Arkansas Highway 239

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Highway 239

AR 239 in red, AR 239S in blue
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
ExistedJuly 1957–present
Section 1
Length1.47 mi[1] (2.37 km)
South end AR 325
North end CR 718 (Port Road) in Osceola
Section 2
Length10.30 mi[1] (16.58 km)
South end AR 148
North end AR 181
CountryUnited States
Highway system
AR 238 AR 240

Highway 239 (AR 239, Hwy. 239) is the name of three state highways in Mississippi County.[2]

Route description


Section 0 of Highway 239 is a 1.47-mile (2.37 km) state highway near Osceola.[3] AR 239 begins at an intersection with AR 325 south of Osceola and heads east first crossing railroad tracks at-grade then a three-way intersection. AR 239 turns north at this intersection into Osceola. Just inside the city limits, state maintenance ends and the road continues as Chestnut Street.[2]


Sections 1 and 2 of Highway 239 are two state highways totaling 10.30 miles (16.58 km)- one that runs from Clear Lake to AR 18 in Blytheville and another segment from AR 18 west of Blytheville to AR 181 north of Dell. Starting from AR 148, it heads due north towards Blytheville. The highway enters the city limits as it crosses over I-55. Its name becomes South Ruddle Road as it passes the AR 312 / East Sawyer Street intersection. It intersects the western terminus of AR 239S and a railroad before ending at AR 18 / East Main Street.[2] The overlap with AR 18/AR 151 west through downtown Blytheville is not signed. Continuing west, Highway 151 breaks from the overlap to the north, with AR 239 splitting west at the Blytheville city limits. The route heads west for about 1.3 miles (2.1 km) before making a sharp left turn towards the south then gradually curves back to the west. It ends at AR 181 at Half Moon.[2]

Major intersections

Mile markers reset at some concurrencies. The entire route is in Mississippi County.

0.000.00 AR 325 – OsceolaSouthern terminus
Osceola1.472.37 CR 718 (Port Road)Northern terminus
Gap in route
AR 148 east
Southern terminus, AR 148 western terminus
AR 312 east (Promised Land Road)
AR 312 western terminus

AR 239S east (Locust Street/Industrial Drive)
AR 239S western terminus
4.357.00 US 78 / AR 18 (Main Street) – Armorel, Jonesboro, Gosnell
Gap in route
US 78 / AR 18 to I-55 – Manila
Eastern terminus
5.959.58 AR 181 – Calumet, DellWestern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Spur route

Highway 239S

Length1.73 mi[3] (2.78 km)

Highway 239 Spur (AR 239S) is a spur route in Blytheville. It is 1.73 miles (2.78 km) in length and known locally as either Locust Street or Industrial Drive.


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