Arkansas Highway 284

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Highway 284

AR 284 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
Length34.83 mi[2] (56.05 km)
ExistedApril 24, 1963[1]–present
Major junctions
West end US 49 at Penrose
Major intersections
AR 193

AR 1 in Wynne
US 64B near Wynne
I-40 in Forrest City

East end AR 1B in Forrest City
CountryUnited States
CountiesWoodruff, Cross, St. Francis
Highway system
AR 283 AR 285

Highway 284 (AR 284, Ark. 284, and Hwy. 284) is an east–west state highway in Arkansas Delta. The route of 34.83 miles (56.05 km) runs from U.S. Route 49 (US 49) near Fair Oaks east to Highway 1 Business (AR 1B) in Forrest City.[3]

Route description

Highway 284 crosses under a railroad in Wynne while concurrent with Highway 1

Highway 284 starts in Forrest City at an intersection with Highway 1B, as Newcastle Road in St. Francis County. It junctions with I-40 at exit 242. It junctions with Highway 306 near Colt a few miles north before crossing the county line. It enters Cross County from the South before joining US 64B and forming a concurrency. When US 64B ends, Highway 284 runs south for less than a quarter of a mile along Highway 1 before continuing westward. After leaving Wynne, the highway intersects Highway 350 and the two run concurrently together southbound before separating. Highway 284 then continues westward to a junction with Highway 193 and those two highways run concurrently southbound together for about one mile (1.6 km). Highway 284 once again return to an westward direction. The highway intersects the northern end of Highway 259 before terminating at US 49 near the Woodruff County line. [4][5]


The highway was created by the Arkansas State Highway Commission on April 24, 1963.[1] The first designation was from present-day Highway 193 east across Highway 1 and US 64C, to a point east of Wynne, where it turned southeast for 2.95 miles (4.75 km) to a county road. Highway 284 was extended west to Highway 39 (now US 49) on June 23, 1965.[6]

A second segment was created from a proposed Forrest City bypass north to the Cross county line on November 23, 1966.[7] The bypass was never built, and the route was extended south in Brinkley over New Castle Road and Arkansas Avenue to the current southern terminus at Highway 1B (Washington Street) on August 26, 1970.[8] The gap between the two routes was closed on December 13, 1972.[9]

On January 8, 1993, following a rerouting around East Arkansas Community College, a minor alignment change resulted in redesignating a former section as Highway 890.[10]

Major intersections

Mile markers reset at some concurrencies.

Woodruff0.000.00 US 49 – Fair Oaks, BrinkleyWestern terminus
AR 259 south – Fair Oaks
AR 259 northern terminus
AR 193officially designated exception
AR 350 east – Wilkins
Begin AR 350 overlap
AR 350 west
End AR 350 overlap
AR 1 south (Falls Boulevard) – Forrest City
Begin AR 1 overlap
See AR 1 and US 64B
0.000.00 US 64BEnd US 64B overlap
4.957.97AR 600 – Village Creek State Park
St. Francis7.1411.49
AR 306 west – Colt
AR 306 eastern terminus
Forrest City16.1225.94 I-40 – Little Rock, Memphis
17.8728.76 AR 1B (Washington Street)Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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