U.S. Route 15 in Pennsylvania

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U.S. Route 15

US 15 highlighted in red and business loops in blue
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length194.89 mi[1] (313.65 km)
Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway
Major junctions
South end US 15 at Maryland border near Gettysburg
Major intersections US 30 near Gettysburg

I-76 Toll / Penna Turnpike near Mechanicsburg
US 11 / PA 581 in Camp Hill
I-81 near Enola
US 22 / US 322 near Duncannon
US 522 near Selinsgrove
US 11 in Shamokin Dam
I-80 near Lewisburg

Future I-99 / I-180 / US 220 in Williamsport
US 6 in Mansfield
North end I-99 / US 15 at New York border near Lawrenceville
CountryUnited States
CountiesAdams, York, Cumberland, Perry, Dauphin, Juniata, Snyder, Union, Lycoming, Tioga
Highway system
PA 14 PA 15
PA 403PA 404 PA 405

U.S. Route 15 (US 15) is United States Numbered Highway that runs from Walterboro, South Carolina, north to Painted Post, New York. In Pennsylvania, the highway runs for 194.89 miles (313.65 km), from the Maryland state line just south of Gettysburg, north to the New York state line near Lawrenceville.

Route description

US 11/US 15 northbound in Wormleysburg

US 15 enters Pennsylvania south of Gettysburg, Adams County, from Frederick County, Maryland, on a freeway alignment. The route heads to the north and bypasses Gettysburg, where the route has an interchange with US 30. The freeway alignment ends temporarily at York Springs, carrying US 15 on a four-lane, divided alignment with at-grade intersections until the route upgrades to a freeway again in Dillsburg. The route continues north toward Harrisburg, where the freeway terminates again as US 15 joins with US 11. The two routes begin to follow the west shore of the Susquehanna River with limited-access sections until they split across the river from Sunbury. US 15 continues north into Williamsport, joining Interstate 180 (I-180) and US 220. At I-180's western terminus, US 220, signed south, heads due west toward Jersey Shore and Lock Haven, while US 15 turns due north through Mansfield and crosses into New York near Lawrenceville, Tioga County.

US 15 northbound past PA 642 in White Deer Township, Union County

The majority of US 15 is four lanes, alternating between limited and unlimited access. There are two segments where the road is two lanes. One is from East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, just north of the I-81 interchange, to just south of Duncannon. The other is between White Deer and South Williamsport. The segment between Williamsport and the New York state line will eventually be designated I-99.


Pennsylvania Route 404

LocationShamokin DamWilliamsport

With the adoption of the U.S. Numbered Highway System, US 15 originally terminated at Harrisburg, while US 111 serviced the modern route north of that point. In 1937, US 15 was extended north to the New York state line, effectively replacing US 111 north of Harrisburg. However, instead of replacing US 111's old routing directly, US 15 ran along the east bank of the Susquehanna River between Harrisburg and Williamsport while the road on the western bank of the river was Pennsylvania Route 14 (PA 14) between Lemoyne and Duncannon, US 11 between Duncannon and Shamokin Dam, and PA 404 between Shamokin Dam and Williamsport.[2] In 1941, US 15 was rerouted to follow the western bank of the river between Harrisburg and Williamsport, replacing PA 14 between Lemoyne and Duncannon, running concurrent with US 11 between Lemoyne and Shamokin Dam, and replacing the entire length of PA 404. The former alignment of US 15 on the east side of the river became PA 14.[3][4]

On June 28, 1963, the US 15 bypass of Gettysburg was opened to traffic, with the former alignment through Gettysburg becoming US 15 Bus. The project to construct the bypass cost $8 million. No formal ceremony was held to mark the opening of the highway, as it was felt local officials were too busy preparing for events related to the centennial of the Battle of Gettysburg.[5][6]

On November 17, 2009, US 15 was widened to four lanes across Steam Valley Mountain in northern Lycomimg County with the opening of the new southbound lanes. In addition, interchanges were constructed at PA 184 and Green Mountain Road/Steam Valley Road. A ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by local officials was held.[7]


The section of US 15 north of Williamsport will gain the additional designation of I-99 when the connection from I-76 to I-86 is completed. No additional work is needed to upgrade this stretch, as it is already up to Interstate standards.[8]

As part of the construction of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway, US 15 is planned to be rerouted to the new freeway between Selinsgrove and Union Township, bypassing Shamokin Dam. The former alignment of US 15 through Shamokin Dam will be designated as US 15 Business, partly running concurrent with US 11.[9]

Major intersections

AdamsFreedom Township0.00.0
US 15 south (Catoctin Mountain Highway) – Frederick
Continuation into Maryland
US 15 Bus. (Steinwehr Avenue)
Cumberland Township5.889.46 PA 134 (Taneytown Road)
Mount Joy Township8.1513.12
PA 97 south (Baltimore Pike)
Northern terminus of PA 97; access to Gettysburg National Military Park
Straban Township10.0116.11 PA 116 (Hanover Road)
11.5218.54 US 30 (York Street)Access to Gettysburg College

PA 394 / US 15 Bus. south – Hunterstown
Northern terminus of US 15 Bus.; access to Gettysburg College
Tyrone Township19.5931.53 PA 234 – East Berlin, Heidlersburg
Huntington Township23.5937.96 PA 94 – Hanover, York Springs
North end of freeway
YorkDillsburgCarroll Township line32.5152.32

PA 74 south (Baltimore Street) to PA 194 – Dillsburg, York
South end of PA 74 concurrency
PA 74 north (York Road) – Williams Grove, Carlisle
North end of PA 74 concurrency
CumberlandUpper Allen TownshipSouth end of freeway
36.3258.45Lisburn Road
37.6860.64 PA 114 – Bowmansdale, Mechanicsburg
38.7262.31Winding Hill Road/Cumberland Parkway
I-76 Toll / Penna Turnpike – Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
Exit 236 (Gettysburg Pike) on I-76/Penna Turnpike; E-ZPass or toll-by-plate
Lower Allen Township40.3164.87Wesley Drive/Rossmoyne Road
41.0366.03Slate Hill Road
41.7667.21Lower Allen Drive
Camp Hill42.4968.38

US 11 south / PA 581 (Harrisburg Expressway/Capital Beltway) to I-81 / I-83 – Carlisle, Harrisburg, York
Exit 5 on PA 581; south end of US 11 concurrency
North end of freeway
PA 641 west (Trindle Road) – Mechanicsburg
Eastern terminus of PA 641
Camp HillEast Pennsboro Township lineM. Harvey Taylor Bridge – HarrisburgNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
East Pennsboro Township47.3476.19
PA 944 west (State Street)
Eastern terminus of PA 944; no access from PA 944 to northbound US 11/US 15
50.3581.03 I-81 (Capital Beltway) – Carlisle, HarrisburgExit 65 on I-81
PA 850 west (Valley Street)
Eastern terminus of PA 850
Penn TownshipSouth end of freeway
Penn TownshipDuncannon line60.1096.72
PA 274 west – Duncannon
Eastern terminus of PA 274
DauphinReed Township62.59100.73 US 22 / US 322 – Harrisburg, Lewistown
PerryWatts TownshipNorth end of freeway
Buffalo Township72.78117.13
PA 34 south (Hunters Valley Road) – Newport
Northern terminus of PA 34
PA 17 west – Millerstown
Eastern terminus of PA 17
Liverpool Township78.90126.98
PA 104 north – Middleburg
Southern terminus of PA 104
JuniataNo major intersections
SnyderPenn TownshipSouth end of freeway
PA 35 south – Selinsgrove
Northern terminus of PA 35
Monroe Township95.58153.82
US 522 south – Selinsgrove
Northern terminus of US 522
North end of freeway
Shamokin Dam96.63155.51

PA 61 south / PA 147 south – Sunbury
Interchange; northern terminus of PA 61; south end of PA 147 concurrency
US 11 north – Northumberland, Danville
North end of US 11 concurrency
UnionUnion Township

PA 147 north (Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway) to I-80 / I-180 – Milton
Interchange; north end of PA 147 concurrency
PA 304 west – New Berlin
Eastern terminus of PA 304
East Buffalo TownshipLewisburg line105.79170.25 PA 45 (Market Street) – Lewisburg Business District
PA 192 west (Buffalo Road) – Cowan
Eastern terminus of PA 192
Kelly TownshipSouth end of freeway
PA 642 east (Mahoning Street) – Milton, West Milton, Pottsgrove
Western terminus of PA 642
White Deer Township111.78179.89New Columbia
112.57181.16 I-80 – Bloomsburg, BellefonteExit 210 on I-80
114.29183.93Watsontown, White Deer
North end of freeway
Gregg Township116.81187.99 PA 44 (Bridge Avenue) – Jersey Shore, Dewart
LycomingClinton Township122.66197.40
PA 54 east – Montgomery
Western terminus of PA 54
South Williamsport128.34206.54
PA 554 south (South Market Street)
Northern terminus of PA 554
PA 654 west (Southern Avenue)
Eastern terminus of PA 654
Williamsport129.35208.17South end of freeway

I-180 east / US 220 north – Montoursville, Muncy
Exit 27A on I-180; south end of I-180/US 220 concurrency
129.85208.9727BHepburn StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
130.53210.0728Maynard StreetAccess to Pennsylvania College of Technology

US 220 south / Future I-99 south – Lock Haven

I-180 ends
Exit 29 on I-180; north end of I-180/U.S. 220 concurrencies; western terminus of I-180; future south end of I-99 concurrency
132.09212.58136Third StreetNorthbound exit and entrance
132.37213.03136Fourth StreetSouthbound exit and entrance
Old Lycoming Township132.99214.03137Foy Avenue/High Street/Lycoming Creek Road
Lycoming Township136.34219.42140Hepburnville
138.90223.54143 PA 973 – Perryville, Cogan StationSouthbound exit
Lewis Township144.00231.75148
PA 14 north – Trout Run, Canton
Southern terminus of PA 14
Cogan House Township148.27238.62152Cogan House (Green Mountain Road)[7][11]Southbound exit and entrance.
Connected to Steam Valley Road via State Route 4011
148.89239.62152Cogan House (Steam Valley Road)[7][11]Northbound exit and entrance.
Connected to Green Mountain Road via State Route 4011
PA 184 west – Steam Valley[7][11]
Eastern terminus of PA 184
Jackson Township153.68247.32158
PA 284 west – Buttonwood, English Center
Eastern terminus of PA 284
TiogaLiberty158.81255.58162 PA 414 – Liberty, Morris
Richmond Township175.55282.52179

US 15 Bus. north / PA 660 west – Canoe Camp, Covington
Southern terminus of US 15 Bus.; eastern terminus of PA 660
Mansfield177.82286.17182 US 6 – Mansfield, WellsboroAccess to Hills Creek State Park and Mansfield University
Richmond Township179.16288.33183

US 15 Bus. south (Main Street)
Southbound exit, northbound entrance; northern terminus of US 15 Bus.
Tioga Township187.65301.99191 PA 287 – Tioga, Tioga Junction
Lawrence Township192.46309.73196 PA 49 – Elkland, LawrencevilleAccess to Cowanesque Lake

I-99 north / US 15 north – Corning
Continuation into New York
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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