Ohio State Route 12

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State Route 12

Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length60.97 mi[1] (98.12 km)
Major junctions
West end SR 115 / SR 189 in Vaughnsville
Major intersections I-75 / SR 15 in Findlay
East end SR 53 near Fremont
CountryUnited States
CountiesPutnam, Allen, Hancock, Seneca, Sandusky
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 11 SR 13

State Route 12 (SR 12) is a generally northeast-southwest route in Ohio. Its western terminus is at SR 115 and SR 189 in Vaughnsville, and its eastern terminus is at SR 53 just south of Fremont.

Route description

From Vaughnsville, SR 12 travels northeast through the small towns of Columbus Grove, Pandora, and Benton Ridge before entering Findlay. Through Findlay, it shortly shares a route with US 224. After exiting Findlay, it continues on a northeast heading, passing through Arcadia, Fostoria, and Bettsville before ending at SR 53.


State Route 12's original routing in 1923 had it end in Findlay at its western terminus, and its eastern terminus extended from Fremont on U.S. Route 6's current route, going through Sandusky before ending in Cleveland.

In 1926, its eastern terminus was moved into Sandusky; its route to Cleveland was replaced with State Route 2.

When U.S. Route 6 was certified in 1932, State Route 12 was rerouted through the town of Castalia, ending in Sandusky. On this route, State Route 12 shared a route with State Route 101 from Castalia to Sandusky.

In 1938, State Route 12's western terminus was moved to U.S. Route 30N near Delphos, replacing the remaining section of State Route 106. This terminus was moved to Vaughnsville in 1971, when U.S. Route 30N (the modern routing of U.S. Route 30) moved off the Lincoln Highway.

In 1969, State Route 12's eastern terminus was moved to its current terminus. The section of road between Fremont and State Route 101 that was formerly State Route 12 was recertified as State Route 412.[2][3]

Major junctions

PutnamSugar Creek Township0.000.00
SR 115 (Water Street) / SR 189 west
Eastern terminus of SR 189
AllenNo major intersections
PutnamColumbus Grove5.218.38 SR 65 (Veterans Highway)
Riley Township10.4516.82
SR 696 south / CR 6
Northern terminus of SR 696
HancockUnion Township19.2430.96
SR 235 south
Western end of SR 235 concurrency
Benton Ridge21.5034.60
SR 235 north
Eastern end of SR 235 concurrency
Findlay28.1545.30 I-75 / SR 15 – Dayton, ToledoExit 157 (I-75)

SR 37 east / SR 568 east (South Main Street) / East Main Cross Street
Western end of SR 37 concurrency; western terminus of SR 568
US 224 west (North Main Street) / SR 37 end
Western end of US 224 concurrency; western terminus of SR 37
US 224 east (Tiffin Avenue)
Eastern end of US 224 concurrency

US 23 south / SR 18 east / SR 199 south (Lytle Street)
Western end of US 23 / SR 18 / SR 199 concurrency

US 23 north / SR 18 west / SR 199 north (South Street)
Eastern end of US 23 / SR 18 / SR 199 concurrency
Liberty Township53.2085.62
SR 635 south – Bascom
Western end of SR 635 concurrency
SR 635 north – Kansas
Eastern end of SR 635 concurrency
SR 590 north (Union Street)
Southern terminus of SR 590
SanduskyBallville Township60.9798.12 SR 53 / CR 201
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Truck Route 12

SR 12 has a corresponding special route, Truck Route 12, that bypasses Findlay. The 7.2-mile-long (11.6 km) truck route begins at State Route 12's interchange with Interstate 75 on the west side of Findlay. It heads north on I-75 to its interchange with Hancock County Road 99, where it exits and moves east along that road, CR 212, and Bright Road. It then moves south along Bright Road to reconnect with SR 12 on the east side of Findlay.[4]


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