Arkansas Highway 228

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Highway 228

AR 228 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ArDOT
ExistedJuly 10, 1957[1]–present
Section 1
Length4.50 mi[2] (7.24 km)
West end CR 534 at Clover Bend
East end AR 367 in Minturn
Section 2
Length15.84 mi[2] (25.49 km)
West end AR 91
East end US 412 at Light
CountryUnited States
CountiesLawrence, Greene
Highway system
AR 227 AR 229

Highway 228 (AR 228, Ark. 228, and Hwy. 228) is a designation for two state highways in Northeast Arkansas. One route of 4.50 miles (7.24 km) begins at County Road 534 (CR 534) at Clover Bend and runs east to Highway 367 in Minturn. A second route of 15.84 miles (25.49 km) begins at Highway 91 and runs northeast to US Highway 412 (US 412) at Light. Both routes are maintained by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT).

Route description


Highway 228 begins state maintenance at Lawrence County Road 534. It runs east through the Clover Bend Historic District to Minturn, where it ends at US 67.[3]

Highway 91 to Light

Highway 228 runs diagonally from southwest to northeast, beginning at Highway 91. The route runs northeast, serving as the northern terminus of Highway 349 before entering Sedgwick where it meets US 63. Highway 228 overlaps US 63 briefly before turning northeast into Greene County.[3] It continues northeast to terminate at US 412 at Light.[4]


Highway 228 was created by the Arkansas State Highway Commission on July 10, 1957, between Clover Bend and Minturn.[1] A second route was created between Sedgwick and Light April 24, 1963.[5] The Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 9 of 1973, which directed county judges and legislators to designate up to 12 miles (19 km) of county roads as state highways in each county.[6] Highway 228 was extended west to Highway 91 on May 23, 1973.[7]

Major intersections

Mile markers reset at concurrencies.

LawrenceClover Bend0.000.00 CR 534Western terminus
Minturn4.507.24 AR 367 – Newport, HoxieEastern terminus
Gap in route
0.000.00 AR 91 – Walnut Ridge, Egypt, JonesboroWestern terminus
AR 349 south
AR 349 northern terminus
US 63 (Main Street) – Hoxie, Jonesboro
AR 168 east – Lorado
AR 168 western terminus
Light9.1914.79 US 412 – Paragould, Walnut RidgeEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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