U.S. Route 82 in Arkansas

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U.S. Highway 82

US 82 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
Length190.71 mi[1] (306.92 km)
ExistedJuly 1, 1931[2]–present
Major junctions
West end US 67 / US 59 / US 71 / US 82 in Texarkana, TX
Major intersections
East end US 82 / US 278 at the Mississippi River near Lake Village
CountryUnited States
CountiesMiller, Lafayette, Columbia, Union, Ashley, Chicot
Highway system
AR 81 AR 83

U.S. Highway 82 (US 82) in Arkansas is a major east–west arterial highway across the state's lowest tier of counties. It enters Arkansas from Texas, concurrent with US Highway 67, at a junction with US Highway 71 on the border between Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. The route leaves Arkansas on the Lake Village Bridge over the Mississippi River near Lake Village, crossing into Mississippi.

Route description

US 82 runs across the southern tier of counties in Arkansas, serving three cities of regional importance: Texarkana, Magnolia, and El Dorado in the Arkansas Timberlands. The eastern half of the route runs through the Lower Arkansas Delta, serving small towns and agricultural areas.

US 82 enters the state from Texarkana, TX concurrent with US 67 as a pair of one-way streets. Running east as 7th Street (the westbound half of the couplet is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd), the road enters Arkansas at an intersection with State Line Avenue. The junction provides US 67/ US 82 with access northward to US 59/US 71 via US 71Y (unsigned). At Hazel Street, US 67/US 82 intersects US 59/US 71, beginning a brief concurrency east to Hickory St, when US 59/US 71 turns south toward Shreveport, LA. The intersection is near the J.K. Wadley House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[3] The two one-way streets combine at Hickory St and run east as 9th Street to Broad Street, where US 67 turns northeast.[4] Continuing east, US 82 intersects Interstate 49 (I-49) with a diamond interchange, the only junction with an Interstate highway in Arkansas. In east Texarkana, US 82 intersects Highway 237 south of the Texarkana Regional Airport.

Highway 82 crosses the Red River

East of Texarkana, US 82 runs to the east side of Miller County near the Lafayette County line and Red River. The route intersects Highway 296 before turning south toward Garland, where it intersects Highway 134. US 82 turns east and crosses the Red River to enter Lafayette County. US 82 runs east to Lewisville, the county seat of Lafayettte County, where it intersects Highway 29 just south of downtown Lewisville. The route continues east to Stamps, where a concurrency begins with Highway 53 to Buckner, where Highway 53 turns north. East of Buckley, the highway crosses into Columbia County, with the county line following Dorcheat Bayou.[5]

After passing over Dorcheat Bayou, US 82 serves as the northern terminus of Highway 344 near Lake Columbia. Continuing east to Lumber, US 82 intersects Highway 98 and turns southeast toward Magnolia. Highway 98 in this area is a former alignment of US 82, which formerly ran through Waldo and McNeil.[6] US 82 intersects US 371 near the northwest corner of Magnolia; giving access to downtown Magnolia. US 82 serves as the northern boundary for Magnolia and Southern Arkansas University (SAU), including Walker Stadium at Goodheart Field, the football stadium. US 82 serves as the northern terminus of Highway 355 (Washington Street), which serves as the main road through campus. On the eastern side of the city, US 82 intersects and overlaps US 79 for 2.20 miles (3.54 km)[1] until a junction with US 82B (Main Street). US 82B runs west toward downtown Magnolia, US 79 continues south to Haynesville, Louisiana, and US 82 turns east as a section line road toward El Dorado.[7]

Entering Union County, US 82 serves as the southern terminus of Highway 57 at Marysville and Highway 172 at Cairo before passing the South Arkansas Regional Airport. Shortly after entering the city limits of El Dorado, US 82 veers right onto an divided highway, with a former alignment continuing toward the central business district as a business route. Along the city's southwest side, US 82 serves as a northern terminus of Highway 15 at exit 18. In the city's southeast corner, an interchange with US 167, US 63, and Highway 7 gives access to Camden, Hampton, and Bernice, LA. US 82 reconnects with the business route and runs east to Strong, where it has a junction with Highway 275 and Highway 129. East of Strong, US 82 enters the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge, passing north of Lake Jack Lee to cross the Ouachita River and enter Ashley County.[8]

US 82 overlaps with US 425 and Highway 8 in Hamburg

Highway 82 serves as the northern terminus of Highway 82 Spur, leading to the Port of Crossett, before the route exits the NWR. Entering Crossett, the route has an overlap with Highway 169 and passes a Georgia Pacific plant. North of downtown, Highway 82 intersects Highway 133 Truck, followed by a short overlap with Highway 133. The highway exits the town heading due east, turns north and begins an overlap with Highway 52 and US 425. Shortly after turning north, Highway 52 breaks from the concurrency toward the west, with US 82/US 425 continuing north to Hamburg. Upon entering the city, US 82/US 425 begins overlaps with Highway 52, passing the First United Methodist Church and Hamburg Commercial Historic District. North of downtown, US 82 turns east onto St. Louis Street, with US 425 and Highway 8 continuing north on Main Street. The route runs northeast to Thebes, where it has a junction with Highway 160 before bypassing Montrose, where US 82B serves the downtown business district. US 82 has a grade-separated intersection with US 165 in Montrose before continuing east into Chicot County.[9]

The route continues east to Lake Village; from there across the Mississippi River to Greenville, MS.


The route was designated on July 1, 1931.[2] In Arkansas, it replaced State Road 2.

US 82 was realigned around Waldo and Magnolia on February 25, 1954 on to present-day US 371. The former alignment of US 82 was redesignated at Highway 98.[6] On May 20, 1970, this segment was bypassed by a new terrain US 82. The former routings were renumbered Highway 98 and Highway 19 (now US 371), and the Magnolia business route was created.[10]

  • El Dorado was bypassed in the 1980s; Highway 2 is now a business route.
  • The segment between Crossett and Hamburg has been rerouted several times, most recently in the 1970s. Highway 2 is now parts of Highway 133 and Highway 52 north of Crossett, a short spur of Highway 189 in Hamburg, and a county road from the end of Highway 189 south to Highway 52.
  • Montrose was bypassed in the 1940s by a railroad overpass; Highway 2 is now a minor business route.

In 1989, the Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 622. This act authorized governor Bill Clinton to sign a compact with Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama to four-lane US 82 across the four states.[11] The compact also created the U.S. Highway 82 Four Lane Construction Authority to assist the effort.[12] Mike Kinard, state senator from Magnolia, sponsored the bill. Mississippi joined the effort in 1989, appointing three citizens to the Authority.[13] However, it appears the Authority was never created; with Texas, Alabama, and United States Congress coordination and approval never coming to pass.[14]

Major intersections


US 67 south / US 82 west – Dallas, Paris
Continuation into Texas

US 71 north (State Line Avenue)
West end of US 71 overlap for eastbound traffic; Texas state line
US 71 north (Hazel Street)
West end of US 71 overlap for westbound traffic
US 71 south (Hickory Street)
East end of US 71 overlap
US 67 north (Broad Street) – Airport
East end US 67 overlap
I-49 to I-30 / L.E. Gilliand Road – Shreveport, LA
I-49 exit 32
AR 237 (Rondo Road) to AR 196 – Rondo
AR 296 west
AR 296 eastern terminus
AR 134 west – Garland
AR 134 eastern terminus
Red River22.24–
MillerLafayette county line
LafayetteLewisville29.8948.10 AR 29 (Maple Street) – Hope, Bradley
AR 53 south
West end of AR 53 overlap
AR 53 north (Main Street) – Bodcaw
East end of AR 53 overlap
Dorcheat Bayou39.51–
LafayetteColumbia county line
AR 344 east – Lake Columbia
AR 344 western terminus
AR 98 east – Waldo
AR 98 western terminus
Magnolia50.4881.24 US 371 – Waldo, Magnolia
AR 355 south / County Road 13 – Magnolia, Southern Arkansas University
AR 355 northern terminus; access to Magnolia Regional Medical Center
US 79 north – Camden, Logoly State Park
West end of US 79 overlap

US 79 south / US 82B west – Minden, LA, Shreveport, LA, Magnolia Business District
East end of US 79 overlap, US 82B eastern terminus
64.58103.93 AR 98 – Village, Atlanta
AR 57 north – Mount Holly
AR 57 southern terminus
AR 172 east – Smackover
AR 172 eastern terminus
AR 335
El Dorado85.59137.7417
US 82B east (Hillsboro Street) – El Dorado Business District
US 82B western terminus
AR 15 south (Haynesville Hwy) – Parker's Chapel, El Dorado
AR 15 northern terminus
US 63 south (Haynesville Hwy) / US 167 / AR 7 – Junction City, El Dorado
US 82B west – El Dorado Business District
US 82B eastern terminus
AR 275 (Concord Street) / AR 129 south – Felsenthal Lock & Dam
AR 129 northern terminus
AshleyFelsenthal NWR123.80199.24
US 82S south – Port of Crossett
US 82S northern terminus
AR 169 (Hancock Road/Texas Street) – Industrial Park
AR 133T south (Dr. MLK Jr. Drive)
AR 133T northern terminus
AR 133 (Main Street)

US 425 south / AR 52 east – Bastrop, LA
Begin US 425/AR 52 concurrency
AR 52 west – North Crossett
End AR 52 concurrency
AR 189 west (Jackson Street) – Ashley County Fairgrounds
Begin AR 189 concurrency
AR 8 east (Parker Street) – Parkdale
Begin AR 8 concurrency
AR 189 west (Washington Street)
End AR 189 concurrency

US 425 north / AR 8 west (Main Street) – Monticello
End US 425/AR 8 concurrency
AR 160 east – Portland
AR 160 western terminus
US 82B east – Montrose Business District
US 82B western terminus
166.82268.47 US 165 – Wilmot, Portland, McGehee
US 82B west – Montrose Business District
US 82B eastern terminus[a]
AR 293 north
AR 293 southern terminus[b]
Lake Village178.86287.85

US 65 north / US 278 east / AR 144 west (St. Mary Street) – Pine Bluff, Lake Village Business District
Begin US 65/US 278 overlap, AR 144 western terminus
181.28291.74 AR 159 (Lakeshore Drive)
US 65 south – Eudora, Lake Providence
End US 65 overlap
AR 142 east
AR 142 western terminus
Mississippi River188.41–
Greenville Bridge

US 82 east / US 278 east – Greenville
Continuation into Mississippi
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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  2. ^ The milepost of this intersection is not specified by AHTD beyond 0.1 miles (0.16 km).[1]


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