U.S. Route 40 in Illinois

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U.S. Route 40

National Road
US 40 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length159.8 mi[1][2] (257.2 km)
Existed1926 (1926)–present
Historic National Road
Major junctions
West end I-55 / I-64 / US 40 in East St. Louis
Major intersections
East end I-70 / US 40 near State Line, IN
CountryUnited States
CountiesSt. Clair, Madison, Bond, Fayette, Effingham, Cumberland, Clark
Highway system
IL 39 IL 40
IL 10IL 11 US 12

U.S. Route 40 (US 40) runs east–west across south central Illinois for 159.8 miles (257.2 km). US 40 enters the state from Missouri across the Poplar Street Bridge over the Mississippi River at East St. Louis concurrent with Interstate 55 (I-55) and I-64 and exits just south of State Line, Indiana, running concurrently with I-70. For the majority of its route through Illinois, US 40 follows the National Road, including the route's initial western terminus at Vandalia.

For nearly its entire route, US 40 is two-lane and rural, with the exception of portions in and around major towns and cities. For its entire length, US 40 closely aligns with I-70. Not only does the route intersect with the Interstate six times, but also has three concurrencies with the highway; both highways exit into Indiana on the same road.

Route description

East St. Louis to Highland

Starting from the Poplar Street Bridge, US 40, as well as I-55 and I-64, enters East St. Louis. Just east of the bridge, the three routes run concurrently with IL 3 as well as the Great River Road. After a series of interchanges, both I-64 and IL 3 branches off while I-70 joins the I-55/US 40 concurrencies. From then on, they meet IL 203 at a combination interchange, IL 111 at a diamond interchange, Black Lane at an incomplete interchange, I-255 at another combination interchange, IL 157 at a parclo interchange, and IL 159 at a cloverleaf interchange. At a trumpet interchange 17 miles (27 km) from the Missouri state line, US 40 branches off from I-55 and I-70. From then on, it meets IL 162 and then IL 4 at a one-quadrant interchange.[1]

Highland to Vandalia

Starting at Highland, US 40 runs concurrently with IL 143. Then, at the roundabout, IL 160 joins the concurrency. IL 160 soon leaves the concurrency around a mile east of the roundabout. IL 143 then also leaves US 40. US 40 then joins I-70 again from exit 30 to the next exit, exit 36. After US 40 leaves I-70, it parallels I-70 for most of the length through Illinois. At a parclo interchange on exit 41 for I-70, US 40 turns south and then east from the northern part of the interchange. It then meets IL 127 at Greenville, IL 140 east of Mulberry Grove, and I-70 at another diamond interchange (exit 61).[1]

Vandalia to Indiana state line

In Vandalia, IL 185 joins US 40 eastward. Then, the two routes run concurrently with US 51 all the way to downtown. US 51 then leaves the concurrency of two routes. Then, IL 185 also leaves from US 40 just west of another diamond interchange of I-70 (exit 68). IL 128 joins US 40 up to Altamont where IL 128 branches south to I-70. As US 40 reaches Effingham, it briefly bends north until it reaches the intersection of US 40/IL 32/IL 33. At that point, only IL 33 carries on eastward with US 40.[1] At downtown Effingham, US 45 briefly joins from the south and then leaves northward. Soon, IL 33 branches off eastward. From then on, US 40 intersects IL 130, IL 49, and IL 1. US 40 then joins I-70 at another diamond interchange for the third time as the two are about to enter Indiana.[2]


Up until 1935, Illinois Route 11 (IL 11) roughly followed the old alignment of US 40 from St. Louis to near Terre Haute, Indiana.[3] After 1935, IL 11 was decommissioned.[4] But in the mid-1940s, IL 11 was reused after US 40 was realigned south of downtown Greenville and Mulberry Grove, Illinois.[5] In 1947, IL 11 was extended to Vandalia via US 40's old alignment after US 40 bypassed Hagarstown.[6] It followed a part of the original alignment of US 40 between IL 127 in Greenville and US 51 in Vandalia.[6] By 1948, IL 11 was partially replaced by US 40 Alternate; later acquired by IL 140 in 1967.[7][8]

Major intersections

Mississippi River0.00.0

I-55 south / I-64 west / US 40 west to I-44 – St. Louis, Tulsa, Memphis, Kansas City
Continuation into Missouri
Poplar Street Bridge
St. ClairEast St. Louis0.60.971

IL 3 south (Mississippi Avenue) / Great River Road south – Cahokia
Western end of IL 3/GRR concurrency
0.91.413th Street/Tudor AvenueEntrance ramp from Piggott Avenue; no exit number
IL 15 east (Barack Obama Avenue) – Business District
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; to Broadway Avenue
1.82.92AThird Street – Eads BridgeWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
1.93.12B-CMartin Luther King BridgeDowntown St. LouisWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; left exit is signed as exit 2B and right exit as 2C

I-64 east / IL 3 north / St. Clair Avenue – Louisville
Eastern end of I-64/IL 3 concurrency; signed as exit 3 eastbound
I-70 west – Kansas City
Western end of I-70 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
3.04.83CExchange AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
MadisonFairmont City line4.06.44 IL 203 – Fairmont City, Granite City, Collinsville RoadSigned as exits 4A (south) & 4B (north) westbound
MadisonFairmont City6.310.16
IL 111 / Great River Road north – Wood River, Washington Park
Eastern end of GRR concurrency
Collinsville8.814.29Black LaneEastbound exit and westbound entrance
I-255 to I-270 – Memphis
I-255 exit 25A/B
11.017.711 IL 157 (Bluff Road) – Collinsville, Edwardsville
Maryville14.623.515 IL 159 – Collinsville, MaryvilleSigned as exits 15A (south) & 15B (north)

I-55 north / I-70 east – Chicago, Indianapolis
East end of I-55 / I-70 overlap; I-55/70 exit 17
Jarvis Township20.933.6
IL 162 west / Historic National Road – Troy, Granite City
Eastern terminus of IL 162; Granite City signed westbound only
St. Jacob Township23.237.3 IL 4 / Historic National Road – Lebanon, StauntonOne-quadrant interchange
IL 143 west / Walnut Street – Edwardsville, Business District
West end of IL 143 overlap
IL 160 north / Poplar Street
West end of IL 160 overlap
Saline Township31.150.1
IL 160 south (Sycamore Street) / Historic National Road – Trenton, Highland
East end of IL 160 overlap; Trenton signed eastbound, Highland westbound
IL 143 east / Historic National Road / Gary Street – Pierron
East end of IL 143 overlap
I-70 west / Steiner Road – East St. Louis
West end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 30
BondOld Ripley Township39.4–
I-70 east / Pokey Road – Effingham
East end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 36
Pocahontas Historic National Road (State Street)
Central Township45.372.9 I-70 / Millersburg Road – Effingham, St. LouisDirect access to/from I-70 east via Millersburg Road; destinations signed westbound only; I-70 exit 41
Historic National Road
Greenville49.078.9 IL 127 – Greenville, Carlyle, Carlyle Lake
FayetteBear Grove Township Historic National RoadFormerly IL 140
IL 140 west / Historic National Road – Mulberry Grove
Eastern terminus of IL 140
I-70 – St. Louis, EffinghamI-70 exit 61
IL 185 west (Hillsboro Road) / Sunset Drive – Coffeen, Lake Vandalia
West end of IL 185 overlap

US 51 north (North Kennedy Boulevard) / Lincoln Heritage Trail to I-70 – Pana
West end of US 51 overlap; Pana signed eastbound only
Historic National Road (Gallatin Street)Formerly IL 140
Vandalia Township68.5110.2
US 51 south / Lincoln Heritage Trail  / East 1555 Avenue – Sandoval
East end of US 51 overlap
Otego Township72.6116.8
IL 185 east – St. Peter
East end of IL 185 overlap
I-70 – Effingham, St. LouisI-70 exit 68
county line
township line
IL 128 north / North First Street – Cowden, Shelbyville, Lake Shelbyville
West end of IL 128 overlap; Lake Shelbyville signed eastbound only

IL 128 south (South Main Street) to I-70 / South Main Street – Business District
East end of IL 128 overlap

IL 32 north / IL 33 west (South Henrietta Street) to I-57 / I-70 / West Fayette Avenue – Shumway
West end of IL 33 overlap; southern terminus of IL 32
US 45 south (South Banker Street) / South Banker Street – Flora
West end of US 45 overlap

US 45 north (South Third Street) / Historic National Road to I-57 / I-70 / South Third Street
East end of US 45 overlap
IL 33 east (South Willow Street) / South Willow Street – Newton
East end of IL 33 overlap
Historic National Road (Jefferson Avenue)
CumberlandUnion Township Historic National Road (Cumberland Road)
Greenup123.2198.3 IL 130 (South Haughton Highway) – Newton, Charleston
Historic National Road (Cumberland Street)
ClarkCasey Historic National Road (Cumberland Road)
IL 49 to I-70 – Willow Hill, Kansas
Martinsville Township Historic National Road (Cumberland Street)
Marshall Township Historic National Road
Marshall150.5242.2 IL 1 (North Michigan Avenue) – Paris, Lawrenceville, Lincoln Trail State Park
Historic National Road
Wabash Township157.8254.0154
I-70 west / Historic National Road (West Illiana Drive) – Effingham
West end of I-70 overlap; I-70 exit 154

I-70 east / US 40 east – Terre Haute
Continuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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