Pennsylvania Route 66

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Pennsylvania Route 66

Major highways in Western Pennsylvania with PA 66 in red and alternate routes in blue
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT and PTC
Length139.7 mi[1][2] (224.8 km)
Major junctions
South end
Major intersections
North end US 6 in Kane
CountryUnited States
CountiesWestmoreland, Armstrong, Clarion, Forest, Elk, McKean
Highway system
PA 65 PA 67
PA 564PA-566 (1926).svg PA 568

Pennsylvania Route 66 (PA 66) is a 139.7-mile-long (224.8 km) state highway in Western Pennsylvania. Its southern terminus is at U.S. Route 119 (US 119) just east of Interstate 70 (I-70) near New Stanton. Its northern terminus is at US 6 in Kane.

The southernmost 13.7 miles (22.0 km) of the route is a toll road named the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass and is signed as PA Turnpike 66, a part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike System serving as a bypass of Greensburg. The Bypass runs between US 119 and US 22. This portion is also part of Corridor M of the Appalachian Development Highway System.

Route description

PA 66 northbound in Highland Township

Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass

PA Turnpike 66 begins in New Stanton at a cloverleaf interchange with US 119, immediately east of connections to Interstate 70 and Interstate 76/Pennsylvania Turnpike. Up to Arona Road, its first interchange, no tolls are collected. The route then meets PA 136 before reaching the Hempfield Toll Plaza. Near Jeannette, PA Turnpike 66 interchanges with US 30 and PA 130. North of here, the road meets PA 66 Business before reaching the northern terminus of the same route 3 miles (4.8 km) further north. At this point, PA Turnpike 66 becomes PA 66 and the freeway ends at a traffic signal just north. PA 66 then meets US 22 at a single-point urban interchange.

Westmoreland County

PA 66 southbound at the US 22 interchange near Delmont

North of the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass, PA 66 enters Salem Township as Sheridan Road. In Delmont, PA 66 is called Sheridan Road. In Washington Township, PA 66 passes west of Beaver Run Reservoir. In the village of Mamont, PA 66 intersects Pennsylvania Route 286. In the village of Poke Run north of PA 286, PA 66 intersects the eastern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 366. Then PA 66 intersects Pennsylvania Route 380, PA 380 west heads for downtown Pittsburgh. South of Oklahoma, PA 66 intersects the southern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 356. In the village of Paulton, PA 66 intersects the southern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 66 Alternate. PA 66 Alternate goes into Vandergrift and PA 66 goes into Apollo. In Oklahoma, PA 66 meets the northern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 819. In downtown Oklahoma, PA 66 turns to the east and crosses the Kiskiminetas River.

Armstrong County

After crossing the Kiskiminetas River, PA 66 has entered Armstrong County and begins a concurrency with Pennsylvania Route 56 in Apollo. As they began their concurrency, PA 56/PA 66 were called Warren Avenue in Apollo. As PA 56/PA 66 enter the boro of North Apollo they are paralleling the Kiskiminetas River. In the village of North Vandergrift, the concurrency between PA 56 and PA 66 ends when PA 66 intersects PA 66 Alternate and PA 56 and PA 66 ALT begin their own concurrency into Vandergrift. As PA 66 continues to parallel the Kiskiminetas River, it is called Lincoln Avenue. While paralleling the Kiskiminetas River, PA 66 has snake like curves. In Leechburg, PA 66 becomes Market Street, 3rd Street, and Pershing Avenue. As PA 66 exits Leechburg it is not paralleling the Kiskiminetas River. In Bethel Township, PA 66 meets the northern terminus of PA 66 Alternate. In Ford City, PA 66 becomes Main Street and intersects the northern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 128 at an "Y" intersection. Southeast of Kittanning, PA 66 begins a concurrency with U.S. Route 422 and Pennsylvania Route 28 at an interchange. At the next exit US 422 leaves the concurrency and PA 28/PA 66 continue north at-grade. In Rayburn Township, PA 28/PA 66 intersect the western terminus of Pennsylvania Route 85. PA 28/PA 66 continue towards the northeast without intersecting a route for more than 17 miles (27 km). In South Bethlehem, PA 28/PA 66 become Broad Street and meet the northern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 839. The route then crosses the Redbank Creek into Clarion County after spending 43 miles in Armstrong County.

Clarion County

PA 66 approaching its end at US 6 in Kane

After crossing the Redbank Creek, PA 28/PA 66 have entered Clarion County. In New Bethlehem, The concurrency between PA 28 and PA 66 ends when PA 66 leaves PA 28. North of PA 28, PA 66 becomes Wood Street and intersects the eastern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 861. In Clarion Township, PA 66 begins a concurrency with Interstate 80 at exit 64. Then I-80/PA 66 meet Pennsylvania Route 68 at exit 62. After crossing the Clarion River, PA 66 leaves I-80 at exit 60 (trumpet interchange). PA 66 continues north at-grade. In Paint Township, PA 66 intersects U.S. Route 322 as Paint Boulevard. PA 66 continues towards the north paralleling rail road tracks. In Farmington Township, PA 66 intersects Pennsylvania Route 36.

Forest, Elk, and McKean counties

As PA 66 enters Forest County, PA 66 intersects the northern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 899. In Jenks Township, PA 66 enters Allegheny National Forest. As PA 66 enters Elk County, PA 66 has a 2 miles (3 km) concurrency with Pennsylvania Route 948. Northeast of PA 948, PA 66 becomes Kane-Russell City Road. PA 66 enters McKean County as Fraley Street. In Kane, PA 66 ends at a "T" intersection with U.S. Route 6.[3][4]


The Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass portion of the route (opened fully on December 9, 1993) has tolls. Tolls are collected once during travel on the road, either at the mainline toll barrier, or at the exit or entrance point, depending on the possibility of reaching the mainline toll barrier during travel. No toll is charged for travel between exits 0 and 1 or between exits 12 and 14. The Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass uses all-electronic tolling, with tolls payable by toll-by-plate (which uses automatic license plate recognition to take a photo of the vehicle's license plate and mail a bill to the vehicle owner) or E-ZPass. As of 2024, the mainline toll barrier between exits 4 and 6 costs passenger vehicles $5.50 using toll-by-plate and $2.90 using E-ZPass. At the northbound exit and southbound entrance at exit 4 and the southbound exit and northbound entrance at exit 6, passenger vehicles are charged $4.70 using toll-by-plate and $1.90 using E-ZPass. The southbound exit and northbound entrance at exits 8 and 9 costs passenger vehicles $3.50 using toll-by-plate and $1.50 using E-ZPass.[5]

Tolls along PA 66 were originally paid by cash or E-ZPass. At the mainline toll barrier, a staffed full service lane existed, accepting cash or credit cards. For most exit ramp tolls, exact change was required; however some automatic toll collection machines accepted paper money and gave change. All toll collecting machines gave receipts. On October 27, 2019, all-electronic tolling was implemented along the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass section of PA 66.[6]


Traffic was slightly realigned onto a new alignment in Gohenville along the PA 28 concurrency as part of a safety improvement project in November 2023. [7]

Major intersections

CountyLocationmi[8]kmOld exit
New exit
WestmorelandNew Stanton0.00.0
US 119 south – Connellsville
Continuation south

I-70 Toll / I-76 Toll / Penna Turnpike / US 119 north – New Stanton
Signed as exits 0A (US 119) and 0B (PATP); I-70 / I-76 / PA Turnpike exit 75 (New Stanton)
1.01.621Arona RoadLast northbound exit before toll
Greensburg4.36.934 PA 136 – Greensburg, West NewtonTolled northbound exit and southbound entrance
Hempfield Toll Plaza (E-ZPass or toll-by-plate)
6.210.046 US 30 – Irwin, GreensburgTolled southbound exit and northbound entrance
7.712.458 PA 130 – Jeannette, GreensburgTolled southbound exit and northbound entrance
PA 66 Bus. – Harrison City, Greensburg
Tolled southbound exit and northbound entrance; former routing of PA 66
Delmont12.520.1Northern terminus of PA Turnpike 66

PA 66 Bus. south – Boquet, Forbes Road
Northern terminus of PA 66 Bus.; former routing of PA 66; last southbound exit before toll
13.521.7814 US 22 – Blairsville, MurrysvilleSingle-point urban interchange
Northern terminus of freeway
Washington Township19.230.9
Mamont Drive to PA 286 – Mamont
PA 366 west (Greensburg Road) – New Kensington, Lower Burrell
Eastern terminus of PA 366
23.037.0 PA 380 – Sardis, Monroeville, SaltsburgInterchange
PA 356 north – Freeport
Southern terminus of PA 356

PA 66 Alt. north (Hancock Avenue) – Vandergrift
Southern terminus of PA 66 Alt.
PA 819 south – Salina
Northern terminus of PA 819
PA 56 east (1st Street) – Shelocta
South end of PA 56 overlap
Parks Township29.948.1

PA 56 west / PA 66 Alt. (Farragut Avenue/First Street) – Vandergrift, Kittanning
North end of PA 56 overlap
Bethel Township43.570.0

PA 66 Alt. south (Dime Road) – North Vandergrift, Apollo
Northern terminus of PA 66 Alt.
Ford City49.179.0
PA 128 south (5th Avenue) – Ford City, Manorville
Northern terminus of PA 128
Manor Township50.381.0

US 422 west / PA 28 south – Butler, Pittsburgh
Interchange; south end of US 422/PA 28 overlap

US 422 east / US 422 Bus. west – Indiana, Kittanning
Interchange; north end of US 422 overlap
Rayburn Township53.485.9
PA 85 east – Rural Valley, Plumville
Western terminus of PA 85
South Bethlehem70.3113.1
PA 839 south (Putneyville Road) – Mahoning Lake
Northern terminus of PA 839
ClarionNew Bethlehem70.7113.8
PA 28 north (Broad Street) – Brookville
North end of PA 28 overlap
PA 861 west (Penn Street) – Rimersburg
Eastern terminus of PA 861
I-80 east – DuBois
South end of I-80 overlap; I-80 exit 64
Monroe Township86.3138.9962 PA 68 – Sligo, Clarion
Paint Township88.0141.6
I-80 west – Sharon
North end of I-80 overlap; I-80 exit 60
91.8147.7 US 322 – Shippenville, Franklin, Clarion
Farmington Township103.3166.2 PA 36 – Tionesta, Cook Forest
ForestJenks Township112.7181.4
PA 899 south – Clarington, Brookville
Northern terminus of PA 899
ElkHighland Township128.3206.5
PA 948 north – Warren
South end of PA 948 overlap
PA 948 south – Ridgway
North end of PA 948 overlap
McKeanKane138.9223.5 US 6 (Fraley Street/Greeves Street) – Warren, Wilcox, SmethportNorthern terminus of PA 66
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

PA 66 Alternate

PA 66 Alt. northbound past PA 56 in North Vandergrift

Alternate plate.svg

Pennsylvania Route 66 Alternate

Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Route 66 Alternate (PA 66 Alt.) is an 11-mile-long (18 km) alternate route through Westmoreland County and Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. It leaves its parent route in Washington Township. It travels through the center of Oklahoma and Vandergrift, while the mainline route bypasses residential neighborhoods along the riverfront. PA 66 Alt. merges with PA 56 to cross the Kiskiminetas River. It becomes a separate route again in Parks Township (North Vandergrift), avoiding several riverfront towns as it travels along a hilly, rural stretch, before rejoining mainline PA 66 in Bethel Township. From 1928 to 1938, the segment from North Vandergrift to the northern terminus was designated as PA 566.

Major intersections

WestmorelandWashington Township0.000.00 PA 66 – Apollo, North WashingtonSouthern terminus of PA 66 Alt.
PA 56 west (Custer Avenue)
South end of PA 56 overlap
ArmstrongParks Township6.4610.40
PA 56 east / PA 66 (Lincoln Street) – Leechburg, Apollo
North end of PA 56 overlap
Bethel Township11.3718.30 PA 66 – Leechburg, Ford City, KittanningNorthern terminus of PA 66 Alt.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

PA 66 Business

Business plate.svg

Pennsylvania Route 66 Business

LocationWestmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Length7.743 mi[10] (12.461 km)
PA 66 Bus. northbound past PA 993 in Hempfield Township

Pennsylvania Route 66 Business (PA 66 Bus.) is an 8-mile-long (13 km) business route in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, connected two fingers of suburbia located east of Pittsburgh. The highway was signed PA 66 Business after PA 66 was shifted onto a newly created toll road bypass. The route begins nearly a mile south of the original terminus of PA 66, at a juncture with US 30 (which loops as a freeway around the city). It is cosigned with US 119 and PA 819 to the city center, before traveling on its own accord through several suburbanized miles. The route then becomes more rural, as it provides a free connection to the east-central edge of suburban Pittsburgh at Delmont. The highway is designated by PennDOT SR 0119 between US 30 and Pittsburgh Avenue in Greensburg (along the concurrency with US 119), then is part of SR 0066 north of there.[10]

Major intersections
The entire route is in Westmoreland County.

Southwest Greensburg0.000–

US 30 to PA Turnpike 66 – Pittsburgh

US 119 south / PA 819 south (South Main Street) – Youngwood
Interchange; southern terminus of PA 66 Bus.; south end of US 119/PA 819 overlap

US 119 north / PA 819 north / PA 130 (Pittsburgh Street) to US 30 – Ligonier
North end of US 119/PA 819 northbound overlap; US 119/PA 130/PA 819 on one-way pair
1.3312.142 US 119 / PA 130 / PA 819 (Otterman Street)North end of US 119/PA 819 southbound overlap; south end of PA 130 westbound overlap; US 119/PA 130/PA 819 on one-way pair
PA 130 west (Clopper Street)
North end of PA 130 westbound overlap
Hempfield Township4.815–

PA Turnpike 66 – New Stanton, Delmont
Exit 9 (PA 66); E-ZPass or toll-by-plate
PA 993 west (Bushy Run Road) – Harrison City
Eastern terminus of PA 993
Salem Township7.74312.461

PA 66 north / PA Turnpike 66 south / Brick Hill Road – Delmont, Greensburg
Exit 12 (PA 66); northern terminus of PA 66 Bus.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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