firehold Avenue) – Idaho Falls
Northern end of US 20 concurrency
US 287 north – Hebgen Lake, Ennis, Virginia City
Northern end of US 287 concurrency
Yellowstone National Park11.14717.939Yellowstone National Park boundary
No major junctions
MontanaGallatin31.47750.657Yellowstone National Park boundary
Big Sky Canyon48.19177.556
MT 64 west (Lone Mountain Trail) – Big Sky
Four Corners82.148132.204

MT 84 west / MT 85 north – Norris, Belgrade
I-90 BL west (7th Avenue)
Southern end of I-90 BL concurrency
MT 86 north (Rouse Avenue) – Bridger Bowl
I-90 west – Butte
Northern end of I-90 BL concurrency; eastern terminus of I-90 BL; southern end of I-90 concurrency; exit numbers follow I-90
97.053156.192313Bear Canyon Road
100.374161.536316Trail Creek Road
103.274166.203319Jackson Creek Road
108.233174.184324Ranch Access
I-90 BL east – Livingston
US 89 south – Yellowstone National Park, Livingston City Center
Southern end of US 89 concurrency
I-90 BL west – Livingston
US 89 north – White Sulphur Springs
Northern end of US 89 concurrency
126.990204.371343Mission Creek Road
134.154215.900350Eastern end Access
136.408219.527352Ranch Access
Sweet Grass138.015222.114354 S-563 – Springdale
145.798234.639362De Hart
Big Timber151.387243.634367
I-90 east – Billings
Northern end of I-90 concurrency; western terminus of I-90 BL; southern end of I-90 BL concurrency
S-298 south (McLeod Street)
I-90 BL east – Billings
Northern end of I-90 BL concurrency
S-478 east
US 12 west – White Sulphur Springs
Southern end of US 12 concurrency

US 12 east / MT 3 south / Nez Perce Trail – Billings
Northern end of US 12 concurrency; southern end of MT 3 concurrency
Judith Gap215.843347.366
S-279 south
FergusEddies Corner237.274381.855

US 87 north / MT 3 north / MT 200 west / Lewis and Clark Trail – Great Falls
Northern end of MT 3; southern end of US 87/MT 200 concurrency

US 87 south / MT 200 east / Lewis and Clark Trail – Lewistown
Northern end of US 87/MT 200 concurrency; western terminus of unsigned US 87 Byp.; southern end of US 87 Byp. concurrency
S-227 north (Joyland Road)

Truck Bypass (US 87 Byp. south) to US 87 / MT 200 – Billings
Northern end of US 87 Byp. unsigned concurrency
257.017413.629 S-426 (Hanover Road)
MT 81 west – Denton
S-236 north – Winifred
MT 19 south – Grass Range
MT 66 north / Nez Perce Trail – Harlem
US 2 east (North 1st Street East) / Lewis and Clark Trail – Glasgow
Southern end of US 2 concurrency
US 2 west / Lewis and Clark Trail – Havre
Northern end of US 2 concurrency
S-208 north – Whitewater
Morgan442.161711.589Canadian border at the Morgan Border Crossing
Hwy 4 north – Swift CurrentContinuation into Saskatchewan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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