Alberta Highway 501

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Highway 501

Route information
Maintained by Alberta Transportation
Length300.1 km[1] (186.5 mi)
Major junctions
West end Hwy 5 near Mountain View
Major intersections Hwy 2 in Cardston
Hwy 4 in Milk River
Hwy 41 in Cypress County
East end Hwy 13 at Saskatchewan border
Specialized and rural municipalitiesCardston County, Warner County No. 5, Forty Mile County No. 8, Cypress County
TownsCardston, Milk River
Highway system
Hwy 500 Hwy 503

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 501, commonly referred to as Highway 501, is a highway in the province of Alberta, Canada. It runs west–east from Highway 5 east of Mountain View as gravel to Cardston, then pavement through Del Bonita and Milk River to Highway 879, then gravel again to the Saskatchewan border.[2]

It is also known as 9 Avenue in Cardston, and Centre Avenue in Milk River. From Highway 889, on through to Saskatchewan, it follows the path of the Red Coat Trail.[1]

The section of Highway 501 between Cardston and the ghost town of Whiskey Gap was originally designated as part of Highway 40, where Highway 40 continued south to the Canada–United States border. The Highway 40 designation was removed in the early 1970s.[3][4]

Cardston bypass

The Cardston truck bypass is officially designated as part of Highway 501 but it unsigned. The signed designation follows 9th Avenue through Cardston, and then follows a short concurrency with Highway 2.[2]

Major intersections

From west to east:

Rural/specialized municipalityLocationkm[1]miDestinationsNotes
Cardston County0.00.0 Hwy 5 – Waterton Park, CardstonWest of Mountain View
Cardston22.413.912 Street W / 9 Avenue WBypass route to Hwy 5
24.615.3 Hwy 2 north (Main Street) – Fort Macleod, CalgaryWest end of Hwy 2 concurrency
26.716.6Cardston Truck BypassUnsigned spur of Hwy 501
27.417.0 Hwy 2 south – Carway, U.S. border, BrowningEast end of Hwy 2 concurrency
46.629.0Township Road 11A / Range Road 241AFormer Hwy 40
50.631.4 Hwy 820 north – Spring Coulee
Del Bonita72.845.2 Hwy 62 – Magrath, U.S. border, Cut Bank
County of Warner No. 5131.781.8 Hwy 4 south – Coutts, U.S. border, Great FallsWest end of Hwy 4 concurrency
Milk River134.883.8 Hwy 4 north – LethbridgeEast end of Hwy 4 concurrency
157.397.7 Hwy 877 north – Skiff
167.9104.3 Hwy 500 south – Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park
County of Forty Mile No. 8187.5116.5 Hwy 879 north – Foremost
197.3122.6 Hwy 880 south – Aden
212.3131.9 Hwy 885 north – Etzikom
236.4146.9 Hwy 887 north – Orion
249.4155.0 Hwy 889 north (Red Coat Trail) to Hwy 61 – ManyberriesWest end of Red Coat Trail concurrency
Cypress County281.7175.0 Hwy 41 – Medicine Hat, U.S. border, Havre
300.1186.5 Hwy 13 east (Red Coat Trail) – Eastend, ShaunavonContinues into Saskatchewan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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