South Carolina Highway 97

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South Carolina Highway 97

Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length89.800 mi[1][2][3][4][5] (144.519 km)
Western York Scenic Byway
Major junctions
South end US 521 / US 601 in Camden
Major intersections
North end SC 5 near Kings Creek
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesKershaw, Lancaster, Chester, York, Cherokee
Highway system
I-95 SC 99

South Carolina Highway 97 (SC 97) is a 89.800-mile (144.519 km) state highway in the U.S. state of South Carolina. The highway connects Camden, Great Falls, Chester, and Hickory Grove.

Route description

SC 97 begins at an intersection with U.S. Route 521 (US 521)/US 601 (Broad Street) in Camden within Kershaw County, northeast of the Camden Country Club. The highway travels to the northwest and meets US 521 Truck/US 601 Truck (Boykin Road) just before leaving the city limits of Camden. It travels through rural areas of the county, crosses over part of Lake Wateree, and enters Liberty Hill. There, it has an intersection with the western terminus of SC 522 (Stoneboro Road). A short distance later, it enters Lancaster County. It continues traveling through rural areas until it intersects SC 200 (Great Falls Highway). The two highways travel concurrently to the west. Almost immediately, they cross over the Catawba River on the Tom G. Mangum Bridge, where they enter Chester County. This bridge is just south of the Fishing Creek Dam. Just after the bridge, the concurrency intersects US 21, which joins them. Immediately, they enter Great Falls. SC 97 departs the concurrency and travels along the northern edge of the city limits of the town until it intersects SC 99 (Chester Avenue). Immediately, they travel to the northwest and split. It intersects SC 901 (Mountain Gap Road) just before an interchange with Interstate 77 (I-77).[6][7]

Just before entering Chester, SC 97 passes Old Purity Cemetery and the Chester County Hospital. It then intersects US 321 (Columbia Road), which begins a concurrency with the highway. A short distance later, US 321 splits off at an intersection with US 321 Bus./SC 9/SC 72/SC 121 (J.A. Cochran Bypass), northeast of Chester High School. SC 9/SC 72/SC 97/SC 121 travels along the bypass to the northeast. At Lancaster Highway, SC 9 departs the concurrency to the east, and SC 9 Bus. travels to the west. The concurrency enters Eureka Mill. At Saluda Road, SC 72/SC 121 departs to the northeast, while SC 97 continues to the north-northwest. It curves to the west and briefly leaves the city limits of Eureka Mill. After the highway curves to the southwest, it enters Chester. At Center Street, it begins a concurrency with US 321 Bus. The highways travel to the northwest and leave Chester. They cross over the Sandy River just before intersecting US 321. Here, the business route ends, and SC 97 continues to the northwest, winding its way through mostly wooded areas. A short distance after entering York County, it intersects SC 322 (W. McConnells Highway). Just over 1 mile (1.6 km) later, it meets SC 49 (Lockhart Road). It crosses over Bullock Creek on an unnamed bridge. The highway curves to the north and then to the northeast before entering Hickory Grove. Immediately, there is an intersection with SC 211 (Smithford Road). The two highways travel concurrently into downtown and split at Wylie Avenue. The highway travels in a northerly direction and enters Smyrna. Just before leaving the city limits of Smyrna, SC 97 enters Cherokee County. The road travels through Kings Creek and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with SC 5 (York Highway).[7][8]

Major intersections

KershawCamden0.0000.000 US 521 (Broad Street) / US 601 – Kershaw, CharlotteSouthern terminus

US 521 Truck / US 601 Truck (Springdale Drive west / Boykin Road east)
Liberty Hill18.44029.676
SC 522 east (Stoneboro Road) – Stoneboro, Heath Springs
Western terminus of SC 522
SC 200 east (Great Falls Highway) – Lancaster
Southern end of SC 200 concurrency
Catawba River30.09648.435Tom G. Mangum Bridge
US 21 north (Catawba River Road) – Rock Hill
Southern end of US 21 concurrency
Great Falls30.50049.085

US 21 south / SC 200 west
Northern end of US 21 and SC 200 concurrencies
SC 99 south (Chester Avenue)
Southern end of SC 99 concurrency
SC 99 north
Northern end of SC 99 concurrency
36.25058.339 SC 901 (Mountain Gap Road)
I-77 – CharlotteI-77 exit 55
US 321 south (Columbia Road) – Winnsboro
Southern end of US 321 concurrency

US 321 north / US 321 Bus. north / SC 9 north / SC 72 west / SC 121 south (J.A. Cochran Bypass) – York, Chester
Northern end of US 321 concurrency; southern end of SC 9 and SC 72/SC 121 concurrencies; southern terminus of US 321 Bus.
Eureka Mill51.99083.670

SC 9 south / SC 9 Bus. north (Lancaster Highway) – Chester, Lancaster
Northern end of SC 9 concurrency; southern terminus of SC 9 Bus.

SC 72 east / SC 121 north (Saluda Road)
Northern end of SC 72/SC 121 concurrency

US 321 Bus. south (Center Street)
Southern end of US 321 Bus. concurrency

US 321 (Lowrys Highway) / US 321 Bus. south – Winnsboro, York
Northern terminus of US 321 Bus.
York70.690113.765 SC 322 (W. McConnells Highway) – McConnells, Rock Hill
72.020115.905 SC 49 (Lockhart Road) – Lockhart, Sharon
Hickory Grove81.290130.824
SC 211 north (Smithford Road)
Southern end of SC 211 concurrency
SC 211 south (Wylie Avenue) – Sharon, York
Northern end of SC 211 concurrency
Cherokee89.800144.519 SC 5 (York Highway) – York, BlacksburgNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Chester business loop

Business plate South Carolina.svg

South Carolina Highway 97 Business

LocationChester, South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 97 Business (SC 97 Bus.) was a business route that was established between 1981 and 1987 as a renumbering of the SC 97 mainline through the main part of Chester. It was concurrent with U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus.). Between 2006 and 2009, SC 97 Bus. was decommissioned.


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