U.S. Route 80 in Georgia

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U.S. Highway 80

US 80 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length296 mi[1] (476 km)
Major junctions
West end US 80 / SR 8 / SR 22 / SR 540 at the Alabama state line in Columbus
Major intersections
East end SR 26/ Tybrisa Street/Butler Avenue/Inlet Avenue in Tybee Island
CountryUnited States
CountiesMuscogee, Talbot, Taylor, Upson, Crawford, Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Laurens, Johnson, Emanuel, Bulloch, Bryan, Effingham, Chatham
Highway system
  • Georgia State Highway System
SR 79 SR 80
US 19SR 19 SR 20
SR 21SR 22 US 23
SR 25SR 26 US 27

U.S. Route 80 (US 80) is a 296-mile-long (476 km) U.S. Highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. It travels west-to-east from the Alabama state line in Columbus across the central portion of the state through cities such as Macon, Dublin, Statesboro, and Savannah to connect to its eastern terminus at an intersection with Tybrisa Street and Inlet Avenue in Tybee Island, near the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the roadway continues as Butler Avenue. US-80 is the main east-west non-Interstate route through Georgia.

In Georgia, all U.S. Highways have at least one state highway that travel concurrently along its route. The main ones that US 80 use are SR 540 from the Alabama state line to Geneva and in the eastern part of the Macon metropolitan area; SR 22 from the Alabama state line to Macon; SR 19 from Macon to a point southeast of Montrose; and SR 26 from that point to Tybee Island. From Macon to its Savannah, US 80 roughly parallels I-16, taking a more circuitous route to pass through the center several small towns that I-16 bypasses.

Route description

The highway crosses the Chattahoochee River from Alabama into Columbus where it proceeds along J. R. Allen Parkway through the northern section of the city as a limited-access freeway. Past Columbus, the road meanders through rural Georgia for roughly 50 miles (80 km) en route to Macon where it becomes the Eisenhower Parkway, so named in 1969 after the death of Dwight Eisenhower, and crosses Interstate 475 (I-475) and then I-75 before traveling through downtown Macon and merging with US 129/US 41 Bus. in a concurrency. The concurrency with US 41 Bus. ends at Walnut Street, and the one with US 129 ends at Riverside Drive. After crossing the Otis Redding Memorial Bridge over the Ocmulgee River, it has another interchange, this time with I-16. The highway joins southbound US 23/US 129 Alt. and parallels the northern boundary of Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park just east of the city.

Beyond Macon, the highway turns southeastward, traveling through the cities of Dublin, where it encircles the Laurens County Courthouse. Before the highway leaves Dublin, it is joined by US 319/SR 31, where all four highways cross the Herschel Lovett Bridge over the Oconee River, entering East Dublin, where US 319/SR 31 leaves to the northeast. Later it enters Swainsboro, where it is concurrent with SR 56, and Statesboro where it is concurrent with US 25, and traveling roughly parallel to I-16. On the outskirts of Savannah, the highway crosses I-95 and follows Louisville Road into the city's downtown area. After briefly merging with I-516, US 80 continues eastward along Victory Drive, just south of Savannah's historic district. At the community of Thunderbolt, where Victory Drive ends, US 80 crosses the Wilmington River and proceeds across the islands and marshes along the Atlantic Coast east of Savannah. There it crosses Lazaretto Creek onto Tybee Island. The final stretch of US 80 follows Butler Avenue across Tybee Island. The highway terminates at 19th Street, a few hundred feet from the ocean. A small monument at the intersection of Butler and Tybrisa Street marks the end of the highway.

The following portions of US 80 in Georgia are part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense:

  • From the Alabama state line to the SR 96 intersection in Geneva
  • From the I-475 interchange to the southern end of the US 129 concurrency in Macon
  • From the northern end of the US 129 concurrency in Macon to the SR 57 intersection in East Macon
  • The portion between US 441 Byp./SR 117 and US 441/SR 29 in Dublin
  • From the western end of the US 25/SR 67 concurrency in Hopeulikit to the US 301 Byp./SR 73 Byp. intersection in Statesboro
  • From the I-95 interchange in Pooler to an indeterminate point in Tybee Island.[2][3][4][5]


In 2017, it was planned to extended Jimmy DeLoach Parkway from its current southern terminus at US 80/SR 17/SR 26, partially along the path of Bloomingdale Road (from SR 17's current southern terminus at I-16 to just south of its intersection with the northern terminus of Pine Barren Road). Construction on the extension began in 2018.[6]


Part of US 80 from the Alabama state line to Geneva, Georgia is part of the Fall Line Freeway, a highway that connects Columbus and Augusta. This portion may eventually be incorporated into the proposed eastern extension of Interstate 14 (I-14), which is currently entirely within Central Texas and may be extended into Augusta.

The at-grade intersection at Jimmy DeLoach Parkway's current southern terminus is to be converted into a full diamond interchange. The extension of the parkway is planned to be designated as SR 1251 until it is opened. The former alignment of SR 17 is planned to be redesignated as SR 17 Conn. Also, the eastern end of Osteen Road, which lies on the right-of-way of the extension, is to be shifted to the west.[6]

Major intersections

Chattahoochee River0.000.00
US 80 west (SR 8 west) – Phenix City, Montgomery
Continuation into Alabama

SR 22 begins / SR 540 begins
Bridge; western end of SR 22 and SR 540 (Fall Line Freeway) concurrencies; western terminus of SR 22 and SR 540 at state line
SR 22 Conn. to SR 85 – Downtown Columbus
Northern terminus of SR 22 Conn.
1.32.12 SR 219 (River Road)
2.23.53Bradley Park DriveSigned as exits 3A (east) and 3A (west)
3.35.34 I-185 (SR 411) / US 27 / SR 1 (Veterans Parkway) – Fort Moore, AtlantaI-185 exit 10
5Moon RoadEastbound exit is combined with exit 4; also has exit for US 27/SR 1 (Veterans Parkway)
6.810.96Schomburg Road / Blackmon Road
Midland9.515.3Flat Rock RoadAt-grade intersection; eastern end of freeway
9.815.8 US 27 Alt. / SR 85 – Manchester, ColumbusInterchange
SR 22 Spur west (Macon Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 22 Spur
TalbotBox Springs26.142.0
SR 355 south – Buena Vista, Cusseta
Northern terminus of SR 355
SR 41 south – Buena Vista, Oakland
Western end of SR 41 concurrency

SR 96 east / SR 540 east (Fall Line Freeway) to SR 240 east – Junction City
Western terminus of SR 96; eastern end of SR 540 concurrency

SR 90 east / SR 208 east (Clark Street) – Junction City
Western end of SR 208 concurrency; western terminus of SR 90
SR 208 west (Monroe Street) – Waverly Hall
Eastern end of SR 208 concurrency
SR 41 north (North Washington Avenue) – Manchester, Warm Springs, Woodland
Eastern end of SR 41 concurrency

US 19 south / SR 3 south – Butler, Americus
Western end of US 19/SR 3 concurrency
Flint River56.791.2Garland T. Byrd Bridge

US 19 north / SR 3 north – Thomaston
Eastern end of US 19/SR 3 concurrency
US 341 / SR 7 / SR 42 north – Barnesville, Fort Valley
Western end of SR 42 concurrency
SR 42 south – Byron
Eastern end of SR 42 concurrency
BibbFulton Mill Road – Central State Prison, Ed DeFore Sports ComplexFormer SR 361
Macon90.5145.6 I-475 (SR 408) – Atlanta, ValdostaI-475 exit 3
94.4151.9 US 41 / SR 247 (Pio Nono Avenue) – Forsyth, Warner Robins
94.7152.4 I-75 (SR 401) / SR 540 (Fall Line Freeway) – Atlanta, Valdosta, ColumbusI-75 exit 162

US 41 Bus. south / US 129 south / SR 11 south / SR 49 south (Broadway)
Western end of US 41 Bus./SR 49 and US 129/SR 11 concurrencies

US 41 Bus. north / SR 22 east / SR 49 north (Walnut Street) – Gray, Milledgeville
Eastern end of US 41 Bus./SR 49 and SR 22 concurrencies
97.8157.4Riverside Drive (US 129 / SR 11 / SR 87 north)Eastern end of US 129/SR 11 concurrency; western end of SR 87 concurrency
97.8157.4Otis Redding Memorial Bridge[7] over the Ocmulgee River

I-16 (SR 404) / SR 540 west (Fall Line Freeway) – Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus
I-16 exit 2; western end of SR 540 concurrency

US 23 / US 129 Alt. / SR 19 north (Emery Highway west)
Western end of US 23/US 129 Alt./SR 19 concurrency
East Macon
US 129 Alt. south (US 23 / SR 87 south) – Cochran
Eastern end of US 23/US 129 Alt. concurrency; no westbound access to US 23/US 129 Alt./SR 87 south

SR 87 Conn. south (Ocmulgee E. Boulevard) – Cochran
Northern terminus of SR 87 Conn.

SR 57 east / SR 540 east (Fall Line Freeway) – Eulonia, Augusta
Western terminus of SR 57; eastern end of SR 540 concurrency

SR 96 west / SR 18 west – Geneva, West Point
Western end of SR 96 concurrency

SR 96 east – Irwinton
Eastern end of SR 96 concurrency
SR 26 west – Cochran
Western end of SR 26 concurrency
Dudley SR 338 – Irwinton, DexterWestern end of US 319/SR 31 concurrency
US 441 Byp. / SR 117Eastern end of US 319/SR 31 concurrency

US 441 / SR 19 north / SR 29 south
Eastern end of SR 19 concurrency; western end of SR 29 concurrency

US 319 / SR 31 south – Thomasville
Western end of US 319/SR 31 concurrency
Oconee River
East Dublin
US 319 north / SR 31 (Wrightsville Avenue) – Wadley
Eastern end of US 319/SR 31 concurrency

SR 29 south (Soperton Avenue) – Milledgeville
Eastern end of SR 29 concurrency
county line
Adrian SR 15 / SR 78 (Poplar Street) – Kite, Soperton
Emanuel US 221 / SR 171 – Soperton, Kite
US 1 / SR 4 / SR 57 – Folkston, Augusta
SR 56 south – Stillmore, Wrightsville, Swainsboro Technical College, Airport
Western end of SR 56 concurrency; former SR 57 west (Kite Road)
SR 4 Bus. (North Main Street) / US 1 Bus. – Folkston, AugustaFormer SR 57 east (South Main Street) to US 1

SR 56 north – Augusta
Eastern end of SR 56 concurrency
Twin City SR 192 (5th Avenue) – Oak Park, Summertown
SR 23 (Railroad Street) – Folkston, Augusta
SR 121 – Folkston, Augusta

US 25 north / SR 67 north – Millen, Magnolia Springs State Park
Western end of US 25/SR 67 concurrency

US 25 Byp. south / SR 67 Byp. south (Veterans Memorial Parkway) – Millen, Paulson Stadium, Sylvania
Northern terminus of US 25 Byp./SR 67 Byp.

US 25 south / SR 67 / SR 73 south – Thomasville
Eastern end of US 25/SR 67 concurrency
US 301 (East Main Street) / SR 24
US 301 Byp. (Veterans Memorial Parkway / SR 73 Byp.) – Airport, MC Anderson Sports Complex
SR 119 Conn. south – Stilson
Western terminus of SR 119 Conn.
SR 119 north – Springfield
Western end of SR 119 concurrency

SR 119 south – Riceboro
Eastern end of SR 119 concurrency
US 280 / SR 30 to I-16 – Pembroke
Eastern terminus of US 280, western end of SR 30 concurrency; former western end of US 280 concurrency

SR 17 north / SR 30 east – Statesboro
Eastern end of SR 30 concurrency, western end of SR 17 concurrency

SR 17 Conn. begins / SR 17 south (Jimmy DeLoach Parkway east) to I-95
Current western terminus of Jimmy DeLoach Parkway;[6] eastern end of SR 17 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 17 Conn.; western end of SR 17 Conn. concurrency;[6] future diamond interchange[6]

SR 17 Conn. south (Bloomingdale Road) to I-16
Eastern end of SR 17 Conn. concurrency

Pooler Parkway to I-16 / I-95
I-95 (SR 405) – Florence, BrunswickI-95 exit 102
Garden City
SR 307 (Dean Forest Road) to I-16 – Port Wentworth
Chatham Parkway south / Heidt Street north – Chatham County Administrative ComplexNorthern terminus of Chatham Parkway; southern terminus of Heidt Street; former SR 167 south

SR 26 Conn. north (Bypass Road) to SR 21 north
Southern terminus of SR 26 Conn.; erroneously signed as "To SR 25 Conn." as well
Main Street northFormer US 17 north / SR 25 north
SR 25 Conn. north (Bay Street) – Downtown
Western end of SR 25 Conn. concurrency; former US 17/SR 21/SR 25 south/US 80/SR 26 east

SR 25 Conn. end / I-516 west / SR 21 / SR 25 north / Augusta Avenue east
Eastern end of SR 25 Conn. concurrency; western end of I-516/SR 21/SR 25 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 25 Conn.; no eastbound access to I-516 west; I-516 exit 7A
6Gwinnett Street – Amtrak stationWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; exit numbers follow I-516.
I-16 (SR 404) / US 17 north – Macon
Western end of US 17 concurrency; I-16 exits 164A-B
4Tremont RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance

I-516 east / SR 21 south (W.F. Lynes Parkway east) / US 17 south (SR 25 south / Ogeechee Road west) – Brunswick, Savannah Tech, Hunter Army Air Field
Eastern end of I-516/SR 21/SR 25 and US 17 concurrencies; I-516 exit 3
Stiles AvenueInterchange; no westbound exit; former US 17 Alt./SR 25A north
Martin Luther King Jr. BoulevardFormer US 17S
Montgomery StreetFormer US 17N
Abercorn StreetFormer SR 204
Harry Truman ParkwayInterchange
Whitemarsh IslandJohnny Mercer Boulevard eastFormer US 80 east / SR 367 east
Islands Expressway westPartial interchange; western end of Islands Expressway
Turner CreekBridge; eastern end of Islands Expressway
Talahi IslandJohnny Mercer Boulevard westFormer US 80 west / SR 367 west
Tybee Island296.0476.4
SR 26 ends / 16th Street / Inlet Avenue
Eastern terminus of US 80 and SR 26; eastern end of SR 26 concurrency; road continues south as Butler Avenue.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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