Tennessee State Route 54

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State Route 54

TN 54; primary in red, secondary in blue, unsigned in green
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length122.52 mi (197.18 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1923[1]–present
Major junctions
West end US 51 / SR 59 in Covington
Major intersections SR 14 in Glenn

SR 19 in Brownsville
US 412 in Alamo
SR 457 in Trenton
US 45W in Trenton
SR 77 / SR 104 in Trenton
US 45E in Bradford
SR 22 in Dresden
SR 218 in Paris

US 641 / SR 69 / SR 356 in Paris
East end US 641 / KY 893 at Tennessee-Kentucky border near Hazel, KY
CountryUnited States
CountiesTipton, Haywood, Crockett, Gibson, Weakley, Henry
Highway system
SR 53 I-55

State Route 54 (SR 54) is a west–east rural highway in West Tennessee, which runs from Covington to just north of Paris.

Route description

Covington to Alamo

SR 54 begins in downtown Covington in Tipton County at an intersection with US 51/SR 3. It then goes to a junction with SR 384. Shortly afterwards, it has a junction with SR 179. SR 54 then exits Covington and continues to the east, passing through Glenn and having an intersection with SR 14, which is its northern terminus. SR 54 then continues east and crosses into Haywood County. It then enters Brownsville and intersects SR 19, just a short distance away from its junction with US 70. It continues into town and has a junction with SR 1 (Old US 70) and begins a short concurrency together, and comes to a junction in the center of town with SR 76 and SR 369 and turns north to become concurrent with them, separating from SR 1. Just outside of town, SR 54 separates from SR 76/SR 369 and continues north. It then goes through Belle Eagle and crosses into Crockett County. It then comes to a junction with SR 88 and turns east to become concurrent with it and intersects with SR 188 almost immediately. It then comes to an interchange with US 412/SR 20 before entering Alamo. In the center of downtown, SR 54/SR 88 has an intersection with SR 221 and turns north, separating from SR 88. SR 54 continues north and has a junction SR 152 before entering Gibson County.

Gibson County

After entering Gibson County, SR 54 then goes through Frog Jump and intersects SR 457 before entering Trenton. There, SR 54 has a junction with SR 367. It continues and has a junction with US 45W/SR 5, turning north to run concurrently with it, and has a junction with SR 186. They continue north and have an intersection with SR 77/SR 104. US 45W and SR 54 separate, with SR 54 turning northeast and exiting Trenton. It then intersects SR 185. It then enters Bradford and comes to an intersection with US 45E/SR 43, turns north, and runs concurrently with it, bypassing Bradford to the east. It then comes to a junction with SR 105 (Old US 45E), and exits Bradford.

Weakley and Henry Counties

SR 54 then enters Weakley County and enters Greenfield. in downtown, it intersects with SR 124. SR 54 then separates from US 45E and turns east, and exits Greenfield. It then curves to the northeast, then north, and enters Dresden, immediately having an intersection with SR 22. A Short distance away, it has a junction with SR 89/SR 239, with SR 239 ending and SR 89 running concurrently with SR 54. They continue into downtown, then turn east, and intersect SR 118. They continue east together before separating and SR 54 continues east alone, having an intersection and short concurrency with SR 217 shortly afterwards. Further east it has an intersection and short concurrency with SR 190, and continuing east. SR 54 then crosses into Henry County, enters Como, and intersects with SR 140. It then continues east and has a junction with SR 218 before entering Paris. In Paris, it becomes concurrent with SR 69, and continues into downtown, where it comes to an intersection with US 641 and SR 356, with SR 69 turning south on US 641, SR 356 continuing straight, and SR 54 becomes the unsigned companion of US 641. They run north together to Puryear, where there is another intersection with SR 140. They continue north to the Kentucky state line just south of Hazel, KY, where US 641 crosses into Kentucky while SR 54 ends there.

The route's concurrencies include:

Major intersections

TiptonCovington0.000.00 US 51 / SR 59 (Highway 51 N/SR 3/West Liberty Avenue) – Brighton, Burlison, Gilt Edge, HenningWestern terminus; SR 54 begins as a primary highway

SR 54 west (Liberty Street)
One way street; westbound SR 54 only
SR 384 (East Street)

SR 179 east – Stanton
Western terminus of SR 179
SR 14 west (Austin Peay Highway) – Rosemark, Memphis
Northern terminus of SR 14
Brownsville SR 19 (Ah Gray/CA Rawls Bypass) – RipleySR 54 turns secondary
South Grand AvenueOld US 70/79 (SR 1) South
East Main StreetOld US 70/79 (SR 1) North

SR 369 east (Washington Boulevard) to US 79 / US 70A – Humboldt
Old US 70A/SR 76; western terminus of SR 369
CrockettBrims Corner
SR 88 west – Maury City
Western end of SR 88 concurrency

SR 188 north – Crockett Mills
Southern terminus of SR 188
US 412 (SR 20) – Dyersburg, JacksonInterchange

SR 88 east (South Bells Street) / SR 221 east (East Church Street) – Bells, Gadsden
Eastern end of SR 88 concurrency; Western terminus of SR 221
Quincy SR 152 (Nichols Road) – Humboldt
GibsonTrenton SR 457 (West Bypass)
SR 367 (South College Street)

US 45W south (Highway 45 Bypass South/SR 5 south) – Humboldt, Jackson
Southern end of US 45W/SR 5 Concurrency

SR 186 east (Gibson Highway) – Gibson
Western terminus of SR 186

SR 104 / SR 77 east (E Eaton Street) – Trenton, Milan
Southern end of SR 77 concurrency

US 45W north / SR 77 north (Highway 45 Bypass North/SR 5 north) – Dyer, Union City
Northern end of SR 77 and US 45W/SR 5 concurrency

SR 185 west – Dyer
Eastern terminus of SR 185
US 45E south (SR 43 south) – Milan
Southern end of US 45E/SR 43 concurrency
SR 105 (Rutherford Highway) – Bradford, RutherfordSR 105 east is Old US 45E
SR 124 east (Main Street) – McKenzie
Western terminus of SR 124

US 45E north (N Meridian Street/SR 43 north) – Martin, South Fulton
Northern end of US 45E/SR 43 concurrency
Dresden SR 22 – Martin, McKenzieSR 54 turns primary

SR 89 west (Pikeview Street)
Western end of SR 89 concurrency

SR 118 north (Wilson Street)
Southern terminus of SR 118

SR 89 east (Taylor Street) – Palmersville
Eastern end of SR 89 concurrency

SR 217 north (Klutts Road)
Western end of SR 217 concurrency

SR 217 south (County Maintenance Road)
Eastern end of SR 217 concurrency

SR 190 south (Gleason Como Road) – Gleason
Western end of SR 190 concurrency

SR 190 north – Palmersville
Eastern end of SR 190 concurrency
HenryComo SR 140 (Verdell Store Road) – Cottage Grove, McKenzie
Paris SR 218 (Highway 218 By-pass)Beltway around Paris

SR 69 north – Cottage Grove
Western end of SR 69 concurrency

US 641 south (Market Street/SR 69 south) / SR 356 east (E Wood Street) to US 79 – Camden
Eastern end of SR 69 concurrency; Southern end of US 641 concurrency; western terminus of SR 356; SR 54 becomes unsigned
SR 140 east (Poplar Street) – Paris Landing State Park, Buchanan
Southern end of SR 140 concurrency

SR 140 west (W Chestnut Street) – Cottage Grove
Northern end of SR 140 concurrency
US 641 north (Main Street) / KY 893 (State Line Road) – Hazel, Murray
SR 54 ends at state line; US 641 continues solo into Kentucky; State line coincides with KY 893 west and the Hazel, KY city limits [3][4]
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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