U.S. Route 1 in South Carolina

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U.S. Highway 1

US 1 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length170.540 mi[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] (274.458 km)
Major junctions
South end US 1 / US 25 / US 78 / US 278 / SR 10 / SR 121 at the Georgia line in North Augusta
Major intersections
North end US 1 at the North Carolina line near Wallace
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesAiken, Saluda, Lexington, Richland, Kershaw, Chesterfield, Marlboro
Highway system
SC 917 SC 2

U.S. Highway 1 (US 1) is a 170.540-mile (274.458 km) north–south U.S. Highway that crosses South Carolina from southwest to northeast and connects the cities of North Augusta, Aiken, Lexington, Columbia, Camden, and Cheraw.

The route parallels Interstate 20 (I-20) closely from the Georgia border to Camden, where I-20 turns to a more directly easterly direction. From Camden to the North Carolina border, US 1 is the highest capacity route through much of the Sandhills region.

Route description

US 1 enters South Carolina in North Augusta, along an expressway with US 25, US 78, and US 278 on a bridge over the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia. South Carolina Highway 121 (SC 121) also begins at the state border. The expressway is known locally as the Jefferson Davis Highway. At the second interchange (E. Martintown Road), US 25 and SC 121 leave the expressway. After several at-grade intersections, there is an interchange with I-520, and the route bypasses the Aiken County communities of Clearwater (where US 278 leaves the concurrency), Burnettown, and Gloverville. Upon entering the city of Aiken, the three concurrent routes transition to a boulevard with a center turn and turns from a northeasterly direction to a more directly eastbound direction. This area is heavily developed, with shopping centers and subdivision entrances along both sides of the road. The road is known locally as Augusta–Aiken Road. Reaching the historic central area of Aiken, the route turns to a divided road again as the name changes to Richland Avenue, and the route becomes heavily residential with a wide, tree-lined median down the middle. US 1 leaves Richland Avenue and US 78 to turn north on York Street.

York Street is a four-lane boulevard until it meets Hampton Avenue, where it leaves the main grid of central Aiken and becomes a five-lane boulevard with a center turn lane through a light industrial area leading north out of the city. Leaving Aiken, it is known as the Columbia Highway and passes Aiken Regional Airport and an interchange with I-20 north of the city, after which the road narrows to a two-lane rural highway. It passes into Saluda County in Moneta, and then on through the town of Batesburg-Leesville as Columbia Avenue, where it gains a center turn lane. It meets the eastern terminus of SC 23 at the eastern edge of town and loses its center turn lane as the name changes to Augusta Highway. Passing through a large rural area, the road once again widens to a five-lane boulevard with a center turning lane as it approaches Lexington.

Entering Lexington, the road merges with US 378 along West Main Street. US 378 then leaves West Main Street along Columbia Avenue. West Main Street changes to East Main Street at Lake Drive (SC 6 and changes names again to Augusta Road about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) before a second interchange with I-20. US 1 passes east–west through the communities of Oak Grove and West Columbia before crossing the Congaree River along the Gervais Street Bridge. Shortly before the bridge US 378 merges once again with US 1.

Gervais Street Bridge over the Congaree River

After the river, US 1 goes through downtown Columbia along Gervais Street, passing directly in front of the South Carolina State House. At Millwood Avenue, US 1 turns northeast while US 378 leaves to the southeast on the same road. Crossing SC 12 (Taylor Street/Forest Drive), the name changes to Two Notch Road, named for when the road was marked by posts with two notches carved. Passing the Columbia Place shopping mall, it has a third interchange with I-20 and passes through several unincorporated Columbia suburbs in Richland County. An interchange with Clemson Road provides access to I-20 and to Fort Jackson.

Entering Kershaw County, US 1 merges with US 601 in Lugoff and, crossing the Wateree River, enters Camden along DeKalb Street. US 601 leaves at the center of Camden. From Camden, it continues northeast as a two-lane road through several small towns of the Sandhills region, merging with US 52 between Cheraw State Park and the town of south of Cheraw. Within Cheraw, it follows Market Street (where SC 9 joins) then Second Street and turns onto Powe Street (while US 52 continues on Second Street). US 1 turns north on its own routing while SC 9 continues west. Approximately five miles (8.0 km) north of Cheraw, US 1 enters North Carolina.[8]

The entire route is part of the Jefferson Davis Highway, named after Civil War Confederate leader Jefferson Davis; with exception between North Augusta and Aiken, where US 1 was realigned, leaving SC 421 its section of the highway name. Markers of the highway dot all along the route, though most sections do have other road names too.


US 1 was established in 1927 as an original U.S. Highway. It traveled generally as it does now, overlapping with SC 12, from North Augusta to West Columbia, SC 2, from West Columbia to Columbia, and SC 50, from Columbia to the North Carolina state line. The following year, both SC 12 and SC 50 were dropped along the route. The entire route was paved by 1932.

Around 1938, US 1 was rerouted between Cheraw and Wallace, going further north along its now current alignment and leaving behind Hickson Road (S-35-52) and Brickyard Road (S-35-36). The first section widen to four-lane was a two-mile (3.2 km) section north of Columbia, in 1940. Between 1940–1946, US 1 was rerouted in Columbia; originally using Gervais Street, Assembly Street, Taylor Street, and Two Notch Road, switching to Gervais Street, Harden Street, Taylor Street, and Two Notch Road. By 1952, US 1 was rerouted again in Columbia, switching to Gervais Street, Millwood Avenue, and Two Notch. Also by 1952, US 1/US 78 were given new alignment bypassing Clearwater, Bath, Langley, and Gloverville; the old alignment became SC 421. By 1957, US 1/US 78 was rerouted from the Fifth Street Bridge to its current alignment over the Savannah River.

Major intersections

Savannah River0.0000.000

US 1 south / US 25 south / SR 121 south / US 78 west / US 278 west / SR 10 west (Gordon Highway) – Augusta
Continuation into Georgia
South CarolinaGeorgia state line
AikenNorth Augusta0.188–
5th Street Bridge / River North DriveInterchange

US 25 / SC 121 north – North Augusta, Edgefield
East end of freeway section; eastern end of US 25 and SC 121 concurrencies

Buena Vista Avenue (SC 125 Conn. west) to I-20 / SC 230
Right-in/right-out interchange; westbound exit and entrance; eastern terminus of SC 125 Conn.[9]
I-520 (Palmetto Parkway) – Augusta, Columbia, AtlantaI-520 exit 17

US 278 east / SC 125 (Atomic Road) – Beech Island, Savannah River Site

SC 421 north (Augusta Road) – Clearwater
Interchange; eastern end of US 278 concurrency; southern terminus of SC 421
Burnettown4.0406.502 SC 126 (Belvedere-Clearwater Road) – Belvedere
SC 191 (Main Street) – Graniteville, Vaucluse, Warrenville

US 1 Truck north / US 78 Truck east / SC 19 Truck / SC 118 (Robert M. Bell Parkway south / Hitchcock Parkway north) – USC Aiken Convocation Center
Southern terminus of US 1 Truck; western terminus of US 78 Truck
SC 421 south (Augusta Road)
Northern terminus of SC 421
15.62025.138 SC 19 (Laurens Street) – Eureka, Edgefield
SC 19 Conn. (Chesterfield Street) – Savannah River Site
Signed also as SC 19
US 78 east (Richland Avenue) – Montmorenci, Wagener
Eastern end of US 78 concurrency

US 1 Truck / US 78 Truck / SC 118 (Rudy Mason Parkway) – Williston, USC Aiken, Aiken High School, Aiken Technical College
Provides access to Aiken Regional Medical Center
23.94038.528 I-20 – Columbia, AugustaI-20 exit 22
33.54053.977 SC 392 (Engineer Road) – Ridge Spring
Monetta37.29060.012 SC 39 (Main Street / Old Ninety-Six Indian Trail) – Wagener, Orangeburg, Ridge Spring
SaludaNo major intersections
LexingtonBatesburg-Leesville43.15069.443 US 178 / SC 391 (Pine Street) – Orangeburg, Saluda
45.19072.726 SC 245 (Lee Street) – Orangeburg, Newberry
SC 23 west (Leesville Avenue) – Ridge Spring
Eastern terminus of SC 23
US 378 west – Saluda
Southern end of US 378 concurrency
US 378 east (Columbia Avenue) – Columbia
Northern end of US 378 concurrency
SC 6 east (Church Street / US 1 Conn. north)
Southern end of SC 6 concurrency (southbound only; southbound lanes of US 1 Conn., which only travels southbound; eastbound lanes of SC 6; southern terminus of US 1 Conn.
SC 6 west (North Lake Drive)
Northern end of SC 6 concurrency (southbound only); westbound lanes of SC 6
I-20 – Augusta, FlorenceI-20 exit 58
Oak Grove70.070–
I-26 – Charleston, SpartanburgI-26 exit 111
West Columbia70.760113.877
SC 12 east (Jarvis Klapman Boulevard) – Columbia
Western terminus of SC 12
72.100116.034 SC 35 (12th Street)
72.320116.388Charleston Highway south (US 21 Conn. south)No access from US 1 north to US 21 Conn. or from US 21 Conn. to US 1 south; northern terminus of US 21 Conn. and Charleston Highway
72.500116.6779th Street (SC 12 Conn. north)Southern terminus of SC 12 Conn.
73.210117.820 SC 2 (State Street)
US 378 west (Sunset Boulevard) – Lexington
Southern end of US 378 concurrency
RichlandColumbia73.870118.882 US 21 / US 176 / US 321 (Huger Street)
74.480119.864 SC 48 (Assembly Street)
US 76 west (Bull Street)
Southern end of US 76 concurrency

US 76 east / US 378 east (Millwood Avenue)
Eastern end of US 76 and US 378 concurrencies
76.270122.745 SC 12 (Taylor Street / Forest Drive)
78.100125.690 SC 16 (Beltline Boulevard)
78.160125.786US 1 Conn. westEastern terminus of US 1 Conn.
Dentsville82.430132.658 I-20 – Florence, AugustaI-20 exit 74
83.150133.817 I-77 – Charleston, CharlotteI-77 exit 17
US 601 south – St. Matthews
Southern end of US 601 concurrency
SC 34 west (Ridgeway Road) – Ridgeway
Southern end of SC 34 concurrency

US 521 Truck north / US 601 Truck north (Springdale Drive) – Springdale Race Course, Steeplechase Museum, Camden Country Club
Southern end of US 521 Truck concurrency; southern terminus of US 601 Truck
105.298169.461Senator Donald H. Don Holland Memorial BridgeCrossing over railroad tracks of CSX

US 521 Truck south (Chestnut Ferry Road) – Camden High School, Larry Doby Park
Northern end of US 521 Truck concurrency

US 521 / US 601 north (Broad Street) to I-20 – Sumter, Kershaw
Northern end of US 601 concurrency

US 521 Truck south (Mill Street / US 1 Truck south / SC 34 Truck) – Alpha Center
Northern terminus of US 1 Truck, US 521 Truck, and SC 34 Truck
SC 34 east (Bishopville Highway) – Bishopville
Northern end of SC 34 concurrency
Bethune126.680203.872 SC 341 (Main Street) – Bishopville, Kershaw
ChesterfieldMcBee133.720215.201 SC 151 (Pine Avenue) – Hartsville, Jefferson
SC 145 north – Chesterfield
To Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge
Patrick148.540239.052 SC 102 (Poison Street / Turnage Street) – Hartsville, Chesterfield
US 52 south – Society Hill, Darlington
Southern end of US 52 concurrency; to Cheraw State Park

US 1 Truck north / US 52 Truck north (Cash Road) to SC 9 / SC 9 Truck
Southern terminius of US 1 Truck and US 52 Truck
SC 9 north (Market Street) – Chesterfield
Southern end of SC 9 concurrency
US 52 north (2nd Street) – Morven, Wadesboro
Northern end of US 52 concurrency

US 1 Truck south / US 52 Truck / SC 9 Truck north (Front Street) – Old St. David's Church
Northern terminus of US 1 Truck; southern terminus of SC 9 Truck

SC 9 south to SC 177 – Bennettsville, Hamlet
Northern end of SC 9 concurrency
US 1 north – Rockingham
Continuation into North Carolina
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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